Thursday, February 24, 2011

Target Review Part II: Chambray Shirt and Tawny Wedges

This chambray shirt is an unexpected "keep" for me. A simple chambray shirt has been on my want list for a while, but was never a priority. I've looked halfheartedly at places like J.Crew (too $$ and big) and H&M (not the right shade), before deciding to give this one a try. This is in womens sizing (not juniors) so it was risky, but I needed a free ship filler : )
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans in 00P, "faded dark" (buy here)
Sandals: Target Tawny Wedges sz 5.5 (buy here)

Worry not - I won't be wearing this farmer-style as shown in the photos. This top will have its glory days paired with colorful skirts and bold jewelry (I'm thinking turquoise or coral) .
Material is 100% cotton and I washed & dried it to shrink it a little (photos shown are pre-shrinkage). It's now super soft and comfortable.

- subdued color (not too blue-jeans)
- casual fit
- buttons to keep the sleeves rolled up (unrolled, they're a little too long for my short arms)

- Retail price is a bit steep for Target. With discounts, coupons and ebates I probably got it for about $16, so I shouldn't complain too much.
Next up, the Xhilaration Tawny Wedges in sz 5.5. I didn't order these at first, but DSK Steph mentioned that she picked these up in-store and was very pleased with them for the price. I was instantly convinced and ended up getting both colors:
The straps, wedges, zipper detail and ankle strap are all very trendy - but I think it works together!
I like the "pebbled" and "aged" look on the faux-leather and grainy wooden wedges.
- Very decent quality for the price (got these for about $20ish a pair)
- Pebbled leather looks less "faux" and feels softer than my other Target shoes
- On-trend for Spring/Summer
- Sz 5.5 fits me perfectly
- Very lightweight and comfortable
- Non-slip thin rubber sole. I love that all Target shoes have this. Not sure why most "designer" shoes have that super slipper sole...accident waiting to happen on carpet!

- THIN wedge heel! Ahh. When I was in high school I had a traumatic (painful both physically and pride-wise) fall down the stairs while tottering in wedges just like these. If you're a good wedge walker this will be no problem, but as soon as I put these on I knew these would be dangerous on uneven Boston sidewalks.
- Some small scuffs on the sole, but for this price I won't complain. It actually adds a little to the aged leather look.
Overall, I'm pleased with these (thanks Steph!) and am probably keeping the brown pair, just for fun, even if I'll only wear them cautiously a few times this year. I canceled my orders for the other styles, but a small-footed beauty blogger, Irene, reviewed the Dolce Vita Cork Wedges in sz 5.5 here.

If any of you are ordering clothes from Target, code TC2SAPH2 gives you 15% off clothing and shoes, good until tomorrow - 2/25/2011. Orders over $50 always receive free ship, plus if you Google "Target coupon" you should be able to find a $5 off coupon. There is also 3% cash back through ebates.

Readers - did any of you also order these wedges? Let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for the review Jean! You are so lucky you can fit in a 5.5, it's too big for me so I had to return it.

  2. You look lovely in the "farmer" shirt. lol on your comment on not having to worry about you wearing it the farmer style. Totally cracking up here. The wedges look comfy, but I'd have problems with thin heels too. I always wonder why designers do this. Wedges are supposed to be easy to walk in but then they make it harder by thinning the bottom. Urg!

  3. hahaha I can just imagine what happened to you in HS. I'm the mean girl that would laugh and point. JK!

    I started a wish list the other day. chambray shirt is on there.

    I love wedges. I wish my feet weren't so small. My roommate hunted down the Cynthia Vincent ones for Target. These DV kinda reminds me of the real cynthia vincent ones.

  4. I think the cuffed sleeves w/ the buttons make it looks less farmer-ish. It's a nice shirt. I also like the shoes, but I cannot walk in heels at all! I struggle with one-inch shoes!

  5. Converse brand at Target has really great stuff!

    Just Better Together

  6. Thanks for the review and I was actually looking for some wedge for the summer to wear to school (so do you have any recommendation)

    Also, you have a wonderful blog and i love all your review and posts!

