J.Crew & YesStyle Snow Day Outfits

I picked up this J.Crew tee on final sale this week (several colors in XXS left at my local stores) and am trying to pair the gold with everything. An XXS fit me perfectly, but it's stretching out a little with each wear. Hopefully a wash and dry will shrink it back down to size.
Tee: J.Crew Perfect Fit BoatneckTee in XXS (buy here for $9)
Wool Skirt: YesStyle "The Mari" brand size S/55
Cable Tights: Heritage 1981 sz S/M (buy here)
Booties: Target sz 5.5

I can't find this exact skirt on YesStyle anymore, but here is an affordable option (it's available in one size SMALLER than the one I'm wearing!). I'm interested in getting this in ivory or gray, but what is that little "hand-made" tag on the front? I sure hope it is removable.

As for sizing, the skirt I own in size S/55 fits like an XXS, but every brand may fit differently. Be sure to check the provided measurements. If you are ordering, code EXTRAPETITE gives you $5 off.

Disclosure - YesStyle.com is an advertiser on my blog, however I am not affiliated with the company in any other way. I do not earn a commission, and the item shown here was purchased by me. 

Thanks to a tweet by the thoughtful Vicky, I picked up a second Lady Day Coat in the "cobblestone" color - a dark, taupe gray. It's quite boring given the spectrum of colors that their coats come in, but it's...me.  I don't need two, so after some deliberation I'm selling my olive green Lady Day Coat in 0P with Thinsulate (see review and measurements). Email me if you're interested. 
Here is a tip to add some color to a neutral winter coat - a vivid silk scarf! I know silk scarves rarely come out in the winter but I couldn't resist. After some trial and error, I settled on the following method:
1. Using one hand, tuck one end of the scarf securely into your coat.
2. Using the other hand, cross the other end until it overlaps, and then tuck it securely under.
3. Fluff. End result:
(buy here - 0P gone in regular but left in Thinsulate)
Silk Scarf: thrifted

The sales are still going strong at petite-favorite retailers. I've recently had luck in-store at LOFT and J.Crew (additional 50% off sale items at both). Here's a pic of a top I just picked up at LOFT which I adore for tucking into skirts, and here's the tag info ($15). Happy shopping!


  1. The gold color looks really good on you. I went to J.Crew the other day and the sale section was pretty much empty. The silk scarf adds a lovely touch to the outfit. I also scored some awesome deals at LOFT that day. Thanks for sharing the tip. Stay warm!

  2. What a coincidence! I, too, have the mustard top from JCrew AND that floral top from ATL!

  3. You got the bf to go out in the snow to take these pics? used some of that petite charm, did ya?!! did ya??!!!

    I keep on reconsidering getting the lady day, but the sleeves hit right at the wrist for me. @ $100? now you're just teasin' us longer arm petites.

  4. That gold/mustard yellow color looks amazing on you! Great choice =)

    My sister is heading to Boston in a few weeks and I so wish I could join her!!!

  5. well that was a short tease. HAHAHAH.

  6. That gold color looks great on you! And a great tip about adding the silk scarf to a neutral coat :)

  7. Oh..there's the famous Cobblestone! I was able to get it in the Coletta and the Lady Day with Thinsulate! So I am anxious to see which one I will end up keeping :)

  8. That is one gorgeous scarf. And thank you so much for the tutorial!

    I think cobblestone is a great neutral color, but I also did like olive on you. Are you keeping both?

  9. Wow, you got pictures of the coat already! That was fast. This color looks even better on you than the green one. You look stunning in the first close up picture!
    Gold color really suits you. You should wear more of it. :)

  10. @PetiteLittleGirl I know..I do love following you on your Twitter shopping trips.

    @Anonymous Oh, fun! What a coincidence : )

    @AubreyOhDang! LOL it sold between your two comments. I'll put the tidbit back up there though so readers don't think I'm coat-hungry and collecting colors : ) And yes the bf is a dear for braving the climate with me. When taking these photos there was a snow/ice slide from 7 floors above and it was almost the end of PAG...

