J.Crew and Crewcuts Final Sale Reviews (extra 40-50% off)

For a limited time and in stores only, J.Crew is having extra 40% adult final sale items and extra 50% off kids. The online prices are not as great - use code WINTER for extra 30% off final sale. If you can't find your size, several ladies mentioned that you can pick up a red phone while inside J.Crew to locate pieces at the in-store price, however you'll have to pay for shipping (free ship on Crewcuts right now). If you're interested in something specific, call your local store to look for it and put it on hold.
J.Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater in XXS - XL (wearing XXS), 9 colors, currently $24 in stores

I tried on these sweaters a while back and almost paid $45 for one. The knit is less traditional and the color selection is excellent. Kelly tweeted that they were now $24 so I happily skipped to the store. I don't like buying duplicates, plus these might get even cheaper, so I limited myself to just one. After hemming and hawing, I settled on this winter-y pine color. XXS in this fits pretty well - slim in the sleeves, slightly roomy in the torso, with wider shoulders due to that banded design.
Nothing else interested nor fit me in the womens department, so I headed to kids. The boys gingham that Kelly introduced me to last month is now on sale for $10-$15 in stores. I currently don't see any more online. I found the nicest manager who gave me a price adjustment on one that I'd already worn.
Left: Crewcuts classic gingham (small check) & Addison gingham. Trying on Addison in boys sz 10, $15.

In the girls department, I saw lots of Caroline cardigans, the little sister daughter of J.Crew's classic, plain, Jackie womens cardigan. As with all kids stuff, the torso fit me well but the sleeves were short and have to be worn scrunched up (note: the womens version is 3/4 sleeves anyways). These were only $10 to $12.50 in-store after the 50% discount.
Crewcuts Caroline Cardigan in girls sz 12, $10 (love the minty "green willow" color online for spring)
Crewcuts Chambray Confetti Skirt w/ pockets in girls 10 (NOT on sale), sz 12 was too big.

Earlier this season I also tried on these bright corduroys in a kids 12. I'll be staying away from kids pants, at Crewcuts at least. The waist, hips, butt fit me well, but the legs were awkwardly short and not tapered enough.
Crewcuts Girls Audrey Cord in Bright Blaze (3+ colors), ~$16 in store, trying on a girls sz 12

My favorite find of the trip - a Crewcuts thick heathered sweater dress (only small kids sizes left online). I found a girls sz 10 which is borderline tunic-length on me. A 10 is do-able but a 12 would've been perfect for a looser sweater dress. This was surprisingly "pricey" for final sale at $30, but I really loved the cozy knit and the pockets.
I was eying the following pretty Crewcuts items online but did not see any in-person. All of the below are still left in larger kids sizes online, with free shipping but no more extra discounts (boo!). I ordered the first skirt below in a girls size 10. Per J.Crew's online customer service, the measurements of a girls sz 10 in this skirt: waist circumference 22.5" stretches up to 30.5" when elastic is fully extended, sweep circumference at the bottom 57.5," and total length 16.8." I was sold by the color, the silk banded hem, and the on-seam pockets.
Cotton & Silk Double-Dipped Skirt w/ pockets in 4 colors,  Organdy Filagree Skirt w/ pockets
Girls Long Stripe Tee (2 colors),  Girls ShirtdressGirls Sequin Cardigan (2 colors)
If anyone has tried on these items in person, please let us know about the quality and fit!
Girls Sing-Along Sweater Dress (also in taupe-gray), Girls Patty-Cake Dress (love the retro orange)

I was really hoping to find the two last dresses in-store but no such luck. I know the super kiddy item names are wince-worthy, but I saw potential in both pieces. The little chest pocket is holding me back from getting the sweater dress, and the second dress is just too risky without having been tried on. It looks like such a vibrant, comfy dress for daytime lounging, but the fit could be very childish in person.

All in all, I got 1 honeycomb sweater for myself (+ some for friends) ($24), 1 crewcuts sweater dress ($30), 1 patent XS skinny belt that fits perfectly ($12), 1 Crewcuts cotton & silk skirt shown above ($11 - ordered before the online promo ended), and 1 unexpected price adjustment (-$13). Four pretty pieces for a grand total of $64.

Readers - Did you shop this sale? Please share what you got or tried on!


