Super Sale Items Left in XXS or 00P

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Was going to do part II of petite suiting reviews today, but there are so many online sales going on that I had to share instead. I love double dipping with coupon codes on top of sales, so needless to say I was excited that LOFT's "SAVE25" works in addition to their current 30% off all dresses sale (just tested this in my shopping cart)! Narrowed it down to these picks for sharing:

LOFT Pleated Dress with Floral Applique, PXXS left in purple only. Love this easy breezy self-belted dress, and wish I saw it when gray was still in stock!

Final Price: $36.48

LOFT Rosette Jersey Dress in 00P, $36.48. I was so surprised that this is offered in numerical sizing instead of XS, S ... esp. considering it's made of stretch jersey! That just means better chance for a snug little fit!

LOFT Linen Dress with Ribbon Waist Tie in 00P, $41.74. I love linen for warm months, and I'm also drawn to the cute side pockets and front pleats. Size 00P remains in two colors.

In other news, J.Crew is having EXTRA30 off sale items with just a few XXS's remaining. Found this adorable Ruffled Henley Tank left in XXS with choice of four colors! The price - a bargain at just $17.50 w/ EXTRA30.
And remember this? The J.Crew Grand Ruffle Shell that I tried on in this post (note - I have on an XS) has gone on sale for just $22.75 with EXTRA 30! Size XXS is still left in every color. And a bonus - this is not final sale, so it should be returnable in the event that it doesn't fit.
In the world of work, Banana Republic is having EXTRA20 off sale items until March 31st. Sadly, I'm not interested in much from there. *However* I had to share this Taupe Sheath Dress that my friend Petite Polish Girl wore to work today. It's on sale (but by no means "super sale" so it doesn't really belong in this post) and still available in 00P online! The model photo looks mediocre, and the one online review is bad, but I thought it looked great on my friend - very classic and fitted in a lovely neutral color. Gonna post a pic of her tomorrow.

**As promised, photos of my friend in the above dress (for ref. she is 5'2" and 120lbs). Sorry it's a little wrinkly but this was taken after a long day of sitting - maybe that's a bad sign!
Dress: BR Taupe Sheath Dress in sz 2 (regular!)
Cardigan and belt; J.Crew size Small

Saturday Shopping Roundup - Petite Friendly Finds

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Went Spring casualwear shopping at the mall this weekend and found several petite-friendly options. I avoided my typical pit stops (Ann Taylor, H&M, BR and Theory) in an effort to diversify my wardrobe. Here are a few items that I did not end up getting, but they fit pretty well so I wanted to share with fellow petite shoppers:

1. Zara Woman navy striped grosgrain skirt with elastic waist, sz XS ($39)
I've never shopped in the Zara Women section because their smallest size is a US 4 - one size up from H&M's 2. I remember trying on a pair of pants and a jacket in 34 and they were humongous. This time, however, I found several skirts in size XS that fit great! This one was decently made and fully lined (work-appropriate too), but I ended up passing on it for another blue and white skirt.

2. Zara TRF (juniors line) chiffon skirt dress in sz Small ($39)
I almost didn't even bother trying on this dress because it did not come in XS, but the sales associate told me that the TRF juniors line runs small. Was very surprised at how snugly this fit. The bf really liked it, but I couldn't think of any occasion where I would wear this.

3. Forever 21 Zip Linen Dress in sz Small (sold here)
Ah, F21. How I dread that store. I like how they have online shopping, however you really can't trust what you see in the photos. I ordered several items that looked decent online that turned out to be quite shoddy in person. 

This dress in a size Small was very snug, due to the ruched middle. Forgive the shoes...I am sure this would look much nicer with the proper heels. I was a fan of the lightweight linen fabric and side pockets, but not so much of the emerald color against my skin tone.

4. Forever 21 Linen Skirt w/ Ribbon Tie in size Small (sold here)
Linen again! This skirt in sz Small was so tiny that I could barely zip it up. It has a slightly ruched waist underneath the grosgrain ribbon tie, and two side pockets.

5. Forever21 (Heritage 1981) vintage print knot back dress in sz Small ($19.99)
Can't find this online anymore, but they had tons of this dress in store. Again, forgive the shoes here - I thought this would look great on a warm casual day with strappy cognac colored sandals. This was my favorite out of all the F21 items tried on, but I ended up getting something else in a very similar print.

