Gap regular-sized legging jeans now run small

Sales alert! 50% off select styles of Gap jeans, in-stores & online w/ code GAPDENIM. Ends 8/28.

Before I get to Gap, I just want to holler with joy at J.Crew's new Townhouse Coat ($350 retail):
Belted waist (super duper important to define curves)? Check.

Shorter "midthigh" length? Check. 

6 gorgeous color options? Check.

But the MOST exciting feature...a long doublecloth coat now available in 00 Petite, not just 0 Petite. The double-cloth coat last year in 0P fit me decently, so I am thrilled at the prospect of a 00P. Nick keenly pointed out that this resembled the Zara coat, except better in so many ways. And oh, on the note of coats...Mackage coats will be on Hautelook tomorrow 11AM EST (invite). Size XXS of this popular brand usually goes fast.

Back to today's less fun post. This weekend, Nick went to get pants at Gap and I begrudgingly followed. Gap's petite line is online-only, so there is usually nothing for me in-stores. Out of curiosity, I once tried on their 00 regular legging jeans and swore never again! So much baggier than the petite version!

Refresher: October one year ago - Gap Legging Jeans in size 24/00 Regular - yuck!
This visit, I immediately noticed that the 24/00 regular looked strangely slim. I grabbed a few pairs to try on, and sure enough, they run significantly smaller than last year's versions. Hooray! Those who don't mind longer length can now buy in-store.

1. Textural Knit Legging Jeans in s 00 regular (no petite version) in Indigo. 96% cotton, 4% spandex. With more spandex content than typical legging jeans, these felt more like thick leggings. I prefer my jeans to have a little more cotton. The fit was super snug, however, with no waist gap at all.

2. Gummy Legging Jeans in sz 00 regular (also in petite) in Sand or Black. Tiny waist gap, but snug in the legs. 98% cotton, 2% spandex, felt more like jeans than the style above. If this is a 00 regular, the 00P version must fit so small!
While online, I noticed Gap also has Mid-Weight Legging Jeans in super bright Island Palm Green, Brilliant Blue, or Bright Watermelon, starting in sz 00 regular (no petite version). 98% cotton, 2% spandex. These weren't at my local store yet, but if they fit anything like the above, they would be a great colorful skinny jean option.
One thing to be wary of when ordering online is that almost every pair is made of a different material. Some are more legging-weight, and some are more denim-weight. I recommend going into a store to see and feel the fabrics.

Ok, now back to the beautiful coat. Who will be trying on this coat once the weather cools down? And which color?


  1. You know that I'm a coat fanatic, lol, so I'd be definitely trying those coats on. Hopefully in multiple colors, caramel and golden mustard for sure!

  2. i definitely saw this coat while i was browsing jcrew's site a few days ago! im in love with everything mustard, so that pulled me in. i cant wait to see the first fit review for this coat, it definitely has potential!!

  3. I am head over heels for the yellow and cream colored coats. <3 The buttons on the cream pops more though.

    I love how they tie the belt-- because i do it the same way. LOL

  4. I <3 that white coat!! It looks so warm and elegant!

    I don't think I'll be trying them though; I might want one too much =X

  5. I love the caramel one. Just checked out the site and they have a royal blue too ... I can only see Kate Middleton wearing that.

  6. First off, I want to say hello. This is the first time I've ever commented on your site since I've bookmarked it. And that I really like your posts because people never believe that finding petite clothes as a hard task.

    Secondly, I purchased the mid-weight legging a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE THEM. I had to chance to try them on and couldn't believe the fit. I love them because they're light-weight and fit perfectly. I'm 5'2 and a size zero at the gap. I don't buy they're jeans often but these I'm going to snap up so I encourage everyone to give these a try.

  7. I want that coat, not that I need it:) Thanks for the update!

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the Gap legging jeans. Petite sizes hit me at an awkward length because I'm slightly taller than you. Regular sizes are a tad long for me. I have to try give them another try.

    The J.Crew coat is absolutely beautiful. I ended up selling mine last year because the sleeves were too short for my liking. I am so excited for Fall clothing =)

  9. Thanks for the legging report, very useful. I remember Gap being so ill fitting for petite people. Their "reverse fit" jeans looked very close to the old pair of leggings you tried on. I am happy to know they are now a possibility.

  10. I love those Sand colored legging jeans on you!

    I think I'm most interested in the Vibrant Flame (I wonder if this is red-orange in real life or if it skews toward one color or the other) and Majestic Purple - I can justify either since I don't have these colors currently :D

  11. Ohh!! I am so excited for GAP now! I seriously do not know the last time I have ever bought anything from them! I remember loving your GAP jeans last year, but not wanting to buy online.

    Since I have a Pottery Barn visit to make this weekend, I will try to sneak over to GAP (right next door! So is a petite-less BR, and Ann Taylor).