  1. Your second outfit is so cute! I also love that tweed dress :)

    XX Kathryn

  2. The dress is such a classic, love it.

  3. You're getting me really excited about the honeycomb sweater!!! Thank you for sharing your awesome deals with us!

  4. I really like that tunic. Very pretty on you.

  5. Love the sweater! Will have to stop by the mall tomorrow after work to take a look!

    Also, there is a code for final sale items, which is SHOPNOW for extra 25% off! Worked for me when I tried it with the kid's skirts.

  6. What great finds! I wish my local J. Crew had a bigger selection.
    By the way, the Caroline cardigan is clearly the daughter of the Jackie cardigan, not the little sister. ;)

  7. Please do not tempt me to visit the mall tomorrow! I planned to stay home and clean! :p I have already been to J. Crew several times during the winter break, so I assume I got everything I wanted that my store had left! I wish my store had a kids section so I could try the gingham! And that Crewcuts sweater dress is cute! I would love to see an outfit post for that one!

    Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  8. I am not petite but sometimes I'm jealous of all the cute/cheaper kids clothes petite women are able to fit in to. I think all of the kids clothes in this post (except those pants!!) don't look kiddy at all! :)

  9. Oooh, did you see more honeycomb sweaters in XS or XXS in your store (I'm assuming the one in the Pru)? I love the white one on you and might stop by tomorrow! Also, I tried on the gingham shirt early last month and it fit well in size 12 for me, but the chest pocket is so high up, it looked really funny on me. Does the addison have the pocket too?

  10. I love those cords! But I already bought red pants so those would feel redundant...good finds, I wish our ONE canadian J.Crew store had crewcuts... the online prices seem much higher. I'm wondering what the rise on those cords was? (slash, was it low rise? most kids pants are not..)

  11. It's a surprise that I hardly own anything from J Crew but after reading this post, it looks like it's time to start shopping there regularly! I love the honeycomb sweater styled with the gingham and that confetti skirt is adorable!

  12. You might be able to remove the pocket on the sing along sweater dress. Just take a look to how it is seamed and if it is sewn on. It looks that way from the photo. Just take a pair of scissors and snip the thread sewing the pocket to the sweater, being careful not to cut the sweater. If you have to cut something, cut the pocket. Then just unravel the seam.

    - from a knitter.

  13. acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta
    un besito desde

  14. I went to the J. Crew Outlet and they were having 40% off with an additional 20% off when you check out.

    I found really great shirts and skirts. I'm actually looking for a good pair of shorts now.

  15. My eyes were caught by the yellow dipped Skirt too! That color will be very in during spring and summer. I got one yellow chiffon top at Target yesterday.

  16. I have been eyeing the boys' navy and white shirt and hit up J Crew yesterday, but there are no CrewCuts in my city :(. I don't know whether I'd fit a 10 or 12 better and they're still $33 online. $10-15 is a bargain! I ended up picking up a cotton long-sleeved tee and turtleneck for layering pieces for less than $20 with their 40% off final sale.

    Ann Taylor had a 50% everything (except new arrivals and final sale) yesterday. I saw some cute sweaters in XS/P sizing, but the silhouettes were so wide and short. I picked up a skinny belt and necklace for $25.

  17. Sweater dress looks really good on you! I am away from Kids section for a while but now time to try!

  18. I called my local J. Crew and they said the Boys Secret Wash in Jensen Gingham is not on sale here. Is that normal that one store has an item on sale, but not another? I had just purchased it online a few days ago, and was hoping to get a price adjustment. Thoughts?

  19. Wow your past couple of posts have really left me thinking I need to shop at the kids sections...I don't even go into J.Crew because everything is always so big...will go soon!

  20. Oh man! I wish I could get to a store but am too lazy to drive all the way out to the mall to pick up those cardis! Holy cow, that's an awesome price!

  21. The Caroline cardigan looks like it might be my new fav sweater. Lol, about it being the daughter. Took me a few to realize why! My 2 local JCrews had slim pickings as usual so I'm going to order online to try. I love that it has a smaller waist band compared to the Jackie which is puffy and frumpy on me. I was hoping to find the honeycomb sweater in the gorgeous purple color I saw on Khatu but I see the Caroline cardigan comes in a similar purple online. So hopefully it'll fit the bill!