    @Anh does she have a blog? : )

    @Really Petite The color isn't as amazing as I hoped esp after trying on two other colors. But it works. Colletta versus lady day is a difficult choice for some ladies, like Vicky. For my childlike body the lady day was the clear winner.

    @Cee Thanks! Oh whoops, I had the other one for sale but I deleted it when it sold : )

  11. Jean, you look like such a breath of fresh air amidst all that snow and especially with that scarf! I've been wearing my bright floral scarves with my dark winter coats and although they don't provide my neck with the same amount of warmth, it's great for a "pop" of color. I think it's a good idea that you swapped out the olive coat for the taupe. I thought the olive was a gorgeous color but found not very versatile.

  12. Love the trench Jacket,looks awesome on you, & nice blog by the way

  13. My favorite colors! Mustard yellow and gray!! You pull it off wonderfully. But now I'm thinking that it's not the clothes that look good...it's just you. I'm a little sad that you sold your olive coat. It looked amazing on you! But gray...well, can't beat gray for versatility!


  14. I'm loving the grey coat much better and I love the slips of color that pop out (e.g. the tucked scarf, the outfit underneath)! It's lovely to see the snow - though I can't imagine us Californians withstanding the cold with a skirt and tights. :)

  15. what a cute outfit jean!! i love the gold shirt and camel skirt together. you are tempting me with that grey coat! i don't have any coats in that color. i love the step by step instruction and that you included & the fluff part at the end. lol.

  16. i love the color of this coat on you and am glad that you were able to find it in your size. and the scarf is a beautiful addition to the look.

    and i can't wait to see that LOFT shell on you. it's gorgeous!

  17. oh love the mustard yellow top (i really love mustard yellow anything!!) and that scarf is so pretty!

  18. I've always wondered about YesStyle clothing! Hubby recently ordered some from them but had to send it back bc the Large was too small. The skirt is very cute on you and I really love the bright pop of gold.

    I'm also a little sad you sold your olive coat - it was so gorgeous on you, but the gray is cute too :)

  19. You look GORGEOUS : D Love the outfits! Esp. the coat and scarf!
    I hate how YesStyle change their stock all the time -__-" I bought a purse there 3 weeks ago and it's already gone. lol

  20. Nooo! You looked amazing in the olive one! This one is just as great though, but I really do think they're BOTH "you". : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  21. good call on the scarf! it brought your look to life.

  22. So sad you are selling the olive green - I actually think it's a really really lovely color on you (more so than cobblestone?). And I really like gold on you too...you glow in it!

  23. You definitely know how to brighten up a snow day! Your outfits are beautiful as always.. I really love the mustard yellow and colorful scarf against the neutrals. I never have snow days.. a tad jealous! :)

  24. As usual Jean, you look fantastic!

    It's funny, because as I read your post, I'm wearing the exact same LOFT top that you picked right now :) I bought a while ago in store with it marked down too!

    I have yet to buy anything from J Crew yet except for a bridesmaids dress, but all your J. Crew posts have me so tempted! (I missed out on the Lady Day coat, otherwise I would have gotten that!) The grey looks really nice on you - I really liked the olive too, but I understand :)

    Love the top and the wool skirt on you. I'm not confident enough to purchase anything from YesStyle because of sizing. They have some cute stuff though.

    How are you doing in all that Boston snow? Sending you some sunshine from San Diego!

  25. Looks like you are keeping warm! That gold color is gorgeous on you! I love the gold button details on the skirt!

    Very pretty LOFT find! I love those shirts for tuck-ins!

  26. LOl you picked up another coat? Well I guess a girl can't have too many especially for you in Boston! The grey looks amazing too. Grey is more "me" as well. Wow you ladies are getting some really great deals!

  27. Thats too bad, we didn't see all the pattern of silk scarf.

  28. I love the gold + camel skirt on you. And the scarf adds that nice pop of color.

    I have been following your blog for a while now, and love how you style things. I had a random question: where do you get your hair cut in Boston? It's always so perfect!

  29. yay we have matching coats! =) love your scarf suggestion, I will try this sometime!

