Do or Don't: Wide-Legged Pants on Petites?

My mom gave me these LOFT pants a while ago (see alterations post) and I haven't broken them out yet. It's really too bad because I love the lightweight linen fabric. I'm just a slim/skinny pant kind of girl, because I feel that wide pants make me look...frumpy dumpy.

In Boston, most women commute to work in flats or flip flops, which makes it even harder for me to pull off the wide pant look. Who wants to be seen wading/flopping over their clown pants while boarding the subway?
Blouse: H&M ruffle top sz 2
Pants: LOFT sz 00P (waist taken in)
Heels: Banana Republic sz 5.5

I wish I took another full-body shot to show the billowing pants, but I was in a rush. What do you guys think about wide pants on petites? 

Life with PAG: A Lobster-y Weekend

Saturday was beautiful so we spontaneously decided to go to Rockport, MA for some fresh lobster. Rockport is very quaint, with some small beaches and art galleries, but it boasts an amazing lobster shack. I knew I was going to be covered in crustacean juices, so I chose a simple outfit:
Tee: H&M sz 2
Military skirt: H&M divided sz 
Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri seahorse sandals for Target, sz 5.5
Earrings: H&M Divided,  Bag: LV Speedy 25

Nick and I parked the car and pretty much sprinted to Roy Moore's Lobster Shack. This place is a true "shack" with lobster traps out back, and a big vat of seawater where the lobsters are boiled by the dozen then whacked by a cleaver for easy cracking. Below left: photo taken 1 year ago. Below right: photo taken last weekend. Prices did not change - 3 lobsters for $35. Man, I want my old hair back!
Continue reading for more photos...

Petite Lookbook: Floral & Linen

As temperatures dipped into the 50's last week, I was thankful for this linen scarf from H&M. I'm not entirely sure how to wear it, though, because it's bigger than I would like. In the photos it is wrapped twice then knotted in the front - feels like I have a donut around my neck. I might try taking off some volume by cutting it in half lengthwise.
Cardigan: J.Crew lightweight bling sz XS (similar here)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Tropical Wool in "Soft Pewter" sz 00P (sold here)
Pumps: Ann Taylor Perfect Exotic Pumps sz 5 (sold here)
Akoya pearl necklace: 35" long 7-8mm, from eBay
Scarf: H&M

Overall this is a very non-exciting, but comfortable outfit. The Ann Taylor skirt has become my seasonal favorite - I wear it probably once a week. I think I lost a few lbs since my NYC overeating days, so the hips are now baggy on me. Nevertheless the fit is still acceptable, and I can't wait to pick up more non-black colors. I was eying the Ground Pepper but it is currently out in 00P.

I'm also trying out new makeup products in an effort to update my 5-minute work face for Spring. New items I'm wearing: Rock & Republic blush in Spank (my first blush) bought thanks to a review by Jen of Frmheadtotoe, and Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout - a creamy lilac pink. A little color goes a long way in adding life to a dull face!

New Purchases & Summer Business Attire Inspiration

I apologize for not sharing any work outfits as of late. I have some posts lined up though, promise! To compensate for my recent lack of work focus, I'd like to share some pics from my iPhone files for inspiration. I'm currently working with a fashionable friend, who shows up every day in outfits oozing of Spring/Summer. She's not petite, but may of these items below did/do come in petite sizing.
1. Crisp White Suit with Rust Ruffles
Suit - Ann Taylor, Blouse - J.Crew (avail. here in 0P), Pumps - Unlisted
AT has a white pencil skirt here avail. in 00P

DIY Nautical Dress Step by Step

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my last post. I didn't document the steps very well at all, but hopefully these photos help a little. I would say this project is simple enough for beginners who have a sewing machine. The tees were 100% cotton so I shrunk them before cutting or sewing. To prep, cut the second tee into three components: 1. A bottom piece to attach onto the first tee for some extra length (if the tee is too short to be a dress); 2. a rectangle piece (material is thin, so I double-layered it) for the ruffle bib, and 3. thin strip for the center of the ruffles (not pictured).

Petite Lookbook: DIY Inspired Nautical Dress

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a See by Chloe dress worn by Tiffany at I-am-stylish. It was a short-sleeved shift dress with nautical stripes and feminine ruffles...simple, but perfect. The price however was a bit outside my budget. Inspired, I dusted off my sewing machine and set out to create a DIY version.
Dress: DIY from H&M sz 2 tees
Ankle-Strap Wedges: BCBG 5.5
Bangles: H&M sz XS/S w/2.5" diameter
Above Left: The inspiration - See by Chloe nautical dress, $267 (photo credit

Above Right: "Before" shot of my raw material. Bought two of these oversized 100% cotton tees at H&M for a grand total of $8. I tried on numerous striped tees before finding these perfectly airy and lightweight ones.

 This dress is so easy to wear under cardigans or blazers. Khaki jacket: Theory sz 00
Also goes well with my nude pumps from Target, sz 5.5 (sold here - now on sale!)
The back (I love the slouchy fit for hot summer days), and ruffle detailing:
All I did was use the second tee to make a ruffled bib, as well as add a few inches of length to the original tee shirt. Since I haven't sewn for years, I had several trial-and-errors on what should have been a simple project. Overall, though, I was quite pleased with the the time spent was worth it!

***Addendum - posted step by step pics here***

Life with PAG: Memorial Day Weekend

I just returned from my bi-annual trip home, where the bf and I had a relaxing few days filled with non-stop eating. Traveling home always brings back a flood of memories. We had very humble beginnings when we first immigrated to the US. My entire extended family lived in a dingy one-bedroom apt, and my parents worked multiple jobs to stay afloat while my dad was in grad school. We grew our own produce and raised our own poultry...imagine all the stares from neighbors and inquiries from the kids at school!

Whenever I spend time with my family in their (current) beautiful home, it's hard not to remember those times and to be thankful for everything that we have now. And of course that includes living in a country where those things are possible.

Some snapshots from Memorial Day weekend:
Eating BBQ ribs with my baby brother

Korean BBQ (beef shortribs) hot on the grill - so good

Grill master Dad (left) and Mom posing for her cooking blog photo (right)

Helping Mom with her homemade buns (roast pork, and sausage/chive/cheese)

Looking back, though, I wouldn't trade my childhood for the world. I've met many people who don't understand the meaning of hard work and ambition, or the value of money. I just hope that I can pass down such values to my own children : )

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!