Thursday, October 20, 2011

BOS>TO>BCN & Boots for short legs review

(This is a scheduled post; I'll try to answer any questions upon my return : ) 

**Through Sunday 10/23, is having a generous (for them, anyways) 25% off + free ship over $150 w/ code LOVEFALL. A while back I ordered the Petite Hacking Jacket (seen in this post) and the Petite Schoolboy Blazer to compare. I'll post pics later, but in short: the Hacking is more fitted throughout, but longer in length. The Hacking actually nips in at the waist whereas the Schoolboy is boxy. The Hacking is made of a thicker and warmer material. You can call JCrew or do livechat to get fairly accurate, exact measurements for each size.**
Just a few snapshots of what I packed for 8 days. A mish-mosh of comfy favorites for the MNG by MANGO trip in Barcelona, and some work separates for Toronto. For work trips I usually pack just a Longchamp tote -I have no issues with wearing the same shoes, jacket & accessories each day to save sapce.
packing2packing packing1
On to today's post - my first boot review for Fall. After turning to you, dear readers, for shorty-friendly boot help, I received a number of recommendations. Thank you all so much! Please pardon my super grainy pics. I used the wrong settings, plus it's pitch black before I leave for work and when I come home - no fun!
Boots: Halogen Brianna Boot from Nordstrom sz 5.5 (free shipping & returns, woo hoo!)
Specs: Comes in womens sizes 4 - 11 (sizes 6-10 available in wide). An impressive range. Fits true to size. Measurements are 3.5" heel, 13.25" shaft height, and 14" calf circumference

Sweater: Old Navy sz S, on sale   Bag: BR  Blouse below: Gap XS, sides slimmed (similar on sale)
The shaft height is great for someone with short calves. It hits maybe an inch below my knees, which I prefer. As for calf circumference, although 14" around runs smaller than most boots, these are still a tad too roomy for my calves (which measure 12.5" around). On me it looks acceptable with jeans tucked in, but appears progressively looser when worn with tights or bare legs. Lastly, I didn't love the split back, which I think contributes to the wider calf measurement.
Although these Halogen Brianna boots didn't work out for me, they are one of the more petite-friendly "tall" boots I've tried on for a long time. If you are my height or a little taller, and would like a 14" calf circumference, these seem comfortable and of good quality (genuine, soft leather with sturdy stacked heel and non-slip rubber sole). Alas, my own search continues!


  1. the blue bag so pretty. I like all stuff you gather for you trip and good luck

  2. love the sweater!!!!

    hugs from one petite fashionista to another! :P
    xoxo jenna

  3. where are those black suede booties from?

  4. I would love to hear some of the boot recommendations from the readers. Where can I find that info? Is it on a previous post?

  5. The boots look great! And I like all your oufits you picked out. The black ruffle blouse is so pretty.....and I'm still on the hunt for a nice 3 layered pearl necklace like that....

  6. OMG- I just bought these earlier this week and was going to do a review. We must be cosmic or something! WTH! LOL

  7. I honestly looove those boots on you Jean! I wish I could be itty bitty like you, but I've gotten so big lately. BUT since I'm bigger I think those boots might fit me well! Thank you so much for all your hard work taking pictures even while you travel!

  8. i love these boots and decided to try them out for myself... hopefully they'll work out!

    hope you're having a great trip!

  9. Omg the brown boots is soooo gorgeous! I think the split back make the calves look smaller!

  10. love the outfits you packed! you look so pretty!

  11. I'm from Toronto! You should do a meet-up or something :)

  12. those boots do look big, but they really are good for shorter people! if i get boots, i'll be sure to check them out :) love your gap blouse!

    xx maggie

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  14. I just bought a bunch of stuff from couldn't pass up such a great deal from them.

    Those boots are amazing. It's kind of like the Booker boots from J.Crew that I purchased today. :)

  15. Thanks for the j.crew blazer update, Jean. I needed it. :)
    The boots don't look bad at all. I like the black one (seems a little purple on my monitor.) better. The split open back is usually for boots that hit higher. For such a short shaft, the split back does seem a bit odd. The black ones hide the splitting a bit from visual perspective and make these boots look more attractive. Too bad they don't work for you. :(

  16. You wore that first outfit to meet us! Diff necklace though, if I recall correctly. ; ) Still in love with the colour of your blouse!! I want it, but don't want a dupe. arghh.. but I actually like the colour in person.. Which jeans are those?

    Hope you have a safe trip to Spain! Have a great time!! : )

  17. jean, the old navy sweater looks great on you...and your blue banana republic purse is the perfect accessory to your whole outfit. thanks for the boot reviews and letting us know of the jcrew sale!

  18. Those boots look great!! I have the same problem with the big calf circumference. Boots always have a gap and look weird on bare legs or even with some skinny jeans. I've yet to find the perfect ones too!!

  19. You look FANTASTIC in these pictures! I don't think there's one thing you wore in these pictures I didn't like - and I really love the blue bag too! I have to say I don't have a problem with boots..I bought tall suede boots recently and they're ultra tight around my calves - and that's the problem! But I'll probably end up wearing just with bare legs and tight skinny jeans. I'll have to brave that skirt look I keep running from :)

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Spain!

  20. I love the boots! I've been looking for a pair of over-the-knee boots that don't land at my waist. The search still continues! ~jen

  21. Your jeans look really nice. Where did you get it from?

  22. That's too bad those boots didn't work, I actually liked how they looked on you. Oh well. I can't wait to see what you find. I'm 4"10 and I'm on the hunt for a riding boot. Do you own a pair? Any suggestions?

