Banana Republic Petites...long time no visit (75%+ off)

*UPDATE: BR12HOURS gives you 35% off your entire order, ends January 25th, midnight*

The petite blogging community hasn't been giving Banana Republic much love lately (the regular store, that is...the outlet has been getting plenty of love this month). My last purchase from there was 7 months ago!

In search of a wrap dress, I went on earlier and saw that there were many deals to be had. BRWINTER30 (expired) gives you an extra 30% off everything. I also used ebates for 6% cash back (referral link), plus they have free ship every day now for orders over $50.

1. First up, this Double Cable Placket Shrug, now just $35 from $140, in two colors and left in sizes Petite XXS-M. I do not love how it looks in the stock photo. Looking past the failed menswear mish-mash and dudly fit, I see a cozy cocoon sweater with pretty details, perfect for lounging in with legging jeans. The lambswool/modal/cashmere blend sounds promising. Only 1 lone review, but it's 5 stars. I ordered this in charcoal. Update: See a twitpic on PetiteLG in size regular XS (not petites).

2. Second (a deal shared by Well Heeled Blog) - this Ruffle Pencil Skirt. Just $21 from $90 and left in 00P, 0P, and more. I skipped on this because I foresee alterations needed.

3. Two faux-wrap dresses left in XXS Petite - this 3/4 Sleeve Dress ($35 from $98) and the slouchier Annie dress ($28 from $130). The former has LOTS of reviews, but they are a mixed bag (several ladies said it runs small). The latter has just 2 reviews, both lukewarm. I purchased the latter. 

4. Lastly, I saw that BR has a new set of lightweight long cardigans in Petite XXS - L, in a range of 6 undeniably Spring-y colors (plus black). The price is still a bit much at $42 from $70, but I wonder if these will become as popular as the LOFT long cardis once they get discounted further.

Expect a review soon on #1 and #3 above. The current sale in-store is another 50% off sale items. The mens sale is fantastic - the bf picked up a couple of merino wool V-neck sweaters for $6.50 a piece (from $60). Vicky blogged about her family-friendly accessory finds here.


  1. i was actually browsing online earlier too and noticed the ruffle pencil skirt. it does seem like a really great skirt and think it might look great on petites. i skipped out as i wasn't excited about anything and am actually out of budget for January already. can't wait to read your review of the items you bought!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. Can't wait for your reviews! I almost, almost went into Banana today. My husband was ready to leave the mall, though, so home we went. :p Not a big deal, since I should focus more attention on going out clothes. I have a good amount of work clothes, but feel lacking in the Fri. and Sat. night outfits. :/

  3. I am a HUGE fan of ebates!

    Just Better Together is having a $20 gift certificate giveaway to Asian Fashion/YesStyle

  4. I actually have the 3/4 sleeve wrap dress in xs and I'm crazy about it. So pretty, perfect fit and it doesn't fly open with the slightest breeze! I didn't realize they had it in that beautiful blue color (mine is gray). I'm shopping at the outlets today so if I don't find anything there I'm def checking out that dress for sure! Can't wait to see your reviews on numbers 1 & 3 ;)

  5. Morning Jean!

    I have the BR wrap dress in black and navy (in size petite xs) and unlike most BR petite dresses, the neck isn't too low, the waist isn't too high, and the skirt length is perfect! Don't even need to layer a cami under it without giving everyone a free show. The shoulder detail is a nice touch. The material is really nice too - drapes well and doesn't cling to problem areas (not that you have any). It is perfect for work and for going out too.

    I got them for around $70 - not as good as a I deal - but I can't complain. After getting them, I stopped looking for wrap dresses and have been tempted to get the other colors because they are so perfect.

    I breezed through BR yesterday (to check out the market totes - need a diaper bag, lol) and was astounded by how gorgeous spring is in there! I zoomed in on those long cardis (orange!) and had to restrain myself because I.DO.NOT.NEED.ANOTHER.CARDIGAN!! I agree with you, though, I am holding off for a better % off and ebates. Gosh, the holiday sales really spoiled us - turning up our noses at 30% off + 6% ebates.

    I need to warn you and the other shoppers out there - BR HEELS ARE CR@P. They are made by Clarks, so I thought they should be high quality, but I got two pairs last year and only wear them at work (i.e. not on the streets of Boston) and the lining of both pairs came undone after less that 4 months of light wear. I got them heavily discounted so I couldn't really cry about it but I was still annoyed. Even if they were discounted, they shouldn't be falling apart so fast.

    So, consider yourself warned!

  6. I am hoping to stop by BR today and see what they have in store. I am eyeing this skirt online. The store is having additional 50% off instead of 30%. I am looking forward to your review on #1 and #3 (as always) :)

  7. Callandra - do you mean the 3/4 sleeve mock wrap dress that is now $35, or the 3/4 sleeve Gemma one that is a real wrap?

    Annapurna - which wrap dress are you talking about? The real wrap one or the mock? If you and Callandra are talking about the same one I might have to place a second order to give it a shot, whichever one it is!

