2010: A Blessed Year of Blogging

Just popping in to say hello and happy (almost) new year to my readers!  I'm currently vacationing with limited internet access, so I've had to keep up with blog reading via iphone only.

Earlier tonight was the petite meetup, which came together thanks to Kelly and the Alterations Needed forum. It was quite fun meeting this group of fellow bloggers and readers. The height comparisons, Theory blazer swaps, and loud chatter of small bra sizes and going commando may have drawn some attention to our table. Thank you Kelly for organizing and thank you ladies for coming! Especially Jess, who braved the 2 hr drive. Check out Kelly's post here and Jess's post here for more photos!
Christina/ChibiChic, Grace, Kelly/AlterationsNeeded, Me, AubreyOhDang the honest commenter, and Jess/Stylepint

And a candid...

Photo courtesy of Jess (Stylepint)

Earlier this week I also grabbed drinks with Kelly and another one of my favorite bloggers, Liane of Petite XXS! In person, Kelly is gregarious and witty and Liane is softspoken and sweet. Both are tiny! It was a treat to spend time with them, and I almost got to see Elle too who was stuck in LA on a layover.
(Liane, Me, Kelly) - Photo courtesy of Kelly's iphone (none of us brought a camera!)

On a separate note, Jessy of The Little Dust Princess kindly organized the 2010 petite secret Santa exchange on the Alterations Needed forum, open to any ladies around the world who were interested. For my recipient I was excited to draw PetiteXXS, and the cute and little Kileen turned out to be my Santa! Please visit Jessy's post for links to all the participants. I was thrilled to receive:
Electronic lash curler, Essie "Hot Coco" polish (seen here), and Shisem lashes! Thank you Kileen!!

More surprises from bloggy friends:

Fun stationary and makeup from DSK Steph, very pretty R&R lip gloss from Petite Little Girl, a handmade glasses case from PetiteXXS for the sunnies I won from Vicky's Daily Fashion, and NYX goodies from Sophia. I also received a very unique photo frame from Nelah!

I was also surprised to receive two packages from non-blogger friends. I briefly mentioned in old comments that I could not find the popular "Airy Fairy" Rimmel lipstick at local drugstores, and lo and behold...

I now have two thanks to my dear readers DoubleZeroP and Jennifer from Canada! I couldn't help jumping up and down as these were such unexpected and thoughtul surprises. Jennifer also sent a wonderfully soft olive pashmina and a coral F21 ring.

Whether it's an email, comment, or (unnecessary but greatly appreciated) gift, the kindness of my readers and fellow bloggers is overwhelming to me. Thank you ladies again for your friendship and support throughout 2010, and I look forward to getting to know more of you in the new year. *Hugs!*

How to Style: Basic Cardigan & Pencil Skirt Combo for Work

The J.Crew chiffon cardigans that almost every petite blogger ordered on sale have arrived, and I liked them but didn't love them. Elle said it simply - the arms are snug but the torso is not fitted.

Worn plainly, it's nothing to write home about: 
Cardi: J.crew Chiffon-Placket Cardigan sz XXS in "weathered wood" - buy here (sale extended)

This is what one size up (XS) looks on me (XXS sold out in Gold while in my cart...gah!):
I am returning this as it's too big all around. See the same color in XXS on Vicky.

In the spirit of "making it work," I spent an hour rifling through my closet for possible pairings, and ended up recording the following video:

Variation # 1 - Tuck it In

Variation # 2 - "X" then Belt

Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny Belt in Granite, sz S (extra holes punched)
Vintage "Peri" Cameo pendant: eBay
Read Kelly's analysis of the "X-shape" for cardigans.

Variation # 3 - Open & Accessorized

Readers - Which version is your favorite? Please share your own tips on how to style the cardi & pencil skirt combo : )

Extrapetite's 2010 Gift Guide...for Guys

This is a guest post written by Nick, boyfriend of Jean.
Hello again, readers of Extrapetite. If you've come across this post on your own, chances are you're not a guy. And if you are, might I suggest a more gender-appropriate website—ESPN, maybe? 

In the interest of helping you petite gals shop for the men in your lives (and in my own interest of dropping a few blatant hints) I've assembled this list of last-minute gifts that most dudes may appreciate. 

1. Socks and Underwear
An underrated gift. They're useful long-term, but they also provide short-term value by delaying laundry during a holiday season full of more important activities such as watching college football games and pretending to like egg nog.