  22. You always have the best finds! I love that dress on you, it fits you perfectly! I got that same silk two tone skirt a while back (though I think in size 12) and it was really big and kind of oddly shaped on me - I hope size 10 fits you better!)

  23. I got the pinkish purple honeycomb sweater and a tissue black turtleneck - all for $35! Thanks for the heads up on the sale!

  24. Canada needs to get some J.Crew stores! But even though our dollars have been about equal for a looooong time now, I bet they'd still price their merchandise way higher in Canada (like A&F, Hollister, Forever 21, etc.). Even H&M is significantly more expensive in Canada, and H&M isn't an American company. That confuses me.

    Jean, you've probably explained this before, but why is it that you don't like buying duplicate items? I can never decide between colors, so when I find something I like that comes in several colors I feel compelled to buy at least two. It's a problem but I can't help myself!

  25. I landed on your blog one day. And now I can't seem to stop reading. You have so many great tips and always find such great finds!! Thanks so much for blogging your helpful finds/hints! :)

  26. After looking at your post last night I headed to J.Crew in the morning.

    I bought the honeycomb sweater as well! There was another sweater I was eyeing, but that one was pretty expensive at $88.

    Sweater I got in mint green:

    I also got a navy cardigan which I'm in love with.


    Both the cardigan and sweater are XXS. I find that this size fits me the best in J.Crew since J.Crew runs rather large. I saw this lovely blue and collared shirt, but there was only a size small.

    Thanks for the info!

  27. I love the Addison gingham. I prefer big gingham over small. The small just looks like a solid from far away.

  28. What nail polish color are you wearing? Thanks!

  29. Darn! The double dip skirt sold out online. I don't have a crew cuts near me. Oh well, I will wait for the next sale!

  30. thanks for such a great post! i rarely shop at jcrew because the fit is usually awkward but the honeycomb sweater fit great in XXS! i absolutely LOVE the sweater dress and and the skirts from crewcuts. so disappointed that the jcrew near me didnt carry it and there werent any bigger sizes left online. hopefully next time! all these items look great on you! :)

  31. great finds and thanks for the reviews. i'll probably go check out the store tomorrow. hopefully, they'll still have a good selection to choose from.

  32. Dang is this sale still going on? Might have to hit the mall tomorrow.

    I've been picking up crewcuts recently quite a bit. I got their corduroy cords in green, khaki pants, 3 pocket tees (but one is deformed and needs to be returned:(, the leopard tunic, toothpick jeans, the relay dress in navy (tried in orange; color is MUCH nicer online and scary pumpkin orange in person), a silk skirt in blue, and a shapeless silk blouse I bought on final sale online that I regret (it was cute in the photo). I love the sweater dress on you. Never would have bought it based on the online photo, but looks great on you! So jealous of the prices you paid. Would have loved to pick up the sweater.

  33. Me too, have to dive in kid size. normally find with 146-152 in europe. how to find formal and more mature look in this size?

  34. I was wondering where you found the extra 40% off sale promotion since online I only see the $54.99 price and when I called in stores, they also said it was $54.99. I would really like to purchase this sweater!

  35. love the 1st outfit!


  36. I ADORE J. Crew. I love their selection, colors, cut, and quality. My most recent purchase was a pair of leaopart print wedges - I wear them wit hblack tights, and they will transition nicely into spring and summer. And yes, they were on sale!

  37. oh you look so cute!

    i went to my local j.crew store and tried on a couple of the honeycomb sweaters and noticed that they shed like crazy! did that not happen to you or does it not bother you? wild red fur everywhere!

    1. I HATE the honeycomb sweater! And yes mine shed everywhere, too. I bought it hoping that after a couple of washes it would stop, but no! It has shed all over my coats and everything it touches in my closet. It's no wonder this sweater went on sale, it's terrible!

  38. @Emily S. Ah, makes sense!

    @Petite-ish I have no idea about the pockets. I forgot to note. Also, I think it might be the jensen and not addison? I couldn't find the shirts online anymore so my labeling could be totally wrong : (

    @rjs I agree, most kids clothing has just one rise (except gross abercrombie kids which makes their little girls stuff super low rise). These are medium rise and they fit that way on me as well.

    @Anonymous Thank you for the tip. I almost ordered it a while back with the plan of removing a pocket, but having not inspected it in person I decided it's not worth the risk.

