YesStyle Review: Korean Fashion Cardigan and Pencil Skirt

Another review, you say? Yes, I am rather prolific this week. I first heard about YesStyle from Sophia and also read about Nelah's picks. Sophia is very tiny, so the thought of her having several finds from there was intriguing to me. After placing my first order, I received many questions from you guys regarding YesStyle. So here you go...(keep in mind both items I bought are from the brand "The Mari," and each brand on there can vary in sizing and quality):
The Mari Contrast Trim Knit Cardigan - one size ($60, comes in 2 colors)
The Mari Pencil Skirt - sz small/ Korean 55 ($28, comes in 3 colors)
Gray tights, H&M   Perfect pumps, Ann Taylor

Video Review

I would say the size chart on YesStyle is inaccurate, to the benefit of petites. The chart equates a Small/ Korean 55 to a US size 4-6, when in my experience this skirt fits more like a US 00 or XS/0.

Before buying, I thoroughly researched their store policies. It's important whenever purchasing online to do your research so that there are no surprises! I've written some out but the full polices are here.

Shipping & Order Time
- Shipping to the US and Canada is free for orders over $150
- For orders under $150, shipping to the US is $9.99 and to Canada is $16 (more countries here)
- YesStyle uses Express Shipping by DHL which comes with a tracking number
- For many items, YesStyle needs to procure the merchandise from their vendors before shipping to customers. Right below where you select size/color for an item, you can see whether the item is "Ready to Ship" or "Ships within 7-14 days." You are not charged until the item ships.
- My experience: placed order on October 30th, got shipment notification & tracking # on November 10th, and got package on November 12th. Express shipping from overseas is fast!

- Returns are accepted for store credit only. You must contact their customer service within 14 days to get a RMA code. See full policy here.
- There is a domestic address to mail your returns to in the US. Return shipping is the buyer's responsibility. Returns are not processed until the items are received at YesStyle's headquarters in Hong Kong (they ship it there themselves from the domestic address).

As you can see, their return policy is not the best. Given my struggles with fit, I was hesitant to order pricey items that could only be exchanged for store credit. My advice is to measure carefully, and inspect all the product photos (each item usually has plenty of model photos) for any potential fit or quality issues. If you plan on ordering, use code EXTRAPETITE for $5 off $20 or more.

Disclosure - is an advertiser on my blog, however I am not affiliated with the company. I do not earn commission through the links or coupon code, and the garments shown here were purchased by me.


  1. ohh that cardigan is super cute! I really love your pumps xD

  2. Jean, I love the pieces you chose-- they look super classy and feminine. Thanks for your honest and thorough review, I've been thinking about a yesstyle purchase for a while now and although your review doesn't cover all the brands, this definitely helps. You are so eloquent and well spoken, by the way! It's very impressive :)

    Have a lovely day!

  3. You look great! Very classic look! :)

    Great choice on the cardigan! I cannot believe that it is a one size item!

    Thanks for the heads up about the changing prices! Good to know! And thanks for taking the time to write down all the details about shipping and returns! :)

  4. the cardi matched the camel skirt is absolutely cozy and fashionable for winter. i've always wanted to try yesstyle but have hesitated. cool review!

  5. Do you have to do a lot of presentations at work? I notice you don't have a lot of "um"s, "yeah"s, "like," etc. That's very hard to train yourself to do. It makes a huge difference in the way someone captures the attention of their audience. <<Don't make fun of me, I used to be in a Business Fraternity (co-ed).

    I once clicked on your YesStyle ad. It was hard to manage, that's for sure. I already navigate through I give myself that much credit.

    Great review. and you weren't kidding about that research. Us readers thank you.

  6. @Makeup Morsels Thank you! They sold out pretty fast after they got marked down to $50 : )

    @herwaisechoice Thanks Jen! I browsed for a long time and this brand seemed to have the smallest measurements amongst the items I was considering. If you buy anything from the other brands I'd be eager to how they run!

    @Michelle You are welcome : ) It was strange as one price went down significantly and one went up a little.

    @Angie Thanks Angie! The entire set is super duper cozy.

    @AubreyOhDang!Ah lol. We had to do too many presentations in biz school as you probably are familiar with. The teacher would count how many times someone says "um" "yeaaa" "like" and then humiliate the person. Learned my lesson there!

    And yes, you did win. And no, I hate puffer jackets! There are warmer wool jackets out there that I bundle up in with earmuffs, scarf, and gloves. Are you on twitter? You and "R.L." ... I wish I could find you guys on twitter for friendly banter.

  7. Wow shipping was super fast! I think the shipment notification came just 10 days too late, do you agree? I almost always get an email within 24 hours when I order from companies. The price jump sucks so much! Argh, I feel for ya.

    I love how you bought the model's whole outfit! haha Very adorable. I was actually gonna comment that you the outfit you are sporting makes you look more mature. I think it would be suitable for when you're older, but it's definitely very professional and suitable for the workplace. The fuzzy material probably made me think it's old-looking.

