Fall Favorites: Gap is Back (for cozytime)

Back in middle school (and even into high school...yikes) I used to think Gap clothes were the epitome of cool. And they were, I guess, compared to the K-mart stirrup leggings and Route 66 tapered elastic-waisted jeans that Mom usually bought me. It was a treat in my household to own anything "brand name," and I proudly wore my GAP logo hoody to school picture day, for several years straight.

I then went through a phase during which I couldn't be bothered to shop at the Gap. To an aspiring fashionista, their clothes were undeniably drab, and few things were tiny petite-friendly.

Flash forward to Fall 2010. Three awesome, super cozy scores at the Gap have me back on board with this brand. Their petite legging jean has caused me to retire all my H&M and Abercrombie kids skinnies (!). I've worn my soft Gapbody sleep romper to pieces. I am also occasionally enticed by their chunky womens' sweaters which fit "casually loose" on tiny petites. Although finding something good at the Gap is still like finding a needle in a haystack (no petite sizing in stores, boo), at least there are some finds to be had.

Floral Top: Topshop Petite 0
Earrings: J.Crew
Necklace: Vintage "Peri" cameo pin/pendant from ebay 
Cardigan: Gap Moto Knit Blazer womens XS
Jeans: Gap Legging Jean sz 00P in faded dark (buy here)
Shoes: Mossimo Palani Gladiator Sandals sz 5.5 (buy here, online only)

The under-ensemble:
Check out these jeans on fellow bloggers Petite XXS, Curls n' Pearls (and here in black), and Chloe. I was totally sold after seeing them on PetiteXXS because she is tiner than me! These jeans in 00P fit amazingly throughout the hips and leg, and the length is perfect on shorter petites if you like some scrunching. They are so stretchy and comfy that I've fallen asleep in them several times after a meal (versus regular "skinny jeans" in which I can't unbutton the waist fast enough to allow breathing after a meal).

My only complaints are a small waist gap, plus the faded dark color is more medium than a true dark. Nevertheless, I love these to death and will be picking up the faded black wash during a future sale.

(below left) Waist is higher-rise, which I'm liking. Is that a sign of middle-agedness? Uh oh...
I hope some of you had the chance to pick up this moto cardigan. This cardi is gone now but I had it on my sidebar several times when some sizes were still in stock. This came in XSP, but I wanted bright yellow instead of navy, so I called about 5 stores to find the yellow in regular womens XS (ended up having it shipped from the NYC Gap). It's definitely roomy, but is oh-so-warm and cozy for throwing on during brisk Fall days.
And these shoes! Such a cheap thrill. I can wear them around town without worrying about scrape-ups cuz they were only $20. Buy them here before 5.5 sells out, and don't forget to use the retailmenot $5 off $50 coupon, and ebates for 3% cash back! I am guilty of buying doubles...and just got a 2nd pair of these, go figure.

A word of warning about the Gap legging jeans...size 00 regular does NOT fit anything like a 00 petite. Gap was having an in-store only sale so I reluctantly gave the 00 regular's a shot...compare the fit of these to the ones up above!
 Gap legging jeans, sz 00 regular

Although the jeans didn't work out, this Varsity Shawl Collar Cardigan (in XS) piqued my interest:
The varsity jacket aspect is a little juvenile, but the boyfriend liked it and it was plenty warm. Sleeves are long but can be folded or scrunched. "twas full price at the time but I will be keeping an eye out for sales.

Readers - Any good finds at the Gap lately? Share share...


  1. Oooh... The petite jean leggings look fab on you!

    and WOW that 00 regular legging jean looks so baggy! Hmm I wonder if that will fit me in store... I still have to use that Groupon! :P

  2. Wow Jean, you look RIDICULOUSLY beautiful, not that you don't usually, but wow!! That moto jacket is gorgeous on you and mustard yellow is definitely your colour (actually, I think every colour looks good on you.. lucky girl). Anyway, that floral top is soo short! But I love the print and ruffles on it. I think I remember you posting with it a few months ago and loving it back then too :)

    Hope you have a great weekend Jean!

