It's never too early to...

...start trying on coats! I love coats, and I know summer's still in full swing, but I blame the retailers.
I tried on about a dozen blazers and jackets from the Zara Woman line, and without fail the smallest size swamped me every time. It was so bad I didn't take any pics. 

Then, on my way out, I came across this stretchy Double-Breasted Frock Coat in a thick knit. In short: 
- XS (no petite sizing) is very fitted on me in the torso. See the curve-hugging back view!
- shoulders are a smidge wide but I don't mind the structure; sleeves are just a little long
- nice details like epaulets, cuffs, inside zipper, buttons (not as shiny as in the pics)
- great option for anyone a few inches taller than me looking for a lighter winter coat
Here's how it looks on their model, which confirms the fact that petite women need to scour for items that appear shrunken-fit and short on the tall models. Something that looks normal fit = no hope.
Zara's online shopping is slated to open in the US in September, but for now, Elle reviewed a pretty amazing service, Suddenlee, which hunts down items and ships them to you for a small fee. This coat retails for $169. Here's the tag and the online description. 

Readers - which coats are you eying for the upcoming Fall/Winter?


  1. I'm really craving a camel colored pea coat!! Love the buttons on that black one though. :)

  2. i love the look of Zara coats, but IME, the price never matches the quality. All too often I see seams coming apart and buttons falling off and the price tag says $200? No thanks. I've been staring at the coat online too...I love the look of it.

  3. Summer is oddly a more convenient time to try on coats -- the freezing retail AC certainly mimics winter weather! It's much more of a hassle in the winter when the heat is blasting and you have your own coat to hang on to.

  4. I honestly think it looks better on you than the model. D: Maybe it's just her outfit. I went shopping today and was so sad to see all the fall and back-to-school signs/items out. *sigh* Fall is my favourite season, but I don't want summer to end just yet. :(

  5. Hahaha, I love your title. I shop online year round for coats! That coat fits you surprisingly well! Good to know that Zara will be online soon. I always love the Zara blazers I see on Her Waise Choice and Atlantic-Pacific. I'm also excited to see what JCrew puts out for their petite coats this winter.

  6. As much as I love Zara, I find the brand is not really petite friendly (to my body). Visit their store in Philly 2 days ago, and no luck. All the gorgeous blazers that I tried on just swamped me. (I am 5'2 and 94 pounds.)

    The shoulders seemed to be fine but the waists weren't fitting and the sleeves were long. It might work for someone who has a fuller-figure than me...

    I was so so so in love with their basic red dress too, but again even their x-s size was big on me *broken hear*.

  7. I'm a big follower of your blog and check it out daily. I love your style.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was at Target tonight and found the yellow sandals you have that you wear a lot for 75% sale. I got it for $6. I had bought it in brown and get compliments on them all the time. I've never owned a yellow (mustard) colored shoes, but I'm excited. I loved them on you and was so excited to find them in my size for $6.

  8. It's never too early for coat shopping but your review brought up painful memories...Zara had this red "frock coat" with strong shoulders last season and I looked for the size XS in every store within an 100 mile radius of me to no avail. And your coat reminded me of my red coat that got away...tears.

    Anyway, the coat looks great on you. The length is much better on you than it is on the model...for some reason I think the coat is cut in a way that a longer fit looks more attractive to me.

  9. Here in Arizona, we pretty much have 3 seasons: melted-asphalt-hot, hot-but-bearable and muggy-hot. Unfortunately, I haven't been coat shopping for the last 3 years that I've been here. I can't wait until we're out of here so I can go coat shopping.

    The coat you've found is absolutely gorgeous. The double breasted buttons make it look even more classy than it already is!

  10. Hello Jean,

    I really like your style. It's very classic and sophisticated. Thank you very much for sharing your shopping/fitting experience for us!
    Will you please show us how you organize your closet and shoes?


  11. I totally love your blog Jean! And I must say you wear it so much better than their model! You wear it with a very lady-vibe at that certainly sells better to me looking at you in it :)

  12. Coats? YES! That's ONE department I got covered. I have ENOUGH because I love coats so much and living in England....
    I really like that coat on you - looks way better on you than the model!

    BTW I found the Burberry Harbourne trench - must be old one as it's USA made and the fit is just perfect - even the sleeves - belated BIG THANKS for the tips and reviews! Can't wait to see your trench post next.

