Theory Outlet Finds: The Gratian Blazer Saga

I randomly stopped by the outlets after Christmas (unplanned, I swear!) and was overjoyed to stumble upon the Theory "Gratian" blazer, this time in a textured cotton fabric available in cream or black. Some of you may remember that this blazer was a petite fave, as its cropped, shrunken style fits nicely on shorter and smaller-framed women. Revisit my post here, and the original post on Alterations Needed that started it all!

The jacket was $410 marked down to $99, plus they had another discount for post-Christmas. Sadly, the smallest size left at that outlet was a 2, and the manager said "I'm not going to call up every single store" because they were too busy. It actually takes about 10 seconds to look it up in the system (my local Theory outlet has done this for me many times), but the manager didn't believe me. I had to take matters into my own hands and spent the rest of the day actually calling up every single Theory outlet in the US. No one could find anything smaller than a 2.
Theory "Gratian" blazer in "Conversation" fabric, size 0
Gap legging jeans in "faded dark" sz 00P (buy here)
I've tried on 4 washes and faded dark is hands down the best material. Gonna buy a 2nd w/ the next sale!

I set my alarm the next day for right when the East Coast outlets opened (being that I was in CA...this was about 6AM) and I diligently called every store again. The sleepy boyfriend thought I was a nut! Yes I was a little overzealous, but oh the things we do for fashion and bargains...

I found the cream and black in a size 0 as the smallest size, and gave in and ordered each with a $15 shipping fee. What was I thinking paying so much for the wrong size? I really love the cream but the boyfriend says it's too big in the shoulders...what do you guys think? Update: after reading your thoughtful opinions, I sadly parted with the cream. See it on its adorable new owner here.
The next day, I called some stores that were previously closed due to the Nor'easter, and was overjoyed to find two 00's in the black. Without thinking twice I ordered both. I figured a fellow petite would buy the extra and benefit from my crazed searching. Here is the black in sz 00:
Theory "Gratian" blazer in "Conversation" fabric, size 00
Gap legging jeans in "faded dark" sz 00P
Liane from PetiteXXS and Jen of Frmheadtotoe also picked up this blazer. They are both smaller than me so I'm curious how 00 fits on them. Here is the material up close. It is a thicker woven material (89% cotton, 11% polyamide) and has sparkly metallic silver threads woven throughout. Made in the USA.
As I was hanging up this blazer in my closet, I did a double take. Apparently I have a dress suit in the same exact fabric! I remember Theory fabrics by name so it didn't hit me until then, because the name apparently changed. My dress suit (posted here) fabric is called "Dialogue" and these jackets are in "Conversation" ! What a pleasant surprise. I wore the jacket over the dress to work last week.

This was a long and rambly post, but to sum it up...I have two black "Gratian" blazers up for grabs in 00 and 0. Both sizes are sold!


  1. OMG! I hope I'm not too late... I'd love one! You can send an invoice to


  2. Anonymous comment cont'd: PS - My heart is beating a mile a minute! I typed that first comment so fast in order to avoid someone else getting in line before me, haha.

    I've been looking for this for such a long time, but to no avail =( I really hope I can snag one of yours.

  3. PPS - I'd need 00, gah. >.<

  4. The blazers look great on you; I'm especially loving the black one.

  5. Love Everything! The light cream looks great on you.

  6. The black blazer looks perfect on you...the cream on looks slightly larger, the smaller size is definitley the better fit :) And those sunglasses look amazing...I also could spend hours trying on sunglasses...I think they all look weird on me!

  7. You are so lucky to have found those jackets for only $99! I found the plain black one at mine for $197 and then I got 15% off so I paid $167! Wow! I was able to find the matching skirt to the black so I was pretty excited because you know the tweed set I have is a 0 and its slightly too big:(

    I want that BR dress and the cream blazer too!

  8. @Anonymous Shoot me an email with your address! I'll send you measurements so you can check first to make sure it will fit.

    Thank you Rinny and Tara!

    @Tara Oh I know...I feel bug-eyed in most. They are one of the hardest items to shop for!

  9. @Really Petite Not a bad price for a classic black suit. Tiny petites who need a black suit should look into that set.

  10. LOL Your quest for the perfect blazer size is so funny...but shows lots of dedication! I don't know if I would had done the same hubby would had thought I was nuts too! But you're so tiny so it really matters! Anyway, the blazer looks lovely on you! I hope you're able to get the extra ones off of your hands!
    Man, if only I was extra petite like you!

