No more sales, J.Crew!

The typically sale-stingy retailer is having sale after sale this season. J.Crew is currently having 30% off sale items again w/ code MUSTHAVE (ends Monday, 12/20/2010) and there are some new markdowns. After a successful order last week I tried to avoid further browsing, but in the end I caved to get some colorful cardi's. Thanks reader Jennifer for letting me know and Elle for posting.

Aside from the items I reviewed in this post, here are 2 more picks for petites:
 1. Double Cloth Coletta Coat - new markdown! Select colors are on sale for about the same price I paid for the Lady Day coat. I've always loved this silhouette more than the Lady Day but it was not on sale until now. Sale colors in regular 0P are gone already, but there were a few left with Thinsulate the last I checked.

2. Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan in XXS - I took after Kelly and got Rosewood and Gold. These are now just $21 after discounts from $78, and XXS is left in many colors! They aren't too eye catching in the stock photo, but I was sold after seeing one on Prosephina in the Alterations Needed forum. I think this little cardi will become one of those petite favorites.

*Also get 3% cashback on J.Crew from Ebates (referral link).

Readers - Any other recommendations from today's sale?


  1. Hi Jean, I just ordered the lady day coat using the 30% coupon code. Aaah, so nervous haha. I couldn't decide whether to order the 4 or 6 so I got both and will return the rogue one. ^_^ Your review was so compelling. And, I've never tried thinsulate before...hopefully, this will allow me to wear such cute coats when it goes below 40!

  2. thanks for the item recommendations! after seeing the cardi on Prosephina, i decided to jump on this deal too. this will actually be my first J. Crew item. so excited! :)

  3. I was thinking about getting the cardigan too after seeing it on the AN forum.

    check out this pretty cardigan in blue for only $14!

    Did you try to make the FS minimum?

  4. lol @Danielle! Fancy seeing you here :P

    I feel like so not classy because I bought a puffy coat..while you ladies are all buying fancy pants jcrew winter gear! But that's ok..I take the path less taken! haha jk jk

  5. the coat is gorgeous! it's already sold out!! i just wish they had FS on lower shopping bag totals.

  6. I'm horrible. I just re-ordered the cardi's I already bought at their new lower price, and then threw in a few cashmere cardi's just to get free shipping. I'm going to be making so many returns! Ahh!

  7. uh oh I feel guilty now! Hopefully you will like the cardi as much as I. :)

  8. I was so surprised (and a little annoyed) this morning when I got an email from JCrew about the 30% off promo. I had JUST placed an order last night with the 25% off sale. I called JCrew to see if they could adjust the price for me, but they couldn't. So I had to re-order everything! Oh well, I got some really good deals! That chiffon cardigan is really pretty!

  9. I saw Elle's post and just finished shopping at J. Crew. Afterwards, I came here and found out that I had ordered the same cardigan in the same 2 colors as you did! So funny :)

  10. So many petites ordered from JCrew today. That cardigan is lovely. I wish they do carry petite sizes in stores. That would be wonderful :)

  11. Just a note of caution here. I have that cardi for about 2 months now, with about total 8 wears and I already saw lots of gentle pills on the surface. I work in an office and I take it off as soon as I get home from work so that very fast piling, IMO.
    However, the fit is very good for petite so I am ordering some more because I need to pace my wearings :)

  12. Those pieces are so lovely and very differnt in colors. You NEVER let me down when it comes to finding the best looking pieces :)

  13. I love the cardigan, but for some reason it looks a little short. I'm usually peeved by short cardigans because I have a short torso and the short length always seem to accentuate that.

    The coat is such a lovely color!! I too like the silhouette of this one more as well. It has just a teensy bit more femininity to it. I wonder what the back view looks like.

    On another note, I was not able to find F21 in Boston thus was not able to grab the ring you've been adorning lately. Pretty disappointed!

  14. ah so lucky to be able to afford so many nice things...jealous! how do you do it??

  15. "Rules:
    - Open internationally to public followers of
    - Ends midnight EST on December 12, 2010 and a winner will be drawn at random
    - Winner will have 72 hours to claim her prize after announcement"

    Sorry, but where, when and who is the winner of this contest ? I don't see any announcement..


  16. I snagged a bunch of classic cashmere cardigans in bright colors (lilac, coral, ivory, marine blue, neon orange) for $70 each. I ordered XS to avoid "sausage arms" but I don't mind a looser-fitting cardi. Tiny petites will probably be better served by the XXS.

  17. Hi - I'm the woman who approached you on the T last night. Love your sight, very surreal to meet you IRL.

  18. My Coletta arrived today and it's okay. I ordered the 2P because I thought it would probably run narrow like the Lady Day coat. I'm 5'3", 115, 34-24-34. The arm length and shoulders and perfect, but because of my dimensions I tend to prefer the waist to come in a couple of inches tighter. It felt very loose to me, but others might like that fit. The collar actually looks nicer (in my opinion) folded down, and I was pleased to find that it folds down very easily and doesn't pop back up. The Customer Service rep that I spoke with told me that the length of the Coletta is a couple of inches shorter than the Lady Day, which is part of why I chose it. I also ordered a Lady Day today in the sale in the same size, so if the Lady fits better in the waist I'll be keeping that one.

  19. I really like the color of that coat, but I'm wondering if it comes in a 00p as well? The cardi looks like it runs super small so I can't wait to see how you style it ;)

  20. @Danielle Please let me know which one works out! Show me comparison phone pics if you have trouble deciding : ) DOn't get your hopes up about the THinsulate...the material is still thin for a true of winter coat. But 40? DId you mean 20? : ) 40 is still light jacket weather for me hehe.

