Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reviews: H&M Shell sz 2 & LOFT Sculpted Sheath Dress sz 00P

Please see the video at the bottom for my review : ) I can't wait for my flip cam to more cell phone vids and barely audible volume (gotta turn your sound wayy up to hear)!
Top: H&M sz 2 - Style # 068031  Necklace: J.Crew
Skirt: Ann Taylor Tropical Wool Pencil Skirt sz 00P (taken in) - buy here
Shoes: Mossimo Palani Gladiator Sandals sz 5.5 - buy here - loove these

And here is the top with my Gap jeans that I am absolutely obsessed with:
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans sz 00P in "faded dark" - buy here

And the LOFT Sculpted Sheath Dress is now on sale for the crazy price of $24.50. Unfortunately I got it for $45 (with a sunken cost of $7.50 for shipping), and I'm on the fence about returning vs. keeping and paying for alterations. Click here to see it on Vicky in 00P, here to see it on Diane in 0P, and here to see Hanna's review on a 0P vs 00P. Photo below was taken after I clipped back about 2 inches:
Dress: LOFT Sculpted Sheath Dress in 00P - sold out online, but not in stores. Click here for item #
Shoes: Aldo peep toes 5.5   Akoya pearls: eBay


Click here if the video player does not work.

Readers - have any of you tried on the top or dress above?


  1. Ok what's going on with H&M having such fabulous items? I have a similar coloured top from H&M a few seasons ago. Ok that's it, I'm heading there this week. I like that LOFT dress - it would probably fit me perfectly! Ahhhh! but the empire waist you mention makes me a little worried.

    LOL about your outtake in the beginning! Too cute!

  2. ooooo i'm loving that H&M top and how you styled it with that pencil skirt! very pretty!

  3. Wow, that's an H&M shell? Looks really great on you. So jealous of you working/living so close to an H&M.
    About the dress, I like the front, back view. The side view is, um, not flattering. I just went back and got a price adjustment on a lot of the Loft items including this dress. My final price was around $18 with Loftcare card. So I think it's worth $18 for all the positives. :)

    Really enjoying your video, especially the beginning. :D

  4. I do think the view from the side is a bit unflattering, but my guess is that is the cut of the dress. It looks great from the front, and the H&M top is gorgeous. Do you shop at the H&M at Downtown Crossing? We only have on in NH in the Rockingham mall and it is a lot smaller than the one in DC.

  5. okay, that H&M shell is to die for! And to think I was going to go this weekend, but ended up waiting for next weekend (for a special style event for people who need styling help like me ;)). Hm... I may just end up going on a lunch break to find this instead ;)

    I agree about the dress - that the side is a bit unflattering. I find that to be true with several of the ann taylor loft dresses I've tried on before. Let us know if you end up keeping it and showing it again if you get it altered!

    Cute video btw! Can't wait to see the new videos with your flip!

  6. Agree w/ others. The H & M top looks cute!

  7. Everything looks really nice on you, but I'm really loving the H&M top :)

  8. I love tops that can be dressed up and down, great way to give your wardrobe a doubling in size :)

  9. Love both items you got, especially the LOFT dress in spite of the fit issue (you look ready for a dinner party all decked out in pearls).

    Had to watch this at work (boo) just now so it was on mute, since you were moving around quite a bit and showing things with your hands and in general being pretty animated I think I managed to understand what you were trying to say. Will have to watch it again with sounds to make sure that nothing was lost in translation. :)

    Thanks again for the video, these are so fun to watch.

  10. I love the shell!

    Can you belt the dress?

  11. jean-- that shell is really pretty and i love the look of the material. It looks really nice tucked into the skirt and paired with the cardigans too. I was at H&M today and didn't see it! the sheath dress is definitely too big, but i love it a lot on you (when pinned back tight). i think you should get a price adjustment and get it altered.

  12. Hi, I really like your cardigans from your video when you were pairing them with your H&M top, where did you get them??

