A 2nd Look: Petite Friendly H&M Navy Striped Blazer

After reading Alterations Needed's compelling review, I popped into an H&M tonight to give this nautical blazer another chance. I tried this on at a San Diego H&M, thinking it was reminiscent of the Anthropologie Hello Sunday blazer as seen on Chloe and Tiffany. Unfortunately, the boyfriend thought it was more reminiscent of prison garb - plus the price is hefty for H&M ($40 + tax) - so I left it behind.
Kelly did a really thorough review, so check out her post for measurements of a size 2, plus the tag containing the item #.  I figured I would post these pics to show how it fits on someone a little bigger than her. For reference, right now I'm a little under 5 ft, 90 lbs.
H&M Navy Striped Blazer - sz 2 (fits like 00 petite)

This blazer is seriously tiny. The photo above is how it lies naturally on me, with the front wide open. The material is a stretchy 73% polyester/23% viscose/4% elastane blend. I can stretch it to button it up, but it's less comfortable.
I'm still debating whether or not to keep this. Readers, would you pay $40 for this bold polyester jacket? I envision it with a short summery dress underneath, possibly muted floral print, or with a classic crisp white sheath. I currently don't own any of the above, so that could be a problem.

Edit: After reading Justine and Steph's comments below...I can't get the umpire or beetlejuice visuals out of my head! Blazer is going back. $40 saved!
Who wears it better? I think him.

While there I also fell in love with this sparrow-print, pinkish-cream bow headband. It would suit someone who is Japanese kawaii-cute, or hipster chic. I am neither, so I left this behind at $5.95.

Next I stopped by Marshalls to browse the small shoes. I saw a number of Diane Von Furstenburg leather boots on clearance for $69. Retail price was over $400 and the original price at Marshalls was $200+. The size 5.5 fit perfectly around the calves, but the shaft was too tall and covered my knee. The leather was pliable, so I folded down about 3 inches and tucked it into the shaft. Here's how they look post-tucking:
I hemmed and hawed over buying these, but in the end the color turned me away. I initially thought these were black, but they're actually "grape" - a deep dark purple. I will probably not find boots that fit this narrow for a looong time...sighs! Readers - would you have bought these in "grape" for $69?


  1. get the boots! boots for $69! plus the not quite black will add a bit of interest yet still be conservative

  2. I like the fit! But I'm not sure if I would pay 40 dollars for it, as cute as it is.

  3. Not sure about the jail-breaking blazer, Jean. LOL. It fits very nicely on you, but it just doesn't look right.
    As for the boots, I'd pick it up. It looks really good on you folded down, and the dark purple color is more unique than black.

  4. The blazer fits well! I'm not sure how long the stripes thing will last though. You may or may not get sick of it. :P It's really nice though. I love the nautical trend.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. Hi Jean! I'm not a fan of either the jacket or the boots. I don't think the boots are anything special (other than the brand name). If you really really needed them, just as a basic go-to, perhaps they are worth it because the price is nice. Were they very soft and comfortable?

    The jacket is a little odd. It seems like one of those pieces that will sit in the closet for forever, just because it never perfectly works with anything other than jeans (and then it looks like a lot of effort for something that should be casual). But, if anyone has the fashionability and creativity to pull the jacket off, it's you. I'd only say keep it to selfishly see what imagination you'll bring to it ^_-

  6. The blazer is a nice fit. But I honestly wouldn't buy it for $40 either and because it reminds me of an umpire. =X

    I'd pass on those deep grape colored boots. You don't love it enough so you'll probably waste money. If you do a little splurge, you can get the boots taken in.

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  7. I saw the blazer as well, but I thought the stripes would be too large and bold for someone of my size. That headband is adorable though!

  8. I went to H&M tonight too to see this blazer in person. This is a fun blazer for the weekend. I probably would wear it. Personally, I think it is quite attractive but not for $40.00. I ended up buying a flower pin tonight at H&M. The boots are OK. Even though it's such a great deal but I am not sure about the "grape" color.

