Teal Floral Twirl

anthropologie petites floral dress 1

Moulinette Soeurs Baikal dress thanks to Anthro petites (hemmed 2-3″; limited sizes left)
Kate Spade licorice heels (similar for less in “gold”), DIY sequin clutch and sash

I hope those who celebrate had a very merry Christmas! I wore this out to Christmas Eve dinner in sunny San Diego (tried to dress it down beforehand with my denim jacket + navy Ferragamo flats) and it’s been nothing but flannel PJs ever since. This is one of my favorite finds all year, and I only wish I got to try it on & post about it before sizes were gone in petites (might still be in a few stores). If you are taller, it’s still left in regular sizing online plus I saw a few at local Anthro stores.
anthropologie petites floral dress 3
I already did a quick review in a previous post, but the quality of this dress is beautiful in-person (thought it was good for the retail price, but especially great for the current sale price). The material of this dress is a heavier, substantial fabric with a slight sheen to the finish but is not shiny. It’s fully lined with metal back zipper, and I loved the attention to detail on the interior too. If this is indicative of typical quality from Moulinette Soeurs (my first time trying the brand) then I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their other styles in the future.

small details: scallop trim on the lining hem and the ribbon on the inside of the outer hem

anthropologie floral dress
I’m wearing my usual size (00 petite) which fit decently off the rack and was just a little long for my liking (hit me upper-calf). I know it’s intended to be a midi-length style, but I got it hemmed to the knees and found it to be more proportionate on my shorter frame for balancing out the full bottom. The cut of the entire dress is very flattering with a swirly, multi-pieced bodice and skirt that follows body movement fluidly. Please note, tailors usually charge differently to hem regular straight skirts vs circle or fuller skirts, due to more material and/or more difficult curved seams to work with. My tailor charged $25, and I know he’s on the low end as far as typical pricing goes.
anthropologie petites floral dress 2
For styling, as mentioned in an earlier post I thought something at the waistline to break up the large pattern is key. I added my DIY sash to cinch that area (you can also try any sash that came with clothes, neckties, or gifts or use a large ribbon), and grabbed a sparkly sequin clutch made from an old shirt. I’ll be posting a few easy DIY accessory projects before the new year, in case you need a little something to jazz up your NYE ensemble!
anthropologie petites floral dress 4

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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    Posted 1.18.15 Reply
  2. Gemma wrote:

    So glad you have been wearing and reviewing Anthropologie dresses. I have been shopping there since 2002-2003 maybe and petites have just been a recent thing in the past 3 or so years maybe. So, I have a lot of ill fitting Anthro dresses from the past. I am not crafty like you and usually don't get things altered although I am 4'11. My wedding dress, though, needed major alterations! Hope you had a fantastic new year and many blessings to you, Nick and your family this year.

    Posted 1.6.15 Reply
  3. Jean wrote:

    Sadly, I did not…my tailor did ask if I wanted to keep both the scallop detail and the ribbon interior at an extra cost, since it's understandably a lot more work for him. I decided against it but wanted to point it out anyways since it's rare to see nice touches like that these days on mainstream garments!

    Posted 1.6.15 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    hi jean! were you able to maintain the scallop hem detail even after having the dress shortened?

    Posted 1.5.15 Reply
  5. Gorgeous, love this outfit, Jean! Happy New Year x

    Posted 1.3.15 Reply
  6. This dress looks amazing on you, Jean!! It's so pretty & twirl-worthy, I'm obsessed!!!!

    XO Color Me Courtney

    Posted 1.3.15 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    I'm sorry for not seeing this earlier! I hope you had a fabulous NYE no matter what you ended up wearing. I would agree with Kim though that I wouldn't personally do sequin on sequin…a statement necklace + sequin clutch would keep it classy but dressy.

    Posted 1.1.15 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    I personally love the bow, but I know it's not for everyone : )

    Posted 1.1.15 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – I haven't seen similar yet for sale, but you can try buying a wide ribbon from a fabric or craft store. I made this from long scraps of crepe fabric from JoAnns. Good luck!

    Posted 1.1.15 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean – I love the bow on you!! Do you know where I can find something like that? I googled around and am unable to find something that thick. Thanks so much!

    Posted 12.31.14 Reply
  11. Vera wrote:
    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  12. Tish Baily wrote:
    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  13. This dress is beautiful on you! Cant wait for the DIY sequin clutch! Happy holidays.

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  14. Joana wrote:
    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    I agree with Anonymous above — dress looks great without the bow! 🙂 Love that sequin clutch btw

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    ha ha ha Mindy Kaling. Thanks for stopping me doing that. I just wanted to have something blingbling that normally I wouldn't do. There are some black dresses in my closet but mostly office party appropriate ones. Any idea to spice up these rather simple (or boring) dresses for NYE party? Sequin clutch is definitely on the list.

