LOFT Petite Blooms Shell Review

I picked up this shell two weeks ago, along with the lace tee in this post. In short, I really like the soft melon colors and watercolor print, but am not a big fan of the generous cut or the dangly strings.

In other news, Target did a full restock on their popular Versie Pumps in "Natural." I've worn mine several times already (see my old review here).
Petite Blooms Tie Neck Shell sz XXSP in "Spice Coral"
Skirt: Banana Republic (old, taken in)   Pearls: thrifted
Nude Pumps: Target "Versie" Pumps sz 5.5

Spring face: R&R "Immoral" blush (discontinued, but try an orange blush), Revlon Lipgloss in Pink Pop
Tucked in, it looks alright from the front. From the side and back, however, it balloons a bit on me. I wish LOFT would cut their floral blouses smaller in general, because I really do like the prints. I also didn't know what to do with the dangly things. They didn't look right tied up, so I just tucked them in.
Fit: XXSP fits me generously like most LOFT blouses. Measures approx 17" across the torso and 21" in length.
Material: 100% polyester, fully lined.
Value: Got this for about $35 which is not bad for a pretty blouse, but I don't want to pay more to get it slimmed.
Verdict: Probably return. Better for ladies starting one size up from me.
While at Ann Taylor this week, I also tried on some Summer arrivals. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 blazers I put on fit terribly boxy/long. This was my favorite out of the bunch, and would probably look best over jeans.

Readers - any good buys lately for Spring/Summer? Please share!


  1. The colors are gorgeous on the top. I don't like the ties either...pointless actually.

  2. I always just snip those dangly strings off. And I totally agree with your wish for Loft blouses (and t-shirts!!) to be cut smaller.

    I recall passing on several blouses like that one because they were cut so generously. Very sad, because they are so pretty. (But not as pretty as you!)

  3. Thanks to your blog, I love Ann Taylor Loft. I bought this dress in 2P two days ago using the 25 dollars savings card and the 10 bucks that they were offering.

    On another sidenote, I love your blog! It definitely inspires me to dress well for work! Thanks to your influence, people keep complimenting my outfits every day!:)

  4. How did I not know Target had a nude pump with a decent heel? At least I got free shipping on my Nine West or I'd be kicking myself for missing out.

  5. You look so elegant! :) I really like the tweed skirt/dress you have on in the blazer pic!

  6. just wanted your opinion on shorts for work. I think bermudas are appropriate, any shorter than that, is risky.

  7. the watercolour tank is very pretty! perfect for blazing hot summers like this one

  8. Such a shame about the blouse--it is so pretty! I hate the ties way to just snip them off? They sure do know how to ruin what could have been a great thing!

    After seeing your post about the pumps from Target, I think I may try them out. I generally don't go for heels under 4 inches, because I really need the height boost, but I have been having the hardest time finding comfortable pumps. Every pair of platform pumps I try, my heels always slip out of them :(

  9. @Stephanie Agree! If I were keeping I would definitely snip em off : )

    @Nitu I saw that dress on a tweeter - very pretty! I'm so happy to hear your story. A lot of women find getting dressed for work to be a chore, but it's my favorite part of the morning and can do wonders for your confidence throughout the workday : )

    @Emily Target heels are getting higher and higher! Wedges too - sky high : )
    @Anonymous Hi there, I'd check your company's written dress code. I think in a casual work setting bermuda shorts are perfectly appropriate, but I know some companies specifically prohibit shorts in their dress code. It's weird because suiting lines like Theory make suiting shorts (shorter shorts with cuffs, that have a matching blazer)...what in the world?

    @LAWoman If I were keeping I would definitely just snip snip. Let me know how it goes with the pumps! The "pearce pumps" in Camel were decent too, but no platform and more round. If you have a small foot though, be warned that the 5.5's were a little big on me. I'm wearing half insoles by Stiletto Hardware.

  10. The blouse looks amazing on you! I have to agree, the little dangly ties look a bit useless. I've always wanted to try shoes from Target, but the 5.5 section is almost always sold out at the store near my house. I haven't really bought pumps in a while, so I'm worried about sizes. Sometimes I fluctuate between 5.5 to 6 depending on the fit. :/

  11. Is that the AT Textured Print Jersey Dress under one of the pictures with the white blazer? If so, how did you like it?

  12. Thanks for the tips Jean! Strangely, though, at 4'11.5'', I wear size 7/7.5 shoes. I guess I never grew into my feet :( I do plan on trying out the pumps at Target though the next time I go!

