Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Gap Cable Crewneck Sweater (Under $20 in stores)

Sweater: Gap Solid Cable Crewneck Sweater sz XSP, folded under (5 colors)   Skirt: YesStyle (old)
Tights: H&M  Shoes: Payless- code 59863 for 40% off  Polish: Revlon Vixen

When I arrived at my parents house, one of the first few sentences out of my mom's mouth were: "Did you order me a J.Crew lady day coat?" and "I want one of those Gap cable sweaters." After recovering from the initial shock (my mom is a fabulous cook, but our tastes in clothes are like day and night. For example, just yesterday she was trying to convince me this looks good), I happily got her a coat and chatted about the sweater fit.

Gap Striped Cable Sweater - sz XSP, 2 colors, much cheaper in-stores the last I checked. 
I apologize for the belated review on these. In short, the quality of the sweaters is good for the price, however I returned both because of the length and the color options. Continue reading for more photos...

Fit: This sweater fit similar to the J.Crew kids size 14 I reviewed, except the sleeves were slimmer than the kids fit. The torso is boxy just like the kids and goes almost straight up and down. The length (please note I have it tucked under in most of these photos) hits almost past my hips, but because of the thicker material, it doesn't drape as casually as the J.Crew kids 14, and instead looks bulky. This is especially evident in the back view, where the sweater keeps trying to ride up because of the length:
Side view with the sweater tucked into my skirt. A cute look, but I know this won't stay in place neatly:
Measurements: My Petite XS measured 16.5" across the chest, 15" across the bottom, 21" length, and 22.5" sleeve length. Again, nearly identical to the J.Crew kids 14 but with slimmer sleeves.

Material: The material of this Gap one felt nice and itch-free against my skin, unlike the J.Crew mohair blend. The weave is medium-heavy in weight, and is smooth. 45% nylon, 28% acrylic, 27% wool blend.

Colors: This is where I really wish Gap, BR, and even Ann Taylor would step up to be more like J.Crew. There are 5 solid color options and I don't love any of them. Where is basic navy? Or classic camel? Although the teal blue is nice, it's not versatile for me. I personally liked the rugby-esque striped version better than the solids, but the area where the black and white lines meet is uneven (see below pic) and bugged me.

Value: I got both sweaters for $30 during this sale and have seen them go down to $16 online. Regular sizing will probably go even lower in-stores. If you don't mind the colors and longer length, then this is a nice warm sweater at a great value.

Here's how it looks with jeans (Seven Gwenevere legging jeans in 24), folded under w/ an untucked blouse:
If you're looking for a more fitted cable sweater, I'm curious how Ann Taylor's version runs. Sizing comes in petite and regular, from XXSP - XLP, and it has 60% wool content. Right now this is 50% off with WINTER50 and comes in five colors:
Readers - Did anyone else get this Gap sweater? What are your thoughts?


  1. Haha, your mom's so funny. Love the sweater, thanks for the review! (:

  2. LOLz. My mom would probably try to convince me too that that coat in your linked pic would look good on me. I am Chinese too, by the way! :)

  3. I agree with you and wish other stores would be like JCrew with their colors too although I thought Ann Taylor started to with the blues and reds they had this season. I hope they keep that up and introduce more colors! :)

  4. aahhh, i need both these sweaters! too cute.

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    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  5. Your Mom is awesome, Jean! I thought my Mom was bad lol =) I've tried on that Gap sweater last month in store in a XS regular but wasn't in love with it. The fit was just OK. I haven't look closely but I know ON has a ton of cable knit sweaters. Worth checking out? I really love the one I got for $10 (fit wise).

  6. the sweater looks so cute on you.. cable sweaters make me look like a line backer! =)

  7. lol wow that coat is full on literal 80's. Love the Payless shoes and seeing you pose naturally. I'm looking for those olive skinny dupes- why doesn't H&M make it? :P

  8. I love he gap sweater. Love the color.

    Great post

  9. I actually think the teal is a beautiful color on you, but the fit just isn't right. I hate sweater shopping almost as much as bathing suit shopping. Nothing ever fits us petite gals right.

  10. I just got one from Zara that runs really petite... on sale for $39 :)

    XX Kathryn

  11. Hey Jean, I absolutely love your posts esp as a similarly petite female (4'11", 85 lb, 22 y/o) myself. I recently found several sweaters at Old Navy that were surprisingly cute! They were having a sale - $10 each - and with the Groupon you had listed in your last post, they would be super inexpensive! Definitely check them out in stores if you haven't already, the quality is not as great as Gap or BR but I have to say they were a steal :)

  12. Haha about the coat! I ordered those GAP sweaters too but returned because I wasn't in love. The material is so much nicer and warmer than JCrew's. BTW, I was able to order a sz 24 of those olive jeggings from the Ideeli sale you posted about. I put myself on their wait list and even had to place the order on my phone since I was at my parents' house which only has dial-up internet lol.