  3. That top pairs so well with mustard yellow... but I hadn't realized that it was so cropped! I agree that the jeans are super comfortable, which goes a long way in my book! I'm also still waiting for a good sale to pick up another pair on dark blue wash too, and I can't believe the horrid fit of the regular 00! And I'm kinda regretting not picking up that jacket when it was available... blame it on petite sizing snobbery since I didn't want to try the regular lol. Hopefully I can find something else in that lovely mustard yellow this season.

    I have to admit that for a long while, Gap used to be something "brand name" for me as well hehe... then I found BR and Gap fell out of favor... but now even BR is on probation until they pull their act together and come out with better designs! :P

  4. I LOVE the mustard yellow moto cardigan you got and your outfit here! I got a similar one in Navy, but didn't like it and was sad b/c this one was all sold out =(

    I haven't gotten anything from GAP lately except I think I have those jeans too. I have been getting cozy sweaters though (that UO cacoon one I always wear--got 2 colors! and a jcrew one), but sometimes I'm afraid that they make me look chunky since they are longer boxier styled (and I'm not as skinny as you =P). the comfort thing wins though since it's been so cold lately and i'm sick boo!

  5. I LOVE that floral top and the yellow sweater. So pretty!

  6. Those jeans fit great on you! I am so glad you found a pair that get a lot of love! Don't you dare mention middle-age! :p

    I have not had any luck with Gap lately...then again, I have not given them much of a chance. I ended up using my Gap gift card at Banana! Lol!

    Those shoes are super cute! I have to do a Target run this weekend, I might have to sneak off to the shoe aisle.

  7. Woah, I think I just fell in love with that varsity cardigan. I have always wanted cool varsity jackets that boy athletes got but my soccer team always got baby T's. I don't think I can pay $59.99 for something I like in concept but probably wont't wear often so I'll be crossing my fingers for it to be on further sale as well. At what price point do you plan to take the plunge?

    And the yellow sweater looks so comfortable...it looks pretty thick though so I have a feeling it won't flatter me but it looks terrific on you. Thanks, as always, for the review.

  8. Hehe I have the same gap jean leggings in the blue & in the faded black wash :]
    But the faded black fit tighter - werid

    & as for great gap finds... we have a sprize program here in Canada where if you buy sth & it goes on sale within 2 weeks, you get credited the difference :]
    it was awesome when they first introduced this program cause back then, it was.. as long as it went down within a month of buying it, u get credited. can you say awesome?

  9. Jean- I absolutely love this outfit on you. You look pretty (as always) and romantic with the floral top. The legging jeans looks amazing.

    I also got the Gap Forever skinny jeans (saturated dark wash)in 00P. Love it too, especilly the dark wash I thin is perfect and I prefer this wash over the legging faded dark though the fit (on me) is a bit loose particularly at the waist. And you seem to be tiner than me so not sure if this will work. But I highly recommend them . Here is the link: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=6904760021025&cid=56840&locale=en_US

  10. WOW the regulars are huge on you!!! I'm wearing the regular 00 jeans remember - no petites in Canada! But from the looks of the petites I would've had to size up! How strange!

    RE: Steph's comment above - you must be in Vancouver? I think the Sprize program is only there :(

  11. wow jean you look so pretty (as always!)! i love the outfit on you -- you incorporate colors so nicely. the yellow sweater looks awesome with that floral blouse. i need to take some notes!! yes, i remember gap in middle/high school! hahah it was quite popular!

    i really like that varsity cardi too! i think the sleeves are fine. you can make it work.

  12. I really love the sweater! I never knew that Asians could pull off that colour. I was always told that it would wash us out!

