Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps vs Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps

Two beautiful shoes, two very different price points.
Louboutin Simple 100 Pumps (buy here) vs. Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps (buy here)
Video Review:

Vest & dress: H&M  Beaded necklace: F21 (buy here)  Nails: Revlon Tropical Temptation

Top: H&M ruffle bib blouse sz 2 (old)
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans in "dark rinse" sz 00P
Bag: LV Speedy 25    Ring: YSL Coral sz 5



More comparison shots:



It wasn't easy tracking down a nude sz 35. The stores were full of a "bone" color, which unfortunately is more of a bridal, eggshell white. Right after I got these, an SA managed to find the original shoe I was coveting (New Simples - just like Simples but with a thin 1/2" platform). Those are now en route to my grubby hands, so I will need the help of dear readers in deciding which nude CL's to keep.


  1. The Simple's look fabulous! You will keep both! Why not?! Imagine if there was a price increase when you return a <3

    Have a great weekend hottie!

  2. @DSK Steph Lol! Nice thought, but am definitely not keeping both ; )

  3. I think the platform pair looks a little better, but I can't wait to see the comparison! They are both gorgeous<3 The Simple Pumps are on my wishlist, but like I commented earlier .. still deciding on the colour. ; ) You are very right about black suiting me more, but I have been looking for a nude pair for a long time. Decisions! And your bf is hilarious. LOL Definitely something that most guys would say. :P

  4. I called it!! :D They're gorgeous. I love the simple 100s! And, wow, they look so similar to the AT pumps it's not even funny.

  5. lmao @ your impression of Nick

  6. Hahaha, just paint the soles red! Nick really knows how to mock fashion, lol. Loved your in-depth review. I'm glad I'm not the only one who pays attention to all those details down from the packaging to the padding, etc.

    And thanks for the tip about the heel pads. I think I'm between a sz 4.5 and 5 and my leather AT pumps noticeably slipped as the day wore on. Your AT pump collection is sooo lovely. Hopefully these heel pads will allow me to start acquiring more, lol.

    It sounds like it's going to be a tough decision when your platform CLs come in... If all things are equal, I would guess that the platforms would be the winner. I normally don't like platform heels but these ones look much sleeker and not at all clunky. I adore the iconic red soles... but would you only match these with a red or neutral outfit? I have a terrible imagination so I can't wait to see what outfits you pair these with!

  7. Great review, Jean, as always! I have the black 100's and love them but certainly cannot wear them everyday because of the height. Thanks for the tip on inserting the heel pad underneath the toe box! Would never have thought of it and will definitely try it!

  8. GREAT review Jean - so - which are you keeping? and OMG what does Nick think of your impression of him? :P

    Are the Ann Taylor shoes available in the regular stores or at LOFT too? I think I have only been to LOFT as we usually hit outlets when in the US - perhaps I should track down a real store in June?

  9. Great review!! You're awesome on tape and photos!

    Soooo are you keeping them? I really want a pair now for my birthday =P They are loveeeely!

    Your bf is kind of right though.. they look exactly the same =X Maybe you can get Ann Taylor ones and bring them to the shoe guy in new york that resoles CLs with red soles! haha

  10. Hi! I've been following your blog since you were featured in InStyle and I'm hooked. You are so clever! I would totally keep the Louboutins. They look so much nicer and would go with everything. However, to me, their soles are too thin and not super comfortable. Another option that I love is the Stuart Weitzman Platswoon in adobe aniline. It is much more affordable and more comfortable as well. And it has a little platform!!! Good luck and thanks for an awesome site!

  11. EP, the Simple pumps in my opinion look a lot like the Nine West Ambitious in taupe patent. There are some size 5 left in Macy's stores, so you might want to check those out too. They retail for about $70 and are "the perfect pumps" in my opinion.

  12. sigh, those Louboutin heels are sooo pretty. if it weren't for the price, I'd say keep them! but for practical reasons it seems like you would get more wear out of the Ann Taylor ones. you really can't keep both?

  13. very nice detailed review. i would say only keep the CB if they are comfy to wear. i feel like expensive shoes are more uncomfy. my feet likes cheap shoes. lol

  14. @The Little Dust Princess Sounds like you have a lotta decision making ahead of you girl! Blk or nude, platform or none...choices choices...

