Gap Petite Picks - Everything on sale, up to 50% off

While checking my order status for the dress below (from last week), I noticed it has undergone a 50% price cut. Below are my picks from this sale, all available in petite sizing. Bottoms start in 00P (beware of short lengths); dresses/blazers start in 0P. I love the navy and tweed combo dress, but am anticipating possibly DIY slimming.

Last year, I reviewed the slim crop pants in a cotton/spandex twill material. That one fit slim, but reviews say the "luxe" material version is roomier in the hips and thigh (may be better suited for curvier gals). I didn't get anything more here after my recent Gap sprees. Happy shopping!


  1. Hi Jean! I sent you a pm on AN forum. Oh and thanks for this post! :)

  2. Just found your site and L-O-V-E it! I'm a petite asian too (though not as petite as you!) and am loving that ankle pants are in since they're perfect on me! I just bought a pair of GAP corduroy leggings in a 24 regular not knowing they came in petites. I think I may just copy all of your outfits. Thanks for the blog!

  3. thanks for the sale update! im going shopping now!

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I deleted the email without looking but decided to browse after reading your post in case there were other hidden gems.

    Ended up picking up this pair of 1969 legging jeans in dark vintage for only $19.99 (size 00 and 0 remain; no petite sizes left)

    And to make free shipping decided to try that navy dress you posted about (doubt I'll actually keep it unless it's earth shattering)

    Thanks again!

  5. thanks for the heads up. i'll probably check the stores later, then online since sometimes the prices can be different.

  6. great!

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  7. That navy/tweed dress is adorable! Looking it up right now...

  8. I am so glad that I found your blog! I was recently obsessing over trying to find size 5 shoes on the web and I came across your site! It is so discouraging at times to find clothes and shoes for the petite woman. I think that you are just adorable and thanks for the tips! Jen,41, 5Ft, 112lbs, mom of 2 from FL


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