Loving now: LOFT Lace Print Tee (& 48% off Gap)

I was immediately drawn to this tee - it can be donned simply over jeans, at work tucked into pencil skirts, or dressed up under a blazer. What makes it really perfect is the slouchy fit - so effortless.

Unfortunately, it's an online exclusive, so I had to pick up a few extra things (below, and more) to make the free ship minimum of $125.
Use MAYSE514E for 30% off your entire purchase, today only (no coupon needed for in-store sale). I went through ebates (referral link) for 3% cash back. Click photos to shop:
Also on the sale front, Gap is having 40% off all regular priced items today for Gap, BR, or ON cardholders (use GAPCARD) or 30% off for non-cardholders (use GAPMAYDAY). In addition, Ebates is giving a generous 12% cash back now for US Gap.

This is a good opportunity to pick up their popular legging jeans in faded dark (wear these so much I just got a backup - my review here) or slim crop pants (my review here), or this gorgeous Grecian green maxi for a summer wedding. Click photos to shop. 

If you're a Canadian petite, my friend is selling a new pair of legging jeans in 0P in the AN forum. The petite length is too short for her. Happy shopping!


  1. I didn't buy anything Jean! :( Even with such a great sale, I couldn't find anything that I really, really LOVED. I had a lot of items in my cart yesterday, but they're already out of stock. (Including the printed pencil skirt you bought.) I'm debating getting out of my jammies and running to the store, but I feel that's going to be a miss too since their petite section is lacking as well as the smaller sizes in their regular size.

    Did you get the $25 savings card? How does that work online?

  2. How cute - thank you for the heads up on the sales! You rock!

  3. so elegant and chic

  4. I have been a follower for some time and thought I would say thanks for your wonderful style. I want to buy the jeggings but I have not tried them on in the store so I am a bit reluctant. The dress is nice but I can't say I would wear it out much :O(

  5. Dear Jean~! Could you possibly do a post about navy trench coats (long and short) ? Thank you so much~!! Would really appreciate it and your blog is so helpful ~_~ (I apologize if you've already done one before...and if you could link me I would really appreciate it!!)

  6. I love LOFT but I usually have to wait for the sale on top of the sale to justify buying anything there. Even then, I only buy things(00P) that I can't find somewhere else like pants, jackets, and skirts. I am too also obsessed with the lace/sheer trend this season. I've already grabbed a few things and will enventually have all the posts.

  7. Hey Jean!
    Love your blog; I'm always checking out your great outfit ideas for both work and play. I'm from Toronto and do not have access to petite sizing in Gap stores. Can you tell me about your friend who is trying to sell her denim leggings please? I'm definitely interested if they are the same wash as the ones pictured in your post. Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you for the notice on the gap maxi! bought them today.

    Could you pls help me with ideas in accesorizing the Gap maxis for an outdoor wedding? (jewelry, shoes) Thank you!!!!

  9. oooh, that maxi dress looks gorgeous! i love the color and can't wait to see how it looks on you!

  10. Hi Jean,

    I was just cruisin' ebay, and I saw this ebay listing with your picture on it (http://cgi.ebay.com/JCREW-Brown-Ruffled-Sweater-XS-/290565467059?pt=US_CSA_WC_Sweaters&hash=item43a70d2bb3&ssPageName=RSS:B:SHOP:US:101). It seems a little suspect? I know ebay sellers can be pretty horrible about stealing bloggers' pics. So I wanted to let you know in case it isn't you who is listing...



  11. Love the lace top =) It's so pretty and elegant!

  12. Love that dress! Don't think I have the type of body which could pull it off, however...

  13. Love the dress! I had to have it, but XS was sold out by the time I got online. I'm so glad I found it at my local Gap today. The regular XS was the perfect length for me (I'm 5'0")

  14. @Ying I'm not sure, maybe it will come in the mail? I agree with you, I had to try REALLy hard to come up with enough things to try to reach the free ship promo. Not loving much there lately.

    @Anonymous Hi there - thank you very much! If you're in the US, they don't carry petite sizing in stores but they do have regular sometims starting in sz 00 and up for the legging jeans (my local store is always sold out of the dark faded color though). If you ever want to order online, returns are fairly easy in-stores!

    @Stefanie Hi Stefanie, I have one navy trench coat, but other than that I haven't been on the lookout for good ones on the market to recommend. If I come across any I'll post!

    @Ann Hi Ann, if you check out the link in my post to the AN forum, you will find her listing there : ) They are the same wash as the ones I've posted about.

    @Hannah I'm so excited for this dress! I think it will be super easy to accessorize...metallic jewelry, bold colorful jewelry, metallic strappy sandals (both flat, wedge, or heels). I'll be wearing mine with flat because this dress looks shorter.

    @Lori Wow, again...! Thank you so much for pointing it out to me.

    @Abby I think maxi dresses can be more flattering than a lot of garments...I love mine esp with a higher waistline because the bottom long part elongates the leg area, and the neckline cut on this looks chest-flattering.

    @Rowena Oh yay! I didn't realize they'd have it in-stores too. They have better deals on there at times. Glad you found it...I'm quite excited for it for summer.


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