    @Aubrey I don't doubt a lot of CL "inspiration" went into the AT perfect pump. While filming the video I noticed the box lid says there are lots of "couture inspire details" lol.

    @R.L. You must get some of these from eBay! Unfortunately the seller I got them from was a one-off random find. I just scoured ebay looking for cushions that looked really thick and not the paper thin ones. They helped me bring my sz 6 final sale AT shoes down half a size (still a little big, but so much better than before). And oh...I would wear these with everything! Definitely not just red or're too funny with your self-described limited imagination ; )

    @Recovering Shopaholic Nice! The blacks are a classic. Oh and I can't take credit for the insole placement..saw them on a Foot Petals packaging : )

    @curls-and-pearls The other pair haven't arrived yet..but I think platforms are a winner. And oh Nick wasn't too pleased .."I do NOT sound like that!" And no they are not in LOFT. Only in Ann Taylor, AT online, and their outlets carry a faux-leather version that might be okay if you get it on sale for like $30 or so. Any more than that and it's not worth it for plasticy faux-leather.

    @Jessica LOL I won't let Nick see your comment

    @Arlene Wow, those are really nice. Very you have a pair and is it true to size? I actually wish I saw those before I began trying on CL's because those in adobe probably would've satisfied all my requirements. Now that I've tried these on...I have to admit I am mesmerized by the vivid sole.

    @Alexandra Hi Alexandra! Another blogger (Sunshine) recommended those pumps a few days ago too and I went to check them out. I used to be an avid nine west wearer but after I tried AT I was drawn to the thinner heel and lower cut toes (more toe cleavage..yay). We all have different preferences and I can definitely see the "ambitious" shoes being a great option for many.

    @Beartea Whoops! Sorry this post was so unclear, Bertea : ) I got the Ann Taylor's a while ago and don't plan on returning them. I'm trying to decide between the Simple Louboutin's and the New Simples (not yet arrived) with platform : D

    Ping - My feet like cheap shoes too..Target (love my sandals from there) and AT (guess that's not cheap in comparison to Target). I can tell the CL's may not be as comfortable, but I'm willing to "suffer" and break a pair in.

  15. Great video Jean! I have both the Ann Taylor Perfect Pump (in grey suede) and the CL Simple Pump in Brown (which I hardly ever wear bc I don't wear a lot of browns, why didn't I get them in black?) The AT suede ones feel like they don't "grip" my feet, like I feel like they will fall off. The Simple Pumps are actually quite comfy for 100mm, as the arch is more subtle. I have a different pair of CL's that are 4 inches and hurt like hell b/c the arch is quite steep.

  16. You pointed out the exact "issue" I had with the ann taylor pumps. Although they look exactly similiar in terms of silhouette, the heel (looks/texture etc) really does separate the two.

    I think Nick's reaction (and suggestion) would be the response of many bf's out there... mine included. lol

  17. I love your videos so much, Jean! The part where you imitated your boyfriend was just hilarious.


  18. Hi Jean, your review was so great and very helpful. You actually influenced me to buy a pair of Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Walrus awhile back, and Tiffany (of I Am Style-ish) has made me want to save up for CLs, but the price...well, it's enough to get an ipad. I'm still considering saving up for the CLs, but it's good to know that the AT Perfect Pumps are a good alternative.

  19. this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to look into the ann taylors!

  20. Great post Jean! This was really helpful. Where do you get the Ann Taylor's on epic sale like that? I'm really impressed with your ability to find things at huge discounts.

  21. They are definitely more similar in shape than I thought. If you showed me the CL w/o the red sole and told me it was an AT perfect pump, I would believe you. Personally I probably wouldn't keep this particular pair of CLs... the color is still not nude-y enough IMO. If I'm going to spend that much $$ on shoes, I'd want the perfect shade! Maybe it looks different IRL and with bare legs vs. against blue jeans, but just my 2 cents :) Is the platform pair that's coming also the same color?

