LOFT Petite Cuffed Trousers - To Keep or not to Keep?

The day after Thanksgiving I woke up late and leisurely went to the local mall. I'm not big on the Black Friday craziness, but I did enjoy reading about many of your finds via blogger and twitter! The mall by my parents' house is pretty mundane...I got bored quick but did find the following at Forever 21:

- Knit cable tights in charcoal, sz SM (comes in 4 colors) which I now love - they're really warm and look cute under shorts or skirts. I had been eying a pair at H&M, but those cost a crazy $14.95! See these here on me.

- Satin bow headbands (3 colors) for $1.50 each. I don't really do headbands, but at this price I'll give it a shot! See here on me.

- More $3.50 nylon tights in charcoal, gray, and olive. These are opaque and one size fits all.

I then braved the crowd at LOFT to see if they had Kelly's wool trousers in my size. The item locator online said sold out, but lo and behold this store had tons in stock ... don't trust the item locater! LOFT was having 40% off so the pants came out to $42 (from $80), which is not exactly cheap for me, but I wanted to purchase first and decide later.
Pants: LOFT Petite Equestrian Pants sz 00P (buy here w/ ENJOY for 40% off & free ship at any price)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny Belt in Granite, sz S (buy here)
Cardigan: LOFT V-Neck Long Cardigan sz XXSP (buy here)
Top: J.Crew pleated silk tuxedo shell sz 0 regular
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps sz 5
Floral pin and earrings: J.Crew outlet

These pants come cuffed but the length was too long on me to achieve a cropped, slouchy look. Thus I gave them another generous cuff. Refer to Kelly's two posts to see how these pants look on her originally and with the cuff rolled up. After seeing these photos, I need to roll up my cuff a little more tightly and neatly like she did.
Likes: If you like the menswear look then I would highly recommend these pants. The speckled gray texture is fabulous in person and the material is very warm (though take note they are only lined on the upper-half). Fit-wise, these are some of the smaller fitting LOFT pants I've tried on to date (tag says Marissa cut). I needed a little help with a belt but otherwise the fit around the waist/hips of a 00P is decent and doesn't need alterations, woohoo. 

Dislikes: I wish these pants were a tad slimmer along the thighs, so the silhouette wouldn't be so peg-legged or carrot-like. Also, I'm not sure where the best length is for my body type.

Verdict: I don't have anything cute and cuffed, so I'm leaning towards keep!

This silk/chiffon blouse in women's 0 was a random find at a J.Crew store. It was about $20 after their discounts so although it was huge (see before alterations photo here), it only needed an easy alteration. I sewed in the sides myself (took about 5 minutes, otherwise I have no patience for DIY alterations).

There were some dissenting opinions when Kelly first revealed these pants. I think the key is getting them to be the right length for your legs, and wearing them with a shoe that elongates the leg (the shoes that the LOFT model has on are atrocious with these pants).  

Readers - Would you keep or return these pants (for $42)?

Life with PAG: Seven confessions

A while ago I was tagged by Kileen to do a 7 confessions post. I usually don't participate in tags or share uninteresting personal information, but I've really really enjoyed reading everyone's confessions posts and learning more about my fellow bloggers. goes:

1. I moved 6 times during my childhood. From China, to PA, NJ, VA, NY, OH, then to MA. It was hard to make and keep close friends in school and I don't wish to subject my future kids to that.

2. I like some really gross foods (like offals! lol). We had a good twitter chat going about this : )

3. I used to dabble in piano and had a secret YouTube channel. By Asian piano standards, I'm awful. I like playing Asian love songs.

4. I skipped 5th grade and missed the birds and the bees talk in health class. Why did it have to be that year? 

5. Sometimes I believe in fate. My boyfriend of 6+ years and I grew up on opposite coasts and applied to a myriad of colleges, but we both narrowed it down to the same top two choices. We ended up choosing the same one and I met him my first day of school!

6. I think the best gift my parents ever gave me was a humble beginning. 

7. I had a small "business" in high school sewing clothes & handbags for classmates. My senior year was spent furiously sewing in the basement! I even had to go to the ER after sewing my finger to a garment, lol. Some dresses that I made for proms (don't laugh!):
Next I am tagging a few of my fellow fashion / beauty bloggers. I know they usually don't participate in this sort of thing, but nosy me would like to learn more about them: Alterations Needed (I'm re-tagging you!), Frmheadtotoe, Coastalpolitan, and Kechiko.
Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!

My Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway

**This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been announced here. Thank you everyone who entered!**

I'm sure many of us in the States are getting ready for a few days of thanks aka pigging out on turkey, stuffing, sweet potaters and more. My Chinese mom usually substitutes tasty duck for turkey, but I found out she has ambitiously purchased a big bird this y to attempt a traditional Thanksgiving. Darn! I like my Asian duck.

