Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Target Shoe Order Update

The last shoe order I placed from Target turned out to be a big bust. The only pair I kept out of four were the Palani Gladiator Sandals as shown in this post and this post. Here are some quick reviews of the returns (shoes pictured are all sz 5.5):
The good: Looked just like the stock photos, and faux-suede felt similar to real suede (below)
The bad: Sides of the booties were stiff and chafed my ankles, ruffle detail stuck out like a clown collar when worn with black tights.

The good: ...
The bad: Looked like elf shoes. Or little rodents on my feet. Heel was also high (4") and stiff, and my feet kept slipping out the front when I tried to walk in these. Sidenote: wowowow keeping my legs out of the sun for a year has turned me quite ghastly! *shields eyes from blinding paleness*

I was super hopeful about these, but in-person the patent was a lil' too shiny for my liking. I also found the 4" heel and .5" platform to be awkward to walk around in. Bf said they were inappropriate for work, and I couldn't see myself tottering around in 'em on weekends, so returned they were. See the same shoes on Vicky here.

On an unrelated note, here are some pics from earlier that day. We rolled outta bed and went to this little fish taco shop where Nick satiated his San Diego-an cravings. I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, but I already made him eat Asian all week. He jests that we should open up a dim sum & taco truck (seriously no food trucks at all in Boston...lame!). 


^ Grilled calamari and fish tacos; impatient, hungry boyfriend


  1. Aw, it's too bad those booties doesn't work out! I don't think the second pair would have been too bad with some black tights, if only the dip in the front wasn't so low.


  2. Wow, you guys are super cute! I don't believe you look like that when you "roll out of bed" ;) Please share your secrets. I love fish tacos - the grilled calamari one looks yummy, never seen it on the menu, will have to try that one day. Uh.. and the shoes, I like the first pair but lol at clown collar!

  3. That is soo funny coz I can totally relate! I make E eat lots of asian food all week too so when he finally says, we are eating french tonight, I can't say no!


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  4. looks yummy. sad that all those shoes didnt work out.. did you return it by shipping it back? or can you return it to the store?

  5. There's occasionally an ice cream truck by the Boylston/Charles corner of the Public Garden... and a bunch of food trucks at MIT! (But the last time I was at MIT was over 5 years ago, so maybe they've moved.)

    I really like the t-straps but I think your assessment is spot on: not good for work, too uncomfortable for weekends. Oh well, the food looks really great.

  6. Your "rolled out of bed" self looks so pretty! Ahh I could literally live on Mexican food alone...give me a burrito and guac and I'm a happy happy girl.

    I agree with you about not keeping these shoes. I have found that I'd rather put the money I'd spend on a pair of cheapo Target shoes to a nicer, more comfy, real leather pair of shoes and I wear them wayyyy more. Thanks for your review! I was tempted to order the Retas in black but now I won't bother.

  7. @Amy It's okay...the hunt will continue. let me know if you find any cute affordable black ankle booties to wear with tights!

    @DoubleZero Ah they have them down south too? The calamari one was surprisingly super tender and good with the guac., hope you find a version to try! And edit...*rolled out of bed and applied tons of concealer*

    @20 York Street
    French...fancy! I don't think I've had French cuisine in at least 5 years...it sounds tasty though!

    @siwing I should've noted in the post that Target returns are sooo easy in-stores. They have these little computer stations next to customer service where you can sign into your online Target account and print out your return slip, or if you bought something in-store they can look it up right on your credit card. Takes 10 seconds, literally!

    @Pauline That's funny, I went to the Boston "food truck festival" a few weeks ago and it was just hot dog trucks and a random ice cream truck. They must all hide out in Cambridge then. Still the selection is sad compared to what NYC has...jealous.

    @TinyInTexas Glad to hear you live up to my image of a Texas girl who loves burritos, steak, ribs, etc (well, okay, I don't know about the latter two but at least you love burritos). Target is good for a cheap goodie once in a while (I love my sandals) but you're right, I'm happy to save the money from above for some nice quality pumps.

  8. I agree with TinyinTexas about putting more into quality shoes- I never found a pair of comfy Target shoes before. I can't believe you don't have a food truck in Boston! You and your bf are cute! Funny captions, haha.

  9. Bahaha I do really love steak and ribs. Too funny. Def agree about Target for sandals- they are great for cheap and cute sandals.

  10. That is too bad that the heels did not work out!

    Lol! about the truck idea in Boston! You and your boy look too cute!

  11. i was tempted to buy those tstrap grey pumps, good thing i didn't. im trying to shop less for shoes online because i always end up returning them. i was never a fan of mexican food until i lived in san diego. i lived on mexican food when i was out there and i miss it very much now!