  22. Beautiful shoe collection. Do you wear "commuter" shoes then change into your ATs once inside your office building? The soles of your ATs look immaculate. I used Petals for the balls of my feet as well as Dr Scholl's (clear gel inserts) for shoes that are a half-size too big. It works well and give some cushioning.

    I like your eye makeup here. Did you use your Stila palette?

  23. You are truly beautiful and so composed. Thank you for this review! After seeing the AT perfects on you all the time I decided to try them for myself. I am definitely in love! Love your blog..I always look forward to reading it.

  24. Wow! Love the AT pumps. I'm hesitant to splurge on the CL pumps - seems over rated, though they are beautiful.

    Do the AT pumps come in nude, as well? Because that would just be perfect!

  25. Ahhh...CL's...I've have a new pair on my mind these days too. I'm a fan of the 85 heel over the 100...nicer height for me. And even though the footbed is thin, I've found them to be very comfy and can wear them longer than some "cushier" heels I own. My vote is keep them!

    I would own so many AT perfect pumps if I could fit in them! They fit length wise, but my feet are too narrow, so there's lots of extra room along the sides of my feet. No foot pads can fix that. :(

  26. I will stop by Home Depot, pick up a can of red spray paint for $ 3.99 and proceed to spray paint the sole. If I paid $600 plus for a pair of heel, they better know how to cook and do my laundry too.
    LOL. I am just joking. They are beautiful.

  27. I love the Louboutin's! The color is so beautiful and it matches your skin tone nicely. But, if the decision was on me...I would not keep the Louboutin's because the AT ones are more comfortable. If I were to pay so much for a pair of shoes, I would expect it to be at least comfortable.

    What is the brand of those shoe cushions in your youtube video? Do they make your shoes more comfortable and help prevent blisters? If you could, please share the eBay seller/link. :) Thank you!

  28. Hi again! I've had the SW Platswoons for about a year. They run slightly narrow in the toebox, but they did stretch a bit after wearing. They never gave me blisters or major problems, even after wearing them for 8 hours or more. They are also available in narrow width. I hope this helps!

  29. Thanks for the detailed review! My son says "hewwo" (his cute - I'm biased - way of saying "hello").

  30. and so Jean splurges on some loubies. I prefer these over the platforms.

    I once read that Suri Cruise has custom made Louboutins. I hate that bitch!

  31. Hi Jean, great review. I love the CL and great to know they are very similar in shape with the AT pumps (which I love love too). This actually reminded me a lot of the AT porcini pumps, isn't? I'd get a more unique pair from CL because you are paying a high price. I always like their slingback Pumps in the nude color ^^

  32. Love Love LOVE the CL on you. I definitely prefer the simple over new simple because i'm not a big fan of platform. With that said, the one I ordered has a platform because I couldn't track down my perfect pair *sigh* i will need your help deciding whether i should keep them when they arrive on tuesday! :)

    I *really* want the AT pumps...but i would need a size 4 to fit my tiny feet :(

  33. Jean, I need to stop reading your blog because you make me covet for things I cannot afford :P Though I've always liked CLs, admittedly. My favorite celebrity Michelle Kwan was wearing them last week and she loves wearing black, but the red heel just made that pop despite wearing everything black. Then seeing this post.. haha, not helping ;) I do love Italian shoes. Maybe I should take Nick's advice and just spray the bottom. hahaha. Not sure if I want to spend that much though if it's not as comfortable as the ATs.

    I don't like the platforms as much, but I would say I like the nude color better than the Simples. For some reason, they look more pinkish than nude in that stone color.

  34. Hey are the AT pumps true to size? How many hours can you survive in those?

    Thinking of picking one up during the sale and need some comfy pumps :)

  35. I'm on a hunt for pretty nude color heels too!

  36. I love your review! I think I should grab an AT pair! I'm not one to buy just for the designer label so I think I can sacrifice the Italian-made for a slightly more inexpensive AND padded pair.

  37. Hahahaha... well, I LOVE my CL knock offs then! Woo, go AT!

    I hope AT comes out with a nude patent... CL's nude is just such a perfect shade on absolutely everyone, though.

  38. And the red soles... One of my exs said he must be "part bull" because of his reaction to the red soles. LOL. They definitely are sexy!

