Friday, February 18, 2011

Ann Taylor Petites Spring 2011 Review

I went with my friend to Ann Taylor this week, ready to sift bored-ly through the large garments, when I was met with quite the surprise: a plethora of 00P and XXSP items. Halleluja!! The S.A. confirmed: they've recently started to carry those sizes again in-stores (not 5/5.5 shoes though). I jubilantly grabbed some new arrivals to try on. Although they were still full price (but code FEBAFF30 gives you 30% off a full priced item online), I wanted to be prepared for the next sale.

This first top is my favorite out of all the items. It's 100% silk and reminded me of the J.Crew shell in my last post, except more wearable. The tie is lower, instead of up high at the neck, making the neckline more flattering and feminine.
Top: Ann Taylor Necktie Shell w/ Pintucks, sz 00P (5 colors!)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Cotton Blend Pencil Skirt sz 00P

Fit won't be slim enough for some tiny ladies, but it's definitely acceptable for me. It fits just like my J.Crew one after I took in both sides. Best part about this blouse? It comes in 5 Spring colors online.

I wanted to see if their skirts had gotten smaller over the seasons. This skirt almost worked right off the rack, but I'd prefer it to sit higher on my waist and be a little more fitted. I though the price was expensive for a cotton blend (I prefer lightweight wool).

The coordinating jacket would probably look much better worn with jeans, than as part of a matchy-matchy suit.  Side view on me is yee-uck! I wonder why the skirt is fitted yet the jacket is huge.

There were a lot of new arrivals in safari colors made of canvas-y or cotton materials. Along that theme, here is a cute jacket that's sturdily made with nice details. I thought this jacket was super cute, but a tad big for me throughout and a little pricey for a canvas jacket:

Jacket: Petite Canvas Motorcycle Jacket sz 00P (buy here

There were some new shoes that I really liked, but of course nothing small enough to try on. The Rose Canvas Kitten Heel (below - starts at sz 5 online) caught my eye in person. I liked the leather & canvas combo, the lower heels for walking, and the almond toe (slightly pointier than the perfect pumps).

Readers - what are you liking from the Ann Taylor Spring collection?


  1. i really like the green top you showed. funny how you pointed out that the jacket is so much bigger than the bottoms. =]

    Just Better Together

  2. I've got my eye on that necktie blouse too. It's just one of those items I'm obsessed with ATM. I also really like the canvas Motorcycle Jacket. I agree it is a tad big for you, but on sale I will definitely take a look.

  3. I really like the canvas jacket and thought about getting it but the cut didn't fit too well.

  4. Definitely liking that blouse! Wondering if I would need to size up from you though...

  5. Too bad the motorcylcle jacket did not work out! It is such a neat look...very different than what I would expect from Ann Taylor.

    You are right...that silk shell is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing the reviews and code! :)

  6. i love the necktie blouse on you as well as the pencil skirt. the chalk color is beautiful and something very wearable for spring/summer. i'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled the next time Ann Taylor has a sale!

  7. I tried on and purchased the Antique Lace Tiered Skirt. I like that the tiers aren't too "poofy" and lay flat.

  8. Jean,

    Have you already taken in that blouse in the pictures, or are the photos pre-alterations? It seems to fit you pretty well already! I usually find Ann Taylor's 00P silk blouses to be largely drapey and loose on me, but if the photos are off-the-rack, this one looks like it runs smaller.

  9. Oh, I am so glad to know they are carrying 00P again! I have this Ann Taylor GC sitting in my wallet for months that I just haven't used since I hate ordering online. I absolutely love the Rose Canvas kitten heel pumps! I would buy those in a heartbeat if they came in narrow.

  10. The canvas jacket looks really cute on you! Love it :)

  11. I think I might drop by an Ann Taylor this weekend ;). I really like that shell on you - and will probably pick one up if I can find it somewhere on sale!

    I've been eyeing the Crossover Front Top and the Sleeveless Drape Top - it seems so sheeny and such pretty colors. Only available online though. Their shells are gorgeous too.

  12. I like the motor cycle jacket.

  13. I am loving the necktie blouse and skirt! Hope they go on sale soon:)

  14. That shell is perfection! I love Ann Taylor, but when they're on, they are on, and when they are off, they are SO OFF. But I still heart them just the same. :)

  15. the top is great!and I love it in the combination with pearls!!

  16. There you go with the olive green again! The blouse looks perfect on you - especially the neckline.

    As for the jackets, I gave up on AT jackets a few years ago and ebayed some of my suits because most of their jackets were always too boxy to be flattering on petite frames. For that reason, I never bother with the suits - just the separates! Who is that thin on the bottom and that boxy on top??? I need to meet their petite fit model - is she a linebacker???

