Wednesday, October 5, 2011

H&M: 25% Off Coupon, Blazers, and Unicef Childrens Collection

While typing this post on my iMac and uploading photos from my iPhone, I can't help but feel deep sorrow for Steve Job's passing. He affected so many people's daily lives and leaves behind an incredible legacy.  

On a much more trivial note, from now through October 10, print out this coupon to get 25% off one item at H&M. I stopped by today, armed with my coupon, and was (initially) disappointed. The only collection I fell in love with happened to be for toddlers. If you are under 8 years old or if you have a little girl who is, check out H&M's All for Children collection. 25% of the sales price goes to unicef.
Colorblock Sweater, girls sz 7/8, $24.95 before coupon. Cozy and soft in a 50% cashmere, 50% wool blend. So adorable with orange elbow patches and horn buttons. If ONLY this collection were made for big girls, too!
My favorite part of the entire collection? For $34.95, you get a plush animal that has clothes to match, including the beautiful tweed coat and floral dress. I'd be overjoyed to have this as a little girl.
Back to womens: Chunky-heeled ankle boots, $39.95 before coupon. Starts in sz EUR 36/ US 5.
Disappointed with the womens selection, the only item I brought to the fitting room was this Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, $24.95. Sz 2 measures 12.5" across the waist and 21.5" in length, so would require a DIY hem on me. As the weather cools, I try to keep my work wardrobe less austere by incorporating soft textures and patterns. I liked the classic silhouette, the horn buttons, the skinny belt, and the price - $18.71 after coupon.
UPDATE: Hemmed this skirt up 2.5 inches by hand:

After getting this skirt, it dawned on me that the fabric and details felt oddly familiar...

Sure enough, this was the coordinating skirt to Kelly's houndstooth blazer. She did an incredibly thorough review, so check out her post for better pics and the tag info. I had to go to a different store to find my size to try on.
Above: Brown Houndstooth Blazer, sz 2, $49.95 before coupon. Below: Gray "wool-y" version.
Although I liked the gray color a lot better, Kelly was right in that it looked cheaper. Because there is no pattern, the cheapness of H&M quality (ie. pulls on the material or imperfect tailoring) is more visible in person. I ended up having Nick pick up the brown one with his coupon, so the grand total for this Fall/Winter skirt suit is about $56. Some may find the pattern too busy or dowdy to wear together as a set, but I think it's quite cute, plus they pass my suit rule by standing alone as great separates.

Readers - What will you be picking up with your 25% off coupon?


  1. The doll case is adorable! That brought back childhood memories! I loved dolls and doll trunks!!

    So glad you found such a great deal on the suit!

    I will probably not be stopping by H&M. You know me, very infrequent visits! But you do tempt me with your posts! :p

  2. great review! i've never stopped to look in the kids dept but that cardigan is so cute! and i love the houndstooth blazer and skirt on you (and they definitely work great as separates!).

  3. I would have totally picked up that houndstooth pencil, especially for that price. I've been looking for something with that kind of pattern for a while now. But I'm trying to be 'good'. But the button front and the skinny belt might be too much for me to look away, LOL.

  4. I wish I could shrink my kids to fit into those cute outfits! Were you seriously trying on the size 7/8 sweater in the first set of pictures? Too funny.

  5. Which skirt are you wearing (the red one)?

  6. @Anonymous It's thrifted, from here:

  7. Hi there:)
    I've been following your blog for a while now and I'm constantly amazed by your ability to make office clothes fun and creative!

    I recently got a dark brown blazer as a gift but I can't seem to be able to coordinate it with any of my office clothes. Either the brown would clash with the the other colors or it would clash with my skin tone and make me look really ill-rested. Any tips?


  8. I'll definitely be checking out the All for Children Collection the next time I go to H&M! :D and on a side note... your flats! If those are the Missoni for Target ones, I'm so jealous!

  9. Jean, could you post a pic with the blazer and skirt worn together? I'd love to see what it looks like as a full suit!

  10. This has nothing to do with the H&M part although I will be stopping by there Sunday (the one by me does not have a children's section, but the one where I used to live did--great selection for winter tights!) and the unicef part is even better.

    Anyhow, your shoes! Where did you get those??

  11. yay for coupon! Love the cardigan and Blazer..esp with the elbow patches.

  12. The All For Children collection is adorable. It seriously makes me wish I had a little child to dress up!

    .. & unfortunately for us Canadians again, the coupon is only valid in the US!

  13. Great suit! You did a great job with your hem. I thought those chunky ankle boots were cute before, but I may have to seriously check them out with the coupon. I saw them on the H&M U.S. site and the price listed was actually $39.95! Hope that this price is true, lol.

  14. I think I will have to run out to my nearest H&M and grab that doll-set for my daughter its adorable! I love how you are always taking pictures for us in the dressing room ;) thanks so much for taking the time out to do it!

    Thu from Just Tututiny

  15. Jean if you and Nick ever have a daughter I can only imagine how much fun you'll have shppoing for her :P

    I'm glad you like that H&M blazer too! I have to draft a quick post about it but I'm so glad Kelly did such a thorough review of it already :) And I never saw that skirt! I don't have much use for matching pieces in my line of work but it did seem like it fit you well and I assume the quality was pretty good?

  16. I bought that houndstooth skirt last week! Never thought of myself as a houndstooth type of girl, but I thought it was cute and flattering... might have to check out the matching jacket!

  17. You have impeccable posture, Jean!

  18. i wish i lived by an h&m!! there is one coming to my city in a few months though, so excited!!

  19. I tried both the skirt and jacket and came back and saw your post! I went back today and tried them again. They just don't work for my body :( but they look so good on you. I wonder if any of your other readers have that issue :)

  20. @alison*elle I will soon! Wore it today : )

    @Jocelyn @Annur Yes they are the Missoni for Target kids flats! A sz 2 kids fits like a womens 5, and I think it goes up to sz 4 kids. My local stores were ransacked and there's no more online, but Kelly of ALterations Needed had an extra pair that she kindly sold to me.

    @Anonymous Your daughter is a lucky little girl! Will you be picking up an outfit for her to match?

    @Anonymous You know, everyone's body type is different. For example, I love the blog Alterations Needed and often go try on things that she shows, but they usually fit me completely differently. Kelly is small framed on top, curvy on the bottom, and I am more straight up and down. We just have to figure out what works for our body types and weed out the unflattering items : )

    @Kristen My fault! I made a typo...they were $39.99 : )

  21. They also make that skirt in a jacket, which my bf got for me! :)

  22. Wow, great tailoring job. Instant 80's dowdy -> streamlined sophistication

  23. i love the dress :) you look adorable!


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