  39. really great and stylish look!)

  40. Hi Jean! Did you see that the perfect pumps are now available in RED???? not in my size unfortunately... but there are still size 5s left...

  41. wow, these shoes really are very similar. i love the CL nudes on you and am very interested to see how the ones with the small platform compare. and your imitation of Nick is hilarious! :)

  42. Really awesome review! I love your imitation of your boyf lol ;)

  43. just from experience the new simples are VERY uncomfortable at first, mine I had to break in after a few wears, whereas the simple 100s were just perfect to begin with and are still perfect. I prefer my simples over my new simples.

  44. I just watched your video - I think your review may be a little biased because you've worn your AT pumps so much but you haven't really given the CL's a whole night on the town have you? I'd love to hear what you recommend AFTER you wear your CL's for a few weeks because I personally would never recommend any shoe over the CL simples. They are the best shoe I own by far in terms of comfort and durability. If you truly like the AT pumps after wearing the CL's for a few weeks than you may have convinced me to go try the AT pumps! :)

  45. i forgot to mention on the yt video that i love your imitation of your bf! totally cute! my husband would say the same thing, haha

  46. Lol! at Nick's solution! And like Janine your impression of him!! Haha!

    I really want to try Ann Taylor's pumps! I should just try them on in store to find out my size and stalk them until they go on sale. :p

    Thanks for the review!

  47. are hilarious Jean! And omg...I have been coveting this color CL since I got my black Simple 100's last jealous:)

    I saw on Twitter that the CL's are tight on you...they fit me perfectly as where the AT's sz. 5's fit you perfectly and are too big on me..

  48. the AT perfect pumps would be a great buy for some internships that I'm applying to in new york! however, when I looked on the website they don't have a size 5. or least not now. how often do they have sales on their pumps b/c those prices are really high! Any other nude or neutral shoe recommendations for a job in an art gallery?

  49. LOL boyfriend also hates it when i mimic him!! p.s. love the AT pumps on you, but you deserve a splurge once in awhile. the CLs look great too and i think the shade is a perfect nude--still out of my price range though!

  50. You are so funny! I love your video - especially you're replay of the conversation with Nick - in his 'manly' voice. LOL. Sounds exactly like something my husband would say.

    Great review! I've yet to try the Ann Taylor Perfect pumps! I will look for them on sale!

  51. Pretty shoes. Your videos are so cute! Love them. I ended up with the Simple 70's rather than the perfect pumps, because the Louboutins run narrower for super narrow feet. On our last cruise a couple months ago, I played a ping pong match in my simple pumps after the formal dinner. I know I am crazy for doing that. But they are that super comfy and luckily, I didn't scuff them up. I did beat my husband, three-inch heels and all. :)

  52. Another great review, Jean. I watched the video on iphone yesterday and had to show Bryan your Nick voice. He loved it. lol.
    I can't believe how similar the two pairs of pumps look. Now I am loving my AT pumps even more. :)

  53. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments!

    @Nukem Jen and I were talking today about how a 4" heel on a size 5 shoe is completely different from what it'd feel like on a, say, sz 8 shoe. I think there's a limit to how high of an arch our small feet can handle!

    @Gracie Yes! And I went on their site and noticed a pair of black perfect pumps with a wood heel that's painted black...sneaky!

    @questforfashionsense The walrus color is very nice and versatile! Yes PP should keep us happy for now...I hope you like yours as much as I do!

    @Haptic Hi there...a reader, RL, shared about a stackable sale a month or so back and I posted about it : ) I'll be sure to share if I hear about another sale like it!

    @PetiteXXS The platforms coming are in the same nude color as these...I'm pretty "pumped" !

    @Jennifer Soo glad you like them! I really hope they come out with great color choices in coming seasons for us : )

    @fabulouslyfrugirl No they do not...I'm pretty sad. I really don't know why they don't make a nude, because they would sell VERY well, I'm certain!

    @Alterations Needed The 85's are equally beautiful...I wanted a higher heel for nude to maximize leg elongation. Can't wait to see what you end up picking out!

    @Anonymous Lol! Dad...? Is that you?