    The pink version of your cardigan looks very similar to the H&M blazer I posted here! :D

    Are you gonna be doing more Yesstyle reviews? If you do, you should do the casual pieces like summer dresses, tees, and sweaters. I saw some videos talking about the poor quality of some of those pieces and I'd love to know more before (if) I order!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  8. great buys from yesstyle!! i'm always overwhelmed when i go to that site! and i'm always skeptical about purchasing from there because quality varies so much from vendor to vendor.

  9. beautiful picks from yesstyle! and i loved your video. you definitely have a very professional style.

    and the skirt is already sold out in the beige color! it looks really nice on you and i love the button details at the top.

    thanks so much for doing this review. i've been eying a few of their pieces but have always been wary about ordering from them because of their return policy. at least their items are good quality!

  10. I love the online site but I hestitate to buy items. I got an item that is has a v-lace going on in the back of a scoop-neck shirt and the shirt is like a size of a little girl's size! The tarsal was way too short for me. You just have to really investigate in those photos... keep in mind, it is more of the typical Asian fit in Asia. Thanks for doing this review though!

  11. absolute perfection! i really love the contrast trim cardigan. great finds!

  12. what a beautiful cardigan!!!!!!!!!:)))

  13. Mother of pearl, that skirt is shoooort! I could never pull that off at work! Having said that, I love the classic and lady-like! I am more open to YesStyle now, but still seems like a LOT of work measuring and hemming/hawing to get something that I can't return for a full refund! I will wait until you share something that I absolutely cannot resist...of course you know it doesn't take much to convince me!

  14. I haven't bought anything online from their site, but I have been to their store in San Francisco where I can actually try it out since I don't trust myself with matching online measurements.

  15. Ahh thank you for this very helpful and thorough review Jean! I've been browsing YesStyle for a few weeks now but I was worried about sizing and the timing of the shipment. So far I've only bought a satchel bag about 1-2 weeks ago and it won't ship out until tomorrow. I don't like that there's such a delay between making the order and when the item is shipped out, but I understand now that it's because they need to obtain the item from the vendors first. It's a little inconvenient though, esp in terms of shipping time. The cardigan looks lovely on you, I love the contrasting colours and glad that the sleeve length worked out for you. Your video reviews are awesome!

  16. Thanks for the helpful review! You look darling and very classy! I like the fact that these clothes err on the side of being smaller rather than bigger, but that return policy is kind of a big deterrent for me, especially when sizes are inconsistent across the different brands. Their pricing strategy reminds me of, which doesn't do price adjustments either (surprising to me since it's such a large site). I'm glad these items worked out for you though. Will keep this store in mind, but I probably will wait to see if perhaps other petites will strike gold with a certain item :P

  17. The skirt does look a little big on you, but the whole look is lovely and regal.

  18. Those items are very chic, and the cardigan looks so cosy. Browsing on YesStyle is addictive! I ordered a few items from them in the spring and despite a couple of issues with fit (which probably had more to do with my tall frame than with the clothing) and quality, I'd still order again. Those detailed product measurements are a huge plus, and the photos can be so tempting.

  19. Thanks for the review Jean! They fit surprisingly well for one-size-fits-most. I keep browsing YesStyle but I just can't make up my mind about what I want (save for like two items that consistently make the cut). I think I might take the plunge next time they have a percentage off coupon sale and get the skirt you reviewed here, it looks great on you!

  20. Just checked out Yesstyle and it's definitely something I may consider, though I have to do a lot of filtering as I want things that are more grown-up looking. That said, your pictures are way, way better tha any of the models' pics on the site since you never try to look cute. Cuteness takes away from seriousness.

  21. Thanks for the review, Jean. I think you were lucky with this brand. Both pieces look great on you and the quality is not bad from the picture. Shipping is super fast (if the items are in stock) but it took so long to get store credits on returned items based on my experience.

    I totally forgot to post how my order was but I bet you all kinda knew the piece I ordered didn't work out. I initially ordered two Korean brands (Orange style and DRESSEE) but they couldn't find the Orangestyle top that I wanted. I ended up getting a dress but the brand was not DRESSEE as shown on the site, very disappointing. It's also too big and quality is not good for the price. I never had any luck with online clothes shopping anyway but glad to hear you found some nice looking stuff from there.

  22. you are beyond adorable, how many times can i say that before becoming redundant?! love the review, the clothing is cute and you wear it so well!

  23. I LOVE the color of that skirt! And that cardigan is so adorable. It's great to find other petite options!

  24. Jean-- you look so classy and I love both pieces you have picked out. I don't have sound on this comp so I will watch your video later. As you know we have a yesstyle store here and the selection is horrible! i wonder if i can order the stuff from the site and return the stuff to the store. do you happen to know? thanks ;)

  25. Can't watch the video til I get home, but... you're soooo pretty Jean! =)

  26. @Anh

    heee! ditto ;) Will definitely watch sometime this week!

