Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (get your small-sized shoes)

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for women & kids started today, with increased 5% cashback from ebates. I don't see anything outstanding in the clothes department for petites, but I love their shoe selection which starts at sz 4 and up.

While browsing for versatile, neutral sandals, I found these two gems for small-footed women. A light camel strappy sandal is a summer must-have. I wear my Target camel sandals with everything, and these two seem like higher-quality alternatives, with lower stacked heels. I might order the white Nine West's as I'm already stocked up on camel.

Nine West Randwick (starts at sz 4, comes in 5 gorgeous colors), Vince Camuto Carmel (starts at 5.5)

Readers - please share your recommendations from this sale!


  1. I'm so excited for the sale! I'm hoping their Glint shoes will be on sale. :) I'm trying to stock up on really dressy stilettos for the upcoming evening fashion events in the Northwest. :)

    Will you be shopping in store or online?

  2. I love them both, personally I like the Vince Camuto better though the heels are higher. Decision.. decision.. decision.. :-)

  3. I bought this cute work dress:

    which is still available in 6P and 8P.

  4. I'd prefer the Vince Camuto too. (; Higher heels make us petite girls taller!

  5. Bummers... I went to look online @ Nordies for the Nine West ones... they don't have any more of my size in that tan color :(

  6. I checked Nordies online this morning but was bummed that I didn't see any cute Burberry or Tory Burch on sale :( Probably good for my wallet though!

  7. The Nike workout pants in XSS (x-small short) are 33% off and awesome! Finally, pants that don't drag on the floor when you are wearing flat shoes. I always stock up on these when Nordies puts them on sale.

  8. The shoes are super cute! I had my heart set on a pair of white Hudson skinny jeans that I ordered from the half yearly sale on Wednesday, and a day later Nordstroms canceled my order. I've heard of others complain of this as well. Apparently just because you buy it, doesn't mean they have it.

  9. I like the nine west ones. They look less busy...

  10. @Kady Wow, good snag! it's all sold out now! Looks like a very flattering sheath for work, and I love "tropical wool" if it's anything like Ann Taylor's tropical wool fabric that doesn't' wrinkle.

  11. @Irene ( Good luck in your stiletto shopping, Irene! I have avoided buying anything online so far due to being busy (it's a good thing for my wallet!) and I have a gift card for another store to burn, so I'll probably hold back on this one.

  12. @Lydia Have fun shopping! The VC are definitely more trendy.

    @Risa Aw, they sold out pretty fast!

    @Annapurna Good tip for petite-friendly workout clothes! Thanks Annapurna.

    @diaryofashopper Oh no! They need to get their inventory system in check. That has happened to me on several other websites during sales and it's not cool.


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