More slim pants - Review: Ann Taylor Capris sz 00P

Many petite favorite retailers are offering slim pants this season and I coudn't be more thrilled. I've always loved slim pants for work, but previously only Theory carried them in small sizes. J.Crew jumped on the bandwagon with the Minnie pant, and now Gap, Ann Taylor, and LOFT each have their versions.

In Boston, most women commute to work in flats, so cropped, slim cut pants are a must-have for me to avoid tripping over long hems. I find them to be more versatile than boot-cut trousers, and much easier to incorporate into weekend casual outfits.
Blouse: Banana Republic 00P
Jacket: Theory Caprine 00P
Pants: Ann Taylor Stretch Twill Capris sz 00P (also comes in black)
Belt: J.Crew (similar here - love "heather dove")

Even though I just bought a pair of Gap slim crops, I was enticed by Chloe's claim that these pants ran small. They are more like ankle pants on my short 28" inseam legs, which some of you may find asthetically awkward, but I don't mind at all. Continue reading for my review...

Petite Fashion Challenge #1 - "Do a Petite Don't"

**If you haven't yet, don't forget to enter the giveaway to win Allison Izu jeans! There will be three winners chosen Sunday night.**

Thank you to all the petites who decided to join me in the first little "challenge." Readers, I hope you will check out the participating posts and leave these ladies your thoughts : )

In alphabetical order by blog name (please let me know if I left you out!):

Nelah @52 New Days - capris and a big belt 
Kelly @Alterations Needed - ankle strap shoes
Hanna @Evolving Style - maxi dress
Caramel Covered Everything - bermuda shorts
Curls and Pearls - very wide-legged jeans
Elle @elleandish - wide legged jumpsuit
Elle @Fast Food and Fast Fashion - long dress
Khatu @ I am Khatu - stripes, capris, and wide legged pants
Sydney @Petite Gorgeous - oversized shapeless dress
Sydney @Petite Little Girl - long shapeless shirt
Petite XXS - wide-legged capris
Kiki @Psyched for Style - ankle strap shoes
Cynthia @Shorty Stories - slightly too long dress
Vicky @Vicky's Daily Fashion - flowy mid-calf dress

Due to my lack of creativity, here I am giving wide-legged pants another shot. The last time I showed such pants, many readers confirmed that they were unflattering. A few suggested trying a more fitted top...and sadly I could only find my pandex-y undertanks:
Tank: Theory one size
Seersucker Pants: Banana Republic 00P
Heels: Marc Fisher sz 6, thrifted
Necklace: J.Crew  Handbag: LV Speedy 25

Heh, heh...and just for fun, a big fat N-O...the same outfit idea but with a baggier top and flats:
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Life with PAG: A Hair-y Past

I've been looking for a new hairstyle/color for Fall, and ended up digging through past photo archives. Let's just say that the hair gods have not always been kind to me. Shall we start the journey back in the 1990's?
Ages 3 through 10:
If you've had the Asian bowl haircut, raise your hand...

Trench Quest, Part II - Burberry Kids sz 12

Ever since I started blogging, I've been slowly distancing myself from the kids department. The kiddie section is great for bargains, but 90% of the time there is something about the garment that just says "KIDS." This month, however, I was lured in by Burberry's selection of (relatively) affordable kids trench coats. Many readers have been asking about the fit of these, so I ordered a few (3, to be exact!) in the name of experimentation.
 Trench: Burberry Girls Mini Ivybridge, sz 12Y / 152cm (adult version sold here)
Jeans: H&M kids sz 11/12

I picked up the Mini Ivybrdige in sz 12Y/152cm (my height exactly!) for $475. In comparison, the adult Ivybridge sells for $995. This one fit the best out of the three. Continue reading for my review...

Petite Lookbook Rejects

I was digging around my photo archives and came across a number of outfits that just never made it into "lookbooks"... I guess I'll show a few anyways so my dear boyfriend's photography efforts don't go completely to waste!
Didn't make it # 1 - All Shroomed Out
Oversized Tee: H&M Divided sz 2
Shorts: H&M Divided sz 2

Pardon the huge frown...I was trying to look suave. I wore this on a lazy weekend afternoon with lower gladiator wedge sandals. I paired the same colors together trying to create the look of a romper (love those!).

Trench Quest, Part I: Burberry Petites Double-Breasted Trench

This month marks the beginning of my quest for the perfect, classic Burberry trench. Bear with me if I seem to be nit-picking in the reviews, but I've splurged before on items that I wasn't completely satisfied with, and I want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

The first candidate is this trench from Nordstrom's anniversary sale in 2P, their smallest size. This coat got nothing but rave 5-star reviews from shoppers ("classic" ..."gorgeous" ..."slim"..), so my hopes were high. I was also curious about Burberry's petite sizing - a Nordies exclusive - but the regular Burberry store does such a good job with alterations that petite sizing isn't a huge deal to me. 
Coat: Burberry Double-Breasted Trench sz 2P ($895 was on sale for $550)
Jeans: H&M kids sz 11/12
Heels: Aldo sz 35

Material: When I opened the box, my face fell. The material was reminiscent of waterproof windbreaker fabric, instead of the classic cotton trench material I had expected. Upon reading the label I saw that it was 100% polyester. After feeling the slightly shiny material, I already knew this coat was going back.