Life with PAG: Blog Changes and More

Changes coming around the corner:

1. New blog layout and design. I'm back in Boston today for the double-holiday weekend (Happy Chinese New Year!) and got a sneak preview of my Valentine's gift from the bf ... a completely new website design and banner : ) There is also a "community" tab which I am not yet sure what to do with yet, so feel free to shoot me suggestions. I love being a part of the petite online community, and appreciate any tips on how to add to it! One idea I had was it could be a small marketplace forum for members to list their petite items for exchange/sale, but that is just a thought (eBay does it better, anyways). On the note of forums - AlterationsNeeded put out an great one just yesterday so be sure to check it out!

2. New blog name and URL. When starting PAG, I apparently overlooked the glaring fact that most internet searches for those three words are seeking something quite different than what my blog has to offer. The number of Google searches for "petite Asian girls with bananas" that end up landing on my Banana Republic clothing reviews have been overwhelming as of late.

With that said, I will be slowly migrating PAG to...
(points off for the lack of creativity, I know) the following weeks, and will be making a conscious effort to stop using pervert trigger words such as "tiny," "(my race)," "(undergarments)" etc. Followers can stay put, since Google will just continue linking to my blogspot page.

And oh, I suppose Valentines day is this weekend. I don't really care much for this holiday, but I do make sure to send three special women a little something every year (mom, grandma, and boyfriend's mom) because every lovely lady deserves fresh flowers on this day!

And in honor of V-day, I will share some pics from a couple shoot that my boyfriend and I did for our 5 year anniversary back in October. Evidently this was before my resolution to learn how to accessorize. Could the outfit get any plainer? No jewelry, no cute shoes, no manicure, and no handbag in sight...oh, dear me.
Top: Theory seamless stretch tank  (sold here)
Skirt: Theory satin belted bubble skirt in 00 (similar here in wool, in 00 - LOVE!)
Shoes: Nine West