How Much Do You Spend?

Today's post is on a topic that I've always been curious about - on average, how much do you ladies spend on your wardrobe each month? How do you manage or control that spending? I'll share my own "info," but I'm more interested in hearing your thoughts.
^ 2 things I tend to splurge on - Burb Coats and Coco

Before I started PAG/ExtraPetite I had a blog called "Fashionable Finance" for over one year, on which I babbled about savings, investing, retirement accounts, etc until I bored readers to tears. To avoid that happening again, please continue reading at your own discretion! Snoozefest to ensue!

Tiny Blazer Find: Lucca Couture "Skylar" sz XS

A quick post because I need to go pack for North Carolina (I'm a super light packer by the way, for 3 "work days" I will bring a laptop bag and a longchamp tote). I spent some time during my college years interning near Charlotte, and fell in love with the area. Can't wait to go back for some BBQ and sweet tea - drool.

So after painstakingly choosing what to keep from my last Urban Outfitters haul, I popped into a store last week to make my returns...and ended up finding at least 10 more items to try on. Go figure...

So much stuff was on sale for $10 or $20, but I stayed strong and resisted buying anything "just because" it was cheap. This little blazer however caught my eye on a mannequin, where it looked super cute paired over a floral sundress w/ the sleeves scrunched up.
Jacket: Lucca Couture "Skylar" in sz XS
Dress: Banana Republic 00P
Shoes: old Macy's pumps
Belt: J.Crew sz S w/ extra holes

Seeing this photo I now realize I cuffed the sleeves way too much. Photos really are the best way to truly see and critique your own outfits. You guys will have to trust me that this jacket looks better over casual dresses...I felt very informal at work and won't wear it like this again.

Makeup Review: ELF False Lashes, Brow Kit, and Blush

No fashion-y stuff today, but stay tuned because there are goodies coming in mail:

1. Double Breasted Trench in 2P - Nordies is the only US retailer that offers Burberry trenches in petite sizing. It is a shocking 40% off during their Anniversary sale (ends Aug. 2nd) plus I used ebates for an extra 3% cash back.

2. Kids Ivybridge Trench in girls sz 12 - When readers ask about Burberry kids, I always try to deter them. I feel that kids coats - although much cheaper than womens - just don't compare to the cut and quality of their adults line. But in the name of research, I took one for the team and ordered the kids version of the womens Ivybridge trench.

On to today's post...
I tried ELF Cosmetics back in 2004 when they first opened shop, and was pretty disappointed in most of my $1 items. Six years later, though, their offerings have grown significantly, so I decided to give ELF another shot. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a coupon code!
(Above) Me wearing all three products purchased:
Continue reading for my video and review...

Review: Banana Republic Non-Iron Dress Shirt in 00P

Those who have been reading my blog for a while may know that I detest button-up shirts. It is almost impossible to find one that fits perfectly (for many women, not even just petites), plus I'm not a big fan of the look. I'd much rather wear a pretty silk blouse, than some bunchy, wrinkle-prone button up shirt.

Please forgive this winter-y ensemble..I grabbed the first pencil skirt I could find, and ran outside for pics!
Shirt: Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Button Up Shirt in Indigo Sateen, sz 00P
Skirt: Theory Joanie sz 00
Wedges: Tory Burch Sophie sz 5.5
 Continue reading for my review...

Ann Taylor: Free Ship on Anything + $50 Off

Sorry for 2 posts in one day...but this almost never happens! For a limited time Ann Taylor is offering free ship on ANY and all items on their website. Thank you PetiteXXS for tweeting about this : )

Pearl necklace w/ Pave Crystal detail - Just saw this and fell in love. Beautiful, classy, simple.

And of course, coupon codes (pls share if you have better ones):

- CCABIN50 gives you $50 any purchase over $150, full price only.
- JULYSALE35 gives you 30% off, or 35% off for cardholders, full price only (Thanks, RL!)
- JULY20 gives you 20% off your entire order over $100, sale included
- and don't forget eBates for an extra 3% cashback on AT!

A quick glance showed that many pumps were in stock in 5's and 5.5's, with new styles to boot! Don't miss your chance to grab these as the small sizes are usually the first to go. My personal favorites:

1. Perfect Patent Pump is available in Black, Walrus and back in Porcini!! These are a work staple for me. I tried on Porcini here and regretted not keeping.

2. My fave Tropical Wool Pencil Skirt is stocked up in black or navy. Not recommended for any petites tinier than me, though, as 00P barely fits me (see post).

Happy shopping! Anyone get anything from this sale?