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  17. Paola wrote:

    Beautiful dress!

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  18. I'm in love with the print, very romantic!

    The Styling Problems on Furore Mag

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  19. Beautiful dress! Love the color and the print!
    Statement Jewelry http://www.helenscollection.com

    Posted 12.28.14 Reply
  20. The clutch is perfect!
    A Lovely Lifestyle

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  21. Heather wrote:


    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean I love the dress on you, but with you'd done without the sash. It's not adding anything new to the dress; it's distracting and cheapens the look. Definitely not one of your better DIYs

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  23. Audrey Lin wrote:

    Those heels are a staple for any party outfit! And oh gosh, that dress looks so fun to wear! I'd twirl and twirl until I fall over and then twirl and twirl in the opposite direction to, ya know, balance it out 😛 Happy holidays! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  24. Oh my gosh that dress is so pretty

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  25. Suzie Q wrote:

    Such a pretty dress! I love the floral print and the teal color! Hope you had a wonderful time in SD!

    xo, Suzie Q

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  26. So gorgeous..brings out the lady in anyone who will wear the dress..I usually not comfortable in wearing that shoe color but you made it so natural ..happy new year…

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  27. Petite-ish wrote:

    Gorgeous, Jean! I tried this on at the store a few weeks ago in regular 0 which fits in some styles, but this was definitely not one of them. It looks beautiful on you in the perfect fit 🙂 Merry Christmas and happy new year, to the chicest lady (and couple) I know.

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  28. kim wrote:

    Thanks Jean!

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  29. kim wrote:

    I think sequins on sequins might be too much, unless you're Mindy Kaling. Black dress w/ sequin clutch sounds good, but maybe too obvious. Sequin dress w/ black clutch?

    Posted 12.27.14 Reply
  30. Love the structure of this dress, it looks so feminine and flattering on you! Gorgeous floral prints too, they make quite a statement!


    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  31. Love the dress. Looks amazing on you.


    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    I would love to know how to make the sequin clutch! Would it be too much if I wear sequin dress with sequin clutch for new year's eve party? Any other suggestion what to wear for NYE party ?

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  33. Love the bold print on the dress!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  35. anita b. wrote:

    You pull off colors so well Jean!! I'm going to experiment with colors in small quantities to build up my comfort level. Thanks for being inspirational!

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  36. such a great dress, dear 🙂

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  37. so beautiful!

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  38. Julia wrote:

    Beautiful dress for all seasons! I was at Loft today and I actually saw a floral dress that's quite similar to this! Although winter just started, I can't wait to see all the Spring styles get on the shelf soon!

    Julia || Closet de Jules
    Recent Post: Neutral Colorblock Sweater for the Holidays

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the look! Welcome back to SD! I'm sure you're loving our weather this week. 🙂
    Jennifer-Carlsbad, CA

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  40. Diana wrote:

    Your dress is so pretty!

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  41. What an amazing dress! You look stunning.

    Happy holidays!

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  42. Colleen wrote:

    That dress looks so much better with the belt!


    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  43. Wow so pretty! Is your family from San Diego? Me too! 😀

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  44. Jean wrote:

    Hi Kim! Like you mentioned…there is unfortunately a lot of inconsistency for comfort even within a brand. I love the quality of J.Crew shoes for the pairs that I own, but have seen differences from style to style. I find that their pointier shoes can run narrower in the toe for certain styles and one would need to size up to fit toes comfortably, but then the back end could be too loose. It's just hard to say unless you try them on tho I know it's a bummer certain sizes are online exclusives. Same with Sole Society – the pairs which I own I personally find to be comfy and picked out after trying numerous styles, which varied quite a bit in comfort from style to style.

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  45. Jean wrote:

    Good to know! Thanks

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  46. kim wrote:

    Neat! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  47. Sasa Zoe wrote:

    The dress is so pretty! Love the floral print:)

    Shall We Sasa

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  48. kim wrote:

    The metallic heels are the perfect punctuation to that dress. Love how bold colors can play as neutrals. While I am on shoes…have you found Sole Society shoes to be comfortable? I have the same halogen(?) leopard dorsay heels you have from Nordstrom. How do they compare to those? What I am finding in general is that while such shoes look fantastic and make my outfits look fantastic, they are not that comfortable in reality and so they sit in the closet. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency for quality even within a brand. Would you say J Crew shoes are comfortable? Thoughts? Recommendations?

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  49. Anonymous wrote:

    "Soeur" means "sister" in French, so the brand "Moulinette Soeur" means Moulinette sisters. That would indicate that this is not an individual person.

    Posted 12.26.14 Reply
  50. Revital wrote:

    this dress is simply perfect! I love it


    Posted 12.26.14 Reply

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