Review: Fall LOFT New Arrivals

LOFT is having 40% extra off sale items again with code LABORDAY40. This ruffle jacket is left in many sizes in both colors for $42 down from $98. See it here on me and here on Callandra.
Fall is my favorite season to dress for...I couldn't resist popping in a LOFT to try on their textured jackets. That store has definitely moved up my list as of late...even though a lot of their stuff does not fit me perfectly, I love being able to go into a store and scoop up armfuls of XXSP and 00P items to try on.

1. Novelty Tweed Jacket with Chains sz Petite XXS

This jacket looked cute online, but in-person my fears were confirmed. This reminded me of White House Black Market jackets...just too much going on: tons of texture, ribbed scrunchy bottom, visible chiffon trim, chains, dangly things, large flap pockets...maybe if 2 or 3 of the above were nixed then this would work. The fit was also boxy...figures, since this is offered in letter sizing versus numerical.

Verdict: Pass, but very cute concept.

Continue reading for more fitting room reviews...

2. Petite Scuba Lean Trouser sz 00P, available in gray, hazelnut, and black.

A very, very surprising "near-win" for me. Some of you may know that I've been eying the Petite Scuba Seamed Pant (an online exclusive) for a while, and now my interest is piqued even more because I LOVE this "scuba" fabric. It feels like soft knit sweatpants...strange, I know, but oh so comfy yet the look is professional, and the derriere is smooth! These pants (although unlined) felt so good on, I just might get them and get the waist taken in. I also found the straight cut and low rise to be very flattering on with my AT perfect pumps.

Verdict: Will probably buy with the next sale or coupon. They also make a Seamed Pencil Skirt in the same material!

Another cute tweed hopefull, but the boxiness overshadowed the texture. Lesson learned is that jackets in letter sizing probably won't work on those who are my size or smaller. I do enjoy the high collar on this one, and I also wanted to note that this tweed is VERY thick...good for cold winters (but then again the sleeves are 3/4 length, so the torso will be warm, but wrists will be frozen). The Chunky Tweed Miniskirt is in the same exact material...I found it be a little too chunky, but it was sold out in all small sizes so I guess it is popular.

Verdict: Pass - too boxy.

4. V-Neck Long Cardigan in PXXS, available in 7 colors!

I had been eying this long cardigan in a while but was too indecisive about what color to get out of their 7 color options. It fit me perfectly so I definitely think I will be ordering one or two online. The length is just right to wear with shorter dresses (please ignore the long shapeless dress I have on here), or with skinny bottoms or skirts. I liked the "seamless" pockets too.

Verdict: Will probably purchase online.

5. City Skirt with Ribbon Waistband sz 00P, available in 2 colors.
I really liked this skirt online and in-person...but like almost all LOFT skirts, it was too big on me at the waist and hips. I would love to see this on someone a little bigger than me. The material felt like a felty-wool and was super soft. One concern I have though is the grossgrain ribbon waistband sticks straight up...not sure how it would conform against curves even on someone bigger than me.

Verdict: Pass - too big and not motivated to alter.

I thought this would be a cute A-line sheath, but it turned out to be a rectangular sheath. My body from the side lost all signs of womanli-ness.

Verdict: Pass - shapeless.

7. Cotton Metal Twill Trench sz Petite XXS
Another easy pass...Trenches should be belted. I also didn't like the "bubble" sleeves on this one.

8. Sunni Mid-calf Leather Boot sz 6.5, available in black or brown.
So although LOFT carries 00P and XXSP in stores...the smallest shoe size they had at this store was a crazy 6.5! These shoes go down to size 5 online though, but act quickly because small sizes go fast. I first tried on these Over The Knee Boots...the calves were surprisingly not too roomy, but the length hit me too high up on the thigh and I looked like a hooker.

These mid-calf ankle boots may be a "petite don't" to many...but I thought they were very cute and comfortable. If I get the black pair I can see myself wearing them a lot with black tights, leggings and skinny pants. I was also impressed overall by the leather quality...these and the OTK boots were buttery soft.

Verdict: Can't decide for online purchase! Black is more versatile but the brown color was so rich.

One more item I was looking for was this military sweater jacket:
It's not available in petites, but comes in womens XXS online. I really liked it on the mannequin in-store, but they were all out of small sizes. It's so "shrunken fit" that a womens XXS just might work.

So there you have it...a lengthy review of some new LOFT items. Readers - will you be getting any of their Fall arrivals? I recommend something in their super comfy scuba material...let's just hope it holds up nicely after washes too.


  1. 6.5 is the smallest shoe size they carry? Whoa! I thought most places started at 6 (still too big for me, though).

  2. Bummer about the jackets...I was hoping for a better fit this season. Looks like I'll be passing. I do intend to try the tweed skirt though.

    No pics of the hooker boots???? =D

  3. I love the scuba trousers! I think the 3/4 tweed jacket looks nice because the boxiness seems to suit that style. You're killing me with these LOFT reviews though... they still don't ship to Canada!

