Forever 21 and Gap Petites Review

Hello readers, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! I woke up lazily this morning, browsed my phone while still in bed, and was completely floored to see my friend DSK Steph's "welcome" post. After reading her words as well as the ridiculously kind comments from some of our mutual readers, I think I have a perma smile glued on my face. I am so blessed to have so many of you as friends - both fellow bloggers and readers alike. Many of the earrings I showed in a previous post are back in stock on Steph's site, at very affordable prices too, so visit her blog if you are interested.

On a separate note, I tested out my flip cam in hopes of doing reviews while items shown are still in stores...
Video Review
YouTube screen capture system...won't you take mercy on me?

Items shown:
1. Forever 21 Zippered Slinky Knit Dress, sz S, $14.50 (buy here in 3 colors)
2. Heritage 81 Cable tights sz S, $6.80 (buy here in 4 colors)
3. Forever 21 ring in sz 6 (can't find online, but there were lots in-store)
4. Forever 21 olive teardrop earrings, $4.80 (buy here in 3 colors)
5. Gap cowl neck sweater sz XS Petite (buy here - XSP is back in stock in charcoal!)
 Faux-Shearling Booties: H&M sz 36  Belt: Ann Taylor Patent Belt sz S  Cardi: LOFT sz XXSP
Along with the Gap cowl neck sweater I also ordered two more pairs of Gap legging jeans, in their faded medium wash and classic "rinse" wash. I cut this part from the video review because it was too long. In short, faded medium = too faded and whiskered. Classic rinse is actually a nice dark blue (thanks Pam/wallbounce for the tip!), however the material on both are paper thin and stiffer than my original "faded dark" pair. After much debate I'm returning both, so buyer beware that material and sizing can be inconsistent on those jeans from wash to wash.
And just wanted to show how the Gap cowl neck sweater fit on me in XS regular (for ref I am ~5 ft, 90 lbs). I am wearing XSP in the video. Hopefully the vid w/ flip cam is easier on the eyes/ears than previous ones. Thank you guys for watching!


  1. Its so great how you've joined the dsk family, congrats! I love both your blogs :)

  2. I LOVE that dress. It looks nice with the earrings too!

  3. That dress looks terrific on you (I ended up getting it in both olive and red too after seeing your tweet pics...I have been looking for some simple tee dresses so your recommendation came at the perfect time!). I also got these puff sleeve cardigans for $7.50, they look adorable and slim fitting. :)

    I had no idea one can wear cowl necks in so many ways...I thought for the longest time that off shoulder, etc. styles were worn one way. I learn something new from your blog every time you post so thanks for that.

  4. Great finds doll! I love that you're doing YT videos now! I'm really digging the cowl neck sweater. It seems so versatile!

  5. I love the olive dress! I need to find that in store asap! I've been obsessed with olive too! I recently purchased olive knee socks from H& should check those out if you're wanna try socks out! : ) I like your nail polish, btw!

    Oh and if you want more t-shirt dresses or similar ones, you should check out H&M! I bought a few tank dresses during the summer and I love them! Very similar to T by Alexander Wang's clothing, but at a fraction of the price. I WILL own a Wang item by the end of next year though!! *crosses fingers*

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. love the stuff that u got!!! :D they're so versatile!!

  7. cute finds! the dress look much more flow-y in the video than the pic (duh). The color olive looks good on you too. The cowl neck sweater is so versatile, I like the many ways you wore it.

  8. Those earrings are a good find. They also come in black and grey stone versions, and I kind of like the black ones best.

    So, I'm looking at the Heritage 1981 site, and I'm trying to figure out what's the difference between that store and the regular Forever 21 store?

  9. I absolutely love this outfit. Casual and relaxed, but feminin. I think I also love this because all the pieces in my closet tend to be dark colours or earthy tones. Lovelovelove those H&M booties! I tried to find them here when you first tweeted the picture.. but unfortunately, there were only 2 pairs left that were not my size. Cross my fingers they miraculously appear again!!

    I know I've been following your blog only for a few months now, but I just wanted to let you know it has been so tremendously helpful!

  10. Everything is so cute! I love your blog and thanks for sharing. :) Petite girls can dress their age and be fashionable!

  11. great deals! i always love your hauls. (=

  12. Jean, I love that olive dress on you. I went to the store today specifically looking for that dress but I didn't see it. Olive seems like a great color for your skin tone. I also bought that cowl neck sweater at the Gap outlet for 15.00 (in XS regular). It fits me perfectly. Thanks for showing us different ways to wear that sweater. BTW, it's really sweet of Steph for writting such a nice post about you. I enjoy both blogs very much

  13. I wanted to get those H&M booties but when I tried them on they just weren't that comfortable :T but they sure are cute... btw that dress looks great on you!