  13. I love the colours and style of the sleeveless top but would never pay that for polyester (yah I'm a fabric snob :D). The white jacket is wonderful - Ann Taylor is so good, shame it's not in the UK yet!

  14. I love the colours of the top, it's a pity it doesn't fit how you would like it to. That blazer is really nice! I've been looking for a black one myself but finding one that fits is seemingly impossible! I love the statement necklace you have on with the blazer! =)

  15. I think the ties are just meant to dangle down, no need to tie or tuck in. I've seen lots of designers do this detail. The top is cute tucked in and would be cute with skinny jeans for a blouse-y fit to balance a skinny bottom (in pencil skirt or skinny pant)!

    Love the cut of the blazer. Going to see if I can snag it at my local LOFT!

    Overall, I think Ann Taylor and LOFT run too big for us petite girls, which is unfortunate because I like a lot of their things.

  16. I know this is a misnomer and misapprehension on my part, but it sometimes feels as if petite bloggers actually shop a LOT more than their bigger counter parts? Is this true! I wonder if I'm wrong. I don't think I should assume this to be true. But it does appear that way sometimes.

    I would LOVE to be able to approach summer sales, and I think that while I'm only a petite truly in terms of height (5'2"), I'm a bit more blessed and probably would have fewer problems getting something that fits me off the rack (xs/s, 2/3, 25/26).... but I can't shop right now. That melon and spring flower shell looks amazing and would definitely add more badly-needed color in my wardrobe, but I don't have the funds to shop anymore. Back to aggressive savings mode. :(

    I'll just live vicariously through you, though.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  17. ^ LOL! Not sure if I can speak for petites as a whole, but I personally do a whole lot of window shopping. Aside from alterations, there are only a few things that fit me off the rack and therefore only a few things I can actually buy.

  18. Hi! I love your blog! I also tried that top on and really liked it, but ultimately didn't end up getting it because I thought the stringy things were strange and it was actually a little too low cut on me.

    I'm a 5'0", 100 lb woman and I just got a few great things at Zara. I've posted the things I love on my blog at, and actually ended up getting the two tulip dresses pictured. They both fit well for someone who is petite in the XS but instead of being mid-thigh, they're about knee length making it perfect for work with a cute blazer.

    - Professionelle

  19. I love the floral top, great combination ;)

  20. I love that blouse. I never understand the tie strings, though!

    FYI, it looks like the link to the blouse takes you to LOFT's homepage now. I'm guessing since LOFT overhauled their site, the shopstyle link defaults to the home page. Here's the link to the item on LOFT's web site:

  21. I love LOFT and recently I purchased a black cotton skirt and loved it! The only problem was that at my size it was still too loose around the waist. But it was still a great find!

  22. Good choice with the blouse. I wouldn't know what to do with the strings. LOL So awks. Did you end up buying the white blazer? It's nice and all, but I'm not a fan of the fit and design. Maybe it's the buttons? I tried clicking the link to it and it doesn't work btw!

  23. LOFT has been failing me lately. This was one of the very few blouses that I liked. but they always have these every season so it wasn't special to me anymore. Sale-worthy to me.

    I, on the other hand, don't mind the strings. a little bit of casual fun.

  24. Personally I did not purchase the floral blouse top since it's 100% polyester, and for the price is not worth it IMO...however I DO love how it looks on you and your skin tone...
    by the way I LOVE your black and white dress!! Is it a dresss..? or a 2 piece, and where did you get it? Thank you!!!

  25. I thought at first the blouse looked really good but I think I'm slowly changing my mind. I kinda wish it was slightly brighter and I agree that it does look a little loose. But I love the dress that you have on in the blazer pictures!

  26. At first glance, your floral top looked like silk! Very pretty! : ) I'm glad I found your site. Petites unite! *haha*

  27. Agree with you about the "small" strings on blouses. They somehow made me look childish, which I try to avoid.

    Medium strings on blouses, however, are fun to play with because they give me a "fake V neck" at any length that I want (like this one of Gap. They are on-sale btw)

  28. Do you know if ebates stopped promotions for/ or the ann taylor/ loft listing?

  29. You always look sooooo great! I really love it... and your photos are so awesome!
    I'm a new follower (:

  30. You're always looking stunning Jean!! I love the design of the top. Too bad that even the XXS is still big on you. I hate when tops give that ugly bubble effect on the back. Try hiding it on the sides!

    When I first saw your pictures I thought you cut off the strings but then realized you tucked them in!