  4. Lol... hubby thinks all boots make me look like I'm wearing hooker boots haha (well except for Uggs.... not so sexy :P)

    Too bad about the jackets and skirts, but I'm not too surprised. I've been itching for a tweed skirt and/or jacket though (none in my closet yet!), so I'm hoping I'll find something somewhere this fall. I'm so glad the sweater worked out... because I've already ordered it in several colors to decide in person :P Not sure what I'm going to do with the multitude of cardigans I've been accumulating the past few months! Lol.

  5. Cynthia - 6.5 used to be AT's smallest size too until they announced "extended sizes" and went down to a 6. Big whoop...I thought 6 was standard!!

    AN - Hah, no! I was far too embarrassed in them to clunk over to the full-length mirror.

    Jessy - oh no, they don't? I keep on getting them confused with BR and Gap, which now do ship. Ah I love the Ann Taylor/LOFT family so much more as of late, that's such a bummer that they don't ship to Canada!

    Petite XXS - hehe you got more cardigans! Well, i guess you can never have too many...but keep in mind they'll probably come out with cute ones every season now. I've got to restrain myself.

  6. As a really extra tiny petite (hah!) I have never actually shopped at Loft! And seeing how some of the stuff fits on you, I realize why I don't. However, I do LOVE the cardigan on you :) And I can never decide on color, haha!

  7. I strangely never used to wear cardigans at all... they're kind of a recent discovery for me! So I'm hoarding them in every color haha... but you're right, I probably should control myself better :)

    Forgot to congratulate the lucky winners! I've already gotten my Allison Izu jeans and they fit pretty well!

  8. Thanks for the review....gotta go check out scuba pants now...been trying for AGES to add to my collection of beloved BR ryan fit pants. Too bad about the jackets, I too was looking forward to them this season after AN's sneak preview a few months back...

  9. LOL. my extra petite friend also likes fall clothes. I like the first tweed jacket, reminds me of something Racheal Zoe was wearing. The pants look nice too. And so love the boots!

  10. The Petite Scuba Lean Trouser looks super flattering on you. I definitely think they're worth getting tailored. The only other thing that caught my interest was the military jacket. I looooove it!

  11. Those Scuba Lean Trousers look great on you!!! I am kind of tempted to try them as well now...the Loft by my house is kind of lackluster though so I always leave disappointed. I am not a fan of those tweed jackets, they look at least 5 sizes too big on you. I think you should invest in a Chanel tweed jacket, those never go out of style and if you don't mind consignment shops you can get it for a fraction of its retail price. :)

  12. I definitely think the trousers & the military sweater jacket are the best picks in this post! I like some of the petite-sized cardigans & tops, but I wish they had a bigger selection of jackets for the fall.. anyways thanks for modeling some of their items for us! :)

  13. Wow the way you described the Scuba pants makes them sound so super comfy! Sounds right up my alley ;)

    For fall I'm hoping to find some soft, comfy cowl-neck and wrap sweaters! And a sweater jacket :)

  14. The cardigans are the my favorite on you, and that color looks great! I might pick up a few myself! The pants are my second favorite :)

  15. My favorite is the cardigan. Those are the must have for Fall. Everything else look so big on you especially those jackets. It's great to see your Fall picks on her. Just like I am going shopping with personal stylish :) Have a great day!

  16. Nordstrom have a really cute tweed jacket, I got it in XS and it works for me (and I think I fit about the same as you- rounder tush though!)

  17. I REALLY love the cardigan! and 7 colours?? Ok I can see your dilemma :P I've been looking for the perfect long cardigan so wear over dresses or over the jean leggings I got.

  18. awww...I had high hopes for the first jacket, and I ordered it. That's too bad!

  19. I love, love the scuba pants! I'll be looking for them when they go on sale. So weird that it says online exclusive? LOL will have to look for them in a store.
    I know what you mean by White House Black Market tweed jackets! So much going on (and a lot of them you can't detach) and so boxy. Booo, I was really hoping for that tweed jacket to work out. Wish it was at a longer length. =0/

  20. Hey babe! Guess what?? I'm in Boston RIGHT NOW, lol, I flew in this morning (left my house at 430am). The weather is exactly the same as DC today, muggy and hot, haha.

    Anyways, onto the post, I love the RIbbon Waistband skirt, cardigan, military sweater jacket, and OTK boots, the boots and military sweater are my top two favorites, shame I'm on a "no shopping" budget for 3 months, gotta save for christmas.

    Just so you know, I love these posts, I find them extremely helpful and insightful.

  21. Aww I had my eyes on those boots...but now I'm not so sure if I like them anymore. They look a bit cowboy-ish from these pics.

