Petite Lookbook: Business-y in Boucle

I first saw this skirt tweeted by fellow petite moneymaus and fell in love with the thick boucle texture. Since the description said "mini," I ordered a size up from normal hoping to wear it to work. In person the texture is fab, but I'm a little on the fence about the fit and price. As usual, lovely readers, your opinions are appreciated : )
Boucle Jacket: Theory "Tessen," sz 00 (altered here)
Top: Banana Republic XS (sides slimmed)
Boucle Skirt: Un Deux Trois Mini Skirt in kids sz 14
Shoes: Aldo sz 35   Akoya pearls: eBay  Belt: Theory

Ah yes, I'm back in the kids department despite all efforts to avoid it. Continue reading for more pics...

Fit: The fit of kids stuff, although a decent option for tiny petites, just doesn't allow for womanly curves (not like I have any...but still!). This skirt is snug across the hips for me, although there is still a little room at the waist. This causes some riding up around the hip area (nothing too bad, though). 

Quality: Thick boucle that is fully lined, which is nice. If I were to nitpick I would say the back buttons are big and cheap looking (sign of kids). Material is polyester/rayon/spandex blend, which is nothing special in itself, but the resulting boucle is tres chic.

Measurements: Kids sz 14 is 12" across the waist, 14.25" across the hips, and 16.25" in length. Remember the material is thick, plus there is lining, which makes the true measurements a little smaller than what I've listed.

Value: Paid full retail at $58, which I think is pricey for a kids skirt by a brand I've never heard of. I also hate paying full price. On the other hand, we pay just as much if not more for women's skirts and may have to spend even more $ on alterations. This skirt passed the boyfriend test (aka he had no clue it was kids...and he has a good eye for "kiddie fit" faux-pas!).
Overall, the texture is what's drawing me in. I can see this paired with almost all my jackets and cardigans for work ensembles. Below - right under where my hand is you can see an example of the creasing that I mentioned. Not 100% sure what causes it.
Readers - what do you think? At $58, would you keep or return?

PS - Burberry why must you tempt me with this little boucle jacket? I'm more open to their kids jackets after my last order, but this is still exorbitantly priced for what it is.


  1. I say keep! Very sophisticated and the fit is great.

  2. Do you have pictures of the back buttons? I really like it, though I feel your pain about paying full price. Is it comfortable to walk around and sit in? If so then I say keep especially with the $ you pay to get things altered! On a side note, I'm loving how you wore your peep toe shoes with stockings! I've always wondered about the "rules" on that one. I haven't been brave enough to attempt yet.

  3. Ahh so that's what boucle is, lol! I like this a lot! I think for petites, shorter skirts work well and this skirt is just the right length to be work appropriate but still young. Sometimes skirts that hit at or even just slightly above the knee makes us look stumpy and like old ladies >_< Hmm.. as far as price.. somewhere ~$50 is ok? Perhaps if you thought of this skirt as not being kids, and saw it somewhere like BR, mentally the price could be justified and even considered a good buy :)

  4. Wow! I would have never guessed that skirt was made for kids!

    I completely understand that you would doubt the purchase based off the price...especially since we can find LOFT skirts so cheap!

    If you can swallow the full price you paid for it, keep it! It is beautiful! The close up pic especially has me sold! Just think of all the gorgeous outfits it will create! :p

  5. I really like that top! the skirt is pretty and the bunching isn't too noticable. Overall a very cute outfit.


  6. I do love that texture, so I'm tempted to say keep, but the fact you mentioned it rides up a bit (from being cut straight for a kid's non-curves) worries me. If you take a long walk for lunch (or happy hour ;-) ), will you be tugging that skirt back down the whole time? I hate that! That crease worries me's in prime pooch inducing area. Eek!

  7. I like it! Though this is a really tiny kid skirt...a lot of kid size 14s translate to adult 2/4. I think $58 is really reasonable for a work skirt, this skirt in adult sizes retailed by J. Crew or Talbots will probably run you close to $120. I wouldn't have guessed that it's a kid skirt...

  8. this looks great, jean! i shy away from material like this but it actually looks great as a work skirt

  9. jean-- from the pictures the skirt looks great on you! i like thick skirts for the winter to keep warm. from reading the fit portion of your post, i can totally relate. i find that kids clothing are always tight around the hip and rear area...heehee...and the waist is too big. if you feel comfortable in it and don't have to pull and tug on the skirt while wearing, i'd definitely keep it. i think $58 is not bad.

  10. It looks really nice on you. I'll say keep it. I couldn't tell it is from kid deparment. It doesn't look cheap at all. I really like the material. I think you'll get lots of wear out of this skirt.