    @Elle Ooo. I'm going to talk that cardigan in dark purple, warm cedar, bronzed twig, and navy for a better sale. So many choices so I'm sure more colors will be super discounted! And yes I did make FS by ordering the Coletta coat to compare : )

    @Stephanie "DSK" NguyenSurvival over fashion! You'll be win.

    @J I agree...Gap/BR FS min is now just $50, and I even have trouble meeting that!

    @Alterations Needed @milk tea polkadots If you're persistent and ask to speak w/ more than one person, they will do it. Once I just said..I'm going to return everything anyways and just reorder with free shipping, can you please just make it easier on both sides and adjust? They kindly obliged.

    @kileen I think you'll be hooked! I love their color choices and I like my cardis from there. You can't beat some of these sale prices too.

    @SewPetiteGal Lots of petites will be twins after this weekend!

    @prosephina Look at what you did : P

  21. @PetiteLittleGirl I wish they would at least carry regular XXS in stores! Seems to fit better than the 0P shirts and bottoms!

    @Beans Ah thanks for the warning! I bought a lot of those long LOFT cardis and petites also warned me about how they look old and ratty quickly. To combat pilling (all my Ann Taylor tops pilled within 2 wears) I bought a fabric shaver and it makes quite a difference. It was about $10 at bed bath and beyond.

    @GracieI go to F21 in watertown mall, not too far. F21 will open in a few months on Newbury I think. If you live right in the city, email me if you want me to pick one up the next time I go.

    @Anonymous Aw, well "nice things" are all relative from person to person. I live very modestly compared to many people out there. Work hard, save a set amount each month, don't live beyond your means and then enjoy spending the rest : )

    @miha.ela It was announced the day it ended

    @Annapurna Wow, $70 still but I know it's cashmere. How far down do those go during the end of season final sales?

  22. @Kady Liang Hello there! (I must've remembered your name to be different) That really made my day...thank you so much for saying hi! Hope to see you around if you live in the neighborhood.

    @Tara Thanks for sharing! I also ordered both the compare the fit. I'm guessing you might not like to post photos but if you do I'd love to see the different fit on you. If you're a member of the Alterations Needed forum I know some members would love to see the compare too : ) I will say though that the waist of the lady day is not "narrow" either, plus the placement is just strange. It's definitely above the true waist.

    @Callandra They need to offer it in a 00P for people smaller than me! Not sure why their sizing varies from item to item, some start at 00P, some start at 0P, some at 00 reg, etc.

  23. $70 seems like a LOT for a sweater but I don't see the plain, classic cashmere cardis usually going much below $70 or $60 during sales - maybe $50 for ugly colors with ruffles, beads, etc, and usually it is final sale. These are the classic ones that will last forever AND I have the option to rebuy if they do go on sale again. This year they offered colors I really liked (I love orange, pinks, purples, and blues!). It's rare that they have neutrals (gray, taupe, black) on sale.

    Also, remember I am a lot older than you!!! It wasn't until my late 20s that I plunked down some $ for cashmere, and that was with my first big law firm paycheck (I don't work for big law anymore but that it another story). I have one cashmere cardi and 2 cashmere v-necks I got from them (on sale!!!) eons ago (7+ years) and they have held up beautifully - so light, so soft, so warm, with no itchiness or scratchiness. They are true four season sweaters. I have heard rumors around the net that the cashmere quality has gone down over the last couple years so we will see how these fare. I have no problem returning an inferior product.

    Being pregnant, I have not done much clothes shopping this year but I bought some gap ultrasoft wool sweaters at $16 -20 to wear as I get bigger each and they are already pilling!!! Thanks for your tip about the shaver at BBW - need to get one because otherwise, these sweaters will be relegated to "home-wear." They are also scratchy on bare skin - which is the one thing cashmere is not. I have severely dry skin in the winter so stuff like that matters to me. I can't believe the GAP sweaters look so ratty after less than 2 months. Of all the retailers, Ann Taylor and BR merino seems to hold up the best but they still can be a bit scratchy.

  24. No more sales is right! I have made three orders in the last week- although it isn't all for me- some of it is for hubby!

  25. Hi, I've been enjoying your blog for awhile :) I really like the cardigan and a lot of the items you review, but I tend to stay away from dry clean items to avoid upkeep. Is it possible to gently hand wash dry clean items? Definitely would appreciate feedback on this, thanks!

  26. @Annapurna Not judging the investment on cashmere at all : ) Was just wondering if that's the lowest they go down to because you are our resident expert on how to get the best price from J.Crew's sales and final sales. Now you have me eying some of the sweaters. My Ann Taylor items in general pilled like crazy (tops, and blouses, not even sweaters) so I had to get that shaver. My Gap items have lasted decently so far but I am sorry to hear about your sweater. When are you due? Maybe I'll catch you in town sometime before then : )

    @Jen Hello Jen! Interesting, I didn't even notice the dry clean only. I assumed it wouldn't be since so many bloggers bought it and I know many ppl don't like dry clean only. I'm almost certain many dry clean only sweaters can be hand washed cold and laid flat to dry. I would pose this question on the Alterations Needed forum as those ladies are a great resource. As for this chiffon trim cardigan - I got it today, and I'm keeping one. I think I will try my hand at hand washing it when the time comes.

  27. Great purchases! The cardigan looks specially nice! =)


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