  13. You look great Jean! Happy holidays!

  14. Wow, great finds!

  15. Hiya! thanks for the great review! I remember you mentioning that your mom has a cooking blog - I'm interested to learn more about cooking! Where can I find her blog?

  16. The sweater is so cute <33 love it ^___^ so thrifty too!

  17. Mothers...

    I disagree a bit about "classic colors". I have odd coloring, and none of those colors ever look good on me. I like that they've branched out a bit in recent years to shades that are more flattering (in case Gap is listening)...

    I saw those sweaters online and really didn't care for the length at all...not the best for my body type.

  18. the sweaters look nice on you but too bad they didn't work out. thanks for the thorough reviews. by the way, happy holidays! :D

  19. You styled the striped sweater so well!! Too bad it had to be a return...but if the lines bug you, then there is no sense keeping it!

    Lol! about the coat!

    Merry Christmas, Jean! :)

  20. The striped sweater looks pretty cute-casual with the legging jeans and blouse. =]

  21. LOL, that coat was huge on you.

    For sweaters that hug the body, I suggest petites with longer arms look at Victoria's Secret's site or catalog. They have them in cotton to silk and cashmere, thermal tee style to dressy and sparkly. I just received the Semi-Annual Sale catalog today, so there are big discounts ahead. Clearance drops sweaters down to $19.99.

  22. super cute sweater!

    i really love the solid blue one

    lindsey |

  23. lol what is it with Asian moms and long coats? Mine tried for years to convince me to get one of those long puffy winter coats that go past your knees! =.= Anyway, sorry to hear the sweaters didn't work out for you. They do look a bit too big and long. Hopefully you'll have better luck finding more fitted cable sweaters :)

  24. Lol! That huge coat was too funny....your mom reminds me of my mother-in-law actually!! hee Happy Christmas Jean ;)

  25. Hi Jean, random question (unrelated to this post) I'm thinking of buying the YSL Arty ring (with some holiday gift money I received) - do you recommend it as a worthwhile investment!? Also, can't decide what colour I would get... just saw a bright turquoise on which I really like, but also love your coral - what are your thoughts if you had to choose one colour? Also, do you have any other suggestions for anything (accessory/ clothes item) in a similar price range that I should get instead as my holiday gift? Thanks so much! Michelle Storfer (London, UK)

  26. Your mom is so funny : )
    great post. Merry Christmas!

  27. You look so amazing!


  28. Hi ! I love your blog as I am petite also :)
    I just wanted to let you know I loved your article on vintage jewelry. I have an obsession with it. I have thousands of pieces.
    Anyways, the reason I love it is I love learing about designers and I love doing the research.
    Also, vintage costume jewelry was made AMAZING. A piece made 60 years ago can still look amazing. If I bought a 'comstume' bracelet at a dept store, by the end of summer it is already tarnishing. That was how it all started.....I wanted my jewelry to last.
    Yes, you can get a 5.00 vintage bracelet on ebay and have it last for years !!!
    I began listing items on ebay.
    Here is my link for my ebay store :) I have thousands of pieces to list....all amazing !

  29. I bought this similar sweater from the limited today for $15, it's very soft and the teal is beautiful! I'm 5'2" 97lbs, and the XS fit very well, thanks to a bit of stretch. Though you do need a tank top under as the knitting is a little loose.

  30. Honest opinion - do you find that gap sweaters lose its "shape" over time?

  31. @Michelle S Hi Michelle! Sent you my response via Facebook : )

    @Carolyn Thanks, Carolyn! I agree their sweaters when on sale are a real steal. I still love those $8 striped ones.

    @Vintage Jewelry Lady Lovely pieces at great prices. Thank you for sharing!

    @Anonymous Wow, great price on those! I saw them online and liked the color selection, and am glad to hear they are soft in person.

    @Hi I'm Jane! I only have a few (a chunky knit cardigan jacket and a thin dolman sleeve pullover) and they have not lost their shape yet. I think it's probably important to lay them flat to dry and not throw them in the dryer which can be destructive to any sweater.

    @Anonymous Hi there - My mom's cooking blog is set on private, but if you're interested to learn more about cooking, my #1 go-to blog is If you go to her recipe archive you will fall in love with the selection of recipes and step by step photo instructions!

  32. I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs and I bought the XS crewneck from JCrew. The sweater looks like a box on me no matter how I try to match it with other wardrobe pieces. I had to return this chunky piece back to the store.

  33. you have nice outfits!! i live how you review products such a great idea

  34. damn that girl is so cute.


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