  9. The blazer fits well but it reminds me of beattle juice LOL a bit too stripy :]

  10. Love the tiny fit of the blazer, but I'm not feeling the stripes at all... I'm just not chic enough to be able to pull it off. Definitely would love to see them come out with a solid version though. As for the boots, I probably would've been so tempted to get them! Can't tell that they're not black from your pics, so they might be dark enough to be a "fun" neutral. And $70 for a name-brand real leather pair of boots is a pretty good deal! I have a Marshalls near me but the only time I've been there it was a huge mess and their inventory just looked so cheap that I wasn't even tempted to dig... wish they have better stock like yours.

  11. Although you look great in everything, I agree with you on passing on both the blazer and the boots. There's just something about the blazer that doesn't look quite right. The stripes are too bold for such a little piece. And the grape boots, go for it only if you can think of something you can pair it with.


  12. I agree with Sydney - I think the blazer is cute - but if I felt lukewarm about it, I probably wouldn't pay full price. I actually justify my purchases if it's in a color I don't already have so I personally would buy the boots (I'm a little weird though, so take this with a grain of salt). :)

  13. This is such a tiny blazer, I kind of like it on you though but I don't think you'll reach for it very often so maybe it's better off returned?

    Love your outfit going shopping - any full length shots? Looks very classy and Jean-esque. If my feet were small enough I would totally get them...then again I can't say no to grape.

  14. I would buy the boots. $69 isn't bad at all. Grape is close to black. I am sure you can pull it off =)

  15. LOL! Jail-breaking, umpire, beetlejuice...this blazer is definitely going back then. Like Kelly said I hope they make it in more fabrics and colors, possibly even other patterns. And lower the price $5 or so. THen I'm sold : D

    Thank you guys for all the opinions. As always..a pleasure to read and VERY helpful to an indecisive girl : )

  16. JEAN!!! Firstly, CONGRATS on the shout out in InStyle magazine - that's HUGE!!! :)

    The blazer fits nicely but at $40, I'm not sure how much wear you would get out of it (the stripes make it harder to pair. Since you're a whiz at styling, I wouldn't be too surprised if you could find many uses, but I would pass until the price gets slashed!

    I think the headband is ADORABLE :) And I would be wary of "grape" colored boots, though they do look quite black in pictures.

    I have to ask you what nail color you're wearing in the blazer pics? The color is gorgeous!!!

  17. @Anonymous @A.Li Ah you ladies are making me waver a little! It is an unique color that is still conservative and I would definitley wear to work, but then there's the other problem with the tall shaft.

    @Vicky and @Petite Mom I know what you mean Vicky...the strips are a little too big n bold probably.

    @LaLaaLove I can definitely see someone really teeny getting completely overwhelmed by this loud jacket!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Ah, twitpic next time!

    @PetiteXXS The price is great but...still $69. DId you keep those LOFT OTK boots?

    @Justine I agree that $69 for something that isn't LOVE is $69 waste : )

    @Danielle If I didn't see the brand and original price I probably also wouldn't have gravitated towards them so much. So that's probably not a compelling reason to keep. But the calves DO fit slim.

    @Elle hehe Elle it's just my strolling-after-work, staying as warm as possible outfit. You can't say no to grape?? I haven't seen you in too much purple though! : )

    @SewPetiteGal I'm with you, SPG. Blazer is going back!

    @Irene Hi Irene! It will be better for warm weather anyways...hopefully it gets slashed to $15 or something : ) polish is "fine pruned" from ULTA. $5 retail but its often BOGO and I printed out coupons : )

  18. lol at the bf's comment. i think the fit is great but i am with him. i'm not sure about the bold stripes.

  19. popped back in to revise my opinion, I think the boots are a no go because of the length issue but I still stand by the grape comment. I wish I had more of it in my closet but unfortunately I don't see this color in many youthful styles (I see a lot of loose garbs in this color though...but not flattering on me). :)

  20. Eh... no to both because of what everyone else said! :)

  21. haha I'd have to say your bf is right! There is just something about that combination of stripes that makes it almost impossible to pull off. I think you should go back for the boots though! $69 is a steeeal for boots and you can't really tell they are that purple in the photos!