  14. Jean, you look just adorable. I really enjoyed reading Steph's post about you. It's good to know you just a bit more. :) The Cowl neck sweater truly looks great on you. Thank you for showing us different ways of wearing it, I would not have thought that.

  15. ooh the f21 dress looks really cute with the cardigan. i read steph's love letter post to you hahaha congrats on becoming a dsk model!

  16. Aww! I love your spotlight on DSK!

    I almost, almost went to GAP today, but was too lazy to leave the house. :p I love the cowl neck on you. And I cannot believe that the F21 dress is only a small!! It fits you so well!

    Thanks for the reviews!

  17. Congrats on joining the DSK family!! I was sooo happy when I read Steph's post because I'm a huge fan of your blog as well... LOL. <3
    I'm loving the haul!!!

  18. OMG! I didn't know that sweater was so versatile!! Maybe I won't return it after all :) That dress...too cheap to resist....great video review!!

  19. the olive F21 dress fits you perfectly and i love the puff sleeve on you!

    also, i love how versatile the cowl neck sweater is. i never thought about wearing cowl neck sweaters as a boat neck but will definitely have to try it now! it's definitely a sexier alternative for the weekend.

    and i loved reading your interview on DSK's blog. i had no idea you were in the finance industry too!

  20. Love your videos - these are very informative. And I love you screen presence.

  21. Thanks for showing all the options for the cowlnecks! I generally stay away from them but now think I should give them a second look - especially since I like boatnecks.

    I have been obsessed with olive green since grade 7 - especially olive green eyeshadow and liner. My first makeup purchase ever was an olive green revlon eyeliner and since then I have amassed quite a collection. It's such a nice alternative to black.

    The F21 dress looks great on you. Hope it holds up.

    BTW - has 45% dry cleaning and tailoring at Dependable Cleaners in Boston - I got one to check out the tailoring services. Will report back but in the meantime you might want to pick one up. They do home delivery.

  22. One more thing - I think I finally found a cheap, warm, stylish alternative to the North Face parka that doesn't swallow my petite frame.

    It is the uniqlo heattech mat white down parka and it was $89.90 (plus 9.90 for them to fedex it). I got the xsmall and it fits nicely (but might be too big for you - I am 5-2, normally around 100 pounds,and wear 0P normally not 00P).

    Here is the link

    They don't have a store in Boston but they will fedex it to you. You have to email them. They take their time but it is worth it. So warm and cute! And 1/3 the cost of North Face.

    (877) 4-UNIQLO (toll-free)
    Or at:

    I initially was searching for a maternity coat but haven't needed one yet - ended up getting and oldnavy one for $40 - finally their stuff fits.

  23. I can't believe that dress retails for 14$? Really? That's a fantastic buy, I love it on you!

    You always look so pretty on everything! I don't know DSK but I suppose I will know now!


  24. girl!! you are soo pretty and petite!! just found your blog and love it!!!! and of course forever 21 is my fave!!

  25. Not sure if you addressed this in your vid --can't watch at work :( -- but how do you keep the unlined dress from clinging to your tights when you walk around? Is it non-clingy fabric?

  26. i love your shoes and your sweater!

  27. I like how you showed full boat neck. sexxyyy ladyyyy!!!

    Ugh, I just cannot find 1 LOFT store near me (there are 6) that carries the long cardigan in petite. sigh. All the small sizes run out on line too.

  28. You are so tiny on video. Pictures add 10 pounds. Just drop by to say "Hello". As usual, you are so adorable, like a doll.
    One small suggestion ! On your previous holiday fashion challenge post, you had worn a JCREW silk dress with heavy tight and suede pump. A bit too bottom heavy. You have a pair of ZARA sandals (Feb.10 post), try it with the dress. Stay neutral on shoes. We need to elongate from waist down.
    I had broken out the NON swingy Loft pea coat couple of times. NY is cold. Material is so so and begins to pill on sleeves.

  29. Great video review - thanks for doing it! Time to check out that cowl neck sweater and F21 ring (I also have the hardest time finding rings off the rack that will fit - usually it's thumb or nothing LOL).

  30. I may have to pick up that cowl neck sweater! I've never thought of turning cowl necks into boat necks, great idea! I'll have to wait until GAP has 40% in store. And I agree, it is great that it's in regular too!

    The olive really looks beautiful on you.

    I will have to check out F21 - it seems as though most racks never have size 5s, but it looks like F21 makes them smaller! I have a GC for F21 so I may have to look into that dress too!