With socks, go for anything but white because we have plenty of those. Try black or gray ankle socks, and if you live somewhere cold, something from Smartwool or the J.Crew camp socks. For underwear, anything brand name to spruce up our existing collection of threadbare Fruit of the Loom.

2. That Thing We Love But You Can't Stand
Maybe it's our high school backpack, a pair of old Vans, or an ill-fitting thrift store plaid shirt. Whatever it is, we should've tossed it long ago, but part of the reason we love it is because you hate it. Well, now's your chance to upgrade for us. As long as the new thing is equally functional, we'll probably be cool with it. A few good conversions:
Replace: Ski jacket with cinched waist, neon accents and 10 years of accumulated lift tickets
With: Wanaka Down Jacket by Patagonia

Replace: Cracked and peeling jersey of a player who’s been traded to another team
Vintage NFL t-shirt from Junk Food Clothing

Replace: Shirt that used to be my dad’s and smells like moth balls
With: Sunwashed flannel shirt from J.Crew (look for these on sale in-store)
3. Video Games
This gift comes with a caveat—you must let us actually PLAY the game, without reprimand, at least four days a week for the first month, and then twice a week every week thereafter. Also, keep in mind we have more video games than you know about, so do a little snooping to see what we’ve already got. NBA 2k11, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption are solid options available for both PS3 and XBOX 360, ranging in price from $40 to $60.

4. Craft Beer Sampler
Do you know a guy who loves beer? And I don't mean that like, "he really loves Bud Light." If he's ever spent over half an hour wandering the beer aisle just to pick a six-pack, he'll appreciate a nice sampling of craft brews. Follow this easy mix-and-match guide:

Match any of these brands:
Stone, Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Harpoon, Avery, Allagash, Anderson Valley, Brooklyn, Great Divide, Founders, Dogfish Head, Rogue, Victory, Troegs, Surly, AleSmith, Lagunitas...basically if you haven't heard of it, that's probably a good thing.

With any of these words:
India Pale Ale (IPA), Brown Ale, Ale, Porter, Stout, Belgian, Winter, Seasonal, Limited, Hops

5. Non-Douchey V-Neck T-Shirts
Until last year, I’d never worn a v-neck t-shirt for two reasons: 1) I don't have a waxed, tattooed chest that I want to show to the world; 2) I refuse to buy a plain t-shirt if it costs more than the $5-for-10 pack of Hanes. But last Christmas my mom got me these Premium Pima Cotton V-Necks from Banana Republic. At 3 for $44 (combine-able w/ sales and coupons), I'd never buy them for myself, but if I had more I'd wear them every day. They only dip a little more than a crew neck, and they’re fitted without being tight.

6. Handmade Gifts
These are wonderful and we will tell you how much we love them and how we will cherish them forever. What we won't tell you is that we'd love it even more if you knew how to hand-make an iPad. Which brings me to our last gift...

7. iPad
I don’t need or even really want an iPad. But let me put it this way, if I found one under the tree on Christmas morning, there would be no need for a gift receipt.

Review: J.Crew Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in Petite 0

 honor of the J.Crew sale this weekend (25% off and free ship for orders over $150 with code PRESENTS) I wanted to get this review out for you guys. I haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs, respond to comments or emails yet, but will do that later this weekend : )

I tried to touch on everything in the video, but please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the measurements of a 0P: 14.5" across the shoulders, 17" across the armpits, 14" across the waist band, 33" total length, and 21" sleeve length (I mistakenly said 20" in the video). To see this same coat on another petite, visit Cynthia at Shorty Stories (she is about 5'2").

There is a *really* close version of this ring online in coral and cream. I must go hunt for the coral! 
Polish is Essie "Hot Coco" courtesy of my lovely secret santa ; )
Coat: Petite Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in 0P
Shoes: Tory Burch sz 5, Ring: Forever 21 sz 6, Earrings: NYC market Tights: Forever 21 one size

**See this coat reviewed on another petite (smaller than me), Alterations Needed.

Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular:
Top: Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular
Jeans: Gap legging jeans in "dark rinse" sz 00P, Booties: Target Mossimo sz 6

Overall this tank was a comfortable fit, and I can see myself wearing it with jeans or tucked into pencil skirts. Originally only the green was on sale, but all colors are on sale now! Great little filler to get the free shipping. And I promise...my olive kick is officially over : )
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