Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Sale: Petite-Friendly Roundup

- American Eagle - 40% everything and free ship at any price, til Monday w/ code 28678011, in-stores and online. As a grown woman, I've been cautious to avoid shopping at tween stores. Lately, however, several readers have recommended AE items to me! Thankfully AE has learned to make their eagle or seagull or whatever very discreet. Here are three items recommended by EP readers (thank you all!):
1. Jegging in 2 colors (see on Aubrey in 0 reg), sizes 00-18 in long, regular, or short, $27 after sale.
2. Lace Zip-Back Tank in 3 colors, sizes XXS-XXL. $18 after sale.
3. Lightweight Boyfriend cardigan in 5 colors, sizes XXS-XXL, $18 after sale.

- H&M - 25% off one pair of pants with this printable coupon. Their skinny pants in sz 2 usually fit me okay. The only thing I picked up, however, is this cascade blazer in gray and black (see on Cher) for $29.95, Item # 040319. Photo below shows a size 4 but I exchanged it for the 2.
- Nordstrom - as many of you may know, Nordies now has everyday free ship + returns at any price (excludes Coach, ha ha!). Here are some picks from their shoe clearance, left in small sizes:

Ann Taylor - 40% off everything at the Factory store (see my twitpics). At the regular store, only select items are on sale including 40% off these two shoe styles, in sizes 5 to 11:

Ebates - Ebates is having increased cashback at select stores including 10% back for Gap and Banana Repub, which you can use with BRGET30 for another 30% off. Their current signup bonus is a $10 gift card, up from the typical $5. Click here for a referral and we each get a bonus.

Visit my old post for how ebates works. Current cash back rates for stores in today's post are 3% cash back for American Eagle, 2.5% for Ann Taylor, and 3% for Nordstrom. Every little bit adds up!

Readers - any other noteworthy sales this weekend? Please share!


  1. Do you ever shop at The Limited? I just did a post on that, but I noticed that you don't (or maybe have never) mentioned The Limited. I really love their stuff & 40% off this weekend.

  2. Thanks for this helpful roundup! It's a shame there's nothing at Banana Republic that I want with this great discount. And I LOVE Ebates! :-D

  3. oh those AE jeans look great! it's too bad that i overpaid for mine but i still do love them. and thanks for the heads-up on the H&M coupon!

  4. Thanks for the roundup Jean! I might venture out to the mall this weekend and see what's around, but nothing lately has jumped out to me.

  5. This sale has been going on for awhile and ends this weekend, but it's too good not to mention! Abercrombie kids (as well as A&F) have been having 50% off all jeans, and an additional 30% off the entire store. I managed to snag a pair of jeggings, originally about $50CAD, for $18CAD

  6. That jacket looks so great on you, I can't wait to see how you style it!!

  7. Thanks for letting us know! But is the code needed for in-store purchases at AE or is the 40% taken automatically?

  8. ooh, i love the AE picks the leopard and wedges! :)

  9. Hi Jean! From your experience, how much of a percentage decrease do Loft dress slacks get marked down on sale? Saw an awesome pair of pants, but I want to see if waiting for a sale is worth it. And do you know if ever has free shipping? Thanks!

  10. Hi! I'm a long-time reader but first-time commenter, and am a fellow petite living in Boston! Love your blog and your sense of style. I find your entries very fun and entertaining, but also informative and thoughtful. Hope to be more active in the comments now that I've broken the ice. Have a nice long weekend! =) =)

  11. hi extrapetite!

    i just wanted to mention that i went to three sons lobster while i was visiting boston/maine and it was hands down the most delish food and so cheap toooooo :) thanks for the rec! i don't think that even with my extra yelping prowess i would have been able to scout that one out... but thanks to your vlog/blog, mmmmm!! :)

    btw, if you go back to maine, the lobster shack in cape elizabeth is pretty decent as well :)

  12. thanks jean for sharing. i'm going to check out the AE stuff. i have those animal print sandals from nordy, they are quite comfy!

