Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video - Shopping for Statement Jewelry

One of my 2010 style goals was to learn how to accessorize and to buy more jewelry. One and a half years later, I'm happy to report I have a budding collection full of much-loved pieces. Now I just have to find a method of storage that seals out dust, yet displays my favorite pieces (some of which are rather large). Readers - any suggestions?

New & old favorites (left-Amrita Singh, right-thrifted from Savers)
In this video I talk about some of my personal favorite places to find statement jewelry, which can really transform an outfit for "simple" dressers like myself. Please feel free to share your own favorite jewelry designers.

Items mentioned in video:
1. Yves St Laurent Arty Ring (buy here in 12 colors) (old blog post here)
2. Forever 21 Beaded Bib Necklace (similar in 3 colors)
3. Forever 21 Filagree Rings (old) and Teardrop Earrings (similar for $2.80)
4. Thrifted stud earrings and chain necklace from Savers
5. Amrita Singh Nello Necklace in Evergreen, Maylen Necklace in White Jade, and Reversible Resin Necklace in jet black/lapis. Use extrapetite11 for 20% off the site.


  1. All the pieces you mentioned are great pieces for matching. That makes me wonder if I should narrow down to only purchase better quality jewelery that would last longer :X Good tips on painting a clear nail polish coat on smaller sized pieces though. lol at "passed out" doing a big one!

  2. I don't know whether my style is evolving similarly because I follow your blog or we're just at similar points in our style development. I, too, have been working on improving my accessories and jewelry and am trying to figure out how best to store them. My favorite idea so far is what I've seen at Oona's in Cambridge where they hang items on the wall with straight pins and demonstrated here from I hear you about the keeping dust out, but I plan to stick this inside a closed door closet, which will hopefully help.
    - @sassypetite

  3. Great post, Jean!

    I've been so accessory obsessed lately for budget reasons. It's a great way to change things up without buying new clothes.

  4. these are great statement pieces. the f21 one doesn't look bad at all!

  5. Great video Jean! Love your Thrifted stud earrings.

    I'm obsessed with gold rose jewelry at the moment. I'm not into yellow gold tone jewelry most of my pieces are silver and few pieces white gold. Also adding some bracelet watches, my fave right now is Michael kors rose gold watch. I think a watch not just provide us the time, but it can also be a statement piece of jewellery on its own or mixed with other items.

    Some of my favorite places to buy jewelry items: Ann taylor, madewell, jcrew, banana republic, and Max & Chloe (this last you can find some unique pieces from different brands.) I need to visit some thrift stores now that Jean suggest it. ^^

  6. Those are very good tips, Jean. I too have been obsessed with AS jewelry lately. Those vibrant pieces will be able to turn one boring outfit to a whole new and fun look. I too haven't ventured off to the thrifting world yet but am inclined to try it after seeing your video.

  7. here's how i look at it.

    creeper magnet if he's fugly.
    conversation starter if he's foiinnnne. holla!

    oh my, I just LOVE the large chain necklace, esp at that length. what an amazing find. looks so vintage-y.

  8. Love the nail polish!!! It's an accessory in and of itself! What brand/color?

  9. jean, if you have any wardrobe/accessories that you dont want anymore, pls do have a sale on your website or ebay ;D

  10. You could store your jewelry on a jewelry display rack under a bell jar. That way it is on display and safe from dust! :)

  11. Great video, and great collection! I'm happy to report that as a result of following your blog I have many of the same AS pieces (though in different colors). They're definitely out of my comfort zone so I'm still struggling to incorporate them. Plus my neck is still adjusting to the weight ;) The YSL arty ring dupe I bought on ebay turned out to be pretty close but the stone is noticeably plastic, so I'm still debating getting the real thing. I think the coral color you have is so versatile and goes with so many things.

  12. Thanks for all the suggestions! I really like your input - you have such great taste in statement jewelry :) You are anything but simple, you're fabulous!

  13. i love the statement pieces you choose out! they are classy not like those really gaudy types! I work at charming charlie and i've seen the really bad looking fashion jewelry. thanks for the tips!

  14. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I just Googled Amrita Singh and found some lovely pieces on at excellent prices. I've always had trouble accessorizing, so this video is perfect.

  15. It's a savvy way to spend money for fashion experiments by shopping at thrift stores. I can't get over how simply elegant your ear-rings are.

    For jewelry maintenance, I spray sheer paint, wrap them with plastic food wrap and hang them on either metal nets (get this at Walmart) or more simply, a hang scarf (an old one that you no longer use because there will be holes on it).

  16. Hi Jean,

    I store jewelry on a display case/frame with a cover with pushpins that I hang on the wall. That way the necklaces are easily accessible and double as art!

  17. I'm terrible at accessorising, so these tips are great! I love the jewelry you have from Amrita Singh, I'm definitely going to have to hunt down some of those pieces!


  18. All my jewelry is in jewelry boxes. I had a lot of them in various sizes, plus a wood earring rack that hung on my bathroom wall. My grandmother had her costume jewelry in a drawer in trays and her nice stuff in a jewelry box. My mother also used a mix of display racks and jewelry boxes. All kind of for me, I had relatives who gave me the various boxes.