  12. @TinyInTexas Twinss! I love ribs so much...with *good* cole slaw and cornbread.

    @Stephanie You're a Texan too, I almost forgot. Have you had crawfish? My friend loves it and I'm dying for my first crawfish meal.

    @ Pauline I couldn't find your comment anymore, but I had to say Menino was at the festival, promoting around like crazy, lol! We waited 1 hr for gigantic hotdogs (which in my opinion, don't really warrant a truck...a stand should suffice), twitpic here: http://yfrog.com/0o6dewj

    @Michelle what corner of the country are you from? I realize I have no idea except that it's hot and that it must be close to a LOFT ; )

    @Ping Not too much Mexican food around the Bay area, eh? But that's all we eat when we're in SD. The Retas aren't awful for $30, I don't mean to be too harsh on the Targ.

  13. Ooh you're making me hungry, I love guacamole too! Yes I've had fish tacos several times down here, both at fast food places and sit-down restaurants! I also liked the ones at Rubio's in California. You look really good with just concealer :) My rolled out of bed look would be jeans + T, pulled back hair and no makeup at all hehe..

  14. the food look so yummy! Yeah... too bad, no food truck in Boston... just carts that sells nuts, Italian ice-cream, and the sausages... lol.

  15. More adorable couple updates! ^^

  16. I guess you can say that I'm lucky enough to live by a food truck hotspot... love getting dim-sum, dumplings, takoyaki, korean bbq & ramen on a whim, but it adds up... both on the wallet and the waistline! I returned my Tucker for Target items last weekend and I have to admit that it was a breeze! Super easy and no questions asked. I'm definitely open to trying more things from Target.com now!

  17. Wowie, the food looks so yummy and fresh :) I love Mexican food! LOL :)

    Too bad the shoes were a no go... sometimes it happens :/ The gladiator sandals are great though! :) I love that color!

  18. Cute pictures of you and your sweetheart :). Haven't seen a post like this one in a while.

    Sorry about the shoes. I think I got a pair from Target loooong time ago, I didn't mean to get them on a purpose and never shop for shoes there ever again.

  19. PAG - I live in Las Vegas. Yes, I do have some great shopping options here! I posted a shopping guide on the AN forum.

  20. I hate the ruffles on the first pair! They would've been so adorable without them! Is it possible to just pull out or remove the ruffles without damaging the product? What colour are they, by the way? They look a bit purple, but the site only shows a black pair.

    The second pair is just ugly. LOL :P The T-strap pumps are actually pretty cute..the shinniess is a bit of a turn-off, but I sort of like it!

    You and your boyfriend are so cute together! Are those photos recent? If so, I'm jealous of the sunny weather you have there right now. :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  21. aw i kind of like all those shoes, i think they look good on you! but i'm not very picky about shoes or clothing, i'll wear anything :P that food looks yummy...haha your boyfriend looks so miserable though :)

  22. dang... sucks that all those shoes didn't work out for you but atleast you got to try them. You didn't have to go about wondering whether if they would had fit or not. I actually saw a pair of leather shoes similar to the Mossimo Karensa Suede Shoe Booties at Marshalls for $10 more. I think the one at Marshall was better.

    You and your bf are cute together. Man... I do miss the good O'l Mexican food of Socal. My bf and I both went to school in Southern California so we've been spoiled by the good Mexican food down south. Everything up in the bay cannot compare. {*sigh}

    PS. Those grilled calamari and fish tacos look soo good.

    <3s Serena.

  23. Sorry to hear that these shoes were a bust! They look super cute. Love the T-strap heels. Too bad it's too awkward to walk in:( I'm loving those gladiators on ur other post! I didn't know it came in a tan color! I tried the black ones in the store and loved it. Kicking myself for not getting them 'coz they were on sale for $17!

    No food trucks in Boston?? You guys should definitely start-up ur own food truck business hehe:) There were a few festivals involving food trucks in LA the past few weekends, but I didn't get a chance to go ugh! Thanks again for these reviews!


  24. I am not too impressed with Target shoes. I ended up returning the pairs I worn in PFC post too. They hurt my feet after a few hours. I am not a big fan of Mexican food either (except Chipottle). Those grilled calamari and fish tacos look so yummy

  25. DH and I were just talking about the lack of good food trucks in Boston - while munching on sublime food truck sausages in Vienna!

    There's a good Mexican food truck in Downtwon Crossing (right across from Borders) but I cannot think of another good one. There's one by MGH. I agree - Boston is sorely lacking!

    Where did you get the fish tacos? we used to love El Pelon in trhe Fenway before it burnt down.

    Thanks to Marshalls and endless.com, I have become a Cole Haan ho. Got some adorable flats this summer with Nike Air technology when bing.com had 40% off endless and got hooked!