    i tried a pair of via spiga booties today and they're on sale for about $150+/-....they hit my ankles when i walk tho so i decided to pass

  13. Any recommendation for petite girls and skinny jeans? I tried on A&F skinny jeans in size 0 short but it was still long for me. I think its suppose to be rolled up but honestly, I want to be able to wear it in boots without it feeling clutter. I tried Hollister and even Abercrombie Kids but still either long or doesn't feel right even when I went up or down couple of sizes. I went to Delias... which actually covers the butt unlike A&F and on occasion, AE but it kinda flatten my butt o.O weird or maybe it was the material. Any recommendation will help me a lot =D I only got one skinny jeans that I absolutely adore. I don't want to deal with tailoring because at home, I don't have the big type of equipment to sew the jeans to make it look like original. Some tailors don't even have the right machines either for it. Eh, I just know a little too much about it so I expect top quality when I get it tailor by others, even at home.... not like I've actually got it tailor by others at the shops... just seen works that could of been better.

  14. I LOVE those grey pumps with the wooden heel. Where are they from???? They look so familiar!

  15. AE now has 40% off AND free shipping! This is the best deal I've seen since I started buying from them in 2009. Around holidays, they usually have X% off(usually 20 or 30) and free shipping. The free shipping sometimes comes later, like this time.

  16. @Kaolee I pop into the Limited every so often but have never been able to find anything that fits. I do have a pair of pants that I spent quite a bit taking in. It seems to be a great option for those maybe even one size you mentioned, they often have great discounts!

    @Emily Thanks for sharing with us! A&F's denim is pretty good. I haven't tried their jeggings yet though.

    @Janet In store, it's supposed to be automatic : )

    @Anonymous I would say waiting for a sale is worth it at LOFT. I usually won't buy their items unless it's at least 40% off. They have a good "StyleFinder" system that lets you track items down from other stores. If the item is on sale, shipping is $7.50 which isn't bad if the sale is very steep. For this reason I usually wait for items to be marked down pretty low and then finding my size through Style Finder if my size is already sold out at local stores. rarely has free shipping at any price..usually it's the $125 minimum.

    @Yulia Hi Yulia! Thanks so much for saying hello and "breaking the ice." It's wonderful hearing from a fellow Bostonian! If you're not doing anything this Thurs, Boston is having our first "Fashion Night Out." I won't be in town, but it sounds like such fun!

  17. @ellenglo Omigosh! I'm so glad you went and liked it! Just this weekend I was hit terribly hard by a craving for fresh lobster, and remembered how three sons was hands down the best I've had in my life. Thanks for the recommendation of the Lobster Shack as well!!

    @Ping I knew they looked familiar! Lol

    @xoladiihoneyxo Reading through all the places you've tried already...I would recommend Gap's petite length skinny jeans. Petite length unfortunately is only available online, but their free ship minimum is $50 (before discounts are applied, which is great) and their petite length is very short! It works perfectly on me and I'm 5 feet tall. THeir petite length is definitely shorter than what I've tried at AE or A&F, plus the rise is high and covers the butt unlike AE or A&F. They accept returns in any stores. Have you given them a try yet?

    @e Oh they are oldies from Banana!

    @Anonymous Thanks so much for the heads up! And also the tip on how they tend to offer free ship a day or two afterwards. Very strategic of them to clear our merchandise. THe disadvantage though is I see small sizes are sold out in the tank I was eying!

  18. The AE zipper top is not a good choice! It's far too baggy. :(

    For people with sz 6+ feet, Aldo is having an online sale of 25% off of shoes and sandals and free shipping!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I love the 40% Ann Taylor sale, had been wanting for the perfect pump for so~~~ long! Thanks Jane for introduce the perfect working pumps! But when I picked 2 pairs of them in my bag (one black and one exotic), I was surprised that the shipping will cost $14.95! That's almost another 10% for 2 pair of wonderful pumps! Could anybody find a free shipping code? Or I guess I have to wait till they have another 40% sale +free shipping over $150 event!

  21. The jacket looks nice on you!


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