    I'd like to get one of those big jewelry chests in the future to have everything in one place.

  19. I forgot to mention that I was watching a segment on Kim Cattrell's closet and she talked about using a hanging jewelry organizer. I bought one on Amazon and I love it. I can see all of my jewelry at once:

  20. Jean (Singapore)Monday, June 20, 2011

    Looking awesome as usual, Jean! I'm just a little surprised no one has asked...where did you get the dress from?? I love it!

  21. Fantastic blog post!! <3 You look beautiful as usual, and I love your choice of jewelry!

  22. Love all the pieces you mentioned in the video (still have to watch it with sound), you really have an eye for pieces that work seamlessly with your wardrobe.

    and I am totally a creepy stalker that I know this is the BR dress that you've worn on this blog a few times before?

  23. hi Jean, i have a request for a future post: can you please show what you would wear the statement pieces with? i also got the white maylen necklace and cannot figure out what it could go with.
    so far i saw you pair the amrita pieces with plain boatneck sheath.. i don't own any ((.. so i have no idea what to wear my amrita pieces with. thank you in advance.

  24. I love that gold link necklace!! It looks so pretty with your blue dress. has some Amrita Singh jewelry at a discounted price - they have the reversible necklace in red/white for $75. just thought I'd share!

  25. I love your collection, Jean. : ) Now it's time to get you started on bracelets!

    I always get compliments on my YSL ring from cashiers! Totally opposite, but I find that pretty funny. haha People on the subway just stare at my ring - guy OR girl.

  26. please make a video on how to organize makeup. please please :D

  27. I love your blog. I think it's such a great idea that you made a goal and focused your shopping around it. I'm also going to do that...I need more jewelry statement pieces as well and tops.

  28. I absolutely love your collection of jewelry, Jean! That gold link necklace looks very pretty with your blue dress! thanks for these tips! great video, by the way!

  29. I buy a ton of jewelry from Forever21 and don't wear it frequently so the oxidizing doesn't really occur but it has happened. Thank you for sharing the clear nail polish coating tip!

  30. Thank you very much for the jewelry storage suggestions, everyone! I love many of these ideas!

    @Claud I love the look of oversized MK watches, esp the tortoiseshell. The rose gold you mentioned is lovely as well.

    @AubreyOhDang! In that case, creepermagnet every time.

    @Anonymous THank you! It's Essie Clam Bake, my go-to color these days.

    @Anonymous I will try to have a blog sale soon : ) Lots to clean out of my small closet!

    @R.L. Twitpic of the ebay ring? I'm curious!

    @Tiny Cricket and @Beartea Ah, she's everywhere! Those are decent prices, but sometimes the sample sites and also the last epic mother's day 50% off offered a bit more savings.

    @Jean (Singapore) Haha thank you! And Elle is right ... it's an oldie from the Banana Republic outlet : )

    @Anonymous Ohh, I actually think it goes with SO much, both neutrals and colorful items! Also looks great over plain solid tops too. I wore it first with this pleated shell from this old post ( ) and my friend borrowed it to wear with her casual gingham blouse (show in this twitpic: ). Hope that gives you a few ideas!

    @Anonymous All the makeup that I actually use is actually stored in that orange box! Right below the tray for jewelry : ) I bought a caboodles clear plastic organization tray from with compartments for brushes, lipstick, etc, and then placed it into that orange box.

  31. I think you have done great with your collection of statement pieces! I love love the first necklace- must have..LOL

    How much did you get it for?

  32. Hello :)
    I found your great blog yesterday. I was looking for a tiny girl who likes it... Every little girl I know is complaining all the time that thei're too short. Im small too and I like it. You're my huge inspiration now.

    And about post :) I love this first ring from YSL. Beauty and original. Love it.


  33. Great video Jean, I think this was one of my favorites! I'm still waiting to get my AS necklaces - apparently there was a hold up at the border and of course Canada Post is also on strike now :(

    Ummm...well you know where most of my jewellery is from...Avon!!! ;)

  34. Off topic, but would you be interested in this blouse [not spam]?

    I bought this a little while ago...I've underestimated my size so I can't fit into it T__T. But it should fit you soooo perfectly and it seems to be your kinda style. Let me know!

    <3 your posts! They are too helpful!

  35. Hi Jean! Is this one of those "break the rules" scenarios? The conventional petite advice always says to stay away from anything oversized (purses, hats, jewelry, etc) to keep from being overwhelmed by your accessories. You are totally pulling this off, but I still have cold feet!

    Also, I have seen my sister in law score some amazing pieces of costume jewelry at the BR outlet and the Kenneth Cole outlet. Anthropologie also has some nice pieces (but typically overpriced unless you get them on sale). I see some really beautiful and unique things on etsy and in local shops in our town, too.

    OT, but what blush are you wearing in your vid? It is gorgeous!

  36. I'm learning a lot from you. It's time to buy a lot of belts and bold jewelry!

  37. Most women are into fashion. Making use of jewelry can give more accent to their appearance for they can make you more elegant even if you are wearing simple clothes.


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