Petite Lookbook: A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

***A huge thank you to everyone who participated and voted in my work outfit giveaway. You guys chose Catherine (#5) as the winner with 36 votes, and Janice (#9) for second place with 27 votes. I counted meticulously because the votes were so darn close! Everyone looked great in my opinion, but special mentions to Callandra (#4) and Jessica (#12) who were super close behind.***

On to today's post...

I'm a little scared of the color orange, but this is the summer of pushing outside my comfort zone. Right now my mani is OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, a vibrant red-orange (as seen in my last video), and friends have commented on how tan it makes me look. But does this color also work on apparel?
Linen Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet, sz XXSP
Shorts: H&M Divided sz 2
Shoes: Banana Republic 5.5
Bag: LV Speedy 25

This blouse was my sole purchase from the BR outlet during my last shopping spree. There were TONS of 'em at the outlet (several in sz XXSP) and it wasn't hard to see why ...

Guest Post: Plight of the Petite Blogger's Boyfriend

Being “Boyfriend of Jean” comes with important duties -- tasks such as taking blog photos and knowing when to say, “that makes you look tall.” But the number one responsibility that accompanies dating a shopping-happy 5-foot-tall lady is, of course, taking her shopping.
I’ve written this post to give a male perspective on a few retail establishments, partially in hopes of providing some guidance, but mostly to let all the fashion blogger BFs out there know: you’re not alone, dude.

Click below to continue reading...

How to punch extra (non-crappy looking) holes into a belt

While purging my closet, I came across several belts that were a lil' too big. I thought about asking my boyfriend to punch extra holes into them, but after inspecting his own DIY belt hole job (see last pic below) I decided to pass...

I've heard so much about this revolving leather hole puncher on Amazon (see: PetiteXXS, AN forum, but did not want to pay for shipping. I called around and discovered that Michaels Arts & Crafts and A.C. Moore carries it for $9.99, plus I found printable coupons online for both stores for 40% or 50% off one item. Silly me forgot my coupon, but ACMoore took it right off my iPhone ... score :D
This is so easy to use, it really does not warrant a video. I am just sharing some small tips in here, plus the bf's strong hand makes a guest appearance:

Verdict: A MUST HAVE for anyone who has ever had trouble finding belts in the right size - whether too big or too small. One of the best $5's I've ever spent! Just compare the holes I punched (bottom) vs. the one my bf poked the old-fashioned way, using an awl (top):
I don't recommend this for belts that are several sizes too big, because there will be too much length left over. I need to figure out what to do my flopping ends...I've heard about fashion tape, but I want a permanent solution! Any suggestions?

LOFT fitting room reviews in XXSP and 00P

Today (Monday) is the last day to submit entries for my summer work outfit giveaway (feel free to send em' until midnight). Coincidentally, I came across a LOFT store this weekend that was stocked with XXSP and 00P items. They were having 40% off all regular priced items, so I couldn't resist trying some items on.

I know retailers shun in-store photos...but I think it can be a great marketing tool for them (for positively reviewed items, of course). What do you guys think? Should bloggers stop photographing items that they don't actually own?

1. Ornate Zebra Pencil Skirt in 00P, $69.50 before discounts.

Liked: Simple black and white animal print on a classic pencil silhouette, in a smooth, cooling fabric. I have a lot of solid tees and tops which need to be jazzed up by a print skirt like this.
Disliked: As you can see from the 3rd pic, the 00p was a bit big on me. I prefer my pencil skirts to sit higher up on the waist and hit right above the knee.
In the last photo (below right) I am holding in an inch or two from the back - so if you are a little bit bigger than me, then this would fit well.
Continue reading for more reviews...

Thrift store tips for petites

I know some people are iffy about shopping in thrift stores (but some love it!) and I completely understand both sides. On one hand, there could be good & cheap finds to be had, but on the other hand...I know not everyone wants to be spotted rummaging around at the local Goodwill. 
Based on my last thrifting trip, here are my recommended areas for petites:

1. Vintage Belts
According to the CDC, the avg. weight for an American woman is 25 lbs more today than it was in 1960. That means older belts should fit considerably smaller than current day ones. Evidence:

- 2 vintage belts I found at thrift store, sz Small: 25.5 inches at the smallest hole, 32 inches total length.

VERSUS "current"belts I bought this year:

- J.Crew sz Small: 27 inches around the waist at the smallest hole, 36 total length.
- Banana Republic sz XS: 28 inches around the waist at the smallest hole, 36 total length.