  13. WOW, you look incredible!!!!!!! I agree with the other gals that mustard yellow is amazing on you. You are absolutely stunning with the floral top!! :) Really pretty! And you have such a sweet, warm smile! Lucky lucky gal :) Wow, the 00 Reg jeans are so far off! :/ Eek! I used to think Gap was awesomely cool when i was in high school too! :p And when i think of comfort, Gap does come to mind because of their cozy, outrageously bigger material :) I think I am going to try and find myself a mid rise jean as well...definitely not middle-agedness at all. I always feel like I walk around with muffin tops in low rise jeans :p

  14. Elleandish - you should really try them on! If you find a pair that fit well, wait for a sale and then stack the Groupon on top : )

    Jen @ herwaisechoise - aww thank you! I've only gotten into mustard yellow after finding a martin & osa cardigan. I'm wearing that one thin so I'm glad to find this one : )

    PetiteXXS - oh good, I'm not the only one who thought Gap was cool (phew). Yea the top is super cropped. If I wear it alone it give me a tummyache! Oh and the sweater in a petite XS may have fit much better on you. They only had navy though!

    Jess - I love your UO cocoon cardi on you. Chunky sweaters do make petites look wider...I have to wear them with heels but some days I don't really care : ) I actually got my sweater here shipped from the NYC flagship Gap...they had TEN in sz XS hiding in the back room!

    Goodgirlgoneblog - thank you : D

    Michelle - hahah, well, I just never thought that I would embrace high waisted jeans so much. And I remember you had a Gap gift card...hopefully you'll check em out in the future as they have Petite XS and Petite 00. Oh, btw, those shoes are online only.

    Elle - I think my max for that is $30 lol, because I already have too many sweaters for Fall. Also it wasn't "LOVE" it was just "this is cute and unique."

    Steph - I think you or someone else mentioned before that the black ones are tighter! Maybe that's why they fit Petite XXS...cuz the blue ones have a waist gap on me. That is a pretty neat program...is it for multiple retailers or just the Gap?

    Claud - Ah, those probably won't look as nice on me as they do on your longer, leaner build. Btw, I took a second look at the stirrup jeggings...I still like the concept but I just realized it won't work on short petites because the length would need to fit almost perfectly for the stirrups to not look funky!

    Curls and Pearls - the 00 regulars fit you really nicely (esp because I think skinny jeans need the scrunch length at the bottom). I don't think you need petite sizing in their jeans : )

    Ping - aww, thank you! I'm taking notes on all your posts lol. I need a vivid colored sweater dress and tweed coat!

    Cynthia - I know, right? Elder asians always say not to wear yellow...i finally took the plunge earlier this year and love it.

    Rainy Days - Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you also thought Gap was awesomly cool. Maybe it's a public school thing lol. My private schooled pals may roll their eyes. And you are 100% right...I experienced my first muffin top recently with regular skinny jeans and I was probably so horrified that I embraced these mid-rised ones. They hold in the tummy well!

  15. WOOHOO low entries in the RTR giveaway! I have hope! :D

    Anyway I LOVE that moto sweater! I was definitely eyeing it... and now kicking myself for not buying it for myself! The jeans look great on you too. I'll have to give those a try.

  16. You look so good! Love the mustard jacket and the floral blouse. That's seriously the perfect fall outfit.

  17. Hhahaha I used to love GAP too! All through junior high and high school as well...I have no idea why--esp. their spring collections ^^

    The yellow cardigan looks so cozy and the colour is great on you!

  18. hey I just found your blog, and I love your header :) The blazer is supercute! I like all the outfits you did here,I would probably never be able to pull off a ruffly floral top like that, but you do it so well.

  19. i love your yellow cardigan!! it looks so cute and comfy :) :)


  20. I thought Gap was so cool too! I wore my hoodie proudly lol. I also had a school-bus yellow logo t-shirt that I remember wearing for school pics one year. Cringe.

    You look great in these pics!! I looove the yellow sweater. I love it when chunky, cozy sweaters are loose- it makes it look so comfy and casual.

    Also I love the jean leggings- I can't wait to pick up a pair during the next sale! They look awesome. I am also a big fan of the mid-rise jeans, lol. I hate wearing kids jeans because I am afraid of showing unintentional crack- not cute!!

  21. I love the look of these jean leggings! But just a question for those who have them, do you wear them as if they were normal jeans? I usually don't wear leggings as bottoms but are these okay to wear as pants?