  11. I still can't believe the 14 fits so small! Usually even 12 can sometimes be too big on me. It really does photograph beautifully, but I want to reserve judgement until I see mine in person. And I hate paying retail too... if only there was some kind of coupon or sale lol.

  12. that skirt looks really lovely on you and i'm a huge fan of boucle fabric as it's so soft and snuggly. the creasing isn't too noticeable and as long as the fit isn't awkward, i don't think $58 is too bad of a price. pretty sure you can get lots of work outfits out of this skirt!

  13. I like it! Def does not look like kids. I wouldn't have guessed!

  14. I think this skirt is really cute and is a beautiful color and texture. I don't think the length is too short at all, especially with tights. Wearing shorter skirts is easier for us petites :) I say keep as long as the riding up and price don't bother you! It looks great on you.

  15. Must be sophisticated kids that wear that type of skirt. The material and texture look nothing like kiddie's skirt. If it is comfortable enough for you to wear and walk around, i would keep it.

  16. I agree that it's a bit much for a skirt by some kids brand, though the skirt is pretty mature-looking. Off-topic, but something I must critique is the colour of your tights! It makes your legs look a reddish-brown and it looks unflattering (in my own opinion, of course). Maybe it's just with this outfit/skirt though. : ) By the way, would the creasing be from tucking in your shirt or some extra piece sewn to the inside of the skirt? It's pretty unnoticeable in the first few pics so not to worry! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. Is the crease caused by tucking your shirt in? As lovely as this skirt is (love the texture!), the crease and possibility of riding up when sitting down would bother me. I really like how it looks on you with the shirt tucked in though.

  18. Love love love the top on you!! (3rd pic)

  19. It looks beautiful on you but then there are no pictures of you sitting down. If it rides up, I think you'll be spending much time tugging down on it. If you sit much at work, that crease will become permanent for the day and accentuate a pooch even if you have none. I'm surprised it is so pricey for a kids size.

    What is the rule about nylons/pantyhose with open-toed shoes? I'm still holding back on wearing nylons even though it's getting nippy here in Vancouver.

  20. I personally won't keep anything that rides up anymore, regardless of price or how cute it is. It's just not worth the all-day stress dealing with that. My hips are quite wide for my proportions (23" waist, 33" hips — sooo pear-shaped :( ) so this happens for most kids bottoms for me. If you have a desk job, you'll spend most of the day sitting, which means lots of uncomfortable readjustment, which doesn't look so sophisticated anymore. That said, you look great standing up. ;)

  21. Just discovered your blog and although I don't blog about fashion, I LOOOOOVE your style and blog!~ Will be visiting more often =)

  22. Wow I never wouldhave thought the skirt was in kid's sizing! It still looks great on you though :]

  23. I really love this outfit. It's so sophisticated and classy.

  24. I love your skirt! You can do so much with it - work, going out, dress up, dress down ...

    Plus, it's hard to find something that fits this well. So the price could be worth it!

  25. you look so classy! i'm actually wearing a similar look today :) i would definitely keep the skirt. the skirt i'm wearing today is from the limited and was about $30, however, i paid an extra $20 to have it altered. $58 is not a bad price for a skirt.

  26. Jean - it looks great on you and the length makes you look so tall! The fit appears perfect from the pictures. Does it pass the "sit" test? If your office isn't super-conservative, you can wear it to work, and also on the weekend with a baggy sweater and boots.

    Two things makes me pause. First is material - poly/rayon/spandex. I would hate to pay $58 for that! It looks warm but is it warm enough for winter? Is it scratchy without hose/tights? You can find a wool mini for casual wear cheaper than that. The second thing is the waistband that is a different color than the rest of the skirt. Not a fan.

    I also don't LOOOOOOOVE the print. Do you though? if so, it might be a keeper.

    If it were me, I would file this pic, return the skirt, and wait until the end of the season to get a higher-quality wool boucle skirt on sale somewhere, and chop it off (that should be an easy alteration that you or some handy relative might be able to do sans tailor).

    Jean - we should start a Boston area sewing circle and learn how to do alterations ourselves! Maybe we can find a local tailor to give us lessons as a group if we can scare up a few people. I have always planned to do this and am going to have a lot of spare time soon after I take maternity leave from my second job. Or maybe we can do it ourselves _ I have two basic sewing manuals, a machine, and a vogue pattern style book. Think about it.

  27. The fit is pretty good on you and I love how you styled it with the other pieces. I need to get some shear black stockings for myself! I wouldn't have known it was a kiddie item had you not said anything. But I don't love the price. I feel it's already to some of the other tweed skirts (Theory and H&M I believe?) you've showcased. Maybe had it been half the price of what you paid...