    @Jenny Unfortunately it was a random seller who doesn't have more, and there are no brands on it at all...I searched on ebay for back of heel pads/cushions/insoles and picked the ones that looked thickest : ) I don't know about blister prevention, but they make them more comfortable because they're not slipping off and chafing my heels.

    @Arlene Thank you Arlene, that's very helpful. I will wait til my platform CL's arrive and then decide whether to give the lovely SW's a try!

    @SewPetiteGal Lol!! Soon there will be two little "hewwoo"s

    @AubreyOhDang! That Suri! > : O Loubies for babies?

    @Sunshine Huge bummer the AT's don't come smaller. I'm already surprised they come in a 5. i can't wait to see your reveal!

    @grace Oh Grace, the AT perfect pumps are wonderful for what they are : ) I'm glad you found a pair for a great price. Oh, the new simples I got are the same nude color...I just couldn't find them left anywehre online.

    @sumin Hi Sumin, I am between a 5 and 5.5 (ie. for Nine West I have to wear 5.5...5 is way too small) and I had to size down for the Ann taylor shoes. I've heard the same thing from other ladies as well. I wear them all day, BUT I don't walk all day. I think they are about as comfortable as SLEEK pumps get though, in my personal opinion!

  54. @samanthaloves Thank you! You should the plunge with the next 40% off discount! Or, if you can do a 6...maybe find them in store at end of season clearance? : )

    @Aubrey He's not of my clients who knows NOTHING about fashion asked what the shoes with the red soles were...see? man magnets! lol

    @Annapurna Hi Annapurna! Yes I saw them in store and they're a burgandy red, not true red. I did get a pair of shoes in the same exact red color on their final sale - the Kendra oxford pump.

    @Anni I like the Corso Como Delicious nude pump on the blogger Fast Food and Fast Fashion. I forget how much they are but ppl usually say that brand is cushioned and comfortable! And I think I did see sz 5? Maybe you ahve to click on the different colors? The good sales aren't too frequent...right now it's 30% off with a coupon code.

    @Tiffany - I am Style-ish I admit I am probably biased because of the price : ) But the Ann taylor's really are perfectly padded for someone like me. They would be too big on you, though! Another cause for my discomfort is how freakin tight the 35's are on me...but 35.5 slipped alas I must practice self-chinese foot binding while stuffing my large foot into this shoe...

    @diaryofashopper I'm impressed! if they're comfy enough for Ping Pong they should be comfortable enough for me ; )

  55. Great blog! I noticed that you don't have on your blogroll, which you should because she is also petite/xs and her style is so chic!

  56. Hey Jen, I love your blog and thanks very much for sharing! I got a pair of Ann Taylor heels you recommended, and they are fabulous! The only question is that they seem to be worn out pretty easy, do you have any recommendations for protection for the bottom? Any good places to go in Boston? Thanks!

  57. Omg I think the CL's look amazing! I'm a petite girl myself (5'1") and I've been thinking of getting nude CL's for the up coming Summer...

    I'm kind of stuck between the Simple 100 nude's you've got there and the Very Prive nude peep toe ones... not sure which would be more versatile & look better for petites... From shorts/skirts to jeans/leggins... Cause the very prive does have a thick platform... hrm....

    Just wondering if you'll be doing a blog post on peep toe pumps for petite? :) Looking forward to it! :)

  58. Those ann taylor pumps are so great!

    I'm having a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard GIVEAWAY on my blog! Come check it out :) It's open to international bloggers as well.

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  59. im planning to get my first louboutin heels. i'm not very good with walking in heels.. but i want them to be around 4 inches because i dont want to be short compared to everyone in photos. any suggestions on which louboutin to get?im looking for one that's versatile-- one that can be worn to a club/party, wedding, work.. does that exist?

  60. Jean,

    Have you had trouble with the cushion of the pumps peeling back? Especially at the toes? I've purchased my first pair of AT pumps but unfortunately must have gotten a defected on!

  61. this is a super old post.. hope you are still reading comments. i was wondering if you purchased these new, on sale at a dept store? or via ebay? i would love nude CL pumps but cant seem to be able to pull the trigger.. :(

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