  7. Wow! So glad that the chambray shirt worked out. "XS" make me so nervous! Lol! Can't wait to see it all dolled up! :)

    Those wedges are cute! Hopefully you do not have another bad small wedge experience with the new ones! Be careful! :p

  8. Why Miss PAG, I don't think I've ever seen you in casual wear before! It is a nice change to see you bust out in chambray and I love how you still look very well put together. I agree that chambray will look so great in florals and bright jewelry ... I didn't give them a second thought until I say JCrew style chambray like it was a basic item.
    I totally understand what you mean by falling down the stairs in high school because I did the same thing! I was wearing sneakers though and I accidentally tripped and tumbled down the stairs. I was so mortified.
    As for the wedges, I have a pair of narrow pair myself and I find it I shift my weight too much that my ankle will give out on me. Lol. Oh what we do for the sake of fashion.

  9. Great finds! I'm going to check out those wedges right now :) I'm such a sucker for tall, comfortable shoes!

  10. i like the chambray shirt a lot! and it's okay to pair it with denim jeans provided accessories pop!! i picked up a chambray shirt from loft but find that it wrinkled after the first wash...are you planning on ironing yours before wear??

    i like the wedges on you, but i'm still undecided about target sandals..

  11. i agree with hannah! good to see you in casual wear too. that shirt definitely looks better on you than on the model. i remembered when you showed me, i was like ehhh. lol! but you always make everything look nice.

  12. This is quite different from what you usually wear. You look adorable. I love it.
    Guess what? I ended ordering some flat shoes from AT I could not resist such good deal:
    Thanks to you for the heads up :) Moss&defaultSizeType=Regular

    I also love this ones but not sure how easy to keep them clean???

  13. I'm surprised by how well that chambray shirt fits you.....are you planning to have it shortened or slimmed at all? I've got my wedges I bought last although these are really cute, I'm going to be strong and resist any additional wedge purchases this year...(should I be making that type of a commitment this early in the season?!) Lol

  14. Well if that's farmer-style, you still managed to make it look stylish! I agree with the rest of the comments, it's great to see you in casual wear :) I had never before considered getting a chambray shirt (heard jokes about Canadian tuxedos) but after seeing Anh and now you... I think I might have to get that shirt along with some other Merona sweaters I've been coveting. Looking forward to seeing how you style the shirt with skirts, etc.

  15. i really like the chambray shirt on you and i actually just bought my first one a few weeks ago too from Victoria's Secret. i have to admit i was kinda skeptical cause i'm not a fan of the farmer look either! :)

    and those shoes look super cute on you. so glad that they fit you.

  16. I love your blog! I tried on the Tawny shoes in the store and had a hard time zipping and unzipping with the zipper. Are you having similar problems with yours?

  17. I looove the wedges! I'm a wedge walker! Hehehe! Love the casual outfit! :)

  18. I do think denim on denim is sometimes a bit much, but the shades you're wearing have enough contrast that nobody will mistake you for a farmer, Jean. I don't have a true chambray shirt (the one I have is kind of a bright blue), but being a pants girl, I love wearing it with black pants.

    I find it funny that you're a pro at heels but have trouble with thin wedges, because I'm the complete opposite :)

  19. You look amazing as always! I always wanted a top like that but I still havent found the right one.

    And omg, Canada needs a target like NOW! haha I want to get my hadns on those wedges! And the price is unbeatable!

  20. Oh Jean..You make everything looks good! I don't think I've seen you in a casual outfit before. You look amazing in anything you wear. I am curious to see how you style this shirt with a skirt. Did you dye your hair? It has a brown-ish tone to it. Very pretty!

  21. I always love checking your site for the best sales and tips Jean! I know I can count on you to sniff out the great deals plus bonus for us girls on a beauty budget.

    I LOVED your first shoe recommendation, but am curious to try these Tawny Wedges out at my local Target. Definitely cute and wedges are IN for Spring. I'm so happy I took your recommendation, I might wear them out this weekend, weather permitting!

    I always notice your nail color too for some reason - is it Essie? Just a wild guess, but very pretty!

  22. You look so pretty in the first pic! Actually, you look great in all pictures, but it's a very relaxed and refreshing photo of you in casual wear--love it. I think you could leave your outfit as is. It looks lovely on you, but very practical for running errands.

    Your boyfriend's photography is great! Do thank him on behalf of your readers.

  23. whoa a target coupon!??! no way!!! those shoes must be mine!!

  24. I bought the Dolce Vita rope wedges in nude and brown and was disappointed in both! They don't look as cute in real life and the 5.5 just didn't fit my size 5 foot. The nude color especially surprised me bc it didnt look like the color online!