  31. I was looking at that dress the other day and it looked like CRAP on the model. No offense to the model, but my gosh you made it look so cute now I want one in RED. LOL! Did you see the red at the store. Is it as bright as it looks online?
    I also have a question about your blog. Is it wordpress? I don't know how to put the comment reply on my blog. LOL!

  32. Hi Jean,

    I am trying to get the deal you posted on Thursday, December 02, 2010 for the coat from J Crew. I see the coat is now 199$ after 30% discount. Can you please let me know how you got that deal? Thanks!

  33. @Anonymous Good question...clingy skirts on tights are my pet peeve! I have bought two slip skirts from Target (sz S in the hoisery/lingerie section) which are a little bit, but they work OK for me to prevent cling. For this dress I am wearing a really long, stretchy n fitted camisole underneath so it's kind of like an underdress. I get mine from H&M or the Theory outlet (their one size fits all seamless tanks).

    @Anonymous Hi! So earlier they had a 30% off code good on your entire purchase of $250 or more, which I used to buy the coat. Unfortunately the current sale seems to be for their regular priced coats, and sale prices are as marked. Knowing J.Crew they will probably have another code soon off of sale items. I hope the 0P won't sell out in whichever color you are looking for!

    @grace Thanks! Hopefully you can find it in store during one of their crazy in-store sales! Already this season they've had a few 40% off the entire stores, even more if you have a Gap/BR card.

    @Anonymous Hello and thanks for your comment! I actually did try the dress with the sandals because they are the only dressier shoes I have(you have a great memory, lol) unfortunately sandals don't allow for tights and it is about 20 degrees here right now. Tights are a must. I am sorry to hear that the LOFT coat is pilly already. Do you have a shaver? I bought one at bed bath and beyond and it's been pretty good at removing pills.

    @AubreyOhDang! Maybe you aren't missing out...per Petite Little Girl the cardigans do not survive the wash...she said hers are looking old and ratty after a few washes. Liane (petitexxs) said the same thing and now I'm afraid to wash mine lol.

    @littlenashua Thanks, screen presence? That's a first!

    @Annapurna That's odd, the link doesn't work for me and when i go to women's coats the page is blank. I'm glad you found something that is warm and works for you. I'm avoiding parka/puffier style jackets as they don't do me any favors but you can't beat the warmth. I've been to the store in NYC a few times and had no idea they fedex stuff to the home too, how nice! I'm a fan of BWM and got the coupon too, plus some more.

    @AnnieKuro Or let's see how the Ann Taylor one looks! Or was it LOFT? I noticed all those stores have their own version of the cowl neck now.

  34. @Elle Did you get in-store or online? Ooo I didn't see puff sleeve sweaters for $7.50...F21 is so cheap with some stuff but then not so much with some items. You are way too sweet...I never think these posts are too informative, most of the time I think I'm just reiterating public knowledge so I'm thrilled you found it helpful : )

    @deelirium They grey and black are both very pretty as well. I haven't seen either in person though! I think Heritage is F21's more casual, youthful line. Most of the stuff in there are basics versus their Love 21 line which is dressier. That's my best guess!

    @samanthaloves Thanks Samantha! That is so kind of I was saying to Elle above I'm usually just babbling away so I'm really flattered that you actually find it helpful. I was surprised but those booties went lightning fast. I had a coupon the next day and went back to find them and they were gone! Came in camel too, not sure if you saw.

    @PetiteLittleGirl You always find the best deals! I hardly go into the Gap outlet because it was so messy the last time I went. So you got it for $15...PetiteXXS got it for $18...I feel like I completely overpaid lol.

    @Vicky Thank YOU Vicky! Although you are a "private person" I enjoy learning more about you too.

    @FashionableAsians Oh that's a bummer! I was actually impressed by the comfort lol, but they could use some toe pads.

  35. I got it online. Forever21 stores are too much for me...giggling teenagers, young mothers yelling at their kids, loud music, merchandise crammed onto racks. I prefer to do F21 shopping from the comfort of home. Here's the puffed sleeve cardi I mentioned. The material looks thin in the picture but I like the concept and $7.50 is pretty affordable. :)

  36. The dress looks great on you! I normally can't wear olive (I don't have your beautiful complexion) but this dress looks like it's dark enough that it could work like a neutral. Thanks for the wonderful review. I recently started following your blog and really enjoy reading your posts.

  37. i have the same gap cow neck sweater and hearts it! so warm and soft :)

  38. hi, jean, if you ever consider selling the forever 21 dress, please let me know. my email is thanks.


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