  13. I definitely follow Ping! I looove her sense of style. She is the reason why I picked out the coat when Karmaloop asked me to pick out items. Our favorite brand is Free People! :) I haven't thought of an outfit, but I definitely want to take a picture with it on. :)

  14. I tried on the dress! It didn't work for me at all. I'm larger -btwn 4 and 6 size and neither worked well for me. The chest area was huge! It was so roomy I could have stuffed two people in. The waist and below areas was fine, though. Weird, huh!

    Thanks for a wonderful video. I'm new to the blog and really really love your style :}

  15. Absolutely LOVE that H&M shell!! You wear it so well alone and tucked into a skirt.

    Great video too and it was really nice to see the dress as it moved with your body that you can't get from the photos alone. The waist is a bit high, but it still does look very flattering on you. Hopefully it won't cost that much to get it tailored in on the sides.


  16. Once again, I am soooo sad there is no H&M nearby. That shirt is GORGEOUS!! Such a pretty color and it will be really versatile. I really like the dress clipped back, it is really beautiful and classic. I think if you alter it, it will be a piece you can wear for years!

  17. I LOVE that draped top on you! The color perfectly complements your skin tone. I tried on the LOFT dress in 0P and thought the top was lovely but I didn't like that it wasn't very defined at the waist. I looked like a black stick of gum LOL.

  18. Great informative video (once again)!! The shirt is very pretty and I love how you can dress it up or down. I love H&M : )

  19. @curls-and-pearls It would probably fit you perfectly in the torso area but the placement of that waist will create a tummy pooch on almost anyone who isnt pregs!

    @Vicky Really? They allowed a price adjustment on this item? I'm so shocked since a number of bloggers posted about how they were denied adjustments. I'm going tomorrow to see what they can do : )

    Thank you again for the knocked $5 off the shell!

    @littlenashua Yes I do! there's so many in Boston to choose from tho...cambridgeside, DTC, copley...

    @grace H&M has a styling event? I haven't heard about this! It sounds fun : ) And you're right, a lot of LOFT dresses are having higher waists lately and I don't know why! Some are downright empire style which I detest.

    @FashionableAsians Exactly! I'm trying to make most of my clothing double duty...closet space is so limited : /

    @Elle Aww, you're working on Sat night? What do you do?

    @Michelle That's the first thing I thought about too but it's too high to belt. The belt runs across the top of the tummy and is tres uncomfy!

    @Ping hehe, we never see the same things at H&M until we go back specifically looking for the item. I'm going to do what you advice...try my luck at a price adjustment!

    @yj Ooops, I forgot to mention the charcoal and green cardigans are from LOFT (this season, but they may be sold out online) and the yellow one is from Martin & Osa which no longer exists. Definitely try to look for the LOFT ones in petite sizing! The XXSP runs very small and it came in seven colors.

    @Leena @Phuong Le @Rinny Thank you ladies!! : )

  20. @Danielle Oh that is so odd! I thought the upper and bottom were pretty consistently roomy. The dress doesn't seem to work perfectly for anybody, which is a shame because the concept is so cute. There was a full rack of them at my local LOFT (of course no 00P though). Oh, and thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    @kileen Thanks Kileen! I saw your vids too..I hope more bloggers do vids to show how items move and flow.

    @SewPetiteGal Lol! See everyone is having some issue or another with that dress. Torso too big, bottom too big, etc. I felt like a black rectangular sponge bob (edited that comment out of the vid haha).

    @The Little Dust Princess Thanks Jessy! Oh where would I be without H & M....

  21. The shell looks fab! I totally noticed too that AT sells 100% polyester tops for $80.. their only saving grace is the unique fabrics they use.

    Love the vid! More please!

  22. You look so pretty ^^ I like the first outfit ='D

  23. Love that shell. I have been looking for that color forever. Just like you, I wear a lot of black/gray pieces. I love the first outfit. You look very pretty in that color.

  24. heheh, i love how you're so nonchalant about tucking the shirt into your underwear. i'm going to try it.