  28. I like the texture, but I would say no on the fit. I don't know if I would've known it was a kid's item if you hadn't pointed it out. But with that knowledge, the skirt does look a bit tight. Plus, it's too high for an outfit that I would wear to work. I'd say return, at $58 there are plenty of other options. =)

  29. It's riding up and creasing across the tummy because the hips are too tight. It's moving up to the point of least resistance. I would say no unless you size up.

  30. Personally, I love the color and the style, but if the creasing is bothering you, don't keep it! It's expensive enough that I think you should love it.

  31. I live in the Boston/Cambridge area as well and I would be into a Boston sewing circle!

    The skirt looks good in the pictures, but given the fact that it rides up and that it's expensive for a synthetivc blend, I'd say pass.

  32. The creasing might be due, in part, to the thick nature of the boucle fabric. And if it rides up, that gets irritating which means you won't wear it as much as you think. You can ask a seamstress to take in the waist sides a bit which will decrease that riding up effect, but really, you'd want to size up to accomodate your hips and then take in the waist even more ... and you know, it's not hard to replace buttons. Windsor Button in Chinatown has an amazing selection.

    I say return it.

  33. The good thing is that it does not at all resemble a kids item but I think I would hesitate to keep it due to the fit, materials, and price. I have boucle material and would offer to make you a skirt but I don't know if I'm good enough yet at this point to sew for others. :( Maybe check out LOFT for one of their crazy good sales?

  34. You look so pretty! I am shocked that such a sophisticated looking skirt is a kids item!

    Enter my giveaway for an adorable pair of Banana Republic gloves!

  35. That skirt doesn't look like something out the kids dept at all. But I agree, $58 is a lot for a kids' item. But if you like how it fits and can see yourself wearing it many times, it's a keeper :)

  36. Hi Jean, you look great as usual. However, I think the skirt is a tiny bit short for work....

  37. it looks great on you, cant even tell its a kids version, try it with white tights for a different look

  38. I can't believe that's a kids' skirt! Why would a little girl wear a pencil skirt? So strange. It fits really well on you. Love the whole outfit!

  39. Hmm, I would return it if I were you. $58 is not too much, but it's a lot to pay for something that isn't perfect or close to it. Cheapie buttons, waist gapping, and unwanted creasing would annoy me on an item that I would wear all day at work. I'm also just nitpicky, ha. If the so-called problems don't bother you much, then keep it. The skirt sure looks nice from these photos.

  40. I would return actually, because I don't think it fits you well enough. But that's just me! Maybe you can get it altered so it doesn't ride up, and that crease/pouch area can be fixed? But in my mind it isn't worth it. That crease, or kind of 'pouch' effect concerns me.

  41. i really like it!

    i think just get it altered since you're able to wear it with soooo many outfits. it beats buying like 3 different skirts for 3 different outfits vs being able to wear this with all looks.

  42. In my experience, if a skirt rides up that means it's too small in the thigh/booty/hip (TBH) area and too big in the waist. (Of course, I have the body type that makes almost everything too small in the TBH area and too big in the waist, so YMMV.) I also prefer wearing skirts higher up on the waist, and I think this one is too short for that.
    In conclusion, the pattern is really fabulous, but I'd reluctantly return it for fit reasons.

  43. Thank you ladies for all your comments and for sharing your opinions! I'm so sorry for the late replies recently. I love reading all your notes but haven't had much time to visit my blog. The final verdict on this skirt is return. As much as I like the texture, the fit is not right.

    @curls-and-pearls Haha, I don't know what the rule is on those, but I think it's ok! As long as the tip of your stockings aren't icky or torn. I think it may look better with stockings that have reinforced toes so it's more opaque and the toesies are less noticeable.

    @s I see "boucle" and "tweed" being used interchangeably sometimes. I think boucle is a thicker texture. And I agree...for work I'm becoming more receptive of shorter skirts. Not too short of course, but enough for the outfit to appear "younger."

    @ElleI think kid's sizing has been shrinking slowly...I used to wear a solid 12 and now a 14 is too snug. Or I'm just growing! But you're high school my friends who were size 2 could wear a kid's L or 14/16.

    @PetiteXXS I didn't even realize you ordered it! Keep us posted when it arrives!

    @kileen and @PingIt is quite warm and cozy...but only from the thighs and up lol. Sad that I'll have to return this because there really was a lot of pull/tugging the second time I tried it on.

    @Nelah and @milk tea polkadots lol, isn't that so strange? I was thinking the same thing myself. What kind of kids need a boucle pencil skirt?