    In early October, I just scored some beautiful cole haan boots at Marshall's in downtown crossing. Heaven-sent for skinny calves. I got 'em in dark chocolate leather for $179. They may have some left. They are the only boots I found that fit my calves.


    Then, I got new winter cole haan boots from endless - with 20% and 15% bigcrumbs cashback, they ended up costing about $145! Check out the heel!


  26. It's too bad those Merona t-strap grey shiny heels were a no go. They look great in the shots. But I know what you mean about the 4" heel, and platform and just general uncomfortable-ness for the price you're paying

  27. I actually quite like the "elf" shoes! I really like the cut of it, I'm thinking about getting a pair. I'm usually a 5.5-6, so I guess I will try and size down and see if it fits.

    and LOL Mr. B will give me the same look when he is hungry too! I think I remember you talking about food trucks on twitter...are they actually pack food on TRUCKS?! Sounds heavenly...mobile fast food...ahhhh we don't have that here.

  28. Too bad about your shoes! I got the Retas in teal and navy and the patent isnt too shiny on either...And I got them during BOGO 1/2 price. Ended up giving my mom the "teal" ones b/c they were more of a light hunter green. I shouldve ordered a half size smaller but otherwise ok. I even wore them to work and got compliments (although I did have pants on), not sure how appropriate they would look with a dress/skirt!

  29. A little disappointed that the purple booties weren't as nice with black tights. They look super adorable and I love the color!

    I know the summer festival in the Italian District ended... but perhaps you can try it next summer? They have lots of food trucks during those summer festivals, and it's several block wide.

  30. Oh boy... failed Target shoes. :) Glad you had something to keep and loved - the Gladiator sandals. I have been very disappointed with Target shoes. I returned everything BUT the T-strap. It's not comfy, but I could walk in it fine. It's work appropriate for where I work so no problem there. Also, the return receipt Target printed out for me was for regular price even though I got 20% discount. So all said and done the T-strap cost me $8 which was worth its value. :)

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  32. SF does have a lot of mexican food. There's a lot of good food in SF actually. When I go anywhere else, I miss food in SF.
    Mexican is better in San Diego...well at least to me...and definitely the best in Mexico!

  33. Awww, thats too bad the shoes didn't work out for you Jean. But its so nice to hear you do reviews from them. My eyes were eying on the black booties. This is a reason why I try not to order things online, so I can go to the actual store and feel it in my toes. But I do believe your honest opinion, some shoes are really stiff and hard. -_- Yummm, your fish taco looks super yummy! I love calamari so thats a plus! hehe. You should start doing food reviews too. ha ha. Major plus plus! I love food.

  34. Your boyfriend is awesome! OK I just said that cause I'm also from San Diego :P

    Thanks for the update on the returns!

  35. I actually think the first pair of ruffled booties are really cute! Target has been annoying me lately, they canceled an order for rainboots I had waited a whole month for... not cool!

  36. The fish tacos look sooo good. What sauce is that on top?

    It's too bad about the Mossimo booties. I remembered your post from awhile back and had high hopes for this one. Lol @ elf shoes. What an apt description =P

  37. Yummy fish tacos. You just make me hungry. Very cute pics of you and bf.

    What a disappointment about the target shoes. I saw the mossimo booties (you crack me up with your description elf shoes Or little rodents) and I thought about the mice look (lol)

  38. Love the booties! I need to find a pair :)

  39. Jean- where is the Mexican food?!! I'm dying for something more than Chipotle! The Improper Bostonian had some food truck write ups - I know MIT is still the hot spot for them. Clover Food Lab is supposed to be the best.

    I was not impressed with Target's boot collection this fall :(

  40. Made me laugh thinking about clown shoes with tights (I can totally imagine that). As for the suede shoe booties -- they look like slippers frontways. I agree with the others, I'd love to have your "just rolled out of bed" look. Usually, my hub and I usually have all corners covered as far as hair no-nos (don't get me started on our face). You two are so cute together.

  41. I'm a native San Diegan living in the Bay Area, and I can relate to your boyfriend's need for Mexican food. Even though there is Mexican food here, it cannot compare to San Diego. I love me some rolled tacos and a carne asada burrito - no rice and beans. Whenever I go home, Mexican food is my first stop after the airport! :D

  42. the retas are very difficult to walk in. i wore the navy blue ones (got them in red too) today and kinda tottered towards the end of the day. the patent is shiny but i got used to it. as u can see, i'm half-hearted about them!

