How Much Do You Spend?

Today's post is on a topic that I've always been curious about - on average, how much do you ladies spend on your wardrobe each month? How do you manage or control that spending? I'll share my own "info," but I'm more interested in hearing your thoughts.
^ 2 things I tend to splurge on - Burb Coats and Coco

Before I started PAG/ExtraPetite I had a blog called "Fashionable Finance" for over one year, on which I babbled about savings, investing, retirement accounts, etc until I bored readers to tears. To avoid that happening again, please continue reading at your own discretion! Snoozefest to ensue!

Tiny Blazer Find: Lucca Couture "Skylar" sz XS

A quick post because I need to go pack for North Carolina (I'm a super light packer by the way, for 3 "work days" I will bring a laptop bag and a longchamp tote). I spent some time during my college years interning near Charlotte, and fell in love with the area. Can't wait to go back for some BBQ and sweet tea - drool.

So after painstakingly choosing what to keep from my last Urban Outfitters haul, I popped into a store last week to make my returns...and ended up finding at least 10 more items to try on. Go figure...

So much stuff was on sale for $10 or $20, but I stayed strong and resisted buying anything "just because" it was cheap. This little blazer however caught my eye on a mannequin, where it looked super cute paired over a floral sundress w/ the sleeves scrunched up.
Jacket: Lucca Couture "Skylar" in sz XS
Dress: Banana Republic 00P
Shoes: old Macy's pumps
Belt: J.Crew sz S w/ extra holes

Seeing this photo I now realize I cuffed the sleeves way too much. Photos really are the best way to truly see and critique your own outfits. You guys will have to trust me that this jacket looks better over casual dresses...I felt very informal at work and won't wear it like this again.

Petite Lookbook: A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

***A huge thank you to everyone who participated and voted in my work outfit giveaway. You guys chose Catherine (#5) as the winner with 36 votes, and Janice (#9) for second place with 27 votes. I counted meticulously because the votes were so darn close! Everyone looked great in my opinion, but special mentions to Callandra (#4) and Jessica (#12) who were super close behind.***

On to today's post...

I'm a little scared of the color orange, but this is the summer of pushing outside my comfort zone. Right now my mani is OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, a vibrant red-orange (as seen in my last video), and friends have commented on how tan it makes me look. But does this color also work on apparel?
Linen Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet, sz XXSP
Shorts: H&M Divided sz 2
Shoes: Banana Republic 5.5
Bag: LV Speedy 25

This blouse was my sole purchase from the BR outlet during my last shopping spree. There were TONS of 'em at the outlet (several in sz XXSP) and it wasn't hard to see why ...

Guest Post: Plight of the Fashion Blogger's Boyfriend

Being “Boyfriend of Jean” comes with important duties -- tasks such as taking blog photos and knowing when to say, “that makes you look tall.” But the number one responsibility that accompanies dating a shopping-happy 5-foot-tall lady is, of course, taking her shopping.
I’ve written this post to give a male perspective on a few retail establishments, partially in hopes of providing some guidance, but mostly to let all the fashion blogger BFs out there know: you’re not alone, dude.

Click below to continue reading...

How to punch extra (non-crappy looking) holes into a belt

While purging my closet, I came across several belts that were a lil' too big. I thought about asking my boyfriend to punch extra holes into them, but after inspecting his own DIY belt hole job (see last pic below) I decided to pass...

I've heard so much about this revolving leather hole puncher on Amazon (see: PetiteXXS, AN forum, but did not want to pay for shipping. I called around and discovered that Michaels Arts & Crafts and A.C. Moore carries it for $9.99, plus I found printable coupons online for both stores for 40% or 50% off one item. Silly me forgot my coupon, but ACMoore took it right off my iPhone ... score :D

Verdict: A MUST HAVE for anyone who has ever had trouble finding belts in the right size - whether too big or too small. One of the best $5's I've ever spent! Just compare the holes I punched (bottom) vs. the one my bf poked the old-fashioned way, using an awl (top):
I don't recommend this for belts that are several sizes too big, because there will be too much length left over. I need to figure out what to do my flopping ends...I've heard about fashion tape, but I want a permanent solution! Any suggestions?

Life with PAG: Maxi-d out at the Beach

There's been a lot of debate in the petite fashion world about whether maxi dresses are a do or a don't. I think that with the right drape and length, they can be a "do" for lazy summer days. The one I am wearing is from the Target junior's department, in sz XS. I hemmed it an inch so that it hits right at the ankles and doesn't interfere with my walking. What do you guys think?
Happy 4th of July to my US readers! (forgive the rubber flops here...)

Yesterday we went to a small beach with friends to watch the sunset and eat fried seafood, and inadvertently caught several firework shows.