  22. I absolutely love the way you paired the mustard sweater with the gap jeggings! Even though you are dressed down from what you normally wear, you still look amazing and sophisticated casual :) Please, please do more of your "casual" posts, I normally dress down quite and bit and am always on the look out for casual wear.


  23. The sprize program is only for Gap & i think they are just trying it out in BC, Canada to see if it's something that can be extended to other places =P

    & yes, that was me before who mentioned it before. LOL sorry about repeating myself (forgot where i mentioned it the first time cause so many of you petite bloggers were talking about those jeans) lol

  24. That sweater looks super comfy and cozy. I love that color on you. I haven't shopped at Gap for ages. I only go to BabyGap. Too bad that they don't carry petites in stores. The jeans fits you perfectly. I can see why you love them. What a great weekend outfit!

  25. All I want to do is cuddle up in my sweaters in Autumn.

    I love 3/4 length sweaters but then it means I have to wear a long-sleeved something to stay warm. :P

  26. whoaa such a fabulous and refreshing outfit amidst the Fall colors we've been seeing lately :) I love that floral top, especially that it showcases your flat stomach (insert jealousy here!:p) And those jeans!! My God, they look super good and flattering. I'm starting to like mid-rise jeans as well. Should I be worried? :(

    I bought a pair of their Premium Line Pants in Modern Cut. Pretty flattering for work, I must say ;)


  27. Yellow really agrees with you (I remember another long cardigan you had in mustard yellow). The Gap legging jeans look really good on you too!

    That is so odd about the regular vs petite sizing. Have you tried their black magic pants? Their 00 fit me so well but was a bit long, so I decided to hold off and buy the 00P online in the future. But now I don't know if their sizing will be off like these legging jeans are for you!

  28. "Waist is higher-rise, which I'm liking. Is that a sign of middle-agedness? Uh oh..."

    No, it's a sign that you don't like your butt hanging out. And that is a good thing.

  29. The moto jacket in yellow - wow, I love it's snuggliness. If I had known it came in that color I would have snatched it up too!

    Gap has kind of hit or miss for me lately - but they can always be counted on for good denim!

  30. Hi Jean, you look great in the moto jacket. And your legs are fabulous, which reminds me to do more squats...lol.

  31. I remember when you posted about this sweater on your side bar. I really wanted to buy it at the time but for some reason couldn't find the right deal/color/size for me. Hopefully they restock or come out with something similar! And that floral top is more versatile than I imagined. The sweater has helped to really transition it to a fall piece.

    And I know exactly what you mean about brand names growing up. For me it was always Ross, TJMax, Marshalls, or some other department store. The Gap can be kind of plain sometimes but they are good go-to store for someone like me who only wears very casual clothes.

    The varsity sweater is cute too. I'm not fond of the varsity stripes but the length and fit is quite nice on you!

  32. I'm still looking for skinnies so I suppose I'm running to Gap tonight, beautiful outfit, je l'adore!


    Win a Banana Republic Statement Necklace at:


  33. I was going to get the Varsity Cardigan! I love all your GAP finds -it's been my favorite store for ages. As you said, GAP I guess can be a little drab with their plain jeans and v-necks but I often opt for just that -jeans, a v-neck, cardigan, and flats.

  34. These gap jeans look great on you Jean, but I think it's b/c you have this great *behind*. No, it's true, you do. I can just imagine those pockets on me, and how flattening, wide, and uber-unflattering it will be on my non-existing bum. I'm really picky about back pockets b/c I need to feel good about my booty in a tight hugging pair of jeans.

  35. I love the color of that sweater! So pretty! And I'm a big fan of gap jeans! They are the only jeans I have bought recently.

  36. The cardigan is adorable. I love the color. I am searching high and low on a sweater/cardigan with this color, but it's either too expensive or there is fitting problems. I'm not giving up yet. :)
    Gap used to be my favorite store, until it fell off the list. Some years they were good, some years they were horrible. I guess stores all have good years and bad years.

