A boost for As and Bs: The Little Bra Company

To me, a good push-up bra is a must-have accessory - one that I leave at home for work and family gatherings, and whip out for weekends and going out. Finding ones that suit my petite frame has never been an issue, because my mom buys them for me by the dozen in Asia. In this half of the hemisphere, however, The Little Bra Company (TLBC) bras are amongst the best that I've tried on.

I first heard about TLBC from Alterations Needed  - see her posts here and here. They specialize in A and B cup push-up bras in band sizes ranging from 28 to 36. TLBC recently contacted me and kindly offered to send a sample, as well as sponsor a giveaway for readers (stay tuned!).

Here is a demonstration of how their strategic push-up bra compares to one I got years ago from a department store. First up, TLBC Angela T-shirt bra, $52:
Left: Lily of France push up in 32A (from JCPennys)
Right: TLBC "Angela" in 32A (sold here)
H&M dress, sz 2

Reader Request: How to Look Older in Casual Attire

Reader Request: "I'm a 23 year old 5ft 90lb Asian girl who often gets mistaken for a 15 year old (or an 18 year old on a good day). Can you offer any fashion advice on how to look more your age? Specifically when it comes to casual clothes. I'm in grad school in the sciences and don't have the benefit of wearing nice professional clothes."

Being the approximate age and size of this reader, I set out to illustrate her situation. I put on my "grad student of the sciences" ensemble: sweatshirt, jeans, sneaks, and a curious face. I avoided makeup and pulled my hair back into a simple ponytail. I pictured my parents nodding vigorously in approval (their mantra is: a minute wasted on makeup, hair, or fashion is a minute that could've been better spent on studying). End result - below left.

Before (left): Ready to get carded for a PG-13 movie.
After (right): A few changes make a big difference in age.
 Left: Gap hoodie PXS, A&F kids tee sz M, True Religion "Joey" kids sz 12, New Balance sneaks kids sz 4
Right: Banana Republic top PXXS, J.Crew cardigan XS, True Religion "Stella" kids sz 12, Cole Haan flats sz 5

To keep casual and grad school-appropriate (I'm picturing long treks across campus and hours studying in the library), I avoided high heels. I wouldn't call myself fashion-forward, so keep in mind these aren't tips to look more stylish, or taller - just more mature:
And although this isn't fashion advice - I feel that looking more mature or sophisticated truly starts at one's face. Asians, especially, tend to have young baby faces that can really be transformed with a little eyeliner, mascara (on curled lashes), and bronzer. The products I'm wearing can be found in my everyday makeup for beginners video. Huge difference:
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Review: Petite Suiting Under $500 - Theory sz 00

This is my last post in the petite-friendly suiting series. I rushed to put this up today, because there are two Theory sales going on this weekend - rare! The most classic suit from this brand retails for about $620 (jacket + pants), but this weekend you can grab it for $465 after sales.

Since the items are still quite expensive, my picks from this sale are Theory's most classic items in their popular "Tailor" fabric. They make new items in this fabric season after season, so it's the perfect choice for an investment suit. The suit is currently available in 4 colors:

1. Gabe B. Blazer in sz 00
2. Max C trouser pants in sz 00 (view here on AN post-alterations)
3. Betty Sheath Dress in sz 0 (view here on DiaryofaShopper and here again styled differently - #15)

And just for fun, a slim work pant that I loved here on Stylepint: Theory Ibbey Pant in sz 00.

Now for my review:
Jacket: Theory Branden Jacket, sz 00
Pants: Theory Mark B pants, sz 00
Blouse: Ann Taylor sz XXSP
Patent pumps: Nine West sz 6

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Finding the Right Skirt Length (Petite Edition)

In your opinion, which of the skirt lengths below look best on me?

A. 2 inches past the knee; B. at the knee; or C. 2 inches above the knee:
Please, please excuse the zombie expressions and gnarly hair in this post. I couldn't bother to get dolled up for these photos.

A while back, one of my readers (thanks Elaine!) emailed me a link about determining one's ideal skirt length. The formula seems complicated, but the concept is simple: the most visually appealing skirt length shows 50% skirt and 50% leg. I will now walk through the "formula" ...

Petite Lookbook: Peach and Pleats

Lately, I've been trying to push my style outside of my comfort zone...especially color-wise. A year ago I wouldn't even have touched peach or salmon, and definitely not mustard yellow!  
Cropped Ruffled Top: Topshop Petite 0 (sold here)
Skirt: H&M "Trend" size 4
Cardigan: Martin & Osa XS
Bracelet: Akoya pearl necklace

*Petite skirt alert* - The waist on a sz 2 was unbelievably small, so I had to size up to a 4. I am in love with the silhouette of this skirt - slightly tulip-shaped with a high waist and well-placed pleats. The higher waist elongates short legs, and the pleats enhance nonexistent hips. As an added plus, the material is sturdy and does not wrinkle, and the zipper is heavy and gold-toned.