    I personally haven't done much shopping in the clothing department recently. I'm still waiting for the weather to make up it's mind. Last weekend we were expecting thunderstorms and winter weather... this week it's supposed to be high 70s low 80s. Crazy weather!

    <3 S.

  31. Hi Jean,

    I was looking at your old post regarding your pumps and noticed that you had mentioned that they were a bit too big. I was wondering if you ever found those pads to close the gap and if you have any products that you would recommend? I own a couple pair of heels that have a gap between my own heel and the back of the shoe. I can't seem to find a pair that hugs my feet comfortably w/o squeezing the life out of my foot. Please advise! Thanks in advance! :)

    p.s. I've bought and tried those heel gel grips but they don't seem to work at all.

  32. i've been disappointed at LOFT lately. i bought 2 blouses and although the fit is roomy, the armholes were so freaking small that they were cutting into my armpits. i've never had this problem EVER before :( return.

  33. Super lovely blog!


  34. I actually have that white blazer! Still trying to figure out how to do pairings with it =) On another note, I really like your hair! I love how voluminous it is! I love the outfit too but I can go on and on about the hair LOL.

  35. You look stunning in both the floral top and the white blazer! I'm always blown away with how you put outfits together. And great photgraphy too!

    Where did you get the FAB NECKLACE that you're wearing with the white blazer? I need to have one!!

  36. @Michelleesque Sz 5.5 is also hard to find at my local Target. Good thing is, returns are accepted with no questions ask on unworn items. You can print out your return slip at one of those little kiosks in-store if you don't have a printer. That way you can order a few sizes just to try : )

    @Leslie Good eye, Leslie! It fit me ok in the torso, but the hips...oh the hips. At least 1 inch of straight up room at the hips, on each side. If you are a little curvier then it wouldn't be as bad.

    @Finley Agreed, it would look better balanced out with skinny jeans! I also agree AT and LOFT are big for us girls who wear the smallest sizes. All my AT suiting items need to be tailored, still, but they're one of the best I can find at that price point for work clothes!

    @Mae Lu Hahaha, I think it's because some petite bloggers like to share all their new finds with the community, so new finds (whether they are successful, or not successful) are frequently reviewed and posted about. I agree with Linda, I "window shop" a lot (aka fitting room reviews) and order a lot of items to try on, but usually few items end up passing my critical examination. I also like to rotate sell via ebay and blog or donate, and buy new replenishments : )

    @Anonymous Thanks, Professionelle! What tulip dresses are you referring to?

    @SugarNikita Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed. A lot of their functions aren't working after the LOFT/AT homepage revamp.

    @The Little Dust Princess No - it was too expensive. I hope to find a better one at H&M for a fraction of the price : D

    @the little relax bear Thanks! It's actually the "Ann Tyalor Textured Print Jersey Dress" which has almost 3/4 sleeves and a wrap torso. It's a bit pricey though and the hips were big on me.

  37. @b_ra Lol, I've learned to be really critical about these pieces, especially since LOFT offers these floral blouses EVERY season. It really has to be a standout now to be a keeper.

    @AubreyOhDang! Agreed. Same ole season after season. I just liked this print variation, but there's about 3 others that are similar.

    @a rose Adorable! Wish I saw that top when I placed my last Gap order. It looks a little generously cut, though.

    @Anonymous I just went on eBates and it looks like they are still running the 3% cashback for both Ann Taylor and LOFT, if that's what you meant?

    @Linda I know exactly what you mean! And yes, I've been trying FootPetals, random eBay inserts, and Stiletto Hardware, and plan on doing a review either this week or next. Stay tuned! I also hate gel heel grips...ahh...they fell off immediately, but not before giving me a blister.

    @justapeanut Thank you! It was actually from Talbot's online outlet : )

  38. I love the pattern on your top! Floral gets to be a little much sometimes, but this top is both bright and practical. It looks amazing tucked in. :)

    I wish I could fit shoes from Target. Even with inserts I tend to trip all over the place because they're too big. :(

  39. Absolutely love this outfit. The Loft blooms shirt is to die for. Congrats on such a great look!

  40. Hi Jean,

    I was wondering if you could tell me what pants you're wearing in the picture on the right (with the white blazer). I love the cut and length, but have no idea what they are called. (Sorry to be off topic). Other than the fit, I like the way the blazer compliments the pants

  41. I just bought the compact double weave blazer from Ann Taylor in 2P (I'm a 0P or 00P) for $9.88 on final sale with 50% off so around $5! The only problem is I don't know what to wear it with since there are no longer matching bottoms



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