    <33 Rena

  11. Oh I almost forgot to ask! Can u post the tags for the BR dress and the tag for the cream and blk blazer? :-)

  12. Oh man...I can't even express how much I love the Theory Gratian jacket. In fact, as I type this, I'm wearing my tweed one right now!!! I'm sure those extra jackets will get snatched up in no time (in fact, it appears your first commenter already snatched the 00! Way to be on top of it!).

  13. @Really Petite For Theory: and for BR dress:

    @Alterations Needed You started the craze! I had been eying that gray suit for weeks but never tried it on til after your post. It's a weekly staple now.

  14. Woohoo! All your hard work paid off. The cream jacket does look a tiny bit bigger in the shoulders from the back. But it could be the black color is more slimming. I don't think it's horrible but would keep the black due to better fit and the color is more versatile.

  15. Hi Jean! I've been itching for a Theory blazer ever since I started reading your blog. Could you please send me the measurements for the size 0? I'm very interested. Email is

  16. @Cee I will listen to you and Vicky's expert opinions and keep just the black. *sobs* I had Easter outfits envisioned!

    @Anonymous Hi Anita! The black sold already but I will send you measurements if anything changes. Did you want measurements for the cream instead since I will be parting with that too?

  17. I'd have to agree that the cream is too big on you. The shoulders are especially wide from the back view. But the black blazer looks great on you and I'm glad that your hard work of calling on the Theories paid off and that you even have a matching dress!

    The tweed BR sheath dress looks amazing as well. Such a classic staple. I'm almost tempted to go to my BR outlet just to find one. And I know what you mean about Wayfarers being too hipster. I have a flat bridge on my nose so most glasses tend to slip off. I am considering Ray Ban's less popular Clubmasters though lol.

    Thanks for the review and is the video camera you're one on a DSLR?

  18. jean-- you are so pleasantly to watch. i don't think the cream jacket is too big, where it doesn't look nice. the sunglasses are really nice! what a nice gift from ur bf. ;)

  19. Hi Jean - I'm definitely interested in the cream. Please send me the measurements for that one. It's such a pretty blazer! :)

  20. Wow, this jacket looks really good on you! If you're still selling the cream, I'd love to buy it.

    cheetahpita [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. I think the cream looks good on you I don't think it looks too big - the black does fit better but I think the cream is fine. If anything I noticed that the sleeves were a bit baggier.

    Great job to the BF for finding you the perfect pair of sunglasses!

    Did you curl your hair? It looks really nice!

  22. Hey Jean - I realized that I forgot to put my name in the last Anonymous post. It's Anita! Same email -

  23. Gorgeous blazers! I think the cream looks fine on you! I agree that the shoulders are a tiny bit big, but it's not overwhelming and it's not frumpy-looking in the slightest.

    Where is your pink blouse from!? I'm in need of some good semi-fancy blouses to wear under blazers, and yours are always great. I particularly like the way the pink pops against your new cream Gratian blazer!

  24. Sorry - I do think the cream is too big, but I love the black on you. And they are both super cute. I also really like the banana dress. Nice work!

  25. Jean you are seriously stunning, like drop dead gorgeous! Your youtube videos are so amazing and you style your hair so pretty! It's getting so long! I love it both long and shorter. :) I definitely need to get those jeggings! The blazer looks fantastic on you and OH MY that fuchsia blouse is soo girly and ADORABLE on you! And I love your pearls. That's my favorite accessory to wear, it's so versatile! :) Thank you for taking the time to blog! I LOVE your blog so much! :)

  26. Ooo I'm totally with you about the cream! Too bad the size 0 does look a bit big and frumpy though. I would've snatched that up in a heartbeat as well if I could find it in a size 00 (and amazing how fast your extras went!). I looooove the new video quality! Such a pleasure to watch (or maybe it's just you hehe). And the BR tweed dress looks even better than I'd expected from the twitpic... it is on the expensive side but I definitely agree with the purchase, good find!

  27. aww rats, i'm too late. i would have love to take the cream one off your hands.

    ps: have you seen the movie "little fockers"? i believe jessica alba wore the gray tweed suit that you and kelly have. i was so excited when i saw that lol.