  25. Classic and gorgeous, as always! You look so tan and fit! (I had chips and salsa for breakfast. No bueno. LOL!)

  26. Return the dress. It is not flattering on any body type. The extra flap of fabric/ruffle on the upper torso plus two pleats on the skirt were overly design and encumbered a petite figure. A black sheath dress is the epiphany of classy, elegant and simple chic. It should be beautifully crafted with the finest fabric. Think of it as an investment piece. A la Hermes Birkin and Chanel 2.55.

  27. @Anonymous I decided it wasn't worth getting tailored...took it back today.

    Funny enough when I asked for a price adjustment they said no for sale items...but when i decided to return it they said they would give the price adjustment (for $24.50).

    @EightSeventeen Jewelry Lol! Oh kategene...

    @Arlene It works okay, but I really wish I owned some bodysuits! Those are such a neat concept but I don't see them often with work-blouses as the top.

    Sophia, Elisa and PLG - thank you! Sophia - they used to have much more silk for items at that price. I wasn't so impressed by their "charmeuse" last season, hopefully better stuff next season!

  28. Lol... just saw what you said about price adjustment. I also found the dress in 00P yesterday, the price was good but I'd definitely need alterations and decided it wasn't worth the hassle, since I already have a black sheath dress and don't really "need" it. The H&M is so pretty, and I hadn't realized it was such a versatile color! You find the nicest things at H&M! I've been to multiple locations repeatedly and never manage to find any of the things I see on petite blogs in my size! Maybe I should start calling before I go...

  29. I love the H&M top! For some reason everyone else finds such amazing items at H&M except myself! I might just be super picky ahah

  30. I loved your video reveiw...very concise and informative!! I was just at H&M yesterday and saw the pretty top you tried on. Unfortunately, they didn't have a size 2, so I didn't bother to try it on :(

    I really liked this dress on Vickie and it looks good on you too, but definitely too big!

  31. Hi Jean! Let me know how much the tailoring is when you get an assessment. I do wish there was an 00P available, but sadly, there was none. I,however, LOVE the fabric!

  32. I love the top that is in the first photo!
    To die forrrr! GORGEOUS!

  33. I really love the h&m top. I was searching today for it but did not see it at my store. Instead I came across the short..short lace dress that you posted a while back and my eyes could not believe it. They were only a couple left in size 2 so I got one. But I'm not too sure if I should keep it. It's really short and bubble in the back. Did you keep yours? I'd love to hear from you again about this adorable dress.

    I love the look of the loft dress on you, too bad it fits big :( You look very elegant in it.

  34. @Claud Wow, the Divided bubble lace dress? That was from ages ago! I didn't even manage to find a 2..I'm wearing a 4. With your height I would probably recommend a return lol, the bf is even wary of me leaving the house with it on! Try it on with a long sweater and see what you think. I've only worn mine with long sweaters to conceal the shortness and bubbliness of the skirt!

    @Curvy Petite Diane, I realized that it would be 20-30 dollars and decided against it. My tailoring bill is already much too high this season and I wasn't that happy about the higher waist. Are you keeping yours?

    @Callandra thanks Callandra! I'm sure you had plenty of cute find tho...can't wait to see your haul!

    @samanthaloves I think the top photographs better than it looks in person lol. H&M is where I go for a "cheap thrill" but the clothes do add up. I like how a 2 is almost guaranteed to fit though, unlike at other retailers!

    @Renay Shanel Thanks Renay!

    @PetiteXXS You should call ahead! I do that a lot, but only during early morning hours when everything is still organized and the store is not busy. Sometimes it's really hard describing something. I'm glad you passed on the dress. You're tinier so you would've needed more "severe" costly alterations!

  35. That H&M top is so gorgeous, it almost looks like silk. The material looks very comfy and luxurious.

    The LOFT dress's font view is so beautiful. I am glad you show the sideview of it, I am not sure I want the dress after I see it now. Thanks for the reviews on both items. Your video is always very informative.