  37. Bright color is perfect for Fall. Love how you wear these!

  38. Love that cardigan colour! I totally agree with your points on GAP, I used to shop there, then stopped and now I'm looking again! Happy that they ship to Canada now =)

    For your jeggings, do you need to alter them to be shorter? I hate buying pants b/c they are always too long!

  39. Hmm you've convinced me to venture into the Gap once I've allowed myself to shop again. Mustard is very much your color girl. That floral top is very pretty too, though a tad bit too short for me (I don't have as nice abs as you!)

  40. The jeans look fantastic on you! Serisouly, they look INCREDIBLE on you!

  41. They fit so well and I love your yellow cardigan! I love GAP jeans! they fit so well. I bought 2 recently from their line of 1969 Jeans and must say they are comfy n fit well. Also they have a sale going on untill 24th Oct wherein you take any old jeans to their store and you get 40% off your new jeans from GAP. Im going tomorrow :)

  42. i used to think gap was amazing in junior high too when 90% of my closet was gap from the outlet store. now whenever i walk in i see overpriced, overpriced, overpriced. i'm glad those jeans fit so darn well because it's magic! i really like your top and shoes too

  43. The sweaters are really good, and the white one is specially eye catching. I noticed something else too, your shoes with the jeans. They are cool, and beautiful. A year ago I also purchased similar shoes from a local store.

  44. Wow, fabulous jeans. You look great in them. :-)

  45. Your style is one of my favorites on the web, and absolutely inspirational. Fabulous photos to boot! As for Gap, yes, back when I was a tween mallrat, that was one of my favorite stores! =)

  46. The Chloe Conspiracy made a good point in her recent post about higher waisted jeans. They do make your legs look longer! I tried this in the jeans department myself, wearing a low-rise vs. mid-high rise, and I got to say, the higher rise totally looked more flattering to me. Just thank goodness the cuts nowadays are not like the moms-jeans of the past :)

  47. Eek! Have you heard about the logo change? I'm saddened by the news. :/

  48. Wow, 00 regular is so much larger than the petite version!

    Like many others, I really love that mustard yellow color on you. I used to shy away from yellows but after seeing bloggers like you carry it off effortlessly, I've been slowly incorporating it into my wardrobe :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. I bought some Gap jeggings during their 3hour jean sale. So comfortable and no muffin top! Thanks for your earlier post about the jegging. I never thought I'd get one that actually fit and looked good on me. I'm slightly chunkier than you.

  50. Wow, love those jeans! I think I have to get those... never had a pair of skinny jeans and am thinking it might be time for me to try them out.

  51. Wow! Those look so good on you (and they're comfortable after a meal) I'll have to check them out for sure!

  52. Thank you so much everyone for your comments!

    @Canadianpetite I'm so glad you got some during the 50% off sale. That's when I stopped by and tried my luck with the sz 00 regulars.

    @SewPetiteGal I'm obsessed with that color for Fall! I'm so glad to have "opened you up" to it : )

    @wuguimei I did hear about it and I'm a little skeptical. Seemed like a social media ploy to me.

    @olyvia Funny, I just read her post before seeing your comment. Makes me feel better that not only does it keep the tummy in, but it also supposedly elongates the legs : ) I agree with you, I think my aversion to the thought of mid to higher-rise is just because they used to be associated only with mom jeans and more oudated cuts...but now that Gap is making them in awesome legging jeans, I'm all for it!

  53. @TZ (Sunny) Thank you so much! When I was a tween mallrat though I think I loved F21, charlotte russe, A&F and the like lol. The Gap phase had alreayd passed, but I'm so glad they are back with better fitting stuff and more chic styles.

    @SumanThey've been having a lot of denim sales lately, eh? I know you told me about the last one, and that's when I went to try my luck. I wish some of these sales were online too!

    @Lilac What is your inseam? These didn't need alterations at all for me, so I can see how they may be a little short for taller petites. I love my skinnies with a little casual scrunch on the bottom!

    @AubreyOhDang! Ah, now that you pointed it Aubrey out I am noticing how large and bland the back pockets are! I wish they were a tad smaller as I can definitely see them being unflattering on some butts. Looking at the back view photo now they already make my tush look 2x bigger than normal lol!