  22. No-go for the blazer. Something odd about the vertical stripes. It reminds me of barbershop and circus.
    Did the image accurately portray the boot color ? If yes, buy them. Take a risk! Have some fun! You look good in them. Marshall can have my credit card right away if the boots come in size 4.
    I have shaft length problem in knee high boots also.

  23. To continue the above post.

    I just remember. Michael Keaton has a similar vertical stripe jacket in Beetlejuice, the movie. Definitely a big NO NO. Too bold and too animated.

  24. the fit of the blazer is really nice, but i think the stripes are a little to tough to mix and match with existing outfits without looking too busy. and yes, it does remind me of beetlejuice. :)

    as for the boots, i'm kinda on the fence about them too. $69 isn't too bad of a price considering the fit, but i'm not sure about the grape color. depends on how much "grape-ness" you can see in broad daylight. i think i'd end up passing for this reason.

    hope this helps!

    cute and little

  25. Haha, beetlejuice! Once you get that image in your head, it's hard to look at it the same way... good choice with the return!

    Grape colored boots? I say leave 'em and continue the search! But mostly because I can't imagine ever looking at an outfit and thinking, "If only I had some purple boots, they would look great with this."

  26. Oh, but is there a way that maybe you can dye them black? I saw an article in Lucky magazine about DIY redying of wardrobe items... from dresses to purses to shoes! Maybe you should check it out.

  27. Nothing good at H&M lately, I can't wait until the spring & summer collections come out.

  28. oh boy...Beetlejuice? LOL. That settles it, this jacket is getting returned. =P

  29. No to the jacket! Unless you plan to wear it for Halloween?

    I would have bought the boots....but I always have a tendency to buy stuff if I think I'm getting an awesome deal. Plus for $69, they must be good quality and comfortable? I hope. Can't really tell how grape they are.

  30. Get the boots. These remind me of my impulse buy boots from my college years, which I still wear and love (probably more now) thirteen years later. THe grape color is nice because it's different. Sometimes when you're small you don't get all of the choices that others have, but sometimes that is better. I would get them. If you hardly ever wear them, in a year or two you can always sell them on ebay or another online marketplace or forum.

    Let me put it this way: I refuse to pay full retail for shoes and I buy 80% of mine as used or overstock on eBay and I am going to Marshalls after work today to see if I can find a pair of these. I've been wanting a pair of dark boots, preferably black, but these will work too. I saw a black pair in Norstrom that I fell in love with but they were $650. $69 is a steal!

  31. H&M Blazers in size 2 do fit great - I picked up a white one over the summer for $40 and got the sleeves shortened a bit (thanks to my great Chinese tailor). I would wait for a pattern that is more versatile - because you know eventually H&M will make some great print that you just have to have and then you will be kicking yourself over that $40! It is neat that the sleeves fit you - are they 3/4 length?

    As for the boots, yay if: 1) they are comfy and 2) easy to walk in and 3) you don't think or don't mind if the sole and heel get trashed on Boston city streets. I kind of like that are more purply black than pure black - in some ways, that makes them more versatile because it can work with both browns and and blacks.

    I wear boots 40 - 50% of the year commuting, etc., especially since I wear skirts 80% of the time, and Boston streets are really rough on soles. Also, if the support isn't that good, you won't want to walk far in them.

    Finding a good-fitting shaft can be a bit of an obsession - I have probably bought and returned a 100 pairs of boots over the past five years looking for that perfect fit. I have about six pairs of leather boots - four of which I paid around $50-$70 (at DSW (random brand), Macy's (Bandolino), BR, and in Spain (Padevi) - all at discounts) plus one pair of splurge boots ($170 - Cole Haan Nike Air, both bought at Marshalls). Of all those boots, the ones with the best-fitting shafts are the Cole Haans and the random Spanish ones.

    If they are comfy, the boots might be a good investment.

  32. I say meh on the blazer. It kind of reminds me of those olden day malt shop server uniforms or something guys wore at resort vacations 100 years ago.

