Spring Wedding Outfit + Quest for Nude Pumps

Got this email from a reader: "Can you show outfits a petite guest could wear to a wedding? My closet is full of business attire. I'd like to dress up, but tastefully and appropriate for a wedding."

I think weddings are the perfect excuse to go out and buy a dress. Life's too short to not wear pretty frocks. H&M is probably the first place I'd look, but BCBG or even Forever 21 offer viable options for a Spring/Summer wedding.

If I absolutely must pull something from my closet of dull business attire, I would choose a colorful sheath dress. A la the Asos pencil dress. This is how I could wear it conservatively for work:
Dress: Asos Tailored Pencil Dress in Petite 0/UK 4, hemmed (buy here)
Pumps: Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps sz 5 (buy here)
Blazer: Theory sz 00  Akoya pearls: eBay

And for a not-too-formal wedding, I'd make the following changes:

1. Lose the blazer, or swap it for a cute cropped jacket or a shrug or elegant wrap
2. Instead of conservative pearls, don a statement necklace
3. Swap plain pumps for chic heels with a platform
4. Add a small evening bag or clutch
5. Get nails did and gloss your lips
Necklace: Forever 21 Beaded Bib Necklace (buy here, also comes in teal)
Bangles: H&M   Wallet: LV   Nails: Essie Jelly Apple

I don't like the quality of F21 necklaces, but I was drawn to this chunky piece. After I got home I coated the metal in cheap clear nail polish (reader tip - thank you!), and now store all my costume necklaces in individual plastic bags, as that's supposed to prevent oxidation.
Pumps: Nine West "Rocha" in Taupe, sz 5.5
Swing Jacket: Banana Republic sz 0 (old, altered)
I got this dress back from the tailor, and the alteration cost almost made me weep. Tailor said $10 for the hem, but $25 total if I wanted to keep the back slit (it had to be reconstructed like so). So byebye $50 to get both dresses shortened. See reviews of this dress by fellow petites in the Alterations Needed Forum. Elle did a post on regular vs petite sizing and Ping did a post on the petite.

Next up, a pair of true nude (not brown, not porcini) pumps is a wardrobe must-have, so why is the perfect pair so darn hard to find? I thought about going straight to the popular Corso Como's that Elle has...

...but I wanted a slight platform to further elongate the leg. Below are three options that I entertained:

1. Enzo Angliolini "Kylin" in Nude, sz 6 (5.5 was sold out)
Thoughts: the platform was chunky (look at that thick sole in the back view) and wide. Pointy toe not as classic as almond.
Verdict: Return

2. BCBG "Tinas" in Tapioca Santos, sz 5.5
Thoughts: the color was an effervescent pearly white in person...very bridal and definitely not nude. Toe a little too round for my liking. These DID fit very snugly though...so the 5.5 either runs small or is true to size.
Verdict: Return
3. Nine West "Rocha" in Taupe, sz 5.5
Thoughts: 5.5 fit well, but pinched my toes (never happens!). Not a fan of the wooden sole and heel (I think it makes the shoe looks cheaper). Also, Target's Mossimo Versie in Taupe is a very close dupe for this shoe at less than half the price.
Verdict: Best for me out of the three...but pinched toes hurt. Return.

Here's a look at all three compared to the popular Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps. See how the Ann Taylor ones just have a cleaner and sleeker silhouette? That's why I shall remain a loyal PP wearer.
I will say that my quest for the perfect nude pump has finally ended, in a huge splurge. They're not perfect because they don't have a platform, but I've been considering them for a while and they were love on my feet.


  1. Wait, what were the winners?! I'm searching as well. Although I did splurge on the Kate Spade Marli Too wedge heel last fall. Not as tall as I like but they comfortable enough for me to walk to and from work in... hard to beat.

    Also, feel you on the ASOS dress. Bummed about the slit (mine is tiny now). So much for a steal.

  2. Oooh you're such a tease Jean! I can't wait to see which nude pump you splurged on, because I'm actually looking for a pair without a platform. The BR pair I have with platform feels a bit clunky on my feet, sort of like the first pair you modeled except more almond-toed.