  25. Don't you just love unexpected keeps? I think those wedges are super cute! Wow, your feet are so small!

  26. Ślicznie :) nice..., very good:)

  27. Cute wedges, I would have a problem walking in them and probably killing myself if I fell (urgg!). Boy, you just look good in EVERYTHING.

  28. I love your reviews, and the styling suggestions for that chambray shirt. Suddenly I need one. :)

  29. So pretty. I love the jeans and the wedges. Target make some really cute shoes!!

  30. Those are some pretty neat wedges. Will have to try them on instore as I cannot walk in wedges well and wouldn't want to have a situation as yours

  31. I think designers must have a secret requirement amongst themselves that no shoe can be everything as in stylish, high-heeled, and walkable! The brown pair are super cute though and perfect for summer.

  32. Love that shirt! "Something chambray" is definitely on my wishlist for spring/summer. It looks great with the jeans, which is interesting because I normally don't like anything vaguely denim-y paired with jeans... but I don't get a denim feel from that shirt, it looks more like linen or something. I'd guess chambray is versatile with colourful skirts much like jeans are versatile with colourful tops, though.

  33. Can't wait to see the shirt dressed up in your style. Thanks for the great info!

  34. Thank you so much for the post. I will definitely look at this shirt from Target. I too, am lovin' the Converse stuff. Slimmer fit, but not as tight as Mossimo (I have a mommy gut) and still stylish. I plan to look up the wedge, too! Thanks!!!

    Btw, I ponied up the dough for J.Crew's Indian Voile Boy shirt in Strawberry, and love it. I think I"ll be able to wear it with so much, and the fabric has just a teeny bit of a sheen. I used the Pres Day coupon, so it took out a bit of the sting. I also bought the Marguerite suede wedges in Tuscan Olive (they are less green than in my photo). These are going to be my go-to sandals for the summer.

  35. You do casual really well too! I like your new chambray shirt but I am sure you are one of few who can pull it off without a lot of effort and it's completely not "farmer" like.

    Too bad about the thin wedges of the Target shoes...I don't really understand the appeal,I thought the comfort and ease of wear is what sets wedges apart from other heels. sigh.

  36. i love ur shoes! and your outfit is very casual...looks like something you could wear everyday

  37. I just found your blog from another fellow blogger and I'm enamored! It's nice to see another petite Asian gal and see how you can effortless and stylish put outfits together. The chambray blouse looks so pretty on you, and those wedges are a steal of a deal!
    much love.

  38. I agree that Target wedges feel too thin towards the heel. I was afraid I'd fall over in some but once I got used to it, they weren't so bad. You can't beat Target's quality for the price.

  39. This outfit is adorable! I love wearing chambray (jean) shirts with skinny jeans. I just posted an outfit with a shirt that I got at H&M for like $15 so I think $16 is probably good. The wedges are really cute too but that's really annoying that they are so narrow at the heel! I don't think I could walk in those although wedges are normally more comfortable and easier to walk in than normal heels, say stilettos.

  40. You have great hair. I know it's a fashion blog but my eyes are drawn to your hair

  41. @AubreyOhDang! LOL only one person saw..but it was one too many. I love the CV for Target ones your roommate got. Am kicking myself over and over again for not getting the yellow ones last year. I see them occasionally on ebay for an exorbitant price! And gosh those second ones really area close dupe.

    @Banhannas Oh I know! It's on every page of their catalogue...definitely taking styling inspirations from them : ) LOL please be careful with those wedges...we don't want Hanna to have a broken ankle.

    @J Oh I wasn't planning on ironing it at all (I think the semi wrinkly look is okay for denim) but now that you mentioned it, I probably will give it a once over, lol!

    @Claud Let us know if the flats are comfortable! I've never seen a pair small enough in store to try on, and never felt compelled to order. Love the linen peep toes. Much better than the linen perfect pumps which seem a little plain. Maybe you can coat them with a protector?

    @Callandra I wasn't going to (I know you're a stickler on length lol) but now that you mention it, it is still a bit roomy on me. I'm going to give it another whirl in the machine. It was probably pre-shrunk cotton so I may end up having to get it slimmed!

    @R.L. Oh, how could I forget Anh! I think shes rocked the denim on denim look several times and it's always looked fab on her.

    @Anonymous Hi there - I never noticed that as an issue, but I just checked them out and see that the zipper can be stiff. I fully put my fut in and close up the two sides before zipping, and it usually goes up seamlessly.