    I will probably not try out the J. Crew coat. Very little need for that here in Vegas, plus I have two that are sufficient enough. Although, I am sure at least one petite blogger will try it out, and I will be tempted! :p

  12. Ok those coats are GORGEOUS but I think I'm on a JCrew strike (not that I have any pieces from there!) after reading about the price hike for Canadians. That's sooo funny about the jeans, I can't believe how the original jean leggings fit you - the 00R fit me perfectly LOL!!! That's great about the new 00R's - I might even have to size up this fall! (Although who knows what the sizes will be like in Canada)

  13. I like the coats! They're quite classy. :)

  14. such pretty colors for the coats! i can't wait until someone buy this so i can see the fit. will you be buying this at full price or r u going to wait for a sale?

    the gummy jeans, wow they definitely run small for regular size. surprised! maybe they have been reading petite blogs. lol

  15. Beautiful coats - I think J Crew really hit it out of the park this season!!

  16. Petite 00? Heck yeah! Guess who's gonna be ordering when these bad boys go on sale. This girl! Come on California...send me a noreaster this winter so I have a reason to wear one of these fab coats! Okay, slight exaggeration.

  17. I choose the first coat in mustard. Beautiful and eye catching, I also love the details. How I wish I could wear such kind in a tropical country.

  18. This is so helpful and I'm so glad to have found your blog!!! I'm really petite as well (about 4'10") so finding pants is a nightmare. I never go into Gap but might have to check it out now :)


  19. So excited for Fall and Winter! I wasn't initially interested in this coat but since you pointed out that it's mid-thigh, it's now on my radar ;) I think that length is perfect for coats worn with pants. My fave of all the color choices is their "hthr majestic purple" which looks more like a royal blue on my screen. I can't wait to check out those GAP colored jeans as well...

  20. Hi Jean, this is not related to your present post. I've got a query - how do you prevent your belts from "riding" up your skirts when your skirts don't have belt loops? (e.g.

    I find it difficult keeping my belt in the same place when I wear it over a skirt w/o any belt loops.

    Jean (from Singapore) :)

  21. Thanks for the Gap denim report - I'll have to try the colored ones! As for the coats, I moved south so no need aside from what I already have. It's hard to think about coats/fall/winter clothes when we're breaking heat wave records... :(

  22. oh goodness, new reason to hate these GAP jeans. look at that awful rise! Ping & I did agree that high(er) rises are great for tucking and provides a better proportion than tucking w/low rise pants; however, my flat butt cannot wear jeans 1/2 way up my back.

    wow the coat is beautiful. Imagine walking into a room wearing that! Stunner.

  23. Oh Jean those jcrew coats look amazing...sigh still 110 degrees here! I just got the jcrew catalog and I'm drooling over their fall collection. Have you seen the No. 2 pencil skirt and their rainbow of colors?

    Thanks for the heads up on the Gap jeans, need to give a visit to the store.

  24. Hey, I recently stumbled onto your blog & just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your posts! This... isn't related to either coats or jeggings, but I noticed that you wear a lot of blazers/jackets. Sorry to ask out of the blue, but do you have any suggestions for picking out a good-quality blazer? I mean, obviously fit is important, but e.g., does the fabric type really matter (e.g., wool vs. cotton vs. polyester)? If you have the time to answer this question, thanks in advance! :)

  25. @Anonymous Thanks for saying hello! Did you get the mid-weight legging jeans in the bright colors? Or a regular blue? It was very hard to tell in-store which ones were mid weight because the tags all just said "legging jeans." I'm glad to hear you had success with them!

    @Michelle @Anonymous Their petite sizing though actually started to run small starting last year. A 00P fit me well, but is too short for anyone taller. The regular 00 never fit so snug before though, so it's great for those who are above, say...5'1".

    @R.L. @SewPetiteGal Must see these colors in real life before deciding! I'll probably pop into the store in a few months to scope out the colors and materials : )

    @badpet Hi Jean, I get this question a LOT but I actually don't have this problem! Or maybe I do, but I just don't notice it. My only suggestion is to maybe use fashion tape (reviewed in the past by kelly of Alterations Needed), a little bit each time to keep the belt in place.

    @Claud I think I saw them, but the one thing I'm not interesting in buying from Jcrew (unless on super sale) is their pencil skirts. The colors are gorgeous and tempting, but I've tried a 00P before and it needed waist/hip slimming and a hem - $35 in alterations, on top of already hefty prices. I'll just have to enjoy them on others!

    @Jane Hi Jane, I have cheap blazers and "nice" blazers, and I think what distinguishes a nice blazer is the crisp tailoring and the material. Material doesn't have to be all wool, but a lightweight wool blend is usually nice to be breathable and also wrinkle-free (very important). Theory is my holy grail suiting brand but it can be pricey, even at the outlets. I would try on suiting at home for a few hours to test the material and see if it ends up wrinkling and creasing.

  26. Found out that the Gap Legging jeans run small the hard way - when they arrived at my doorstep today...
    Still unsure as to whether or not they're too tight, because they are legging jeans..but they don't feel so great. :O(

    Should have waited for your review. Grrr.

  27. Can't wait for those JCrew coats to go on sale! I love the royal purple/blue one. Not sure if I'm going to splurge for it.... we'll see!

  28. Oh, that golden mustard is calling out my name!

    Wow, what a change in the gap jeggings. I love the color that you tried on for the Gummy Legging Jeans. I may have to go in and try a regular!:) I've gotten a bit fatter in the tummy, sigh, so I have to go in and try it out again. I do wonder though, what the petites are like compared to the regulars now!!


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