    Alteration costs always hurt... but now you have two dresses that fit just the way you like, and that's priceless... right? :)

  3. Megan - I was wondering how your alterations went. So you didn't ask about the slit? It was an absolute must for me to keep the slit...for aesthetics but also because the bottom is so freakin narrow I didn't want to rip it while going up stairs. You should consider going back and asking them to re-make a slit! I'll post a pic of what mine looks like on the inside.

    And oh, I didn't show the "winners" yet : ) They're traveling across the country.

    Liane - yes yes I'll have to keep telling myself that. And hope I don't sneeze hard and rip the dress because it's so snug in the torso lol.

  4. You are such a tease, Jean. Not fair! Hint?
    I agree, I prefer the AT pair as well out of the 4. I think you made the right choice to return all 3 pairs.

  5. Ooooo how exciting! Tell me you didn't get the CL's in bone!!! I will die! Lol

  6. You're such a tease, Jean :) I was going to guess your winner is the LB but Aubrey beats me to it. I can't wait to find out what it is. The dress is perfect on you after shortened.

  7. That coral color really agrees with your skin tone. That's too bad that reconstructing the slit cost so much. But at least the dress looks even better on you and you can still walk in it! I returned both the coral and cafe creme dresses I had ordered. Slit was too narrow for my liking and since I don't own any sheath dresses yet, I want to invest in a high quality Theory dress...still searching though.

    I turned to Aldo for my nude pump quest but found that they were low quality and that sz 35 is still big for my feet. If only my feet were long enough to fit AT Perfect Pumps! I'm thinking of trying Pretty Small Shoes' Eleganza Light Beige next. I really liked the pair that Jen frmheadtotoe has, but it's a hefty price tag so I'm still debating whether or not to splurge.


    Don't keep us in suspense about your own splurge for too long!

  8. Aww that sucks that all those nude pumps didn't work out, but I can't wait to see which ones you ended up buying :)

  9. I now know why you love the Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps. I got those exact brown ones in the mail today and I love them! They are soooo soft it's actually ridiculous. Now that I have actually tried them, all other shoes pale in comparison. Do you find that they run big or is it just that my feet feel like they're floating from the softness.

  10. Wow, looks like we were thinking alike today!


  11. I just got nude pumps from Aldo in size 5. On sale for about $50. The style name is Lomack if you want to check it out =]

  12. jean did you cut your hair? it looks shorter?

  13. Love your Nine West nudes! I saw that Nine West had several nude like pumps this year, but I may hold out and wait to see if Ann Taylor EVER comes out with a nude pair, as those Perfect Pumps are so comfortable. But, so far, I like all the suggestions you've made on shoes and my feet have felt pretty comfortable in all your suggestions that you're making me reconsider NW again. I'll give myself a couple of months. I kinda want the AT Peep Toes in Black too.

    That coral dress is gorgeous, as is the necklace. I wouldn't even have guessed it would be F21! LOL, you kid! You, ripping up the torso .. haha, it doesn't look tight on you at all - it looks well fitted!

  14. i love the altered asos dress on you and love the different ways that you styled it! and it's too bad all of these nude pumps didn't work out. i can't wait to see what you ended up getting!

  15. I have read a few comments about you loving the nude CL simple pumps so my vote is on those too! (gosh i sound like a stalker lol).

    i recently bought a pair of nine west ambitious nude pumps and i think they look pretty good. but i'm sure yours will be better ;)

    jean, please stop by my page and say hi :)


  16. What happens to F21 jewelry that coating them with nail polish will prevent? I have some F21 necklaces, haven't run into problems yet, but wondering if I should take some preventative measures. Thanks!

  17. Love that coral dress and how you styled it for a wedding! I found my perfect nude pumps at Aldo actually, but I seem to be the only person in existence who can wear their shoes for longer than a couple hours haha. Sadly, I scuffed the patent! Would you have tips on how to repair that?

  18. Pretty looks both ways you style that coral dress. Can't wait to see your new pair of nude pumps! I am going to try on the famous CL today, so excited!