    @Cee Lol! Heels have a little spike to help you dig and stake yourself out into the ground : ) Props to you for being a thin wedge expert!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Haha I think it's all the chemicals from my past bleaching showing through again! I had to dye my hair black after the last bleaching, so the black is probably fading away : )

  42. @Irene You're soo good! It is Essie from the J.Crew pack hehe. And I love how your corks look on you!

    @Cat in Calico Aw thanks so much Cat! He has so much patience for my blog, he appreciated your comment : ) I just got a remote though so hopefully I can carry forward without having to bug him during football and basketball games lol.

    @kimberly Eeks! I'm very sorry to hear...I haven't had the chance to see them in person yet. Another blogger (Grace) also mentioned she did not like them compared to the other ones, so I feel bad for posting about them. Mine were backordered until March so I just cancelled and ordered the Tawny's instead.

    @Nkauj They DO carry all their sizes in store (just not all shoe styles) so hopefully you can find some in store to try on and see how they feel!

    @Frankincensy That's a great way to think of it. We wear our jeans with everything so a good chambray top will be the same!

    @Anonymous This is the first I've tried from the Converse line, and although it's a little roomy, it's not bad for the womens line. OH I LOVE the Indian Voile boy shirt! You're so lucky you fit the 0. The color options are great and the style is classic. Marguerite wedges are also low, comfy looking yet very stylish. You're all set for SPring/Summer!

    @Di Their shoes are hit or misses, but the quality of the Tawny's for $20ish really is excellent. Glad you got used to yours...hopefully I will too!

    Thank you everyone else for stopping by and for your kind comments! Always makes me happy to read your notes : )

  43. I'm so behind on all the blogs! My head currently feels like a cotton ball(boo sinuses and getting sick!) so I'm replying now -- you look adorable Jean! But I truly think you could make anything look good, including a paper bag. You'd probably style it with a belt, some cute shoes, and I'd want to buy that paper bag as well :P This looks very casual, perfect for a lazy Sunday. Those tawnys look fantastic on you.

    Don't feel bad about the rope wedge shoes! Target fooled us all :)

  44. Hi there! I just randomly discovered your blog when doing a Google search on a style of Theory trousers :). I'm not too petite height-wise (5'4"), but I do wear the same size as you. I'm wondering if you have any solutions for waist belts? I have about a 22-23'' waist, and although I love wearing high waisted pencil skirts and the looks I sometimes see with waist belts in ads, usually the smallest size waist belts I'll find in stores (e.g. JCrew) just fall to my hips. Any suggestions??

  45. the shirt looks so great on you just as you're wearing it (shrunk)!! and i love the wedges! i need to get some new's just about that time :)

  46. Ok, though someone may never see this comment, I had to post this as I am wearing the very Tawny shoes (in brown) that Jean blogged about and am suffering post-traumatic shoe tumble syndrome after taking a good fall at the Winsor (Canada) train station in front of many bystanders. Everything was in slow motion as I lost balance, thought I regained it, only to lose balance again and ultimately end up face down by the tracks with my left hand completely smashed by the weight of my body. I'm typing this (albeit a bit painfully on the left hand side) as I am enjoying WiFi on the train to Toronto. I love these shoes, but must warn everyone to pay attention to Jean's advice - beware of uneven pavement in these shoes!

    1. get well soon dear & be careful in the future

  47. @jessica Hi Jessica - Sorry I saw this comment late. I would first and foremost recommend getting a belt hole puncher! You can get these on, or for cheap (with a coupon) at craft store like Michaels, ACMoore, Joanns, etc. If the belts really are too huge, you can get them shortened by a cobbler. I've never had to do that yet. I either loop the long end (inspired by blogger 9to5chic) or just tuck it under. But the hole puncher - a MUST HAVE!

  48. First of all, you are gorgeous! And I love your style.

    When I saw this shirt at Target I had to have it. I'm actually wearing it today :)

  49. I tried on these shoes and they were awesome! So comfortable but I was very wary about the height. I'm about 5'4 and don't really wear heels and would probably feel awkward wearing them. I love the way they looked with my bootcut jeans. I would totally get them but I teach and don't want to get weird looks for the kids or other teachers.

    Complex Cardigans

  50. Love this shirt on you! I purchased one recently after being inspired by you but mine looks more gray than blue... hmm...

  51. Hi Jean,
    I love the wedges.Both the colors look really nice but i like the black ones better.And the shirt looks really nice too.


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