    @JNR I may have labeled the Jensen/Addison/classic names wrong so I can't be certain whether Jensen really is on sale or not. I have seen wildly different sale prices from store to store, unfortunately. There are several colors in each shirt and some are on sale and some are not, so the SA may have scanned one that was not a sale color. You could give them the exact item and color # to input into the system and see what it comes up as?

    @Shelly @Mia M. Great finds! Glad you ladies were able to score some stuff from the sale this weekend.

    @ChristinaBakes It's Revlon "Vixen" : )

    @bluevalentine Retailers must think Canadaians have more spending $ for clothes : ) I've gotten over-excited about certain things in the past and immediately bought duplicates, to which I later regretted because the items weren't that great. If something really is nice, fits well, and is affordable I do think it's worthy of getting some duplicates : )

    @Mommy T J.Crew stores are "supposed to" send back online returns to the online warehouse, so stuff tends to pop back into stock quite often due to returns : )

    @Anonymous Yes it's still going on, for today at least. Your Crewcuts finds sound very nice. Thanks for the warning about the scary pumpkin orange.

    @chachamisu Unfortunately, for more formal and mature looks you probably have to just buy good quality regular sized items and have a good tailor bring them down to size.

    @Anonymous They said it was still going on today. that's very strange, but many ladies from around the country all found this same sweater in their stores for $40 and then additional 40% off.

    @Anonymous They're definitely a fuzzier sweater blend, but compared to their 'mohair' sweaters the shedding hasn't been bad for me at all. I wore the green one all yesterday and didn't find any shedded hairs yet, fingers crossed.

  39. I got the honeycomb sweater in XXS in the bright yellow color and also that piney color. I think the pine color will look good with a tan skirt I have. I also got the mohair cardigan in leopard, which I had been stalking online so was very happy to find. The store I went to in PA seemingly only had XXS items left which was good for me! After seeing the cute crewcuts items on you I wish I could fit into those clothes!

  40. I tried on the "Sing-Along Sweater Dress" (I agree, terrible name!) in a size 14 in "heather quarry" today and if they had had a size 12 at the store I would've bought it! It didn't strike me as too immature, even with the pocket (in fact, on the gray dress the pocket was hardly noticeable) and the buttons up the back gave a nice detail that made it seem more "grown-up" to me. I didn't check to see if the pocket could be easily removed, however :( but you might want to give the dress a try!

  41. didn't shop the sale but i did pick up the blythe blouse ($68) in maraschino cherry and neon azalea and ivory. loove them!

    i love the dress you picked up!

    wished i had time to go through the sale selection today =/ grrr - apple took up more than an hour of my time and so did michael kors (all customer service issues). maybe i'll head back tomorrow :D great post, Jean! I love to see how everything fits on you!

  42. Thanks for letting us know about the sale on facebook. I went to the mall after I saw your post. I bought the honeycomb sweater in bright dahlia in XXS.

  43. oh i love that sweater dress! it's aorable. it's more expensive online though even with the 30% discount! >_<

  44. The cableknit pattern on your hunter green sweater is sort of similar to the pattern on your Goyard? Am I the only one that sees this?


    The Fashionable ESQ


  45. I also ordered the double dip skirt but the color is not yellow like it appeared in the online photos. It is much more neon lime...a little disappointing but since it is final sale I will make it work! I am curious to see how you will style it.

  46. The honeycomb sweater is extra 50% off in Canada [Yorkdale]: sale price 39.99 - 19.99 + taxes = 22.60

    They shed like crazy though.

  47. I got my double dip skirt today. I agree, the color isn't what I expected. I'm sort of wishing I had gotten a 10, and not a 12... I'd love to see you style it for some ideas!!

  48. Heads up: I just found these cable knit sweaters on super sale at Old Navy, similar to the bright sweaters in this post. On sale for $12.97 with additional 30% off with NEWYOU code that ends 1/19. I think I'll get the bright neon color to spice up a work outfit. =)

  49. Wish I found this post earlier! I love that grey sweater dress! Any recommendation of where to find a good sweater dress? I'm almost exactly your size (not as thin are you). We met one time when you came out of the Arlington station after I worked out in like Sept and we talked for 15 minutes there. ~Karen

  50. lol oh i love you. i'm really glad i'm not the only adult that shops in the kid department :X


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