SOLD OUT: Heel & Wedge Rainboots in Sizes 5 - 10

As a shorty living in a wet climate, I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for rainboots that give extra height. The other aspect I look at is boot shaft length. Mid-calf rain boots are my friend. Tall and lean wellies are beautiful on others, but usually whack me at/behind/above the knee and thus quite clunky to walk in.
Sold out! From Ideeli : Henry Ferrera Lace Boot, $22.99 (8" shaft), Wedge Boot, $29.99 (10" shaft)
I have never heard of this brand before. I like the wedge boot better, but the shaft appears wider in the pic than the lace.


  1. I'm so glad you're talking about rain boots. I just moved from Arizona to Washington, DC and it RAINS here! And living in the city, I have to WALK in it! A friend suggested rain boots but I have reservations because I think most of them are just so god awful ugly. Seeing someone fashionable and petite talking about them makes me feel more comfortable buying a pair.

  2. Have you tried Hunter in kids sizes? I ended up getting Hunter wellies a few years ago in an adult size at a Bloomingdale's sale. The height does get annoying with the klonking but I'm greatful for it when there is torrential downpour. I'm also very impressed by the brands quality.

    I've seen kids sizes in person and I'd say they're more towards what you're looking for. I would say the heel height is around the same of the lacy looking pair.

    Here's a pair I found on a quick browse through Zappos:

    Tretorn is also a good brand. A few years ago, they had pair with a wedge heel out that were so cute. They only have flat ones now as far as I can tell. Their flat ones are great though because they go up to the lower to mid-calf depending on individual leg length.

  3. Of the two above, I prefer the wedge boot. I'm a size 5 shoe, and I own a pair of Hunter Kids boots in Navy size 3US/2UK. They fit slightly large on me, but are perfect with the wellie socks or with my jeans tucked in and they come up to a nice height below my knee. They don't have much of a heel, but they are good reliable (and comfortable) boots so I'd recommend them.

  4. I'm not a fan of wedges so I'm very drawn to the lace boots. The heels plus lace on a rain boot make it very unique! Definitely gets my vote :) The wedged one seems a little dull in comparison. I also love Hunter rain boots, especially the midcalf ones but unfortunately the shaft is too wide for my liking even with jeans tucked in.

  5. I have a pair of rainboots my mom got me--Fishin' Chix and I love them. I have the black ones with the white circles all over it; fashionable and cute. It is size 5 and fits perfect with room for socks and the height is about 2 inches below my knee. It's fine with skinny jeans, but it also has an expander thing at the top with a "buckle" if you want to tuck in regular jeans or other pants.

    Only drawback is they only have two designs, but at least they are not solid in color. Their website is being funky on firefox, but it looks like the boots come in three designs (one circles like mine in pink or black, the other has little fishies on it, in pink or black, and the third is a zebra--didn't have this one when I got mine two years ago).

  6. *sigh* I only wish it rained where I live (Arizona....aka the dry lands.) I've never worn/owned a pair of rain boots in my life and feel like I've been cheated from this fashion experience. :P If I had to pick I like the wedge style boots the best.

  7. I really like the lace boots but the leather give a nice polished look! I want them both!:)

  8. I'm going to have to get the heeled lace ones! Such a stylish alternative to rain boots.

  9. I lived in Alaska over the summer (soo rainy!) and I bought a pair of knee high Kamik Ellies and I loved them. They have a 14" shaft circumference, which with boot leg warmers/liners were perfect for my skinny legs. They are super glossy but really fashionable and durable. They have them in really cute colors too. I got them off of and every girl I saw after I bought them asked me where I got them.

  10. You have definitely hit the nail on the head...rain boots are a challenge for petites, not to mention it is tough to make them look chic. A previous commenter mentioned Hunter and I agree. They have some nice wedged styles. Also, they come in various wedge and shaft height combos!

  11. Petite sale on Ideeli today, FYI. Just started at noon ET:

  12. @deelirium If you live somewhere wet that requires walking, rainboots are a MUST. Or you can wear rubber flip flops, but then your feet get wet and dirty. Also when it's cold and snowy outside, rainboots wick away the precipitation better than leather/suede boots which will just get ruined. I wear mine wellies year-round!

    @M I have tried Hunter kids, but was so bummed to see the LARGE reflective tape on the back of the boots! I love finding brands that make a tiny version of their popular items for kids, for less $, but then Hunter had to go and ruin the kids with a very "kid" detail. Well, I guess it's not ruined - it's for the safety of children for which they're designed for, just not for a grown woman : )

    Tretorn I do hear is popular, and I have see their wedge boots. I like them as a functional raingear brand!

    @springrain45 I looked into getting some too - does the reflective patch on the back bug you?

    @Jocelyn @yuni.k Thanks for sharing your fave rainboot brands : )

    @Tessa Thanks for sharing! Although no sizes for the extra petite, I like that they do these plus and petite size sales.

  13. I loved your earlier selection: Dav city solid black rain boot. May I ask for your feedback on quality of this boot? Is the fit petite friendly?
    What shaft height and calf circumference of these boots? Thank you.

  14. Hi,
    I don't know if you've had heeled rain boots before (or if someone has already said this) but it gets really annoying! when it's nasty weather outside, there's water everywhere and dirt and leaves and most times rain boots aren't a PERFECT fit so having to deal with your feet sliding forward when you walk and watching your walk can be frustrating. i'm 5'0 as well and i definitely prefer flat rain boots to stomp around in and not worry where i'm stepping.
    For reference, this is the pair I had, in black:
    it's called dav flirt - i actually still have them if you're interested in trying them!

  15. Do you every use shoe lifts to look taller in boots that don't have high heels? I've thought of doing that but I can never find the right lift.


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