High Waisted // Topshop Jamie Jeans

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Hei Hei jacket xxsp c/o (current version - use FS150 for free ship over $150!)

Hello from the LAX airport! I wore this yesterday while in the city, before heading to visit my dear grandparents. They are in their late 80s yet are unusually active on social media - my Grampy is on Snapchat daily and my Gram always has unsolicited feedback on my blog posts ("This is a man's hat! Better suited for Nick! This jacket is nice though" yada yada). This Hei Hei jacket has indeed really served me well. It's an older favorite of mine, but they have a very similar version this year with gray and plum still available in petites sizing! I would highly recommend the faux leather jackets from this brand - this one fit shrunken-style on me without alterations, and the material gets comfier and more broken-in with wear (see the jacket on me styled differently).
anthropologie hei hei petite faux leather jacket gray jeans outfit fall fashion
A while ago I reviewed some Topshop jeans that were disappointing for me, but I've since discovered what might be my favorite cut from them - the Jamie! This cut comes in petite, regular, and tall as well as washes ranging from no distressing, to minimal or heavily distressed (see all Jamie options). Like most denim brands, their jeans can fit and feel quite differently from cut to cut. This makes online shopping frustrating at times, so I wanted to share some notes from my try-ons...

topshop jamie gray jeans_extra petite blog
- In general, all the Jamie styles jeans I've tried on had denim material of a good sturdy weight & thickness, compared to their "Leigh" which is like a very thin jegging. So if you've tried the Leigh before and was not a fan, try some of their other styles before swearing off Topshop jeans like I almost did.

- Like most items by this brand, their jeans run small! I'm usually a solid 24 in most denim brands and sometimes a 23, but I need at least a 25 for these.

- For those who don't typically wear high-waisted jeans, please note the Jamie cut comes up pretty high (to my belly button) in the regular size. I keep gravitating towards higher waists these days, as it feels so comfy to have everything in the middle area "sucked in" snugly.

- Topshop denim sizing is listed as "waist size x length," however it can be confusing because these don't correspond to the actual measurements. For example I am wearing sz 25 x 30, but the actual waist measures smaller and the length measures shorter (as these are designed to be ankle grazer length). The 30 lengths in ankle grazer are intended to hit above the ankle, but fit my shorter legs pretty well as full ankle jeans, and the rips hit right at the bottom of my knees. If you are much taller than me, I'd suggest the 32 lengths.

- Shorter ladies should try Topshop's petite sizing jeans, which they make in select washes like these dark blue ones with minimal rips or these with a little more distressing, both starting in size 24 x 28. These not only have a slightly shorter hem, but also a shorter rise and I feel they run a little smaller throughout than the regular sizing.

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  14. I love topshop Jamie jeans however my black pair faded very quickly!

    1. Hi Sharon - did you wash them inside out and avoid drying in the machine dryer? It's usually impossible to prevent black jeans from fading with washing unfortunately, but those two steps should help slow it down a bit.

  15. Your gran is so cute! They must be cool kid when they were young ! Love the hat , love the jacket!

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  24. Hey Jean!
    I have the same hair texture you do, but I find that mine tends to be really puffy and out of control since it is so thick. Do you have any product tips or styling tips that would make it more controlled?

  25. OMG I can totally relate, we're like the same size in everything! Certain styles are definitely a challenge to find the right fit.

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