  28. I really like the cream color but agree with everyone that the black fits much better. Lol and I would've asked if there are any left but it appears I am too late to the party (read this earlier and should've commented already but early birds get the worm I guess).

    And two posts in one day?! Nothing short of a miracle - totally made my day. As for your CVS haul - I can't believe you had the patience for six stores.

  29. @PetiteAsianGirl Curious, where did you find those cream pumps? I've been looking everywhere for a pair!

  30. Awww. I dont think theory and myself are meant to be!!!! Your extras got snatched up so quickly. If only I would have been as dedicated as you are!!! New video quality is pretty awesome!!

  31. these theory blazers look great on you! i agree that the size 0 does look a little too big and think the 00 is a winner. and i love those Chanel sunglasses! they fit you perfectly and look very classic.

  32. I always enjoy your videos. It's so helpful and theory blazers seem to be perfect for petites. Though the cream colored one looks a bit too large on you. The black one however is stunning and I can see why you got it! =)

  33. @R.L. Hi R.L.! Yes the more I read these comments the more I am convinced it's a no-keep. I've never heard of "Clubmasters" and neither has my bf (who loves Ray Bans)...interesting! And yes it's taken on a Canon T2i : )

    @Ping Aw thank you Ping. I was so surprised...that boy knows style!

    @lia Hi Lia - I have a few ladies waiting for the cream but if anything doesn't go through I'll let you know.

    @curls-and-pearls Of course curls n pearls would notice the curls! I slept with my hair in a bun...easy curls : )

    @Ali Hi Ali! The pink blouse is also from the Banana Republic outlet from a while ago...Alterations Needed has it too! Like I mentioned, I like that the outlet carries extended sizing, so if you go at the right times (ie. during large sales) there are some decent finds for work!

    @Anonymous Agreed. Will send it off to a good home!

    @April Lol April! I'm must be kidding me. Your comments are always too nice and your compliments are too generous. Thank you for taking the time to read!

    @PetiteXXS I know right? The cream is so elegant...I'm dying inside knowing I'm parting with it. And I'm so glad you like the vid and BR dress, lol! Not too many "wins" from BR in 2010 (except for your purple coat, I suppose) but this puts the retailer back on my radar...

    @Sunshine No way!! I like the Fockers series but haven't seen the latest now. Now I'm so eager to scope out Jessica's suit : D

    @Elle LOL! I'm almost as prolific today as you on a regular day. Also I don't consider it "having the patience" when I'm crazed looking for a bargain. If it makes me seem less crazy, many stores are within walking distance of one another from my house or work.

    @Elizabeth Hi Elizabeth! I just read your intro on the AN forum : ) They are old from Macy's...the brand is Karen Scott. Have you looked on the ALdo or Nine West website? They go down to size 5's and are relatively affordable.

    @AnnieKuro Oh I am sorry : ( I know you couldn't make it to the outlets during the holidays...maybe you'll find something nice at the BR outlet near you. I'm glad you like the vid quality better than before!

    @ Kileen and Stylepint - yes sigh the cream is being passed on : / Thank you ladies for your opinions and thank you both for watching! I know it takes a lot of patience to watch through YT vids ; )

  34. Anyone lives in northern NJ or NY should check with Nordstrom Rack inside Bergen Mall, Bergen County. I found four Theory "Gratian" Blazers hanging on the THEORY section this morning. Two size 00 in dark grey, two cream color in size 0 and size 2. All stores close on Sunday due to Bergen County Blue Law. Call the store on Monday. 30 days return policy.
    By the way, the markdown price is $ 109.50.
    Also found a few pairs of Burberry sandals in size 4.5. Could not remember price but they are 3 digits.
    Good luck ! Ladies.

  35. Great video. The theory black blazer looks amazing on you! I'm glad you were able to find it and it worked out for you. The BR dress is a classic and elegant dress. Your BF have great taste those CC sunglasses are beautiful.

  36. Thanks for posting the tags Jean! :) U r the best!!

  37. Jean - I just love you! You are so classy and pretty and nice! ~Sherine

  38. Loving the cream blazer, and it was so great to finally meet you, Jean!

  39. @Anonymous Wow! Thanks for sharing that info. I'm sure they will be gone in no time. My local N.Rack has it too today but for $147 and only in size 12. What did the cream look like? I'm it the same one as the one I have in this post?