    As for the boots, I would have bought them. I think they would work with a lot of things, even if they're not black (or brown). It's nice to have non black/brown boots in the winter!

  33. LOL Oh boy after the beetle juice picture yeah I'd say it was a return! LOL!

    I think I would've bought the $69 grape leather boots if the height were ok. But if you have to fold them down all the time then no. So more $ saved!

  34. The beetle juice pic killed me..LOL love it!!! At least you save some money right? Too bad it wasn't in a plain color.

    And I say return on the boots...more money saved!!

  35. I think the color on the boots would have been fine, especially with jeans tucked into them. i agree with CynthiaC - it's good to have nonblack/brown boots, the same way it is to have fun colored peacoats. The only thing that would've turned me off would be the constant folding.

  36. LOL umpire or beetlejuice visuals so funny LOL. I'd say no for both items, I'm not feeling either the stripes nor the grape color boots.

  37. what on earth...those sleeves! are they supposed to be cropped?

    i'm not sure about purple boots, haha. the cut looks great on you, though.

    what shaft height/circumference do you usually get when you buy boots?

  38. The blazer does seem to fit well...I'm normally a huge fan of stripes, but I'm not sure that I'm loving this...

  39. The blazer looks a little wide in the shoulders. Plus, that pic of beetlejuice? Lol, no-go.

    I adore the headband though! I'm going shopping in Sacramento this weekend. I will definitely be on the lookout for this headband. I am neither Japanese kawaii cute or hipster chic but I have a soft spot for headbands!

    The boots I like but only if it's more black than it is purple in real life. I would get it if I had a lot of items in my wardrobe that would coordinate well!

  40. Lol! about Beetlejuice! I said the same thing about the LOFT carigan I tried on here. Although, this jacket does look more juice-ish. It is a challenge to do these stripes without looking like him. It is very tempting because it fits so well, but we can't let that get to us. :p

  41. maybe it's just me but i actually really like the blazer...then again i love the stripes and nautical look, i actually have a shirt that looks very reminiscent of Beetlejuice. and i like the boots too, i'm a sucker for boots!
    oh and in case you don't know yet, the issue you are featured in has Natalie Portman on the cover, I just read it today! :) congrats again!

    Fashion Bag 411

  42. oh the fit is so nice on you but yeah, I think the stripes are just a bit too big. I totally bought that headband the last time I was at H&M but have yet to wear it!

  43. It's too bad there weren't more neutral versions of that blazer! Olivia Palermo styled herself in a striped blazer: http://www.stylelist.com/2010/08/19/olivia-palermo-of-the-day/

    I was on the fence about the blazer myself, but I can't justify buying more stuff just work around the blue stripes. =(

  44. lol the beetle juice made me laugh! I'd say no to the blazer because I would probably only wear it once. It seems quite hard to match. The boots are alright but I'm not sure how grape would go with the rest of your attire colors. Black is the safest! I find that a shade like grape which is neither black or grey gives me that insecure feeling.. haha

  45. I have to revise my comment on the blazer - I popped into H&M to try this on in a size 4 (They were out of 2's). I'm littler than you, but I didn't feel like the stripes overwhelmed me at all. Because you're bustier with a tiny waist, I feel like the stripes give the illusion of top-heaviness.

    I'm shaped like a ten year old girl (flat chested, larger waist), so for some reason, it works on me. I'll go back and try on a size 2, but even so, I don't see myself paying full price for it.

    The SA confirmed that it's the only blazer in its cut - Here's to hoping there'll be more!

  46. I think the jacket is cute, but it does look like the one in beetlejuice lol! The bow is so cute though! As for the boots, they look great in the picture and they are a great price, but I don't think I would have bought them in grape. Not sure what would go with grape boots.

  47. I like the fit of the blazer but not so into the stripes. But then again, I usually wear solid colors and am very picky when it comes to patterns since it tends to overwhelm me. I'm still looking for a good basic blazer.