  36. I have the H&M shell (bought it for the same price as you a few months back). It's overall a good top, but have you noticed what happens when you get water on it? It stains the shell and then it's really annoying to get that stain off. It happens to me all the time when I wash my hands in the restroom at work, hahahah....that's my only complaint of the shell though.

  37. I have to unsubscribe to your blog. I'm sorry. You make me want to shop and I need to make it to January 2011 :P

    Just kidding. :) I love the top, and it looks great on you! I have something similar... I'd belt it just because I'm obsessed with belts like that.


  39. The top is absolutely adorable! Definitely loved it when you tucked it in, the pleats are to die for.
    As for the dress...oh boy I did a review awhile ago on this one. I thought it looked find until I saw myself in the side view. I looked pregnant. Way pregnant. I do have to disagree that the dress isn't a true empire waist dress. Empire starts from right under the bust and flows outward. This dress is supposed to have a sheath silhouette (looks so pretty on the model) and have a nice hug around the curves. I also think empire waists are flattering for petites! It elongates the legs in my opinion. Just as long as it doesn't flow out too much.

  40. Nelah - I don't recommend the dress anymore due to the side view, but it's so tempting at $24.50!

    Helen - Oo, thanks for the heads up! I haven't splashed water or beverages on it yet but will now be extra careful at the sink. That sucks that even water may stain it!

    FB - lol! I need to hold back on shopping too. Gotta save up for xmas presents!

    Diana - Hi! If you don't have a coat yet, maybe go for the black since you cant go wrong with it. My personal favorite colors out of the selections are the olive green and the dark plum purple! I think those are perfect for Fall-Winter.

    Banhannas - oh I'm so sorry! I missed your review but I just added a link. Forgive me as I'm not so articulate in the video : ) I was gesticulating to the under-bust area to show that anything at that height is then considered empire. I know this dress is not empire waisted but it is higher than what I am used to. I think it depends on person taste...I have a few empire style dresses, and the one fitted one is okay, but the flowy ones make me feel young.

  41. I tried on this shirt!! I ended up not getting it -- not sure why! Wish I did now =P I think I didn't like the color I had and then was too lazy to find another!

    Looks awesome on you!

  42. Yep, just be careful with water (and other stuff obviously)! It doesn't stain it permanently though. The "stains" come right off when you throw it in the washer. It's just annoying when there's an awkward water stain that's slightly not the same color as the rest of the shell, haha :)

  43. Jean! These two looks are so pretty! I am a definite fan of the multi-use top--nicely tucked into the skirt and billowed out over the jeggings! The color and material is super flattering too.

    Gah, seeing how good the skirt looks on you makes me wonder if I should suck it up and get my AT skirt altered. I never found a 0P to exchange for and was too lazy to go return it so it's just been sitting at the bottom of my closet until I decided what to do with it... Such a waste of a pretty skirt!

  44. I've been reading your blog for awhile and I love it so much. The H&M top looks so beautiful on you. Unlucky me, there is no H&M in my area. I am falling in love with the pearl you are wearing with the Loft dress. If you don't mind, can you tell me what size and the length and where did you buy it from? I did look some online but since I don't know much about pearl so I don't want to risk myself. Thanks!

  45. i love that tank! it's so classy and versatile

  46. Yup, I was working then because I had to leave on Sunday for a 4 day trade show. I work for my dad's lighting company and I sometimes get assigned to go on these super exhausting trips...sigh.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. hehe just watched you video, I love the color of your H&M top and your tip for tucking the blouse into underwear is so funny but genius!

  49. I just watched your video, and my comment is awaiting your approval. I have an Ann Taylor knee-length black sheath dress with a satin ribbon drawstring neck (ties on left side) and natural waistline with extra empire waist detailing. Until I take a full-body pic, here's a snapshot taken last June:

  50. LOVELY! I especially like how you can dress them up or down!

  51. I love LOOOOOOVE looooooooooove that first outfit picture!!! I wish I had that outfit.
    I just started my own blog, stop by and say hi sometime!


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