  17. That first top with the bow reminds me of that ASOS dress that you reviewed a couple eons ago! I love the fit, especially tucked into that adorable skirt. That cotton blend white jacket is not my favorite, I hate how the sleeves look too loose. The motorcycle jacket is so adorable! I love the loose fit and the bottom of it is really unique. I actually don't like how it is being presented on the model, she looks like she can't breathe in it.
    Thanks for the review! I'm twiddling my thumbs to see if that motorcycle jacket will go further on sale ...

    LOL @Annapurna's comment above on the petite line backer. LOOOL, that is so hilarious!

  18. Thanks for the side & back views of the 1st top... like I tweeted, I literally had it in my cart at one point but changed my mind because I was afraid it was going to fit like the last AT blouse with ties (w/ the purple flower print) that both Kelly & I tried a while back which was no good. I actually was also eyeing the same skirt too online, since my wardrobe is lacking lighter-colored skirts for spring. From the way it looks on you, I think I'd probably need alterations. Agree that they still need to work on their jacket sizing, they both look huge on you. But what a nice change to be able to try 00P/XXSP in store now instead of having to order blindly & make lots of returns!

  19. The first top is very pretty, but I'm not a fan of the matching jacket & skirt. I think they would look amazing separately in other outfits though. As for the jacket, there is something a bit off about it for me, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

  20. Your first top is my favorite in terms of the design and fitting. I found a similar top but in white during my shopping spree a few days ago and bought it without trying it on. As a resul, armholes are too big :( but I guess I can hide that flaw by wearing a jacket or a blazer.

  21. jean-- i am loving the blouse. i been eyeing it online in the aqua (tiffany-like) color. good to see that it fits. the jacket is cute too. i think it might fight me since im bigger than u. hopefully they do the 40% promo soon. i'm new to AT, but i been noticing their promo trends. lol

  22. @PingYou're not that much bigger! I am certain the jacket will be too boxy for you, but the aqua color shell should fit nicely : )

    @Nelah Darn! Was it in regular sizing? Sometimes I think I can get away with their regular XXS or XS but the armholes are definitely too big and neckline is too low.

    @PetiteXXS I love AT shells for wearing tucked into skirts. I really liked the ones you got in previous posts (in turquoise, burgandy, and leopard) but those were pricey for polyester. At least this one is 100% silk so it'll be worth it when it goes on sale.

    @Annapurna LOL! I guess the set is not meant to be worn as a suit. Like I said they probably designed the jacket to be a swingy fit for wearing over jeans.

    @Hnub Vaj Alas, the tiniest petites are still sized out by AT oop and xxsp. If that jacket came one size smaller it would be amazing.

    @audreybella I saw that! I love their lace pieces and lace sheath dresses.

    @Ali Hi Ali! These were fitting room photos so there definitely was nothing altered or taken in. I've had good luck in the past with AT 00P and xxsp silk tops so if those didn't work for you, this still might be too big for you. Good news though is this is the easiest alteration...just slight slimming down both sides. It's worth it for a 100% silk top if you're going to wear it a lot.

  23. @curls-and-pearls I'm not sure! There's still room to give on me. How did that LOFT XXSP floral top fit you?

    @Banhannas Oo it does! What can I say, I can't get enough of bows : ) I hope the moto jacket goes on sale and you get a chance to snag it. I LOVE the details and how sturdy the canvas feels.

    @grace Ooo pretty! And 5 colors : ) I like how they have expanded color options for petites this season.

    @diaryofashopper Aw, unfortunately shoes still start at like 6.5 in stores. if you're lucky you can find a 6, or a returned 5.5 or 5. Good luck using up that gift card : )

  24. Don't think I've ever commented on here but I'm a big fan!

    I just ordered 2 suits in AT's recent suit event and found the same thing you did -- great fits in the bottoms, but the jackets were boxy, long and generally too big. I actually love the current "Compact Doubleweave" blazer in Chalk, I find it has a better fit. Too bad the skirt they have to match is a hideous "utility" style with giant outside pockets with zippers on the front, but I think the jacket would be nice as a separate.

    In buying and returning two suits, though, I discovered that AT sends you fantastic petite suit hangers with their 00p jackets! I hate to admit that I kept them, they were so narrow and perfect for my other jackets.

  25. Some cute things!! Love the blouse!!

    The skirts ARE smaller than the jackets. I hate that AT skirts seem to be the only things left at AT that fit me. =/

  26. @ petitesteph Don't feel bad! I started doing the same when I returned a blazer with its hanger and the associate just tossed the hanger anyway.

    Looks like Ann Taylor is having a $50 off their shoes today and it stacks with EBATES30. I've found that AT kitten heels are the perfect height for me so I've got the black and lizard headed my way!

  27. I also got the Ann Taylor Necktie Shell w/ Pintucks top- a fave under cardigans. A cold wash in the washing machine shrank it a bit though. oops!


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