  19. I've been looking for some nice nude pumps from Aldo, but it's so hard to find the "perfect" pair for the feetsies. When you ended your post, I was like which shoe is she talking about? =P Super excited to know what shoe you finally ended up getting!

  20. Jean! I've been searching for those Ann Taylor Perfect pumps for the longest time, but I can't find them in my size (size 6). Where did you purchase yours? Thanks for your help! =)

  21. I have the Rocha's and they hurt my feet. Am also on the hunt for a pair of nude pumps.

  22. Vaneli "undine" nude patent is a great choice. You won't look like "Minnie Mouse" in them if you know what I mean.


    Most sizes were gone but if you look harder, some retailers may still carry the nude color.

  23. I love it! It's always nice when you can wear something to work and wear it again for a night out/wedding. I'm also on the quest for nice nude shoes!!!

  24. I'm guessing LB's as well ;)
    Can wait to see Jean!

    Great way to fancy up an office dress :)

  25. I'm guessing you got CLs too! If you did, totally jealous - those are currently on my wish list! I have a summer wedding to go to in May and I'm currently on the hunt for something cute to wear... I actually really like that BR maxi dress you sold and am looking for something similar. Fingers crossed I can find it!

  26. Hi
    I love your outfit and i love love love your nude shoes ... i'm just wondering if they're hard to walk?

    And do you think you can do an H&M office guide?
    I'm from Europe, it's quite hard to find suitable close here

  27. Can't wait to see your nude pumps!! I am still searching, but I'm deciding between black or nude Louboutins!

  28. Did you just got a haircut? The first thing noticed when I open your post ^.^ Oh..Oh...I can't wait for your (CLs?) shoe reveal... :)

  29. BF: What are CL's?


    @R.L. I really love the look of some of Pretty Small Shoes' pumps online. I wish we had something like that quality in the US. I'm guessing it's pretty decent quality because Jen has been a customer there despite the price tag, and I like how her pumps look sleek. Good luck in your quest...let me know what you end up getting!

    @Beartea Join the soft PP club! No they definitely run big..I size half a size down on them. Hopefuly they will let you exchange them for a smaller size! I think genuine leather shoes always stretch out a little with wear.

    @Anonymous Those actually look really nice! I like the mid-height heel too. Platform and all. Hmm. Only thing is the camel color (super versatile, but already close to my AT cognac brown pumps) keeping me from trying those, but congrats on your find : )

    @ShortBlonde Nude pump woes all around! If you don't want a platform though, I really like how the Corso Como ones look on Elle.

    @Ping Yes..my hairdresser hates me...

    @grace Dear grace, I am not not not recommending the Nine West so please don't take it as a suggestion : ) I thought they would be great because...I've been seeing them everywhere in many colors, but they pinch my toes. If you have narrower feet they might work for you, but again I'm not touting them : )

    @Sunshine Lol, really?? I honestly don't think I've ever made any comments on CL nude simple pumps because I haven't seen them to comment on them, but hey they ARE pretty : ) The ambitious ones look nice! I like the taupe patent sheen.

    @Jen My past F21 jewelry oxidized SO quickly and badly I tossed them after a few weeks. A reader mentioned that she coats costume metal jewelry with clear nail polish, so I'm just giving it a shot combined with storing in individual zip loc bags (read that tip many times online) to prevent oxidation.

    @MizzJ Aww, unfortunately I think you need to take them to a cobbler. But if you find a DIY fix, please share! I'm thinking nail polish but if the patent is scuffed up it has to be re-glued down. Kelly of Alterations Needed had her patent shoes eaten by a sidewalk crack and had to get htem repaired.

    @itzLina Haha I guess I didn't make it too clear none of the above were winners : ) I have a lot of aldo shoes, but I want to stop buying them. THey are better than Target obviously, but still pricey and I don't think the fit is consistent nor the shoes too comfortable. All my shoes from aldo hurt!

    @Betty Hi Betty! Please look online on Ann Taylor's site (I included a link in this post too) and they currently have these in three colors. They also carry them in stores .. some stores start at 6, some start at 6.5, so you'll have to call ahead maybe? You should wait for the next sale...I know at least a 30% one is coming with their Friends & Family next week!

