Ways to wear it: LOFT Lace Print Tee

**Sale alert: Ann Taylor's Wild Leopard Cardigan (from this post & video) is now just $17.99 (from $78) w/ code EXTRA40! Still left in small sizes online. Look for it in stores too.**
LOFT Lace Print Tee sz XXSP (buy in regular or petite)
Use "MAYAFF20" for 20% off your regular-priced purchase of $100+.
H&M skirt (old), BR belt, Aldo shoes, and Chanel PST

My LOFT order arrived, and I wanted to show this top before sizes are gone (it's an online exclusive).
laceteeblackskirt copy
Fit: XXSP fits me casually, looks proportionate but slightly slouchy. XXSP measures 15" across the torso, 22" in length when measured from the back down the center.
Material: 100% cotton, slightly textured, in an eggshell ivory-white.
Value: Pricer than what I'd pay for a tee, but cheaper than a blouse.
Verdict: Love! Wearing now.
laceteejeans copy
I'm happy to say this tee is exactly what I expected - casual and comfortable, but easily dressed up. It looks just as good thrown over weekend blue jeans, as it does tucked into a pencil skirt for work, or jazzed up under a blazer with pearls. The print detail is like a built-in statement necklace, for mornings when you don't have time to think about accessorizing.
 Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans in "faded dark" in 00Petite (buy here)
Sandals: Target Palani gladiator sandals sz 5.5 (similar here) (or in wedges)
Blazer: Theory Gratian sz 00 Clutch: Chanel WOC

My Gap order also arrived and I'm pleased with the Grecian-inspired Jersey Maxi Dress, but the Petite XS on me is borderline too short (I like my maxis near floor-length when worn with flats). I'm hoping to go to a Gap store next month to try on a regular XS and possibly exchange it. I will share pictures with you guys soon, for reference. 

On a separate note, I apologize for the lower frequency and quality of posts lately. I've been very busy, running on very few hours of sleep, and hope to get back into the grind of blogging and reading my favorite blogs later next month. Thank you all for bearing with me and for your support : )

Readers - did any of you order this tee? Please share your thoughts!


  1. I really like this top on you! its adorable with the skirt. if you get a chance, can you post how long it is? i never know whether the regular or petite will be better. thanks, have a great weekend!

  2. @purses and puppies Sure thing! I just added it - petite is 22" down the back center.

  3. I really love your style and you look so pretty!

  4. Jean (Singapore) -- the one who emailed you!Saturday, May 21, 2011

    Looking good Jean! The top looks good. I'm so tempted to get it myself. Speaking of which, there's an Amrita Singh blowout sale here (https://www.enviius.com/sale.php?sale=699) - I just bought a whole bunch of stuff myself, like the Nello necklace.

    Looking forward to your review on the Maxi dress!

  5. I love the tee w/the Theory blazer (last outfit) the best!

    I didn't get it - on a shopping ban..hehehe :D

  6. *Forgot to mention, thanks to Kileen for the Amrita alert!

    By the way Jean, do you have any views on clothing from The Limited? Am wondering whether their clothes are good for petites.

  7. That is a super cute tshirt! Great buy. :) Have a great weekend Extra Petite!

  8. (still getting the pop up)

    Likewise, I like my maxis floor length too.

    what a fun "womanly" tee this is. Great buy!

    good luck with studying. Come back to Gchat soon. Ping & I miss ya!

  9. oh btw, lots of volume in your hair lately! Sexssshhhhyyyy

  10. where did you buy your chanel? or were they reused? if so, what would be a aunthentic website to buy the reused one? thanks so much babe! =) btw loved all your professional pictures, the bf has such a good eye for photography! mine can't ever take one pic without making it blurry =(

  11. It's perfect!
    Matches everything and is super stylish!
    I have a shirt that is transformed into several different models, strapless, turtleneck, scarf ... It's beautiful and super comfortable!
    I'll make a post about it later. Go to
    to see!


  12. awesome post! :)

    i'm your new follower. :)


  13. Yes! So adorable-- I can't wait for mine to arrive! :)

  14. I ordered the same tee and will arrive on May 25. I always like to wear tee with jeans and I want to wear with Blazer too. Since I saw your pic, I have confidence the tee definitely looks good with blazer. Thanks Jean. I really like you Blog, giving me so much ideas for petite style. :)

  15. Can I ask what make-up are you wearing in these photos? Your look is so beautiful and springy!

  16. Saw your post and went to gap.com to buy the legging jeans and they're out of the 00P. Hopefully they'll restock soon. Was hoping to take advantage of the 25% off code NEW.

  17. First outfit is definitely my favorite. Simply and chic, it's what you are good at. :) Two Chanels are making an appearance today, woohoo! what's the ocassion?