  48. @Anonymous Your comment made me go back and take a second look : ) If the shaft fit perfectly then it would be a buy. I'm not sure how well the folded down method would work while walking and I wasn't ready to shell out for boot alterations.

    @Amy What a good idea! I didn't even think of that! I did a little research and apparently many women have successfully dyed their own boots and handbags. Really risky for me though. A good cobbler can also do it but it will cost quite a bit.

    @Phuong Le I know! It's very "meh" there right now as they're trying to clear out winter stock. I look forward to bright colors and prints for Spring!

    @petiteinthecity.com HAHA no to a $40 Halloween top...this jacket went back the next day : )

    @littlenashua Sigh we can all covet $650 boots. It's nice to hear that your impulse purchase has lasted amazingly over the years. I went back and just wasn't loving them...so $69 saved this time.

    @Annapurna Buying and returning 100 pairs of boots girl? That's dedication towards finding the perfect fit. I don't wear any boots in the winter unless you count booties. I'm waiting for the perfect black pair and considered dying these. Oh and the jacket sleeves...I have no idea. I know theory calls some of their sleeves "bracelet length" and these sleeves seemed similar.

  49. @CynthiaC Lol! Malt shop servers...another unpleasant image to associate with this jacket : )

    @curls-and-pearls @Larie Yes I agree...the folding is not ideal, but the price was tempting!

    @Midori LOL I guess they are bracelet length or 3/4 length? As for boot shafts...I think my ideal must be around 13 inches, but everyone differs in where they like their boot heights to hit. I like mine around the widest part of the calves, and some like theirs right under the knee.

    @Jenny @Tiffany - I am Style-ish Yay for the headband! I am envious. I tried it on for a good few minutes at the store and decided I just couldn't rock the look.

    @Liana You're the only one so far Liana : ) I don't care what an item looks like or resembles, but if you can rock a garment with confidence that is all that matters. Unfortunately this little jacket was not for me.

    @Anonymous Aw, that is too bad. I really hope it will come out in spring in new colors/materials. I showed my coworkers and they backed away in horror, lol!

    @LaLaaLove Maybe it will go on sale and you will be able to rock it! It can work on some ladies, the price is just a little steep though for a flashier jacket from H&M.

    @fashionforteens @Danielle C The grape...oh the grape lol. I should have just said dark dark purple. Grape just sounds so awful for leather boots! I thought these were black at first, looked at the box, saw the color name, and it definitely swayed me away.

  50. As much as I love grapes (flavor- and food-wise), there's no way I would wear grape-colored boots! Ah they almost looked black though - that would've been a steal.

    The fit of the H&M blazer is nice, but the stripes do remind me of beetlejuice! "H&M, what were you thinking?! Halloween's 9 months away!"

    The headband is super cute though, and very affordable. I always overlook the accessories at H&M just because I rarely wear any accessories. I'll throw on a scarf or necklace occasionally, and that's it.

  51. Wow, those boots look black - but that's unfortunate they're grape. Not sure I'd ever wear purple boots - probably only if I had all the staples in black and brown, I'd venture out of the norm to purple :)

    Haha, that H&M blazer IS too prison like. Otherwise, the fit is so nice!

    I love all these accessories -- you've definitely made me branch out in that category :)

    I would have replied sooner - I just got LASIK done a few days ago, but my right eye is still blurry. You got LASIK before right Jean?

  52. Just saw your little update there on the "who wore it better". Cracked me up!

  53. LOLOLOLOL, so when I first read this post I thought to myself "that jacket is cute, its different and unique" then I saw the Beetlejuice and then it became a little less cute.. lol.

  54. How have I never thought to try and fold over boots?! And now you've got me thinking that maybe it's something a good shoe guy could do. Boots are the bane of my existance...

  55. I actually like the blazer! the hairband is ok, I like the style but not the pattern. For me, I won't get the boots. That's just me though. I am born/ raise in Asia. And I guess Asian fashion is slightly different. Asian is different from fob though. Not that any is better but just different.

  56. Those boots really suit you, run, get them! And I love the Beetlejuice look!


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