Rachel Zoe's Moto Jacket - Petite Fashion Challenge # 3

Petite Fashion Challenge #3 is hosted this week by Petite Little Girl! Be sure to visit her blog to see all the entries by fellow petites.
The Challenge: "Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less. Your style icon doesn't have to be petite."

I don't really know celebs—my friends poke fun at me for being completely devoid of pop culture knowledge. It was truly a challenge for me to find an outfit to recreate. I first looked up pics of famous petites, but nothing really resonated with the stuff in my wardrobe. Some considerations below: the Olsen twins (too homeless), then Rachel Bilson (too tomboy), then Hayden Panettiere (no style at all).

As the clock was ticking down yesterday, I stumbled upon this image of Rachel Zoe, celeb stylist. I thought, hey now, finally something I can do. Gray moto jacket: check. Patterned scarf: check. Fab over-the-knee boots and oversized Chanel tote...le sigh. Will have to be substituted by kiddie leggings and invisible designer handbag.
Lace Top: H&M Trend sz 2 - $32
Cardigan: LOFT sz XXSP - $20
Moto Jacket: Topshop Petites sz 0 - $115 (gift from bf)
Leggings: H&M kids sz 11/12 - $8 Linen Scarf: H&M - $8
 Booties: Calvin Klein "Hadrian" sz 6 from eBay - $40 Gradient Sunnies: Chanel

Not sure where Rachel's stuff is from but I think one (1) of her boots may have cost more than my entire outfit. So hopefully this satisfies the "look for less" portion of the challenge!

pfc3 -1

To make up for the boring bottom half, I tucked an H&M lace trimmed blouse under the cardigan. This is the flowy blouse version of a dress I reviewed back in this post.

Work has consumed me lately so posts here will definitely be more sporadic. I wanted to say "Hi!" to new readers and "thank you" to all past readers for continuing to visit and being patient with my responses : ) Since I'm so behind on blogging, I just ordered a flip cam in hopes of recording short "v-log" reviews of recent purchases while they are still in stores. Stay tuned, and I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

Something different: H&M Faux-Fur Collar

I saw this collar on xppinkxx's blog last week and immediately put it on my buy list. She wore it over a simple black blazer with shorts, tights, and flats, and I feel in love! Faux-fur is everywhere this season, but I wanted to dabble in it without spending too much.

When I came upon the rack of collars at H&M, several girls were clustered around it displaying their mockery & disgust. I had to huffily push my way through to grab one. I suppose this is one of those things that you can either love or hate.

Faux-fur collar: H&M
Khaki Jacket: Theory sz 00 
Dress: Theory Yeneth sz 0 (hemmed)
Heels: Ann Taylor Elle Pumps in sz 5 (buy here)
Sweater: LOFT long cardi sz XXSP in charcoal (buy here)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny sz S (buy here, holes punched)

For $14.95, I am tres impressed by this accessory. The faux fur is beige/taupe/gray and goes nicely with a variety of colors. It definitely looks and feels more expensive than $15, and easily dresses up cardigans or blazers. Continue reading for more photos...