Ann Taylor 50% off Sale Items (& Shopping Tips)

For the past 2 days, Ann Taylor has been having extra 50% off sale items, both in-stores and online (no code needed). Some things that I spotted at my local store (prices are probably cheaper in stores than online):
Under $30, post-discount: Petite Silk Halter, Perfect Patent Belt, Asymmetrical Shell (fits small)

I wanted to share some of my AT sale shopping tips and "lessons learned," Finding quality pieces at low prices can be a tedious process, but sometimes it's worth it (especially for those on a budget).

- Using StyleFinder. If you have been eying something and your store doesn't have it, jot down the 6 digit Style # from their website. Go to or call any store, and ask them to look for it at other stores using the StyleFinder system. Ann Taylor's outlet/factory stores also use the StyleFinder system. Note: final sale items cannot be located using StyleFinder. The best time to call is right when stores open, for two reasons: 1. Inventory systems update from the prior night, so if you call later in the day, the system might show that something's in stock when it has already been sold. 2. It's less busy, and the store is neatly organized, so SA's are more likely to help search.

- Shipping. If you have an AT or LOFT credit card, shipping of full-priced items via StyleFinder is free (even if it's on "promo," ie. 40% off full-priced items). Shipping of marked-down items (ie. there is a sale sticker on the tag) is $7.50.  

- Beware of price differences. Ann Taylor now has different sale prices for different store locations (boo!). I learned this the hard way when trying to buy this lovely white textured linen pencil skirt as seen on Kelly. Before the extra 50% off, it is currently $99 in Boston, $105 in another store, $55 in a third store, and $90 online. Thus, even with the $7.50 shipping fee it can be cheaper to order from another store.

Unfortunately, StyleFinder won't tell you the prices at other stores, and it defaults to the closest store that has the item. You can give the SA alternative zip codes (I tried one from the Midwest, with success), then one of you have to call to ask what the price is there.

A few petite favorites from Spring are currently on sale for very fair prices, if you can manage to locate them. From my old post, the Luxe Chambray shirt (Style #257237) is now $30, the Golden Texture Pencil Skirt (Style #256383, 00P is tiny bit big on me) is $25, and the Exotic Belt in limelight (Style# 184720) is $15.
Readers - Any good finds or shopping tips to share?


  1. Great tips! However it does seem a bit tedious to spend so much time on finding that *one* shirt or skirt.

  2. Jean-- I bought the belt awhile ago and for about $24. The extra small fits me great around the hip area (but a tad too long for the waist -- I need me a handy belt puncher). It's such a nice pop of print/color with a boring outfit.

  3. Great tips, Jean! I just picked up 2 items from AT at lunch today :) I love their 50% off sale items promo.

    P.S: If anyone is interested, there was one Luxe Chambray shirt in a 00P left at Polaris Fashion Place mall as of 7:00pm last night.

  4. Wow shopping is really like a sport LOL! I tried on the halter while in Florida and it didn't look right on me. I really like the asymmetrical top though!

  5. Wow!! Those are some crazy price differences! I know that there is sometimes a store/internet price difference, but never knew it was like that from store-to-store!! Thanks for the tip!

    I love all these items on you! Maybe I can drag my husband out later...seeing you in this cute pencil skirt is giving me the urge to start shopping for work clothes!

  6. Love the look!

    Btw, I stumbled upon one of your old videos. Are you still using the African Black Soap? If yes, which brand? I would like to give it a shot. But, there are so many sold online, I'm afraid I'll buy the wrong/fake one. Thanks!

    Stay fabulous!

    Gabrielle :)

  7. I have a question for--anyone!
    What type of bra do you wear under a halter like the yellow one pictured above? I love the style but have been shying away from it and similar styles because I really have no idea what type of unmentionables to pair with it. Please educate me! =]

  8. Great tips! Going to look online now! :)

  9. I shopped at Anntaylor over the weekend!!! Love the yellow belt, it's quite whimsy!

  10. Thanks so much for the Ann T. sale tips!

  11. Jean you look AMAZING! Love the yellow belt! It's such a happy color! Hehehe! Wow Ann Taylor has different prices everywhere? H&M does too! I went to 3 different H&Ms for these wedges and one was on clearance for $5.00, one was retail price and the other store was retail price. Weird stores, they should all be the same price and the lowest too, hehehe! I wish we could put on our "gear" and have ramen together! Miss you!

  12. @Anonymous

    For that particular kind of top, I'd go with a strapless bra. Some halters can be worn with a halter bra or bra with convertible straps that can fasten behind the neck, but one like that needs a strapless.

  13. Crazy price diffs! Thank you for the heads-up. I will be in the States next week for a Mariners game so may do some shopping too.

  14. @Anna It's definitely tedious! I'm willing to do it for Theory but I think this is only my second time doing it with Ann Taylor. I was just too irritated with having to pay so much more in Boston versus a different store.

    @Ping We need to get you one of those, girl! Asap! How have you lived without one lol?

    @Anonymous Yes I sure do! I love it. I get it from ebay seller "babiidoll81" just look her up on ebay. It's actually wonderful to travel with because I just break off a tiny piece and wrap it in saran wrap or paper need to pour face wash or soap into a travel sized bottle.

  15. @Anonymous I agree with Carla that a strapless is the best way to go. Make sure that you buy one where the band is very snug on you so you don't have to tug on it all the time. The Little Bra Company's Sascha strapless bra goes down to 28A I think. Also I think a convertible bra where you can criss cross the bra straps in front of your neck and hook it behind your neck *might* work. I've seen such bras at Victoria's secret where you can alter the straps like 10 ways.

    @April H&M too?? That's so strange! And of course I look forward to our next meal with our headgear : )

  16. Unfortunately, I just bought the white linen skirt from AT today at 50% off the $105 sale price. :( I'm going to go back tomorrow to see if I can at least get the online price. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that the "sale" price on the ticket was $104.99, on a skirt that was originally $108--for a discount of only $3!

  17. I really love the way you work the corporate/laid back, casual work look. It's very classic.

    Re: the bra to pair w/ halters - I agree, strapless bras, and something I have tried as well is this - bathing suit boutiques will give you the foam cups from the inside of the suits; don't ask me why but they will give them to you if you ask. I apply double stick tape to the foam cups and stick them onto halters and other tops that require strapless bras, it works pretty well and you can remove the cups later when you're done.

    Hope this helps!

    The Fashionable ESQ

  18. @Anonymous Yikes! Good local store refused to price adjust, UNLESS you were able to find another store in your state selling it for lower (which I couldn't). I ended up just ordering it from a store in the midwest. Let me know how that goes!

  19. My store refused to adjust the price. Oh well.

  20. <3 your blog, Jean! I told my sis-in-law all about it :-)

    BTW, our fave jewel maven, Amrita Singh, goes on sale at Gilt Groupe today, yayay!

  21. I've been wanting to buy that sulphur yellow gap sweater that you have since I saw it on you but missed the sale and didn't want to pay full price for it. It's thin, light and not worth it if not at a decent price but I do love it and it is so soft! I just bought it today at $20.14! That's with tax and including $6 of shipping. I called GAP and found this sweater in my size/color in another state, Oklahoma, it was on final sale with an additional 40% off on top! What a steal! Even with the s&h it's totally worth it. I'm glad I waited and can't wait to wear it :-) So, if your size isn't online, a store might have it but would have to pay s&h.


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