Although leather punchers can add an extra hole, my pet peeve is the leftover length that flops around. My current-day belts have an extra four inches in length.

2. Lightweight Scarves
Silk, lightweight cotton, etc, are all good options to jazz up a plain outfit. Lightweight scarves are also usually one-size-appropriate-for-all (bulky winter scarves - not so much). Just make sure to wash purchases vigorously after you get home!

3. Vintage Jewelry
I always check out the bold vintage earrings, neckalces, and brooches, but so far no finds.

5 minutes is all it takes to make these three pit stops. A lot of thrift stores also have "sales" ... for example, I went to my local one when they were having a 50% off day, lol!

Readers - do you guys love or hate thrift store shopping? Those who love - share your favorite finds!

Petite Lookbook: Crisp White and Black

This is Part I of my weekend outlet finds. I adore this little tank and jacket...but keeping the jacket clean will drive me nuts. I found a few white garments in my closet that haven't been worn in a while, and they are all yellowed and yucky! Does anyone have tips on how to maintain and store crisp whites?
Jacket: Theory Caprine in sz 00
Ruffled tank: Theory Raquella sz P
Belt: Banana Republic XS
Jeans: H&M Kids sz 11/12 years
Wedges: BCBG 5.5

I <3 Theory. Their jackets seem to be getting more and more "shrunken" fit, and I'm not complaining! I exercised much self control at the Theory outlet this time...ended up with 2 items for under $95!

Sleek Maxi Dresses Under $20

**Don't forget to enter my summer work outfit contest! Click here for details**

A few of you asked whether the dress in my last post was current...unfortunately it is not, but I do have some finds to share (all under $20!) that are potentially petite-friendly:

1. Promises studded-back maxi, $29.50 $19.99 from PacSun.
I love this dress - the silhouette is classic but the back adds a bit of interest. I can't find any info about the length, but this is available in 2 colors in sz XS. Use "EM11WEL10" for 15% off online.

Read on for more picks...

Life with PAG: Maxi-d out at the Beach

There's been a lot of debate in the petite fashion world about whether maxi dresses are a do or a don't. I think that with the right drape and length, they can be a "do" for lazy summer days. The one I am wearing is from the Target junior's department, in sz XS. I hemmed it an inch so that it hits right at the ankles and doesn't interfere with my walking. What do you guys think?
Happy 4th of July to my US readers! (forgive the rubber flops here...)

Yesterday we went to a small beach with friends to watch the sunset and eat fried seafood, and inadvertently caught several firework shows. 

A new petite brand to try + free ship

I hope everyone's weekends are going well...I know mine is! I have a big haul from yesterday that I can't wait to share with you guys next week, but first I wanted to mention that UK retailer ASOS is having free shipping to the US this weekend (no code necessary).

I'm not an expert on UK sizing, but PetiteLittleGirl bravely ventured out and tried their regular sz 6 in this post. The dresses were a bit big on her, but I have a feeling that their petite sz 4 will fit much smaller. I have had several readers suggest this size to me saying that it is tiny! Size chart says that it is equivalent to Euro 32, which at H&M fits like a US sz 00.

I'm passing on this sale, but here are my picks, all $30 or less and all still left in Petite sz 4:

I think the deeper V neck adds a sultry twist (and chance to show off a good push-up!) and the fluttery hem is very feminine.

2. Petite Floral Tea Dress, $25.36 - another floral pick, with an edgy exposed zipper in the back.
3. Petite Pleat Detail Shift Dress, $30.44 - I am drawn to this shift dress in bright coral. I think it would also look nice with a skinny waist belt.

* PS - For those who don't live near a Theory outlet, I found out that they ship to you for a flat rate of $15. I picked up the Caprine Jacket in a creamy white (see it on AN here) in sz 00 for $75:

For those who are interested, I included the tag for easier locating. See store listing here.

Craving Now & Outlet Sales

TGIF! I forgot to do a post for today because I did work til I dozed last night, but I have the day off to go outlet shopping : D ! First though I wanted to show this cardigan again:

I posted about this on my sidebar ages ago having a sneaking suspicion that it ran small - and it sure does. Check it out on the lovely Chloe (pretty sure she is wearing sz XS). It looks super cropped and shrunken fit on her which is great news for tiny petites. Crave crave...too bad it is still full price!

Today I will be hitting up two sales:

1. Theory Outlet Backroom Sale

2. Banana Republic Outlet sale on top of sale on top of sale. Click here for a printable coupon.

Hope I luck out with some good finds! What are everyone's plans for the long weekend (well, US readers only)? Anyone hitting up the outlets as well?
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