  30. Hey Jean : ) I tagged you in this post about baby photos. Hope you can do it 'cause I'd love to see :D

  31. both outfits look amazing. adding the scarf def. makes your outfit pop!

  32. Great pics in the snow. I really like those rings! Thanks for posting.

  33. I love the color of the top on you! I really like the skirt too and with the tights and booties! Also, what a great idea to wear a colorful silk scarf with a coat! I will have to get one now:)

  34. Hi Jean!

    You look so pretty & cozy in the snowy streets (thanks for the mini scarf fluffing tutorial, I love the pop of color it adds to the outfit)

    I'm sad I missed your coupon as I just purchased a few things from yesstyle a few weeks back. Thanks for sharing the coupon!

    Still loving that polish!

    Stay warm!

  35. Hi again :)
    just letting you know i "tagged" you or "rewarded" you with the versatile blogger award that's been going around! :) <3


  36. I think the grey coat really suits you. Even more than the olive coloured one. And you brightened it up beautifully with the silk scarf!

  37. What a great coat on you...your look is just lovely!

    Liesl :)

  38. Just realized I never commented! I love the gold outfit... and boy it sure looks cold where you are! I agree with the coat swap, the olive was nice but grey is more versatile of course... and easier to spice up with any number of color scarves! I was slightly tempted by the smaller size in YesStyle skirt, but still too hesitant to order from them since it's not the same brand as the one you have.

  39. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

    @Petite Mom @Elle @The Little Dust Princess Aww you ladies are making me miss the olive coat : / I can't help but gravitate towards neutrals. Oh well I hope it went to a good home!

    @J / punksjunk / mjvp I have to say these knit tights are plenty warm! Sometimes with pants the windchill goes up the pant leg, but tights keep all the warmth in : )

    @SewPetiteGal Oo wow, did you measure the items once they came in and compared to the listings? I'm curious if they were way off in the measurements provided! When I measured my items I have to admit the measurements were mostly spot-on.

    @나니 I know! I'm not sure what's up with the site. I ordered a skirt and by the time it arrived it was no longer being sold (although all sizes and colors were in stock just a few days prior).

    @grace You'll have to stop in during a good sale and take a look around! I love the colors and prints that they use...just so cheery and so much more variety than other retailers. I love that so many of us have that floral ruffled top : ) And oh yes, purchasing from YesStyle is pretty risky. I wish they'd be better on returns like ASOS is!

    @Anonymous Hi there! I actually go to this little shop "zen hair" in kenmore square. It's definitely nothing luxurious, but a cut is around $40. I always ask him to thin out my hair and cut long layers, and 4 times out of 5 I am perfectly satisfied. Sometimes though the layers come out a little uneven looking, but I've been going to him for many years and I'm satisfied for the most part!

  40. @Jessica Yay! i know! I remember you saying how nice it looked with the H&M faux fur collar and of course I tried it on with that asap when this arrived : )

    @Irene i'm not sure when this coupon expires, but oh I meant to tell you on your previous post that if you google "YesStyle coupon" there usually are some $5 off ones out there. I used one from retailmenot last time : )

  41. Love that gold top! Wish I would've seen that in stores. :)

  42. this is one of my favorite outfits on you so far. just perfect!

  43. Thanks for the tip on where you get your haircut! I'll definitely have to check that place out. :)

  44. Just discovered your blog and I adore it! So nice to have someone documenting the trials and tribulations of petite shopping! I am so grateful too for the reviews and tips,--quite helpful indeed; I went to michaels the other day to get the belt hole puncher. While I am a bit larger than you (about 5'1.5" and 115) I think in terms of finding inspiration and advice your blog couldn't be more perfect :) At any rate, I'm curious what made you choose the lady day coat over the metro which seems to be a modified lady day? As I am trying to decide which to coat to get myself I would love to hear your thoughts. I, like you, seem to have had a similar dilemma in choosing a color (i.e. the brights vs. neutrals). I'm drawn to some of the bright tones majestic purple/cobalt blue, but then I consider the long lasting classic appeal of something like the warm grey or camel. Any suggestions/ advice?



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