Ann Taylor & LOFT Fitting Room Reviews

1. Ann Taylor Factory cornflower blue sheath, sz 00P. On sale for 40% off plus 25% off coupon. I liked the simple silhouette of this sheath and the asymmetrical ruffle detail.

Verdict: Pass. Material was "crinkly," torso needed slimming, and the length needed hemming.
2. Ann Taylor Factory petal front shell, XXSP. On sale for 25% off plus another 25% off coupon. Petite sizing available only in dusty mauve or blue. It seems to be a trend for AT Factory to bring back all the regular store favorites from one whole year ago. I missed out on the silk version from last year because small sizes sold out while it was still pricey. The factory retail price is quite high for the significantly shoddier material.

Verdict: Purchased in blue. This top was likened to a wedding cake or fishy scales by Twitter friends, but I was drawn to all the ways Chloe wore the regular store version last year.
3. Ann Taylor Factory chiffon-trim cardigan, XXSP. On sale for 50% off plus another 25% off coupon. 

Verdict: Pass. I wanted to like this, pockets and all, but the rayon material felt very crappy.

4. Ann Taylor Factory ruffle front halter, XXSP, $50? On sale for 25% off plus another 25% off coupon. Came in solid colors as well as two prints.

Verdict: Pass. Would've looked pretty tucked in, but armholes were HUGE. My bra was clearly visible from both sides.

5. Ann Taylor (regular store) silk camp shirt, 00P. This shirt was a huge hopeful for me. I loove the tulip and cafe latte colors it comes in, and the material felt luxe and draped nicely.

Verdict: Pass. The shirt is not cut slim enough for tiny petites, but would be a classic on someone a size up from me (or if you shell out for slimming alterations). If it can't be tucked into skirts (see 3rd pic - sides looks really poofy) then it's a pass for me.

6. LOFT Lightweight Wool Blazer, sz 00P. LOFT's blazers seem to be getting more slim-cut in the torso, but the sleeves are so big n' wide! The torso fit me decently, but wide sleeves are my pet peeve.

Verdict: Pass.

7. LOFT rolled sleeve drapey shirt, sz XXSP. I was really enticed by this shirt after seeing it on tiny PetiteXXS here, but then Callandra mentioned here that it was really roomy.

Verdict: Pass. I found it to be quite puffy and roomy (I think Liane managed to find one that ran extraordinarily small!), and didn't look right even when tucked in.

8. LOFT Marisa cropped trousers, sz 00P. I had expressed hope for LOFT's Marisa cropped trousers since the tweed version last season ran small.

Verdict: Pass. Nope...this season's crops are back to the generous sizing. The waist, hips, and thigh throughout were too big for me.
All in all, I managed to escape this week with only one Ann Taylor Factory purchase plus a pair of final sale shoes at Ann Taylor (regular)'s 40% off sale items event. My local store had a few of the petite-favorite tie-neck silk shells (from this post) for $35.99 and perfect skinny belts for $11.99.

Readers - any good finds to share from this week?


  1. OMG, those pants were a 00P? They look at least a 4P! Ann Taylor really needs to take a look at their sizing issues.

  2. jean, these fitting rooms pics really show how teeny tiny you are! :O i love the petal shell. i have the AT version from last year and i love it. the price was steep though at 60+ after discounts.

  3. #7 drapey shirt I love and they have super small ones at h&m that I saw this weekend! :-)
    Sometimes I don't bother with Loft anymore (except work pants)...their petite is really for someone who is 5'3-5'4...too tall for me still.

  4. I just got back from the AT outlet (Jersey Shore Outlet) and they have the amazing nude lace dress that sold out incredibly fast on the regular site last spring! They just received a shipment and said that outlets all over should be receiving it soon. It fit me perfectly (00P) and I don't have to change a thing. Needless to say, it came home with me! (It wasn't eligible for the 40%, but they kindly took 25% for me since it was priced at $198)

  5. Here is a link of the dress that I was referring to:

    I should correct myself and say it's cream with a nude underlay. :)

  6. Oh I think that the fish scale or wedding cake shell looks handsome from far away! Think I might give it a chance too. The georgette shell was also $95 and I dont think it ever went on sale. What is this coupon you are talking about? =oP @Aimee really intrigued on the lace dress! Thanks for the heads up I wanna go scout for it now!

  7. I don't care what everyone says I think the "fish scale/wedding cake" shell is so pretty. If I can justify another random purchase right now I'd be calling up my local AT factory store. And I need to pay another visit to the factory store, seems like lots of interesting things have arrived recently!

  8. First of all that petal shell has me drooling, it's so beautiful! Secondly, are they serious with those cropped pants?!! At first I thought that they had to be the Julie fit, but I see that they are in fact the Marisa!...What a nightmare. Too bad about the size of that dress as well, I love the special detailing at the shoulder ;)

  9. Love the petal shell, I own the silk georgette petal top you mentioned from last year, it's very romantic and elegant top to wear with jackets and sweaters. Now I need to look for it in my closet ^.^

  10. It seems like everywhere these days are making their clothes bigger and bigger in all the wrong areas. I used to be able to fit a size 0 at Ann Taylor, but now I am down to 0P. I didn't loose or gain any weight.