  23. I think the boots look great Jean! I especially like the black. I'm sure you're having a great time over in Barcelona! Can't wait to read all about it!

  24. Wow, I really love how the bold colors of the ON sweater look on you! As for boots with large shafts, have you tried boot cuffs? Here's a pair from DSW:
    I love the look of socks peeking over boots but hate having to constantly pull the socks up throughout the day. I think these cuffs might solve the problem plus eat up some of the space gap.

    Have a great trip!

  25. i like the boots, but i think they are a bit much for something you are not completely satified with. i say keep searching and i hope you find it. i'm on the hunt for knee high brown suede boots!

  26. I have very skinny calf and face the same problems :( However I found this particular Boots from which is perfect for skinny calf.'s%20Shoes
    I wear them almost every other day in winter and love it!! Works even with skirts when I pair them with leg warmers coz its a tab bit roomy if I dont wear it with jeans.

  27. Hmm yeah the back split probably makes them bigger than they should be! It's not so noticable with the black pair.

    It was sooo nice seeing you in TO, highlight of my week for sure :) Have fun in Barcelona, can't wait to hear all about it! <3

  28. Ah love your travel/organization posts! Is that a Missoni scarf I spy? I've been itching to get one after seeing them pop up on all the sample sites. It's too bad the boots are still too wide. I know that boots supposedly shouldn't hit at the widest part of your calf because that makes the leg look bigger, but I'm wondering if that might help a petite look like she's filling out the boot.

  29. Christina TruongFriday, October 21, 2011

    Could you please pair some outfits with the burnt orange H&M belt you have? I just got it cause it was so pretty, but I'm not sure how to incorporate it into outfits.

  30. I just discovered your blog...I had no idea this world of petite fashion blogging existed! I am 4'11, 98 pounds and I can't even tell you how many of my shopping trips ended in tears. I hate vanity sizing!!! About half of the items in my wardrobe I bought just because they fit, and not because I love them. I spent a few hours browsing your blog and I am totally inspired. Thank you so much for helping us fellow petites out with your fashion advice and reviews!!!!!

  31. I'm in love with the brown pair! The price is a bit steep for me, but a girl can lust. ;] Also, I love your jeans! Are those the same Gap jeans you you ditched your beloved Abercrombie (I think Abercrombie was the brand.)ones for?

  32. Hello how are you? I met yesterday and loved your blog, I searched all your posts and put your clues.
    Where do you live? I know those stores that you indicate, it has wonderful clothes.
    Congratulations on the blog, has become a favorite. Kisses! Paty

  33. @Jenn Hi Jenn - they are from Adrienne Vittadini, style name "Adam." I see them on sample sale sites and at TJ maxx/ Marshalls. I got mine on ideeli last year.

    @Mrs. Smith They were mostly left on my facebook page, in previous posts and also through email. The Banana Republic Teagan wedge boots were suggested - they are shorter in calf but wide.

    @Katherine Next time for sure! Just had to work most of the time and didn't have time to enjoy the city : )

    @early-birdies @Tiffany @Anonymous They are jbrand legging jeans in 'clocker' wash, sz 24 (fits really small, not as much stretch as I'd like). I got them at the last hautelook sale for about $30.

    @1smileygirl I have no suggestions as I'm on the hunt myself! Others suggested to me to look at real riding boots as they're made to measure for horse riders, or kids riding boots.

    @R.L. You're so keen! I did pick up a missoni scarf but I don't know if I'm in love with it. Would love some orange in the print. I want my boots to hit at the widest part to fill it out. I know we're not supposed to wear anything that ends there, but rules can be broken with the right pieces!

    @Christina Truong I'll try - but I like pairing that belt with browns, plaid, more orange, gray, hunter green ...

    @Paty Massachusetts : )

    @Anonymous Welcome! Hope you'll take a look at my blogroll. The online community is wonderful and there's something for every style amongst us!

  34. I love the boots! Are they comfortable being 3.5" in heel height?

  35. I like those boots! Toying with the idea of buying them, even though I just bought the Ann Taylor Lavinia boot (still deciding). Is that one too high of a shaft for you? It's also not as casual as the Halogen boot.

  36. Can you give us some packing tips? I see the garment bags, but you indicate that you use a Longchamp tote. Do you use some fancy rolling technique?

  37. @Anonymous I wear 3.5" almost every day at work and my ankle booties are 4" high so I think these are pretty comfortable with a stacked heel. I didn't do any walking around in them though so don't take my word for it : )

    @Vanessa I have never tried AT's Lavinia boots so I can't help compare the shaft height. I think any AT tall boot would be several inches too high at the calf for me though!

    @Anonymous I brought a suitcase for this longer trip, but rolling up your clothing (simply) and stuffing items into shoes is what I do when packing into a Longchamp. Rolling helps minimize fold creases and wrinkles as well : )

  38. I recently read your post about these boots when I was searching for my own! I found similar Timberland ones that would be much more flattering (and I believe cheaper) than the ones above (

    The bonus is that the circumference is 13 inches (yay!!!) and the grip on the bottom and the heel makes it more practical for winter. I've been wearing them for several days now and have fallen in love!

    I believe they have sizes 5.5 and up. I'm a size 6 and it fits well

    Best of all, they're on sale in the US!

  39. Have you tried some kids boots? I have tiny calves as well (about 12 inches all around and I wear a 5.5-6 usually) and I recently got these boots from Stuart Weitzman kids:
    They actually fit very nicely (youth size 4) and come about 2-3 inches below my knees:
    The only thing that bothers me a little is the heart-shaped zipper but I think I can live with it for a pair of boots that finally fits!


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