    I've had mixed experiences with BR shoes. I got these gorgeous gray-taupe open toed heels maybe 1.5 years back and they've held up wonderfully, but then again I don't walk around in them too much on the streets of Boston : ) I didn't know they were made be Clarks. Can count on you to provide such info!

    Petite Little Girl - ah I know, I saw Vicky's twitpics of all her finds, but I just have no desire or time to go to a physical mall. Happy shopping! I'm sure you'll keep readers updated via twitter : )

  8. The same one you linked to - the 3/4 sleeve faux wrap. Haven't had much luck with their other wrap styles (especially the silk ruffle ones).

    On Friday, apparently it was 15% off ebates + 30% off (according to Kelly's blog). Hopefully that will happen again!

  9. I will let you know how the skirt works out once I get it. Now I am tempted to go back and get that wrap dress... can always return it, no? ;)

  10. Hello! I just bought the petite priscilla sweater jacket:
    Let's see how that goes.

  11. I'm back I see the wrap dress on sale for $49.99 but in black color only? is this right...I really like the teal color...

  12. Hi Jean, great minds think alike. Lol. I was on the BR website last night as well! I decided to do a post instead of commenting a paragraph here. here it goes:

    DEAL ALERT: Banana Republic online extra 30% off and in-store 50% off sales items

  13. i haven't purchased anything from BR lately! can't wait to see some of these items on you.
    smart on skipping the skirt, i tried a few during the holidays and they were all huge in the waist.

  14. I like that knit cardigan! I can totally see you wearing that. Can't wait for the review!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  15. Ok...update. After seeing both yours and Vicky's new post about Banana, I was tempted to go online. I was surprised that I was able to find some going out clothes from Banana...and a little edgy, too! I am trying the denim exposed zipper legging (oop) and the silk beaded chain tank (xxsp). Hoping at least one works out!

  16. I find that BR sales are really inconsistent online vs. in-store. I bought the paper bag skirt for about $15 in-store. Online it's originally $59.50 but marked down to $44.99. Huge difference. Even the stuff I see on the site now that's supposedly on sale are much cheaper at the store. If you can, check out the store first!

  17. @Annapurna I know! I wasn't motivated to browse that day...missed out on a few extra bucks cash back!

    @Claud Wellheeledblog posted about that item too! I hope you two both post photos in the An forum when it arrives : ) Oh and yes it looks like the dress is only on sale in black. Maybe it's the least popular color compared to the other choices!

    @Vicky Added your post!

    @Ping I figured, Ping. I have a tweed skirt in 00P and it's been needing alterations, but it has a side zip so I don't want to risk it and pay $$ for an imperfect job.

    @Michelle Oh I forgot to add the silk beaded chain tank to my cart! It was just $20 too I think. Darn.

    @Anonymous I agree, sometimes the in-store prices are VERY different. However it's time consuming here to browse in stores because small sizes are usually gone at my local mall. Petite little girl tweeted today that she found the purple cocoon cardigan in store currently for $32.50...versus $35 online, so with ebates the two prices are actually almost the same. Not bad!

  18. @Anonymous Oh, and it's not just BR...Gap, LOFT, Ann Taylor, J.Crew...markdowns in-store are usually better. And oftentimes they have in-store only coupons and sales...the Gap especially!

  19. Thanks for the reintroduction to Banana Republic! :) I LOVE the dress in your previous post, but I have to say I've been lazy in dragging my butt to Carlsbad - it'll probably be gone by the time I finally decide to get there.

    Thanks for all the wonderful picks Jean :)

  20. Oooh! Thanks for the heads up and the lovely picks! I ordered the shrug and the silk beaded chain tank. So excited! But um...I feel like I've done a lot of shopping this month!!!

  21. the shrug is TDF!!! i work in a freezing office and all i have are HUGE chunky sweaters, haha. thanks for the heads up on the sale chica :)

  22. Those deals are unbelievable, Jean. I hope they turn out good for you, looking forward to seeing them.

    I haven't spent a lot of time visiting a blogging community since Christmas but I am still here reading your blog from afar :)

  23. I agree, I haven't "loved" BR in a loooong time. For a while, it seemed like their style got boring and colorless and my last non-outlet purchase from them was a pair of petite length trousers that were still way too long. I hope they start coming back with some interesting colors, textures and styles - I've always appreciated their more modern take on styles.

  24. Ah, I bought the 3/4 sleeve BR dress offline a while ago, it finally arrived last week, and I've been so swamped that I haven't posted about it yet. I do love the fit and wish the purple was more deeply discounted :/ XSP fit me perfectly.

  25. I too haven't shopped at BR for a while. My BR store is 45 minutes away! And that's a drive for us islanders.. ha ha. I took a look and found a few things I likeeee. But I think I should take a nice drive this weekend and see what deals are in the actual store.

    Thanks for sharing Jean!! Hope you're doing great.

    xx Love & Aloha

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