Anyways, I wanted to do a giveaway this week as a tiny way to show my gratitude to all of you for reading and supporting this blog. When I started blogging a little over a year ago, inspired by Alterations Needed, never did I imagine the petite online community would blossom to where it is now (there were ~3 of us back then!). And I sure did not think I would end up making so many friends who share honest opinions, sweet comments, and useful recommendations. So thank you all very much.

Over this year I've been collecting duplicates of some things that I've tried & liked, to share with a lucky reader. I'm not affiliated with any of the below brands; everything was purchased by me. The prize package includes:
1. Rock & Republic pressed blush in Tease (a mauve-pink; my absolutely fave shade)
2. Shu Uemura eylash curler
3. J.Crew "olive moss" leather skinny belt in your choice of S or M (and I can punch extra holes for you)
4. J.Crew flower hair elastic (I have this in black and made it into a pin)
5. Revlon polish in "Vixen" (love, love this color) and 6. Revlon "No Chip" topcoat
7. N.Y.C. liquid eye liner in black and 8. a pair of ELF falsies

- Open internationally to public followers of
- Ends midnight EST on December 12, 2010 and a winner will be drawn at random
- Winner will have 72 hours to claim her prize after announcement

How to enter:
1. (Mandatory) Fill out the short form below. Next, leave ONE comment on this post using your follower account, sharing one of your favorite things (be it a beauty product, an article of clothing, a gadget, etc).

2. (Optional) For +1 extra entry, post the button below on your blog or sidebar to spread the love. Unfortunately, blogs or pages made for giveaways will not count as an extra entry.

Copy & paste the text below to grab this button:

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Petite Pants: J.Crew Minnie Skinny Pants

In my last J.Crew post I expressed disappointment for the fit of the Minnie pants. These are allegedly J.Crew's most popular pants (available in many color and fabric combos season after season) and were recommended by several petites. When they arrived I was thrilled that they almost fit, and was all set on keeping them until seeing pics. Pics are the best for showing how things fit! Here is a closer look:
Heels: Aldo  Earrings: Thrifted
Blouse: Theory ombre silk top sz P   Blazer: Theory sz 00 
Pants: J.Crew Twill Minnies in Charcoal sz 00P - on sale

Not too bad with heels, right? A bit slouchy throughout (and I heard that they continue to stretch out with wear) and I wish they tapered a little more at the ankle. I was excited to get gray pants because I've been having trouble pairing this little blazer. It's a dark navy wool with gray plaid throughout...and all I have are black bottoms for work whcih don't look so great together. Any suggestions?
Oh how I adore vintage earring finds (for $3 at Savers thrift store!). Continue reading...

Life with PAG: NYC Weekend Part I

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! It was unseasonably nice in the Northeast and I relished every minute of it, shopping and eating my way around NYC. Our hotel was right in Times Square which is jam-packed 24/7. We both look miserable below lol (promise that was not the case!):
Sat began with brunch at Cafe Habana. We had huevos rancheros, pollo verdes (pulled chicken braised in tomatillo salsa over corn tortillas and black beans), a side of chorizo sausage and Mexican hot chocolate. I never know the difference between egg styles...these came sunny side up and were unsettling in my tummy (never again). Over easy is the way to go.

Broadway in Soho is my favorite area to shop, as it boasts a TopShop, Zara, Uniqlo, F21, two H&Ms, and much more...
Scored these olive lizard-embossed Tory Burch revas at Bloomingdales. At checkout, the SA and I were equally surprised to find out they were on sale for $160 retail $235 plus 20% off for F&F. I haggled for another 10% off as these were the floor model. I avoid the regular leather revas as they scuff way too easily. I have patent ones which have held up decently and I had been eying the reptile-embossed leather ones for a while.

Earrings ($22) from the Young Designers Market (thanks seejessicago for the tip!) and overpriced rings from Topshop (used my student ID tho for 10% off...shh). Also picked up a little something for my secret santa recipient.
Met up with an old friend later and couldn't resist having some sliders & sangria at The Meatball Shop. They have a menu that you write on and create all sorts of combos with (pork, beef, chicken, etc meatballs and about 5 kinds of sauce). My fave was classic beef with spicy meat sauce.

Wine in Little Italy with some cali friends who were also visiting. I couldn't get over the fact that we were dining al-fresco in the midst of November!

Around midnight we hit up the 53rd and 6th Halal cart (open til 4am...amazing). There was a super long line although the same company had a second cart open 10 yards away with no line at all.
While walking around earlier that day I caught a whiff of deliciousness and my nose led me to this cart. We had just eaten but I was giddy to come back later.

$6 gets you a combo plate (big enough for 2) with chicken and lamb over yellow rice with some pita slices and salad. The white (yogurt?) sauce makes the meal and although it looks gross in photos I lapped it all up....friggen delicious.