  13. I'm also a petite. And it is always a problem to find something that really fits on me. I've always had to send things to my tailor. The coat it looks better on you, trust me.

    xo Tati

  14. I've been looking at coats already, too! It's so cold here that I feel like I live in my winter coats. It's been getting down to the 60s already! I should try to find some good coat options this year!

  15. I love coats too :)) Because the weather here in Europe has been like Fall since begin July, I've been starting to look for cute coats as well :))
    The one you're wearing is really cute :)


  16. This is a BEAUTIFUL coat!! I love it.

    I think the model looks silly with a coat like this hitting mid-thigh on her. You look MUCH better.

    I'm hoping to get anything THICK for winter since my move to a much cooler climate...And if it looks something like that, that's a plus =)

  17. @a rose Do you reside in the Philly area because I'm now living just outside of northeast Philly =D

    It's nice to know that there's a store here. Although I think the KoP mall keep me busy for a while lol

  18. I've always loved the idea of capes and cape style coats from Anthropologie and, but since I'm moving to the land of eternal summer in 111 days (Hawaii), it's kind of pointless to look for more coats. :T

  19. I tried a similar coat on at Zara a couple weeks ago in navy - I'm pretty sure it wan't double breasted though - hope I"m not going crazy :P Anyway, it was XS and fit me PERFECTLY! But I don't like Zara's return policy so it wasn't something I could purchase and think about later.

  20. I'm hunting for a camel colored pea coat. It's funny because every year I try to hunt for them but can never find the "perfect" one. It takes years I suppose.

    Your coat here is army inspired. It looks very nicely fitted on you :)

  21. Zara clothes are always too big for my petite frame! I used to buy at the kids department because items like jackets and shirts fit me better (size 12 for twelve year olds usually fits me). Dresses are usually OK. Have a nice week-end!


  22. I love that coat! I have my eye on a wine colored one in the Zara catalogue... So beautiful.

    I Can Be Many Things

  23. oh seeing your coat reviews makes me wish we had colder winters, lol! i love the double buttons down the front and i agree that shrunken fits normally do look better on petites. i can't wait for Zara online shopping!

  24. Have you ever checked out coats by Mackage? They're cut on the smaller end and I think they'd fit you pretty well all throughout with just a quick sleeve alteration! I like this coat but it won't be enough for our freezing bitter cold Chicago winter!

  25. I have seen a few Zara posts I feel the urge to visit them! :p When I do go in there, it does not seem like they have any special sales, so I usually end up leaving. LOFT, AT, and BR have taught me never to buy full price!!

    Any tips on shopping at Zara? Do they have sales? Do I just show up on the off days?

  26. I agree with you! It's never too early to shop for coats and that's what I've been doing all day today (as in online window shopping :P) for tomorrow real time shopping :P I am going to try out this blazer from H&M for fall:

    I seriously hope size 4 or even 6 is still in-store *cross finger*.

  27. @Cher I agree, too pricey for what it is! But if I ever find something color-tastic from there that actually fits, I'll probably splurge.

    @a rose @Anonymous I agree, I pop in every so often to try something on and it's usually about a 1% success rate. I used to try their kids clothing as well but it's just not cut right for grown women.

    @Anonymous That's so awesome! I'm not sure if you're the same person who tweeted that but I shared the deal info. I've worn those shoes quite a bit. I thought $20 wasn't bad but $6 is a true steal!

    @Elle I am certain you'll find another striking red coat! If that happened again this year, I bet Suddenlee would be able to scour it down for you ; )

    @Anonymous Hi Caren! My closet is teeny tiny and I hang multiple items on each hanger. I have an over-the door shoe holder plus a plain shoe rack. It's truly not very exciting : )

    @Jackie @StefPatt Thank you! Must be one of those rare rare things that may look better on a shorter person than a tall model.

    @couturecoco So gladto hear you like the Harbourne! But I'm shocked that it's made in the USA. I haven't yet seen one that was! I've seen made in London and some Asian country, but no USA yet.

    @B.Inspired Yes I have! They had quite a selection of their leather jackets too at Aritzia. Like you said, fits nicely other than the sleeves.

    @Michelle They have a pretty huge sale seasonally. I would just keep an eye on blogs (Vicky and Cee tweeted about the start of the last big sale there).

    @soiia They have a lot of that knit jacket at my local stores! Hope you were able to find it : )


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