  18. Wow you have three Channel bags now! That's quite a collection.

  19. If you're definitely returning the maxi, would you be interested in reselling if I pay for shipping also? I love the green one but I checked online + my local gap and the xs petite is all gone. I'm a bit shorter than you so I'm hoping this maxi will actually fit me. Please shoot me an email if anything!

    ps. the t-shirt looks fabulous on you! =)

  20. i love your gladiator heels!!!! i wish they were still in stock!

  21. Yes! I'm noticing the volume in your hair as well. :D Looks good! And the shirt is great and so versatile. What a great buy. I love tees like this! And I love how you're wearing a diff Chanel bag for each outfit ; )

  22. Love it! I would so get it if they delivered to Australia :)

  23. jean -- what a great tee to dress up and down!! you look really nice (as usual). hope you're having a good weekend!

  24. hi hi, just wondering, did you just order this tee, or did you do the 20% off $100 deal? If so, what else did you purchase? thanks!

  25. This tee does look great on you, and it truly is so versatile...great purchase!

  26. Def looks like a good fit for you and seem really versatile....Yay!! Good luck w/the gap maxi dress.....I think I must have tried ten of them on the other day at H&M and none of them worked. :( Really looking forward to seeing this one on you ;)

  27. Thank you ladies for your comments : )
    @Jean (Singapore) -- the one who emailed you! Kileen shared a great sale...the prices on there even with shipping were amazing. I know you'll love the Nello neckace (I'm wearing it as I type, hehe).

    @AubreyOhDang! I miss you guys too...I feel so detached from the online world. The volume you see must be from my "starching" to mask the greasiness that day.

    @Anonymous Hi there, I'm actually working on a post about this to be shared with you guys early June. I've bought my bags from a variety of places, from new to pre-owned, and I've been documenting a post about my experiences. In the meantime, check out Iamstyleish 's website as she did a post on buying vintage CHanel. And thank you about the photos...my bf will be pleased to hear.

    @rachel @momoko5001 Let me know how you guys like it! : )

    @Anonymous THank you! I'm wearing the usual routine in my "everyday makeup" video from a few weeks back, except I probably used a heavier hand w/ blush, and 'm using a pinker lipgloss which I love in "pink pop": http://www.amazon.com/Revlon-Super-Lustrous-Lipgloss-Ounce/dp/B003NTX9CG

    @Phuong Le That's a bummer! BUt to be honest Gap has better sales than 25% off. I occasionally see 30% off, the rare 40% off. I got a backup pair last week when I blogged about the 40% off plus 12% cashback they were having, so overall lots of savings.

  28. @Vicky Lol! No occasion to break out the Chanels...I feel better about the "investments" the more I wear them. THey deserve to be used : )

    @Vivian Hi Vivian, what is your email? I don't have itme to go to a Gap store for several weeks so I'm going to hold onto it, but I'll let you know if I sell it or if I see it back on the site. Do you have a local Gap where you can try on an XS regular? This hits a little above my ankles.

    @Anonymous They were from over a year ago but Target keeps bringing them back! I saw them restocked just a few months ago. They're my absolute fave shoes from Target so I hope they bring them back again.

    @The Little Dust Princess You and Aubs are very keen... : )

    @Ping Not this weekend, but in 3 weekends ; )

    @the little relax bear Hi there, I purchased other items...if you go to a few posts back I blogged about the things ordered.

    @Callandra The length and waist line on maxis is so important...and I know how particular you are on length! Hope you eventually find some that work out.

  29. Love this tee, Jean! I love how you styled it diffently. The first outfit is definitely my favorite. Good luck with your exam! My brother in law just passed the 2nd one and he is beyond excited. We miss you :)

  30. Aww you changed your blog banner! I kinda liked that picture of you up there :) The lace tee looks great on you - I like how you showed your readers different ways to dress it up/down.

  31. I love your makeup on here! Your face looks dewy and that lip color is lovely. Mind if I asked what you used?

  32. One of the most versatile tees I have seen so far! :) I really love how you can dress it up, down and around. Good picks!

  33. I love that you not only do great OOTD posts, but you add such functional content, like offering different styling options for the same top. This is great! I definitely prefer this top dressed up with the skirt and heels, but all of your outfits here look great!

  34. Love the tee!

    In case your readers are interested: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2011/05/donate-your-old-clothes-to-goo.html, 30% off your Gap purchase if you donate clothes

  35. @Dainty Chibi http://www.amazon.com/Revlon-Super-Lustrous-Lipgloss-Ounce/dp/B003NTX9CG Here it is! My favorite gloss in Pink Pop (I also love coral reef).

