Craving Crimson - 40% off at Ann Taylor w/ THANKS

For a limited time, use code THANKS for 40% off online (no code needed in-store) plus get a meager 2.5% cash back if you go through ebates (referral). I think I was spoiled by AT's previous stackable sales. Plain 40% off just isn't as enticing anymore!
Ann Taylor Wool Crepe Jacket and Pencil Skirt in Petite & Regular sizing, $225 for the set

My friend showed me this suit today and I thought it was beautiful. It's one of those sets that would look striking together, yet operate easily as separates. The color oozes elegance, and the shorter blazer with "X" center (reminiscent of my favorite Theory Gratian jacket) tends to be flattering on petite figures. I won't be picking this up because it won't fit sans alterations, but if you measure a little bigger than 32-24-32, Ann Taylor's suiting could work nicely. The AT tropical wool skirts I own (and got altered) are work staples, and do not wrinkle on me.

Charming Blouse in reg & petites, Vintage Floral Lace Dress in reg & petites (see white on me)

I wonder how many times AT will bring back this exact vintage floral lace dress. When they introduced it in April 2010, I loved it. I was surprised to see the same dress come back this Spring at the factory store (when I made my splurge), and then at the regular store, and then a full-length version in their wedding line...but now, once again in their Winter new arrivals? I understand it was a hit and people will probably still buy it, but a design that I once found exquisite is now starting to feel stale. I wonder if it's becoming an AT signature item like their perfect pumps.


  1. I definitely don't need another pencil skirt, but that color is gorgeous...i may need to reconsider! Regarding the lace is a bit "meh" at this point. Can't believe I was stalking stores all summer to locate the white version in my size :)

    xo, tasha
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  2. Thank you so much for the promo code. I never shopped here before, but seeing item pieces on you makes me want to.



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  4. [Oops, fixed the URL]
    I love your blog and it's help inspire me to start a outfit of the week on my blog

    I did tell you

    Hope you come and have a look.

  5. i had never really considered ann taylor before until i came across your blog a few weeks ago, thanks for the tip! just clicked through to see you in the white version of that dress, it looks amazing! funny that they keep bringing it out season after season though, i totally agree that it almost makes it a little less special.. Either way, it looks great so at least you got there first!

    Katie x

  6. Aww shucks! Too bad the white version of the vintage floral lace dress didn't come in 00... or I'd be seriously tempted to sell mine for it. For me, this is a pattern that won't get old, so I love seeing it released over and over again :)

  7. I agree that having no stackable coupons isn't any fun. But you can find great deals in their sale section. I found that cute lace skirt that you blogged about a couple of weeks ago for $29.99!

    Read about it in my blog:

  8. I love that suit set! Alas, I am allergic to wool, so I can't even consider it :( Thanks for heads up on the sale though. P.S. I really enjoy your blog. While being almost 5'3" I am not as petite as some, but I am the shortest woman I know so I love reading through your posts for inspiration!

  9. was just telling Ping that I dont want bright red but this color is very appropriate for an office red.

  10. Any way your friend can do a review of the red suit & you can post it? I was in love with the color when I saw it online but am wary to purchase. Thx.

  11. I know what you mean about AT's 40% off w/ code becoming less enticing... 40% off just isn't enough anymore if you can't stack it! Gah!

    Anyway, I love the red suit... I would definitely buy it, but like I said.. 40% off is not enough! haha. :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Jean. :)

  12. This makes me happy to hear, because with this offer i can buy nice dress to my girl friend which she likes. Now the cost doesnt matters me. Thank you.

  13. I have a similar suit, same color, but have always been stumped on how to wear it. What color/style blouse would you do it with? I've had it (as a gift) for almost 6 years and never wore it. I'd love ideas on how you'd break it up/maximize the pieces. Btw, LOVE your blog. I'm a short gal, though not as thin (size 4), but your tips are great!


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