Spring Giveaway: J.Crew Crystal and Ribbon Necklace

The weather could not have been better on the first day of Spring. To celebrate, I am holding a small giveaway : ) Up for grabs is this brand new J.Crew necklace that is a perfect complement to Spring outfits:
You can adjust the ribbon to wear it longer (above) or shorter (below).
Closeup of taupe-colored grosgrain ribbon:

Contest Rules
Email me (petiteasiangirl at a photo of you in your favorite Spring outfit for work. Casual, business casual, biz formal - all are welcome! Please share the brands in your email, and as always, feel free to crop or blur out your face for privacy reasons. If you have a blog or website, please include the link in your email. Fellow bloggers - please send in outfits that you haven't already posted about, please : )

I will ship anywhere as long as you have a valid address, so international readers can enter as well.

Emails will be accepted until Wednesday, March 31st, and a winner will be chosen shortly afterwards. All entries will be featured - can't wait to see your outfits!

Petite Lookbook: Layered Trench

I love sun! It was in the 60's two weekends ago in Boston, and I celebrated by enjoying brunch outdoors. The weather here is unpredictable, though, so I made sure to dress in layers and wear comfy walking shoes.
Trench Coat: Theory sz P
Tee & Leggings: H&M sz 2
Shoes: Aldo taupe pumps
Bag: LV Damier Azur Speedy 25

This trench is an outlet find, and is one of the few Theory pieces I own in size "P" or "Petite." Size P is supposed to encompass 00 to 2 (quite a range) so I usually avoid it and head straight for the numerical sizing. Although this trench is a little loose on me, the fold-up sleeve cuffs and belted tie waist make it petite-friendly.

Review: Petite Suiting Under $150 - Express 00 / 00 Short

Over the next month, I'll be doing a series of reviews on petite-friendly suiting at three different price points. I want readers to keep in mind, however, that the prices listed are full retail prices - and with all the coupons and promo codes at our fingertips these days, full price is almost a thing of the past. So although the title reads $150, this suit was (and can be) acquired for much less.

I debated between doing H&M or Express for the most affordable category, and ended up choosing the latter. Although H&M runs smaller (a 2 fits me perfectly) and is more affordable (full suit is around $80 retail), their suiting material is just downright cheap and wrinkles like none other (refer to a review by AlterationsNeeded). So when Express had a sale  -which happens frequently, by the way-  I ordered the following suit for the same price as an H&M one: 

Reviewing: Express Studio Stretch 1-Button Jacket in 00 ($98), and Editor Pants in 00 Short ($48), both in Medium Charcoal. 

Front and side views:

Flat-as-a-pancake-derriere view:

The butch n' sassy look:

Stock Photos:

Despite how bad the suit may look on me at first glance, the problem lies primarily in the fit of the pants. If you look again at the above photos, the tailoring of the jacket is not perfect, but the overall fit is actually quite slim. The sleeves would need to be shortened because it's not "petites," but that would be the only alteration for me. For the price that I paid, I have few complaints about the jacket.

Petite Lookbook: Cropped Jacket & Cuffed Shorts

Being so petite, I feel like I can push the limits with hemlines without crossing into trashy land. Two of my favorite wardrobe pieces are the cropped jacket and short shorts. These high-waisted shorts have become one of my favorite things from H&M, for only $25. They weren't short enough to my liking, so I even had my tailors widen the cuff and bring up the length for $15.

I always refrained from doing the shorts with tights thing, thinking it would be too trendy for me. Once I tried it, though, I fell in love! And now that I'm finally comfortable with the look, winter is about to be over...bummer!
Jacket: Banana Republic Cropped Swing Jacket in 00P
Shorts: H&M divided sz 2
Booties: Calvin Klein sz 6
Bag: Chanel Petite Shopping Tote

I don't usually show purses with my outfits because I have a small collection (maybe 4 bags total?) and I usually just tote around my big Longchamp. I'm picky when it comes to purses and have been hunting deliberately for 2 specific ones (Marc Jacobs "The Kid" mini stam from '07 and Chanel small or medium flap with silver HW). One day. 

Quick Review: Ann Taylor Petal Shell and Perfect Pumps

Sorry for yet another Ann Taylor post, but I wanted to share the last of my work loot from last week. This top didn't catch my eye the first time around, but I added it on with my shoe spree:

The top doesn't look like much online, but the details are so pretty in person. The shirt itself is a stretchy and soft rayon/spandex blend that actually draped and fit as expected. The arm holes are trimmed with layered chiffon, and the petals are hand-sewn on with beaded centers. My only complaint is the larger-than-usual arm holes, but I can deal with that. Here's how it looks under a jacket and tucked into a skirt:
Jacket: Theory Gratian Blazer sz 00
Skirt: H&M sz 4 (waist and sides taken in, hemmed)

Annnd my shoe spree:
AT Pumps (in exotic, black leather, black patent, and soft pewter)

I admit I did go a little crazy, but I don't like shopping for work shoes. When I find something that works I tend to grab it in a variety of colors, then wear them happily for the following year. These pumps are exactly what I was looking for - classic, round toe pumps showing just enough toe cleav. with a comfy, work-appropriate 3.5" heel.

