Going fast: J.Brand Jeans in sizes 22 - 34 for $29+

 Left: Petite Pencil Jean w/ 31" inseam ($79)  Right: Legging Jean w/ 28" inseam ($29)

Holy moly! J.Brand is on Hautelook (invite) today in various lengths, cuts (skinny, boot cut, wide leg), and washes, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the large selection for sz 22. I didn't even know this size existed - it must be equivalent to a 0000P? I snagged myself the legging jeans (ended up getting 23 and 24 to try). Shipping was about $8. If you're petite, look for lengths that appear cropped on the models, and check inseam measurements. I typically pay $10 for a regular hem, and $15-20 to keep the original hem on jeans.

Found cell phone pics of the sz 24 legging jean. Looks like waist & hips definitely fit me - just needed a hem!


  1. Okay I woke up because of your tweet, but am totally changing my mind about the pairs I chose. LOL I had three pairs added to cart:

    Leather pair - saw the contrast stitching on my computer screen. Reminds me of True Religion. REMOVED!

    White bell bottoms - figured if I hemmed it, it wouldn't be as wide, but now I'm thinking of how I'd wear it. Plus, I just ordered a pair of C/E skinny jeans last week. REMOVED!

    Denim leggings (the 2nd pic above) - 28" inseam made me iffy. It might be *too* short on me .. and and the off-chance I wash it, it'll definitely shrink. REMOVED!

    All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself for not purchasing anything. LOL Great jeans though.

  2. * WHITE C/E skinny jeans
    * and ON the off-chance I wash it

  3. Please let me know how the jeans worked out for you Jean. I'm a bit surprised you took size 24. I usually wear 00P at Ann Taylor and they are still sometimes very slightly big - but I think I usually wear jeans size 26 (say BDG at Urban Outfitters)... I do have pretty wide hips for my size though (about 35in).

  4. J Brand is my favorite designer for jeans, and I just ordered a pair for $29. Thank you so much for letting us know!

  5. I tried J.Brand size 24 10" skinnies a while back and they were TINY! Fit me really well, so those might be good on you too. I remember the 12" skinnies in size 24 were not as small. What I didn't like about J.Brand, and has kept me away, are the HUGE back pockets! My rear end is something I'm quite proud of, so anything that deters from it is a big fat no. :P


    Looking forward to your review!

  6. Wow! Good call Jean! I don't check flash sales often so this update was so helpful! I grabbed a size 23 in one of their bell bottoms, huge flare, jeans. Crossing my fingers, hopefully it'll fit =)

  7. Thanks for heads up on these deals Jean!!

    I didn't buy anything, but I did find a coupon in my email if you or any of your readers want to use it.

    It's a one time use coupon. $10 off purchase of $50 or more, expires August 10th.

    Code: REFUNDS10


  8. You have phenomenal taste! I LOVE these jeans!

  9. @Kellie I think it's account-specific because I tried it earlier and it didn't work. Thank you for sharing though!

  10. I am sooo sad.. I just got back from a cruise and saw this post. I have been secretly stalking you. Thanks for all the wonderful posts!


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