Giveaway: Win a $100 gift card to Rent The Runway

*Giveaway is now over and prize has been claimed. Thank you for entering!*

A while ago a friend told me about Rent the Runway (RTR), but my mundane life hasn't been calling out for fab designer frocks as of late. Although I haven't personally tried out this NYC-based service, I still wanted to share because it's a nifty, they are sponsoring an awesome giveaway for you guys!

How it works: Rent designer dresses and jewelry at a fraction of their retail price. Schedule the item you want online, receive it in the mail, and send it back when your rental period is over (standard is 4 days).

Images below via Renttherunway:
1. Milly ($75 to rent, $695 retail) 2. Herve Leger ($150 to rent, $1590 retail) 3. Tibi ($75 to rent, $495 retail)

RTR will send you a second size free of charge (although for extra petite ladies, this doesn't really matter since the smallest size available is usually needed). The cost per wear is pretty high, but for extra special events I think it is worth it. For the last wedding I attended, I spent $125 for a dress at snooze-able Banana Republic and wore it for 4 hours.

Some more info I noted while exploring the site:
- Shipping costs listed at checkout include postage for both ways
- For an extra $25, you can choose a second dress to try on ($25 applies for the lower priced item)
- There are online "fit specialists" available for chat so maybe you can get measurements
- You can filter dresses by size & body type (ie. petite) and read user reviews on sizing
- Mandatory $5 insurance fee per dress covers certain damage and stains
- As an FYI, there is tax on rentals

I was thrilled that RTR agreed to sponsor a giveaway for my readers. One of you will win a $100 gift card to this site which should be enough to cover the rental of a nice dress, tax, and shipping.


  1. Ive placed my entry, im so very excited!
    Awesome giveaway, Ive never heard of the site seems amazing :]

  2. Such a brilliant idea- I have an embarrassing amount of dresses hanging in my closet that I've only worn once (especially for special occasions- the most expensive ones, argh!). Love that they have a selection for petites, too! Good stuff, good stuff.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I am not sure (or I can't think) of any occasion I would have to rent these fabulous dresses.

  4. Dudette, you are so thoughtful for thinking of Stephanie Nguyen. lol I think you're also a mind reader! I did find a bottle today! Not at my Nordy Rack though : ( BUT : ) :::SMILEY FACE::: I found the whole Moroccan line at Regis Hair Salon. I was so excited, happy, and over joyed! ^_^

    I can't wait to feed that magically product to my hair. :D

    (and to answer your question on organizers...I do! BUT isn't it more pile stuff all over the place?!) lol

  5. that's such an awesome idea! man i have so many dresses i wear once and never wear again....sometimes dresses don't feel the same when you wear them a 2nd time. thanks for hosting!

  6. Great giveaway. Honestly, I don't think I have too many occasions for fancy dresses. I only wear a couple of my formal dresses once a year or so. Such a waste. =)

  7. Awww darn, wish this was available in Canada! I've been subscribed to receive their emails for a long time because I love how they style their models and I just look to it as inspiration. But I've always wanted to try. The girl who wins will be so lucky! And you're great for hosting this on your blog :)

    Have a great day Jean!

  8. thanks a ton i hope i win! haha i subscribed for emails to this site a while ago, and i haven't gotten anything but i do lust! no occassions have come up yet, but this is definitely a great site/idea! i like how they send you a bakcup size in case too. and thanks also for breaking down the extra costs, i was not aware of those.

  9. this is such a great idea! i definitely need a dress for csa formal too and i was planning on going with something cheap and shabby but then opportunity calls :D thanks jean!

  10. OMG! I just found out about RTR and I think I sent you an invite this morning! HA! You can obviously ignore it, but that is so cool that it's gaining some popularity! I'm going to rent a dress for a wedding in a few weeks, now I just have to figure out which one...

  11. Ooh I've always been curious about this. The only event I'd probably use this is my company Christmas party so I'll take a look :) Mmm Herve Leger dress in the center looks SO GOOD!

  12. If you follow the Zoe Report (a daily email subscription from Rachel Zoe), she also promotes RTR.

  13. What a great giveaway! I've been a member for awhile but have never had any excuse to 'rent' anything. I've seen a few reviews but can't remember if they've been from anyone who's a fellow petite. Good luck to everyone!

  14. Great giveaway. I've submitted my entry. Crossing fingers!

  15. I wanted to try RTR, thanks for the contest!

  16. This sounds like a lot of fun, I still have to check out their website!

  17. Ohhh, I was just searching there for a work event I have to attend!


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