    At least you found something cute with sales + discounts :)

    Just Better Together
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  11. I'll know you'll dress up that wedding cake top very nicely :D I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it! I don't follow chloe regularly, so I didn't see how she did it.

    I actually went to LOFT today because my friend wanted to go shopping. I did snap a few pictures, let's see how long it takes for me to put it on my site ... :P She REALLY made out like a madwoman (3 dresses!). I refrained and only left with a pair of earrings and a top that was on sale.

    Which finale sale shoes did you snag?

  12. My favorite is the petal front shell! So pretty and looking forward to how you'll style it!

  13. I love the petal top!!! I got the AT one in dusty mauve last year, it was pricy, but I just couldn't resist :P

    I think I will check out the factory store for the blue one. BTW, what kind of blue is it? dark? light?

  14. I saw almost all of those items when I went this weekend too! I got the jacket in a tan color, but mostly because it was SO cheap and I have so few :) Can't wait to see how you style the ruffle top - I was on the fence for that one!

  15. Actually it was a different blazer! Mine was at the AT Factory Store. Oops! See what a blazer noob I am? :D

  16. Jean-- i love the petal shell! its really really pretty. i don't think its scale-y at all. i'd say its my favorite out of the bunch. ohh i tried on that cardigan too the last time i was there...i thought the same --kind cheap-y feeling.

  17. I'm kind of shocked and dismayed at how differently the drapey blouse fit you compared to the one Liane tried on! I ordered it during the 30% sale because I saw how small it fit on her... hoping I get the small version. :\

  18. Hi Jean! I love the petal shell! I stopped by Ann Taylor on Friday and picked up the shell from this photo for $11! I LOVE it! I also picked up two sweaters, a gray v-neck and a black pouf sleeve sweater - all for a little over $30. Great deals!

  19. I'm surprised the LOFT roll sleeve shirt is so big on you! It was roomy on me untucked, but was fine tucked in... maybe it's because you tucked in a low-rise pant instead of the waist skirt I had on at the time.

    Fish scales and all, my fav is still that petal top :) I know my mom would laugh me out of the house though if I ever wear it home... but it's very pretty and I'm interested to see how you style it!

  20. I'm liking how the Ann Taylor Factory store is bringing back favorites from past seasons! I'm liking the fabric so much better on the ruffle and petal shells from the AT Factory than the ones from the regular AT line a few seasons ago...way less piling! Too bad the petal shell you're wearing in this post isn't as nice as the original, but nothing layering under a cardi or blazer can't fix!

  21. Lol I tried on some of the exact the same items this weekend. Had an outlet trip of near misses. The blue dress was not a bad fit for me in 2P -- I needed something in that color for a bridesmaid dress and it wasn't too expensive -- but in the end I felt pretty "meh" about it.

    Mainly I was in the hunt for a summer skirt suit. I definitely get the best fit from AT. I tried on an interesting tan/grayish color set. The fit was nice but the fabric was sorta showed the hem way too much and I hate that. Plus it seemed like a weird color that would be hard to match. They also had some really nice gray pinstripe suiting/separates but they didn't have the skirt piece which was what I wanted. They also had a great pair of silvery gray heels at a great price...but only in a half-size too big. Bummer!

    I was super-bummed at the outlet because I went on a day when Banana (where I usually make a killing) was doing a major restock. So they barely had anything on the floor. Unfortunately couldn't do much about this...

    Ann Taylor (the real store) had a FANTASTIC summer jacket in black and tan. Crisp shortish blazer with a cute piped lining in a cotton weave. This is great because it's a summer fabric -- which I practically need all three seasons since I live in Louisiana -- but isn't super transparent/prone to stains/constant dry cleaning. But it was not at all on sale and $175. No thanks.

  22. hi jean- where do you go for laser hair removal in boston?

  23. Hi jean- I am one of your followers. Your style inspired me a lot. I just found your blog recently and found it very helpful since i am 5.0' tall too.
    what skirt were you wearing when trying out silk camp shirt?

  24. @Anonymous I'm sorry your trip was full of misses! Too bad Ann Taylor the real store wasn't having their 3 full price items for 40% off sale. That would've been a nice opportunity for you to pick up the summer jacket.

    @Anonymous Hi there - I go to a place called Laser Care. They have two locations in Massachussets. Highly recommended! I had consultations at multiple places before I found one I was most comfortable with. I've been going for years now.

    @Anonymous Thank you for your kind words : ) Oops, I forgot to label that skirt. If you go to their website, it's called the Petite Golden Texture Pencil Skirt and I was trying it on in 00P (a little big, but I need to get all their pencil skirts taken in).


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