    @Claud Thanks for watching, Claud! Nick will probably be jolly to read that.

    @Anonymous Sherine - you are such a sweetheart! I am embarrassed to read your compliments : )

    @Really Petite NP! I love the dress (post-hem, anyways)...good luck in the search

    @Megan I am so glad we got to spend some time today! And the cream just so happened to go perfectly with the dress you had on. Good luck building up your Theory's sadly addictive...

  40. I LOOOOOVVE that tweed dress on you and the loose curls in your hair are just gorgeous. Glad you were able to find new homes for your blazers so quickly! I do think the cream was a bit big on you but the black looks perfect.

    I may have to venture to the BR outlet now! BTW, my son still enjoys watching your videos :)

  41. Oh I forgot to ask - what kind of nail polish are you wearing? I love the color!

  42. Good for you for returning the cream - it's so gorgeous that I would have been tempted to keep it...always figured I would gain weight or fill out but never did.... but that's why I have like ten blazers in my closet that are *almost* perfect but that I hardly wear. I am sure if you wait around a cream in size 00 will pop up somewhere - an outlet, ebay, what-have-you.
    The BR tweed dress looks nice on you but I agree, hemming is necessary!

  43. Late in commenting - but I LOVE the blazer on you. The whole outfit looks terrific and looks so put together. I'm glad you returned the cream, even though it is so pretty - the fit just isn't as nice as the 00.

    <3 your pumps and your pink top! That dress is to die for too - looks so good on you!

  44. btw, may i ask which lipstick are you wearing? it looks really good on you. i don't know why but when i buy pink shades, most of them turn out to be very nude and looks washed out on me :(

    on a separate note, you asked me last time to review the rock & republic powder. it didn't work so well for me. i started breaking out after using it for a couple of times so i gave it to my mom lol.

  45. I LOVE that white jacket! I think it can be saved. I would see if it can be taken in a little but other than that the fit isn't too bad.

  46. Fabulous findings! The BR dress looks great on you. It makes me want to pay a visit to the outlet soon.
    I love the cream color on you, however it does feel a little loose on you. So I guess you made the right decision.

  47. @SewPetiteGal

    I was just thinking the same thing. I'd love to know what nail polish you are wearing.

  48. @Janay

    I'm sorry about the numerous delete posts. I didn't realize it would do that. I'm new.

  49. @SewPetiteGal LOL I love your baby son...will we get to see him?

    SPG and Janay - The color I'm wearing is "Fine Pruned" from ULTA. It's like a dark gray with a hint of purple and I love it! If you have an ULTA near you their polishes are very affordable. THey retail for $5 but are frequently buy one get one free or something, plus there is ALWAYS a printable coupon online which you can use on top of that.

    Janay - no problem with the comments : ) I got rid of the duplicates.

    @Annapurna Keep your eyes peeled for me on eBay : ) I agree, the "I can make it fit" or "I'll make it work" mentality never works. I'm about to part with some other blazers in my closet which have been sitting there waiting for me to grow into them.

    @Sunshine Oh that's too bad to hear! Makeup that causes breakouts is no good. Did the blush do that to you? I didn't get the powder because after looking for swatches everywhere I couldn't find any swatches on asian skin. The lipstick is Rimmel Airy Fairy that I coveted after seeing it on Jen frmheadtotoe. It's currently on sale as part of my last CVS sale post for $1.55!!!

    @Jackie Aw I love it too Jackie but shoulder alterations are $40+ at my tailor..le sigh

    @Mix and Match I'm sure you will find it at Wrentham! Or if not, apparently they ship from other outlet stores for just $5.

  50. I love both outfits! Are you from Boston? I see you wrote "Wrentham" in the reply above. I love the outlets there. Don't go to often though.

  51. That's too bad that the cream colored jacket is a little too big because it looks really good! And that is so crazy how you called up all those stores just to find the right size, but I would probably do the same thing if I found something I just had to have :)

  52. Thanks for the nail polish name! I'll head to an Ulta store this weekend - very excited :)

    I have one posting of my son's picture, you can check it out here if you're curious :)

  53. @SewPetiteGal

    I picked it up today! The current Ulta ad shows buy 2 get 2 free for Ulta cosmetics (mix & match). I bought 4 nail polishes and used the $3.50 off $10 coupon Jean mentioned for a total of $7.03 with tax (TX).


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