  43. How stunningly gorgeous are you two?
    Have babies and give me one - well or at least let me babysit.

  44. I can't believe those royal purple booties are from Target! That's amazing!

  45. Too bad about the booties, but I can't walk around in heels that high either! You two look so cute (I think I've seen that hungry impatient look somewhere else)! Lol

  46. I've been hearing a lot about the fall over-the-knee boot trend. I'd be curious to read whether or not you think they work with petite/shorter legs.

  47. great post!! I have a few questions:

    1. did you end up returning all of them? or did you decide to keep any?

    2. where exactly in boston is this taco place located?? mmm

    3. you and your bf are so cute together! where did you meet? :)

  48. LOL @ elf rodent shoes.

    Agree with your assessments. The booties were just not very flattering, and teetering awkwardly on 4 inch heels is never very chic.

    You know who has awesome fish tacos???? San Diego!!! Come on over! =)

  49. I love the shoes you returned, but TOTALLY agree with you on the elf looking shoes. Both you and your boyfriend look like models--seriously! You have the perfect face and body. The tstraps are cute, but if you can't walk around in it's a good idea you returned it. Mmm fish tacos!

    I love how you're sharing pictures with your boyfriend! We love your posts, but we also LOOOVE knowing about your personal life too. :)

  50. i love the first ones on you and those tstraps (but i agree they're too shiny). target shoes are awesome! i'm wearing my oxford flats i ordered online too in my latest outfit

    ooh nick's from san diego? *thumbs up* :) seafoood i am missing home so much already D: cursed landlocked college town haha

    ps. computer unsavvy question again. how did you get the "reply" buttons for comments? that is super handy! i want to refrain from disqus or intensedebate because they can get buggy and i prefer simple google/blogger commenting. thanks jean!

  51. yum that looks sooo good!

    have a great weekend:)

  52. I kept the Elf shoes, but only because I threw away the box and didn't want to haggle over a $26 return. I wore them to dinner and they were stiff and i walked funny in them... ;-) But the Rata t-straps are the business. I love them with pants. I'm not petite anywhere (maybe in my pinky finger!), and a size 4/6, so that may be why they don't look so strange.

  53. sorry the shoes didnt work out for you :( i have found it's better to just spend a little more money in the shoe department because cheaper ones always just either hurting my feet or falling apart.

  54. Target and shoes has always been hit or miss for me as well, though those ones at the top still look super cute and ready to take on the cold weather :)

    Those tacos just made me drool all over the keyboard. I guess that means it's lunchtime.

    Side note: You & your boyfriend make such a super hot couple!!! O_O Lookin' gorgeous as usual :)

  55. That's a really great shot of the tacos w/ the lime dripping. Does your bf take your outfit pictures? You're such a natural model!

  56. can you keep up with the postings? don't slack off!!!

  57. Thank you everyone for your comments! Fellow bostonians - the tacos are from a place called Dorado Tacos which just opened up this year and they offer a variety of Mexican food using "local and natural" ingredients.

    @LawgirlThe Retas are hot, and if you can walk in them comfortably then major props to you : ) I forgot to even try them on with pants!

    @AngieCheck out Jessy's blog (the little dust princess) she did a great post on how to do the comment thing!

    @AprilApril, you are way too funny. You and Justin are pretty adorbs yourself : )

    @Gracie thanks for the tip on the Italian festival! I've never heard of such a thing, which is sad because Boston is pretty small.

    @*ms.angela89*I know..but unfortunately many of their styles are online exclusives, plus sizes are usually scattered at my local Target. Lol - I'll leave the food blogging to others...I eat the same thing every time we go out. Shabu shabu!

  58. @AnnapurnaThanks for sharing all the cole haan links. I haven't been to the Marshalls in DTC in a while..usually make a beeline for the H&M there!

    @metta If returns at Target weren't so easy I would've kept them. For $30 I was half-hearted just like you. Really cute design but I work too long hours to wear heels that high.

    @AnonymousOh, they had navy blue? These must be really popular for Targ to make 5 or so colors! How nice that you and your mom wear the same size so that you can share shoes!

  59. Your bf is from SD too?

    @Ping, when did you live in SD?

    I just returned from vacaying in hawaii; first thing I got---late night mexican food!! Who loves carne asada fries as much as I do?

  60. Love Mexican/fish tacos. You're so pretty, and such a cute couple!

  61. My favourite are those grey T-strap pumps, except, I agree with you on the "too shiny" part. They definitely would have been a classic if they were made in a matte leather. On a positive note, the calamari and fish tacos look delicious! haha cute photos of you and the bf too. Do more shoe posts! The shoe monster in me loves them haha

  62. I love the second to the last shoes.This is my plan on my pay day.

  63. Hi Jean! I love your blog~ Thank you for all the wonderful tips and info! :]

    i know this is an old/archived entry, but I am wondering where you got your necklace! It's so pretty! I'd love to find one like it.


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