    @Rinny haha, aww I didn't think anyone would miss that big torso : ) I took it down for some overall layout changes that haven't been made yet.

    Jen and Sunny - thank you ladies : )

    @Anonymous Thanks for sharing...seems like Gap is having a lot of "novel" promotions lately.

  36. Hey Jean! I know online it says the top is an "online exclusive" but that's not true. I actually bought it from the Loft store at the District at Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas. They didn't have it at some of the other Loft stores in Las Vegas, so it must be avaible at only select stores. I agree with you, super cute tee. Loved the way you styled it.

  37. That looks so good on you!

    Im not very comfortable shopping online coz I like to touch and feel my clothes before I buy them! Will go and check in my local store if they carry it.

  38. Hi Jean!
    Love how you can dress up and down the lace tee. Thanks for all your great tips!

    On a different note, your Chanel taupe m/l flap, is it lambskin? Patent? Do you have any advice on how to maintain light shaded Chanel items?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work.


  39. @Wendy Hi there Wendy - my taupe flap is lambskin and I've been doing LOTS of research on how to take care of it. I've seen ladies recommend Meltonin cream in "delicate" and also Apple care guard, and my Chanel boutique said they can send light colored lambskin bags to be "sealed" for circa $100, but it comes back a little stiff. I can't decide what to do! Really wish I was able to find it in caviar. What kind of bag do you have?

    @Suman Good luck! Apparently per Erin (above) it's in select stores : )

    @erinOh really? Thanks for sharing! That's awesome (for you) but I'm kind of bummed that I had to rack up a big enough order for free shipping. A lot of stuff didn't work out so now another trek to the store to make returns...sigh.

  40. Hi Jean! Thanks for getting back to me. I am deciding between the black or taupe for the CHANEL taupe retro chain shoulder bag.



    Any advice?

    I am afraid of the maintenance of the taupe.

    I was told by Nordstrom and SF Chanel boutique to use Cadillac. Its a leather cleaner/conditioner. Also, Anh said it works well...

  41. Hey Jean, love your looks as always! also, i'm really liking your makeup in this post. what blush/lipstick are you wearing? so pretty and fresh :)

  42. Baby your blog is so cool!
    Come to me :)

    The yellow ball

  43. I love your Chanel PST! You make it look so good :D

    xoxo Cat.

  44. use code 10000001419 on minimum purchase of 125 on full-priced item. (also works with the promotion going on now too as long as it's not in sale)
    and with that you get fs with 125 instead of 150!

  45. oops I forgot to mention the code above is for $25 off.

  46. @Jecci Thanks for the heads up on the coupon : )

    @Diane THanks Diane! It's http://www.amazon.com/Revlon-Super-Lustrous-Lipgloss-Ounce/dp/B003NTX9CG in pink pop. Love it! The blush is Rock & Republic immoral but any orange blush will give off a similar look.

    @Wendy I haven't seen the retro chain bag before but those two are GORGEOUS. What's the retail on those if I may ask?? I love the look of the taupe, but I have to recommend black (unless you already have black) just for peace of mind. I use my taupe a lot less than black because I'm afraid of maintenance. I have heard of Cadillac as well...eventually I'll have to purchase some to test out.

  47. Hi Jean,
    The bag retails for $3200.

    The only other black Chanel I have is my m/l flap with silver hardware. Is it a bad idea to get another black...though its a different style...

    Between the two colors, which looks better with the style of the bag? The bag is gold hardware.

    Thanks Jean for your advice.

  48. this is no petite at all! love both the work and the jean styles!

  49. @Wendy Man...tough decisions! I think the gold hardware looks fantastic with the taupe, but black w/ gold again is always a classic. As much as I adore taupe, I'd personally probably get black, so now you have blk with silver and blk with gold. I'm only suggesting this because you showed concerns about the maintenance of the taupe, and if you have any worries, then it's not going to get worn as much as it deserved. My poor taupe bag sits unworn a lot whereas the black ones get all the love!

  50. Thanks Jean for your advice. =)

    I saw the black in real life and it was very disappointing. It looks super boring, just like a typical black tote. Thus, I ended up with the taupe. The bag is made of calfskin so I am not as worried about the maintenance. Better to get a bag that gets me excited than a bag that I am not excited about at all. =)

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  51. @Wendy Lucky girl! Too bad you don't have a blog to do a "reveal" for us. Are you on TPF?

  52. Yes I am.

    Listed as shopgirl810. I did a thread on "retro chain, black or taupe." =)

  53. All the way over in Africa, I wore the same t-shirt today ... when I saw it on your blog, I contacted my daughter in Houston and asked that she try and find it for me ... she did and it was shipped a couple weeks back and I couldn't wait to wear it. Thanks for the inspiration and I simply adore your style.


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