More pics to come, including when I got to meet two gorgeous / smart girls who are fellow bloggers! Have any of you New Yorkers or visitors hit up the above places? Let me know what you think or if you have tips & rec's to share ; )

Say Hello to DSK (and a small giveaway!)

*Giveaway is now closed! Thank you everyone for entering*

Dearest readers, I apologize for not showing outfits or styling tips for several posts now. Boston weather is currently 30's and "wintry mix," so posing for outdoor photos without looking like rudolph the red nosed reindeer is tres difficile! 

Instead I wanted to share with you guys some fun news that has me awesome friend Stephanie of DSK Jewelry has invited me to join her family of "dsk models." Although I'm beyond flattered and proud to represent her brand, I'm a bit shy to join the ranks of the ladies on there!

I initially found DSK through Jen Frmheadtotoe (whom I found through Alterations Needed), and from Steph's sidebar I discovered some of the best beauty bloggers/youtubers out there - Eki, Pam, Stephie, and of course Jen as well. Earlier this year I also stalked DSK's 2010 model search where 44 beautiful girls competed to represent DSK (I voted for apetitediva Janine : ) ... I feel so lucky to have a spot with them. I'm just a conserv. petite clothing blogger!
Wearing DSK lemon quartz wire-wrapped earrings - scroll down for giveaway!

Aside from being a passionate jewelry artisan, Steph is one of the best friends I've made on the blogger community. She and I are almost twins, climbing out of our wombs in the same month and year! We instantly hit it off chattering about food, shopping, and silly boyfriends. Check out her personal blog if you like beauty reviews, puppy pics, and extravagant Louboutin or LV hauls : ) Steph became a full-time entrepreneur after graduating from college, which I find hugely admirable. Wouldn't you love to be in the business of making others happy, or to work in a profession that you're truly passionate about?
Wearing the sterling silver Lady Pearl earrings - $15

dsk3Picture 4

Lol, excuse my gnarly flyaway hairs and "sideburns"! DSK jewelry is sparkly and youthful, but there definitely are pieces for the more conservative or mature dressers. Her jewelry is hand-made using quality materials...a lot of pretty Swarovski crystals and beads. Below are two items I love that are also work-appropriate:

Steph gave some advice a while back that really resonated with me..."Social media is powerful...we all have to look out for one another, and ignore the bad apples. You know who your real friends are over the course of time online." I've had some ups and downs throughout blogging, but the wonderful, wonderful friends I've made through readers and fellow bloggers alike have made it all worth it. 

As a small way to spread the love, I'm giving away a pair of DSK lemon quartz wire-wrapped earrings (shown in the first photo up top). These were my first purchase, and I love the dainty yellow gem. Just leave a comment saying you'd like to enter, then visit Steph and say hi : ) I'll draw the winner before my next post.

Shopping for Small Shoes (Nordies Search by Size) & Aldo Sale

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions regarding where to find small-sized shoes, and I usually send readers to Nordstrom online. Nordies offers a huge selection of shoes starting at womens "size 4 or smaller," which you can search for by size, price, style, etc. I like that they carry a range from department store brands, to high-end designers. Nordies also offers an amazing price-matching service (you can "live chat" online or call their customer service if you find the same item elsewhere for less) and hassle-free returns.
A quick search by size yields 88 styles in size 4 or below, and almost 600 styles in my size, 5.5

This weekend I popped into a store and was surprised to find two full racks of sale shoes under size 6, for their half-yearly sale. The selection online is much larger, but I was still excited to see so many tiny shoes. I contemplated getting the Franco Sarto lady boots in size 5.5 (on sale, comes in size 4 and +):
The shaft fit me pretty well around the calves, and only after seeing the stock photo did I realize the cuff could be folded way down. I passed on these because the heel was too high for me to rock comfortably, but see them on Ping here. I also tried on tons of Hunter rain boots in different heights and compared womens vs. kids fit, but that's for a later post : )

Continue reading...

J.Crew Petite Items - Fit Reference Guide for the Extra Petite

Are you a tiny petite who has been eagerly eying the pretty items at J.Crew? Pondering how the vibrant pencil skirts and cozy coats will fit your child-sized frame?

Over the past few months, I've been trying on popular J.Crew items so that I could share reviews with you guys when a great sale hits. Although that hasn't happened yet, a decent sale is upon us this week. From now until Thursday, November 6th, code "FALLSALE" will take 25% off your entire order of $150 or more, sale items included! Here are some items that I have tried on:

1. J.Crew Double-Serge Wool Pencil Skirt in 00P (on sale for $68.60 - $88.50 from $118), comes in 7 colors!
This skirt fit me perfectly right off the rack! Hallelujah!
 Continue reading for more photos....