Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ann Taylor $50 off shoes plus 30% off one item

Thank you R.L. for giving us a heads up on this deal! Ann Taylor is having $50 off their full-priced shoes with free ship.
I ordered the perfect leather pump in Saddle Brown (a rich neutral for Spring/Summer) in sz 5. Still a bit pricey, but these are great quality, versatile leather pumps. The ones at the AT outlet retail for $70 and don't compare in quality.

Their signature pump also comes in exotic (4 color choices), patent, and linen. I own a pair of the exotics and they ran slightly larger than my leather ones. In general, I find that AT runs bigger than other brands. I am a true 5.5, but I take a 5 in these shoes. It's rare to have such a large selection of colors and materials in small sizes at this price, so take advantage if you've been considering these!


  1. thank you thank you thank you! i finally ordered a black pair! i've been waiting for a good deal like this!

  2. Thank you so so much for this deal alert. I love the look and color of this simple pump. I don't remember this particular style being too big on size, but AT shoe sizes do tend to vary. The black bow pump I got on clearance for $60 was a size 6 and it fits perfectly, but a few pumps I tried out at the same time were like a boat to me. I immediately purchased a size 5.5 praying that it'll fit. My thinking is: if it doesn't and I need to size up, the stores usually carry size 6's. But if I bought a 6 and it's too big then I can't even do an exchange. :) You are such a great deal finder, Jean. These pumps are truly gorgeous. Let's just hope my big fat feet will fit into a 5.5.

  3. these shoes are beautiful!! i only wish they had a bit more platform otherwise i'd be buying them too. thanks for the deal alert!

  4. Kileen- there is a platform version as well!

    I just ordered a pair of the black perfect pumps- they are nearly identical to my Stuart Weitzmans and I can always use a back up! Thanks for the tip, PAG!

  5. Thank you for this alert to this deal! I am going to grab myself a black pair! (I want a nude one too, but I shall resist as my poor credit card has been taking too much of a beating as of late :)).

  6. Thanks RL and Jean:) I have been waiting and waiting for this!! My Aldo saddle brown's are so big, they flop when I walk..LOL

    I am hoping and praying these won't be as big as the granite suede pumps I had to sell:(

    So the lizard pumps run larger? Darn it- I really wanted the pumice stone:(

  7. AHHH the cork heel and the smooth leather ... I need to go put my credit card in the freezer. LOL.

  8. Haha Banhannas - I feel the exact same way! LOL... =D My previous card I actually had the number memorized, so it was my brain that was dangerous... otherwise I would have tried freezing that instead :P

    Hm... now I'm wondering if my feet will be okay with sz 6 for the leather. I have wide feet, and I think 6 1/2 were okay for the patent. I'm constantly between sizes for everything! *sighs*

  9. Thank you for this post :) I was at the AT outlet over the weekend and I did see a lot of their pumps, but they didn't look like something you'd wear! LOL I was thinking in my head what you would've thought of these. They were pricey too! These are good though. Good quality pumps is key :)

  10. Can you not do 30% then $50 off? It would be even less then!

  11. Thanks for spreading the news! :)

    <3, natasha
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  12. @Tammy @grace Don't thank me..thank R.L. ; ) I acted within minutes as soon as I saw her comment! Stackable sales like this don't happen too often!

    @Vicky If you're in between a 5.5 and a 6, it's definitely a better idea to do what you did. You can easily exchange at a store that carries a 6, but no stores carry a 5.5.

    @kileen You probably would've loved the perfect platform pump that went on major sale last year! They only have it in black right now.

    @Anonymous The silhouette of these pumps really is comparable to some higher end designer shoes. Glad you were able to pick up a backup ; )

    @Really Petite I ordered 4 pairs last year all in the same size...the patent was smallest (couldn't squeeze my foot in, regular leather was snug, suede and exotic were biggest in comparison. It could vary from pair to pair though and season to season.

    @Banhannas Lol! I actually wish the heel wasn't corky/woody. Oh well that's being nitpicky ; )

    @grace If you're between a 6 and 6.5...you can easily exchange for the right size in-store!

    @Rainy Days and Lattes Heheh I tried on the Factory perfect pumps in my last post and the silhouette is exactly the same. They were just a little pricey for all fake leather. Although...the leather ones are double the price, so I guess the Factory isn't too bad of an option!

    @Petite-ish The $50 is automatically applied before checkout, and there is room to enter just ONE promo code. That'd be nice though, lol!

  13. Oh Dear Jean, I have 3 of the AT perfect leather pumps....do i need one more? LOL You are tempting me girl. Yesterday, I was able to order the Ann Taylor Factory Chiffon Ruffle Shells ...I called a couple of places to get this ones..hhe. I placed order for 3 colors deep blue, black and soft pewter this last one I was only able to get on XSP...though I think for me it might be ok. I hope the other two size XXSP don't fit too tight on me.

  14. This could not have come at a better time, now my black pair that I just got just a couple weeks ago can be re-ordered for even cheaper! I love it when AT or LOFT have stackable sales/coupons :) Agree with you that I probably shouldn't get the pumice stone since it'll be too close to my porcini... I still am looking for a real nude pair of pumps though, but I'm super pale so the saddle brown might be too dark. Ann Taylor has been a real hit lately! So many good finds... but I've been browsing for too long because now I'm contemplating a couple other pairs of shoes too... uh oh...

  15. wow this is such a good deal - too bad I'm trying to save otherwise I'd probably take advantage lol

  16. I do love these shoes...but I'm not necessarily in the market for more pumps...decisions decisions. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. You have the best website for petites! THE best. You've helped me find so many great pieces - thank you!

  18. I went to AT last night to try on some of their shoes, but they did not have their Perfect Leather in stores. I love that Saddle Brown and the classic Black! Since reading your blog, I have always wanted a pair after seeing so many pictures of you wearing them =D

    I wear sz 7.5 normally and tried on the Exotic Perfect Pumps but my foot would slip out when I walk. But size 7 fit perfectly. Since you say that the Exotics run larger than the others, should I go with my normal size 7.5 for the Leather pumps? I could do an exchange, but none of the AT stores close by have the Leather in 7 or 7.5 in store >_<

  19. I love your blog! I stumbled onto it after buying some LOFT clothes online and it showed up on one of the search engines. Then I started looking through and now I'm hooked! I bought these shoes and the ruffle shirts already.. thanks!

  20. sometimes because i am so petite, i feel like a kid compared to the "grwonups" at my work place. have you ever had that feeling? do people ever tell you you look younger than you are? i get it a lot, it definitely lowers my self esteem. could you do a post about confidence? i love the way you carry yourself in your pics and you are such an inspiration :)

  21. @Claud Claud - I think the XXSP will work for you just fine (knowing how we fit similarly in other items), and maybe you can somehow shrink the XSp a little.

    @PetiteXXS I second that...a true nude pump is high up on my need list. But I don't just want any! I wish AT would come out with a true true nude one, either in perfect or with a slight platform (their platform pumps now have too much platform for me).

    @itzLina Emailed you!

    @ki fun @Nikki Thank you ladies! I'm really glad you guys were able to take advantage of some of the recent deals ; )

    @Anonymous Thank you for your nice compliment. You are definitely, definitely not alone. As a fellow small petite, I've definitely felt that way before at work and still do at times these days. I'll try to post about it and hopefully some readers and other bloggers can share their advice too.

  22. Wonderful outfit!
    I love the shoes!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!

  23. Thanks for the heads up on the deal. I've been looking for new round toe black heels since my Nine West pair is showing a small tear. Now's the chance to try them out since quite a few bloggers including you have been complimenting them.


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