A word of warning, though - if you are between sizes you should probably size down. I can wear a 5.5 to 6 normally and I bought these pumps in sizes 5 and 5.5. Also, I take back what I said previously about AT carrying 5's in store ... that was a complete and utter lie told to me by a sales associate! The closest store to me carries 6.5 as the smallest size. How crazy is that?

AT Perfect Pump in Soft Pewter (sold out online, but still available in this purrty, rich Cognac color)

J.Crew Petite-Friendly Picks and 20% off Sweaters Sale

***J.Crew is having a 20% off sweaters sale from now until Sunday. No coupon code necessary.***

I fell in love with this tulle and cotton shell during my last trip to J.Crew. It comes in 5 colors that are perfect for the spring and summer.

And the best part? It runs small! Here I am wearing a size XS in cream. It may look slightly loose, but this tank has an A-line shape so I don't think it's meant to be too fitted. The cotton jersey material is heavyweight and sturdy, which is a bonus.

I loved it over leggings and almost bought it right then and there, but decided to go home and browse online. Good thing, too, because I discovered that this is available in size XXS online!

I noticed that I got a new follower last week - J.Crew Boston Sales Associates ... uh oh. I know that photography is shunned inside retail stores, but I'm just trying to promote the brand  :  )

Petite Lookbook: Classic Black Coat

Outerwear is one of the hardest things to shop for as a petite - and alterations alone can run pretty high. I spend a lot on my outerwear, but I feel like the cost is justified. Cold weather in the Northeast settles in around October and stays until April, so I get tons of wear out of them. Not to mention, a nice coat definitely makes dreary winter days more tolerable : )
Coat: Burberry F/W08 sz 2 (read about alterations here) (2009 version sold here)
Leggings: H&M sz 2
Scarf: Abercrombie cashmere
Bag: Chanel Petite Shopping Tote
Shoes: Target Mossimo nude pumps sz 5.5

Shop winter coats in petite-friendly sizes:

1. The J.Crew Lady Day Coat and Wool-Cashmere Plaza Coat in P0 are still lurking on final sale in numerous colors. I've heard that their coats run smaller than their tops, but cannot vouch for this myself. Price was just lowered today to $150, but wait for EXTRA20 or EXTRA30 if you can.

2. Nordstrom Wool-Blend Walking Coat in Juniors XS is a very inexpensive option. This coat was introduced to me a while back by a reader. There are 90+ reviews giving it an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, and it should run small since it is juniors sizing.

3. Victoria's Secret Classic Wool Coat in P0, on sale as well. First came across this coat in a thread on the Alterations Needed forum. Per the reviewer (who is a tad bigger than me), the fit was decent, however the quality was not great.

4. Mackage Penelope Coat in XXS. Whenever someone hears that I'm a coat fanatic, they tell me that I have to try Mackage. According to the size chart, an XXS is for women measuring 32-25-34.5, which sounds like a P0 to P2. Any petites have experience with this brand?

Review: Ann Taylor Spring Tops in Petite XXS and XXS

There were lots of sales to be had on last week, and I kind of went to town on petite tops for work. As soon as I thought I was done, they go ahead and have another big sale on "perfect pieces." AT, you're killing me! I'm oogling this pocketed dress from this week's sale:
Ribbon Front Shirtdress in 00P, $138 just $62.65 after sale and SHOP30

Two more picks in size 00P: The Perfect Button-Up $68 is now $35 with SHOP30. The Ponte Pencil Skirt $78 in black or charcoal is also just $35 with SHOP30. I actually have little experience with Ann Taylor's 00P, but I assume that it fits similar to Banana Republic?

Apparently I made several mistakes last week while ordering online and didn't get a few things I "thought" I ordered, instead getting the same blouse in the same color twice. Oh well. I'll start with the good ...

1. Ann Taylor Cut-in ruffle shell in Petite XXS, was $48 before discounts and coupons:

On me in "Soft Ribbon" :
Pants: Theory "Mark B" sz 00; hemmed and legs slimmed throughout (were wide-leg)

Pros: Fabric was drapey and fit as expected.

Cons: Fabric (rayon/spandex mix) seems pilling-prone again. 100% polyester neck and ruffle detailing causes mad static every time I pulled it over my head. Thinner material showed bra lines, but I probably just need more seamless bras.

Verdict: Keep.
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