  30. @Hnub Vaj Glad it wasn't just me!

    @Anonymous Thanks for sharing, they do look like an excellent mid-heel shoe in a neutral color! Since I don't have to walk far in my work shoes I'm going for a 3.5 or higher heel. Good find on those!

    @alison*elle Ooo, I wonder if F21 has something similar that you can jsut get shortened (if you are petite). Of course it won't be in silk, but probably a more practical purchase and still pretty and colorful : )

    @Uyeen Hi! I actually don't own any of the above nude shoes...they didn't look right or were uncomfortable so they had to go back. H&M has some great pencil skirts and sleeveless blouses that run small..other than that though I don't get many things from there for the office : )

    @The Little Dust Princess Get both! Haha, or just black...they're more versatile for year round wear especially because we actually have winters.

    @Claud Hi Claud...yes I was just telling Ping my hairdresser hates me....lol

  31. Thank you for the ideas. I really appreciate it. Now I'm on my own "quest" for nude pumps. I'll also need to find a sheath dress in a springy color. Your dress looks so vibrant and tasteful. I love how it's flexible for work and events.

  32. dude, it would suck if you didn't get the CLs but everybody here is hyping it up. HAHA. Not only do I already have booty envy, I have feet envy. Shoe posts depress my sz 3.5 feet.

    question: how do you coat chain necklaces w/clear polish? sounds tedious. obviously you're not using seche vite b/c that ish is thick as gel!

  33. jean, i've seen you commented on the simple pumps over at iamstyle-ish. omg now i'm a true stalker lol. but i frequent her blog too and i've been searching for the perfect pair of CL for months and months now! ;) i will blog about them soon hehehe...

  34. @Janay You're welcome Janay! I would say try the Banana Republic outlet. My only other vibrant sheath is from there and it fit nicely : )

    @AubreyOhDang! I saw quite a few sz 34 CL's on their site, and if you use Foot Petals that will probably make them perfect for you! Yes it was SO tedius...I used cheap wet n wild clear polish (def not wasting Seche Vite on F21 jewelry) and Nick may or may not have passed out from the fumes.

    @Sunshine You are too funny, Sunshine!! Right after I wrote that comment something at my memory tugged at me and I remembered Tiffany's post and what I said, Lol! It's not stalking...I truly remember SO much of what others write on other blogs. It's being thoughtful and having a great memory : )

    Please do share when you find your perfect shoes.

  35. ooooh I'm thinking Loubies!! Nude Simple 100's? :) You know I love mine!

  36. I think those BCBG "Tinas" would be perfect for me. I'm so pale that nude shoes are ALWAYS too dark. (Ha ha!) Actually, I really like those on you, too! If the color was more nude, I think they would look perfect on you.

  37. i really love all your posts..it's really hard for me here at Malaysia to be a very petite girl..it's even harder to find good quality nude pumps that really fit my tiny feet..my shoes size is 3 & it's terribly hard to find one that really fits on me..

  38. Great job! I love the mix of items...H&M and F21 with Louis Vuitton! I cannot believe that neckalce was just over $7!! The bangles match perfectly...assumed they were related to the necklace.

  39. u look awesome in the dress! i ordered it after reading your post. alas, asos sent me a duller, paler cousin of the dress u got. the colour was so drab on my tan skin i exchanged it for a dress in the same style, but a regular sz 6 in red. the UK 4/P fitted me well but i think a 6 would be more comfy.

  40. Lol I spent the past few months looking for a "nude" color to match my skin color too! I actually ended up with a pair of Aldo shoes called Moos in the color Natural (the version I have isn't patent like it's showing online right now) but it took forever to match my pale Asian skin. I was surprised none of the better brands had a good color for me. Even though the color matches really well, I'm still breaking them in -_-

  41. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some collection on the spring fashion I hope you like it

  42. i know exactly how you feel in terms of nude pumps, the only great one's i have are not for daily use...5+ inch heels

    my quest is not complete!

    love the post, i love how you were able to compare several ~nude pumps!



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