  44. @Michelle If the fit were perfect, I think I would have no problem with the price : )

    @The Little Dust Princess lol, I never noticed the hue of the tights in the photos. They are sheer black (or at least that's what the package said) and I'm liking them better than opaque for the contrast against all my solid black clothes. Too bad it's already too cold for sheer tights, ahhh!

    @Cee and @Alterations Needed and @HM63 After reading the comments and trying on the skirt again, the crease is most definitely due to the hips being too snug and the waist being too loose. HM63 is 100%'s moving up to the point of less resistance. Great "diagnosis" !

    @Canadianpetite haha, I was just reading Curls & Pearls comment on nylons with open toed shoes. I think it's important to make sure the seam isn't showing yucky-ly in the open toe. If the peep hole is small enough, I'm wondering whether reinforced toe nylons look better because that area is more opaque. And you're right about the rode up to be a little too short when sitting down.

    @hugstiem You're totally right. I convinced myself it's not worth it. Strike again for kiddie clothing. I need to stop ordering it to try on...returns are a waste of time! Although, they may still be a great option for those with ruler-shaped waist and hips.

    @Truly Smitten
    @Tammy @samanthaloves @Angie Thank you!!

    @The Girlie Blog I know, I love how versatile the material and color is, but alas it still doesn't "fit" well : (

    @Leena Isn't it sad how us petites have to pay almost as much for alterations as for the item itself? Sigh..

    @Annapurna So many great points you raise. It's definitely not scratchy due to the lining. And oh that is strange how the waistband photographs a different color. I stared at it under natural lighting and there is no difference at all!

    Good advice to file this look away mentally and look for a better option. Also this same skirt could even go on sale for $20 or so by the end of the season : )

    If you have the patience to do your own alterations, I highly encourage you to take a class! Unfortunately, I have determined that "serious" sewing (meaning doing alterations on stuff that I like or value, like jackets, suiting skirts, coats, etc) is not for me. I actually paid for and took a 9 week sewing class years ago, but it is just quite time consuming and you need to be patient and detail oriented. I now also have a sewing machine and serger that is gathering dust. It seems like there may be interest though per Jen C's response. You shoudl post about this idea in the Alterations Needed forum!

  45. @Sara You're right...$58 is like 2 to 3 items at H&M! : ) I also love the color and style but the fit renders it a return. Sad!

    @Jen C Pass it is! Btw, I responded to Annapurna advising her to post about her sewing circle idea in the Alterations Needed forum! Unfortunately I don't have the patience nor talent for alterations but I think there would be some interest from others.

    @jessica Ooo, Windsor Button? I'll have to check it out. I was in C-town today and found Winmill fabric, but didn't see Windsor! My tailors replace buttons for free so that's great to know for future pieces.

    @SewPetiteGal Omg!!! I would be way too flattered if you made me a boucle skirt lol. Have you read the selfish seamstress' blog? She only enjoys sewing if it's to make things for herself (and gosh, I don't even have the motivation to make things for myself). You'll have to sew one for yourself and showcase it on the blog! Unfortunately LOFT skirts don't seem to ever fit me in the waist.

    @Kandice I usually am a stickler to the 2 inches rule, but I'm noticing more and more women at client offices wearing shorter skirts with suit jackets, etc. I like the look! As long as we don't have meetings or anything the fellow ladies on my team dress however we like, as long as it's with a jacket or blazer : )

    @Rinny @Tara @Anonymous I agree, it looks a bit sophisticated for children!
    Anon - I don't think I can rock the white tights ; )

    @Em I need to be nitpicky as well. Now that you put it all in one sentence, there really are too many faults to justify keeping this lol.

    @jamie The pouch is disconcerting and HM63 & Kay diagnosed it's caused when the hips are too snug and the fabric must ride up to the less-snug waist.

    @IchigoBunnie The search for another little boucle skirt continues! I hope to find one just as cute/versatile but better fitting.

    @Kay Yes yes and HM63 are right. I never thought of myself as someone with big hips but compared to a 14 year old I suppose I do! I tried moving it higher up on the hips/waist but then the waist gap was huge. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinion. Return it is.

  46. I've never been a big fan of boucle but that black and white skirt looks great on you, esp when paired with a simple black top. $60 is def pricey for a kids skirt, but if you don't have anything like this in your wardrobe already and you like it, then I say go for it. Oh and versatility! If you think you can wear it more than once, then definitely keep it, you'll get your money's worth!

  47. Although this skirt is adorable, I detest having to pull on my skirt all day, and for that reason alone I would return it. I'll keep an eye out for a similar "tiny petite" friendly skirt ;)


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