Banana Republic Camille Jacket Update

Please excuse the clashing outfit underneath! : ) The Banana Republic Camille Jacket I was eying online has finally arrived in petite sizing. I was intrigued by the shorter length and the waist-nipping "X" front - two signature features of the Theory "Gratian" Jacket that is famously flattering on petite women. 

Likes: Very fitted. 00P was perfect for me in length, and the torso was snug when clasped. Figure-flattering silhouette with a slight peplum back

Dislikes: Partially lined (only the upper back half) so it looks ugly inside. Wish the material were a classic tweed or marled gray instead of stripey. Lapel is oversized.

BR is having 30% off women's (35% off with your card) today with code BRSAVE (code works on the Mad Men lace shell). However, this jacket was cheaper at my local store and will probably go on further sale. I am passing because I have similar and better in my closet already. Here's a better look of it on Ping, who is an inch taller but my clothing size exactly.
Here's a cute Military Jacket also with a peplum back. Would be nice with sleeves cuffed over dark denim:
A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Boston meet-up on Friday. I was floored by the amazing (and warm, and eclectic) group of women who came, including fellow bloggers Sydney, Ping, Khatu, and Vicky. I only wish that we had more time to chat, as I would've loved to learn more about each person who took the time to come out. Hurricane Irene also cut short the stays of two faraway visitors. Sadly I have very few photos from the evening. Update: Visit Sydney's blog for a few photos!


  1. I like the fit of this jacket on you, Jean. How much is it in store now? I might have to go give it a try. (although do I need another jacket? :)) Hope to see pictures from your camera soon. Bryan took some pictures of 5 of us (we were laughing our heads off at the moment, but I can't recall why) outside of the restaurant with his iphone, but he took the phone with him. I hope Ping made it back safely. Irene is just very untimely.

  2. jean-- the jacket does looks strip-y in the pictures. the fit is definitely nice on you. too bad for the big lapel. would you consider getting it when it goes in sale more?

  3. Yay for the blogger meetup - looking forward to seeing the resulting photos! They had that jacket at my BR for $119 but also a promo where there was an extra 25% off so a total of $89.

  4. I think the oversized lapel is cute on you!

    That sounds like a great turnout!!

  5. saw sydney's pictures and looks like you gals had fun. ;)

    i'm not much of a stripes person but the military jacket looks nice. thanks for sharing. :D

  6. VERY cute jacket! I would love to see it with jeans like you suggest :)
    Sara Campbell Blog

  7. This jacket in 00p is completely sold out in Canada. sad =( I really wanted it!

  8. I actually just got my jacket in 00P as well, but you're right, the oversized lapel is a bit overbearing. I think I'll have to pass on this one as well!


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