Talbots: Extra 50% off shoes & accessories (sale included!)

Silk scarf in a rich Fall hue, $15 from $69. Suede bootie in two colors, sz 5-11, $39.50 from $159.

From now until 11/21, Use code ADORN to get 30% off 1, 40% off 2, or 50% off 3+ shoe or accessory items. The prices I'm listing on here are post-50% discount. Free shipping for orders over $100, and returns accepted in stores. Thank you, Elle for sharing this deal! It’s a great opportunity to pick up gifts for mom, gal pals, or your deserving self at a good value...

Although I’ve never had luck with Talbot’s more matronly petite apparel, I do love many of their quality shoes, costume jewelry, and leather handbags. I appreciate that their shoes come in extended sizes 5-11 (usually fit true to size) and up to 3 different widths. My summer shoes and old necklace from there that have garnered so many compliments. I stopped by a Talbots today because the sale is in-stores too, but the sale accessory selection was so slim (plus sz 5 shoes are online-only).

I love my convenient, cheapy brown H&M crossbody bag for hands-free shopping and running errands. This one costs just a little more for genuine leather and (probably) much better craftsmanship. Adjustable straps are perfect for shorter women, plus you can use your belt hole puncher to customize the length.

I'm in need of black stone/onyx jewelry to accompany my suits and other basic blacks. I also like the old-time elegance of these pearl & chain earrings. I went to Talbots specifically looking for these two, to assess whether they were quality costume jewelry or cheapies that will turn my ears green. Unfortunately, SA's said they were long gone.
Left: Leather chunky heel sandals, left only in narrow sz 6-10, $37 from $149
Right: Suede oxford bootie in 5 colors (loafer pump version) sz 5-11, $37-$73 from $149

Oh, how I love these leather sandals and wish I were a 6! I have them in yellow suede and adore the chunky wooden heel, but the color I really wanted this summer was the brown leather (which were unfortunately much pricier). These are an affordable dupe of Anh’s fab Alaia sandals, and I imagine the color to be elongating against tanned legs. The booties on the right are adorable and I'm not sure which color to try. I saw similar boots in-store and the platform sole was light as air! My only concern is whether or not the side will dig into my low ankles.

Readers - Did you shop this sale? Please share any good finds!


  1. great picks, Jean!! i love the fall scarf and if only the chunky heel sandal had smaller sizes still! i actually picked up the colorblocked pumps... it'll be my first Talbots purchase ever! let's hope it works out. :)

  2. Very tempting! Especially the little crossbody bag!

    I have only ever ordered from Talbots once...it was a silk sash that was on mega clearance plus free shipping.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I've never had any luck at my local Talbots with shoes (I don't care for the styles they carry), but I do love the earrings you listed here! You're right - Talbots does have a "matronly" appeal.

  4. Definitely considering the crossbody bag and the oxford booties. Still debating if I should buy them.

  5. Hi Jean, A regular visitor and a fan...love your blog! Are those chunky heels comfortable enough?

  6. ohhh, love the saddle bag and the booties! must go look now!

  7. Thanks :) I also bought an H&M crossbody for grocery shopping and walking around in Europe, but I've been keeping my eyes open for a leather one. I just ordered the dark brown leather crossbody from Talbot's now. It was free shipping too, even though it was less than $100.

    I would never think to look at Talbot's, so thanks for posting this :)

  8. I might pick up the crossbody bag. I'm going to see if there is anything else to get the 50% off.

    Thanks for the share.

    Also anyone looking for a saddle bag, Mng by Mango has a bag that's a little bigger.


    I have been eying the Mng by Mango handbag but haven't bought it yet.

    Dilemma, which to get Mng by Mango or Talbots???

  9. @dietingfashions I like the size of the MNG, but I just noticed it is synthetic materials whereas the Talbots is leather, for less.

    @Susan What a nice surprise! I didn't have $100 and just went to see if I could get free shipping. No such luck!

    @Archana Hi there, they're comfortable for how high they are. As with all slingbacks though, you may want to consider sizing down half a size because my slingbacks always slip off my heels when I order my true size.

  10. @PetiteAsianGirl Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Ok, Talbots here I go placing my order.

  11. Jean I ordered the bag and shoes just to try them out - I would have never tried out Talbots if for this post so thank you!

  12. 5 foot 2, Eyes of BlueSunday, November 20, 2011

    Like you, I've been in Talbots a few times and had no luck with their matronly petite clothing line. Thanks for this great post. I ordered the cross body bag in dark brown, the oxford booties in black, a leopard print scarf, and the pave link necklace all for a grand total of $121.13 (tax and shipping included). Fingers and toes crossed I'll have some luck with the items. Thank you!

  13. Code “ADORN” DOES NOT WORK WITH SHAPERS! Yesterday I had the shapers in my cart and it worked because it is not in the "hoisery or socks & accessories" department exclusions. Today I went to complete my order and Talbots changed their discount to exclude the "Shapers" department, but they did not update their terms and conditions. The online Chat Representative argued with me that it was a Hoisery department item, but I explained to her that when you click on Accessories in their store, it has a SEPARATE LINK to the Shapers department. It was NOT included in the HOISERY department Link at all or even a Sub-Department of Hoisery-which I could understand. I told them to add SHAPER to their list of exclusions in the terms and conditions! (Terms & Condition statement: Offer valid on accessory and shoe purchases. Discount does not apply to socks or hosiery.) I know I should have completed the order yesterday to get the discount!! Can they really change their terms in an instant (overnight) like that?

  14. Cool! Would definitely get one for my wife!


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