  27. Wanted to buy the same skirt you bought, but it is sold out!!!


  28. Is the wool items itchy at all? My first purchases from them last year were some wool-blend sweater dresses and they were so itchy! I ended up donating them because the return thing did seem complicated and iffy. But I love their slip-dresses (I think I posted a few on my blog) I find it hard to find slip-dresses that are small enough to wear under dresses at department stores, so yesstyle was the first place I've found slip-dresses that are comfy, fits, and works for my purpose!

  29. What a thorough and informative review of Yesstyle! I love browsing through their site, but I never purchased anything because I was unsure of the quality and sizing, but it seems like The Mari is a petite friendly brand, especially for extra petites! =)

    I might have to try it out when I'm in SF...I heard they have a store there! =)

  30. Hi Jean, you are a very patient girl when it comes to finding the right clothes for you. You did so much homework BEFORE you buy, and I'm glad the two pieces you ordered turned out great. I will probably stay away from this online store for several reasons: 1. return is a pain. 2. price seems very high and inconsistent. 3. I question their quality. Thank you so much for doing this review, I was waiting anxiously for this review hoping that it'll be a slam dunk positive one. But from the details you disclosed, it is the kind of store that I usually don't bother with. I'll stay with AT/LOFT/BN outlet/JCrew (yay) for now.

  31. I can't believe I didn't see your blog until now, it would've been so much help for me! I'm 4'11 and I've always been wondering what brands would have the *shortest* inseam! I am Korean though and I always found that Korean clothes were a better fit for me (location of the waist, length of garments, etc.)

    Thank you for all this hard work :D

  32. Oh thank you for doing this review! My sister has been telling me about yes style, but I haven't had time to research their shipping and returns policy. These items look like they fit you well and I checked out Sophia from you link. She is really tiny like you so this could be a great shopping site! Yay ;)

  33. Thank you ladies for your comments! I know for many in the petite community the return policy may make it risky since things rarely fit us perfectly. For those willing to take a little risk, you may find some unique things that fit nicely.

    @The Little Dust Princess The fuzzy look is what drew me to it, lol! I guess I like the old lady look : ) I'm not sure if I wil lbe ordering casual dresses, since for really casual sundresses and such I have great luck at places like H&M. It's more for work appropriate stuff (I don't love H&M's skirts, they wrinkle a lot on me where the legs bend) that I have to hunt elsewhere.

    @olyvia That's unfortunate! It's hard to tell whether a blend will be itchy because the content breakdown isn't mentioned. I have to say my sweater looks like it will be quite itchy, but it is very soft on my skin and does not irritate at all. The skirt is fully lined so I don't feel the wool. I'l have to check out the slips you mention on your blog.

    @Nelah Ah I was wondering whether you ordered, Nelah! That's disappointing to hear. I really liked the items you picked on your page and went to look for them on Orangestyle but couldn't find them. The Orangestyle measurements are also big compared to some other brands. Did you take photos to show us?

    @Ms. Champagne Welcome! This is my first experience with korean sizing and clothing. Where else do you purchase?

    @Stylepint I have to say I read up on the store reviews in SF and theyw ere not so great...I read small selection, poor quality, large sizing. I think the beauty of the online store is the selection : )

    @Anonymous Oh how very strange! I'm not sure why that is...2 days ago they seemed to have all colors and sizes in stock : /

  34. Love this outfit! I'm really liking those type of cardigans.They remind me of Chanel:)

  35. oh hell yeah...i remember looking through the yesstyle (or was it yessasia?) website ages ago (i think i was in over 5 years ago) but i never ordered anything because i wasn't sure about the fit. plus i think shipping might have been more expensive back then.

    this was super helpful! i need to go back and check them out again.

  36. After doing some online research, I found out that Yesstyle jacked up the price almost twice (selling to USA) for the exact same item. Don't know if it's because of weak USD or American are just richer...

  37. Ok, thanks to this my fiance is now ordering not one, but two wool coats from Yesstyle (he's on the small size and struggles to find clothing to fit in most American stores).

  38. Thanks for the coupon code. I found some bags at very affordable prices. There are so many products from different sellers that it takes a long time to go through if the search function isn't used.

  39. FIrst time subscriber.:) Love your blog! And I love shopping from too, but I buy too much per season! Though I'm not as petite (I'm 5"1" and a half, and have hips and thighs), buying clothes from there is much less headache for me than buying clothes from the US mall at times! Few downsides I have with them are stuff going out of stock so fast, and I still have trouble finding a good fit with their pants though. I didn't feel like I've seen too many bloggers mention shopping on, but was happy to see this review.:) I never thought to keep up with a petite blog, but it's been incredibly helpful to see other people of our age group giving ideas on professional looks.

  40. Oops, meant to write 5'1" and a half...:)

  41. Hey check out the new website!

    They are having a Grand Opening Event!! They sell Korean and Japanese Fashion clothes. They get their clothes straight from seoul, korea! Quality is really good compared to a lot of asian websites. Check it out! ^^

  42. Did you find that the reported measurements (waist, bust etc.) were accurate, even though the sizing was off?


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