    @R.L. I think it was pretty expensive still the last I posted about it, so I didn't think anyone would want to buy it. After reading reviews about how warm it was though, I called around trying to find it in store, and amazingly it was cheaper in store and they let me use a 20% off coupon. I paid $6 for shipping, but it took so long that they refunded it. So a total $36 for the cardi...not too shabby. Hopefully they will make something similar again but with more color options in the petite sizing for us!

    @Kandice Thank you Kandice! Lol! I would never think that my legs are "fabulous." I don't exercise other than walking around Boston...but you New yorkers also get a lot of "natural" exercise commuting around, no?

    @Cee Yup I have tried on their black magic pants both 00P and 00 regular in stores...and the petites also definitely fit smaller throughout, not just in the length. You shoudl check out a review done by A.Fashion.Delibaration on the black magic pants...she is a little taller and maybe one size up : )

    @Anonymous Thank you! : ) If you do mostly casualwear, then you should really check out the Gap petites online section. Returns are pretty easy in stores, and I'm tempted by their jeans and casual sweaters. I used to turn to the tween stores like A&F and American Eagle for casual wear, but now their cuts are just too low rise and the logos are too conspicuous for my liking.

    @samanthaloves You can definitely wear these as jeans. In fact I think of them completely as jeans and not leggings...leggins are much thinner and don't have real pockets!

    @TinyInTexas Jess, I'm curious how these would look on your longer legs. They may be too short, and then the 00 regulars will be too big throughout for you. Ah, your plight of being a long-legged petite...

  54. I also used to think Gap sweatshirts and jeans were so cool lol. But I didn't have many items since they were too "expensive"! These jeans fit you real well. I love mustard yellow on you too - I got the Loft cardigan (regular, not petite) in this color. I remember reading your post but didn't even consider ordering it, I wish you modeled it back then because it is so cute on you! If you're looking for jeans in different washes with various pocket designs, you should check out designer denim such as 7 For All Mankind, Paige (AN likes it too), etc. I usually find really good deals online and end up paying about $60-$70 per pair which is not too bad considering their crazy retail prices. One other, I'm not sure if you've tried these on already but I like Loft's Petite 5 Pocket Ponte Pants a lot, they fit well and I can pig out while wearing them :) http://www.anntaylorloft.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=28126&N=1200035&pCategoryId=3360&categoryId=221&Ns=CATEGORY_SEQ_221&loc=TN&defaultColor=Black&defaultSizeType=Petite

  55. such a pretty top!
    come follow xoo

  56. I got this in store on super sale! I needed a Small and got a Medium instead but I love the comfy roomy-ness. And I've gotten tons of compliments on the colour, navy would not have done!

  57. Love that floral top! I love your style of clothing :) I'm petite and I can't find clothes that fit me right >.< it's so frustrating. Also, that was a really cute cardigan you tried on a GAP. I used to shop there all the time but then things started getting so expensive!

  58. still not convinced about gap! and i, too, am bored with br!! now working on saving up for those special (designer) pieces like shoes and bags. :) looking good jean! i definitely don't think i can pull that sweater off.

  59. oops. ^^that was me. -janet/punksjunk/mjvp

  60. I LOVE the gap legging jeans! They're more like super soft jeans than leggings which means I can wear them as pants. I've bought two pairs on sale already. I also bought the varsity cardigan and it is really comfy and warm. The sleeves are a tad long but I had a 30% off coupon and I couldn't resist. The moto cardigan looks so good on you!

  61. Just discovered the world of petite blogs the other day. It's so great!

    Those are REALLY cute shoes! I can't believe they're from Target. Are they comfortable?? I wish I could wear such high heels. The Gap jeans fit fabulously on you! I'm really liking their jeans lately. They fit much better now than in previous years. Yay for stretch!

  62. ah i'm a fan of the varsity jacket~~very very cute!

  63. Your fashion is really awesome. I like that.

  64. Actually high rise jeans are coming back in style, they aren't for middle aged ladies anymore!


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