    Btw, not sure if you like Loft denim jeans, but they tend to work well for me. A bunch of the petite sized ones are on sale for $30 each, which in itself is quite a good deal. But then, you can use code AUGUSTAFF25 to get an extra 25% off. So, $23 bucks for a pair of jeans!!! I've been waiting for their jeans to go on sale, so needless to say, I went CRAZY w/ this info! Ordered like 10 pairs to try them all on! Insane me.

  22. I really thought that skirt was cute, too bad it's so big =(

  23. #2 and #3 are my faves on you. I LOVE that jacket! On the other hand disappointed to see the execution of the first jacket you tried. Yikes, there IS a lot going on there!

  24. my favorite are the scuba pants and love that name. its also a very cute color and the legnth seems perfect too. i might go check them out! thanks for the reviewing.

  25. yay! so excited to have won :) I sent you an email

  26. I love the Petite Scuba Seamed Pant, the v neck cardigan and the military jacket!! I hope you find them in sales or something cuz they are all so pretty! =)

  27. The scuba pants look great! It is surprising that straight legged trouser pants can be so flattering. Unfortunately the waist is too large. As far as alterations go, is there any way to take the waist in (or is it outrageously expensive?)

  28. What a bummer about the jackets! They're really cute and reminiscent of Chanel, but I'm with ya, I have a hard time pulling off boxy shaped jackets. They always seem to overwhelm my frame. The scuba pants looks great! I'll have to check this out. Man, there are so many awesome sales this weekend! Yikes...Not great for the checking account:)

  29. Hi Jean, Thanks for the great review. I loved those scuba pants on you. I tried them on today myself and absolutly perferred them on you. I also wanted to mention that you might want to try on the petite stonewashed doublecloth jacket. It's not available online yet, but it is in the stores. I will definitly be buying as soon as it goes on sale.

  30. I was definitely interested in the jackets, but I guess it's not meant to be. Tweed jackets tend to be on the boxy side...I guess it goes with the territory.

  31. Thanks for the review! I thought #6 the black shift dress was very cute on you, though I agree a little shapeless. But I think it would look nice with a belt, either wide for waist definition or even something sparkly or jeweled for fun. The length, color, trim and pockets (a must for me!) are all fab.

    I definitely love the scuba pants. I really wish Ann Taylor would ship to Canada!! Maybe if we keep repeating that here, someone from AT will finally heed our wishes from north of the border.

  32. Hey, nice review. I really really love the scuba pants on you. I will probably get one for myself when it's on sale. I will have some reviews coming up as well for LOFT.

  33. Interesting point about WHBM jackets. I could never quite put my finger on what bothered me about them, but you summed up my sentiments exactly!

  34. That cardi looks great on you! Which colors are you thinking of getting? It's unfortunate that the majority was ill-fitting because the styles are cute.

  35. Wow, the novelty jacket really IS too busy. I never thought of it that way, with the chains and the pockets, the colors... you put it all into perspective :p haha The pink cardi looks lovely on you :)

  36. purchased two pairs of jeans per your recommendation. i'm a size or two larger than you, but hopefully the jeans will fit just as nice! thanks for the discount code. (^-^)v


  37. i think my faves would have to be those cute boots and the military jacket you're looking for xD I love the brown colour!

    Bummer everything's too big and loose :/ Maybe there will be better sales soon

  38. hi! i am new to your blog, and i just have to say that i love the idea of your fitting room reviews. it really helps a lot! :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. hope you can come check out my blog too. thanks! :)

    <3, Mimi

  39. With autumn around the corner - well here in the UK anyway. Can you recommend some warm cardigans or 'coatigans'. I have done a search for this new term and found only -

  40. Sew Petite Gal - I missed the buy one get one 50% off despite PetiteXXS's heads ups, which is a huge bummer, but I wanted the olive green and the taupe.

    aquare9ia - I think waist alterations will cost around $15. These are unlined, so hopefully a little less?

    aquav87 - Their jeans are a little big on me but I stopped by LOFT yesterday to meet a friend and she found a pair that fit nicely for $15! I hope one of yours will work out for you : )

    Callandra - definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the said jacket! What was wrong with the scuba pants? Was it unflattering on curvier hips?

    Helen - I know, it's a real shame they don't ship there because they are missing out. I would've liked the A-line dress if it were just a tad slimmer.

    Kristy - ah, I really hope they fit! Even if one fits though you get free returns on the other. Which styles did you order?

  41. Back off the scuba pants ladies! (jk jk, just leave me one gray pair in the skinny and the straight in ooP). Can't wait for them to have a pants sale or a 40% off coupon.

    Hannah - oh, the skinny ankle pants are online only. Those are the ones I initially wanted : ) The pictured ones are the straight legged pants which are available in stores.

    Megan - thanks for the link! It looks quite cute but the black is gone in XS. Maybe i'll see it in a store.

    Janine - ooo really?? Yes it was quite muggy yesterday, you missed out on our cool breezy temps last week. Hope you had a good day(s)? here..I'm guessing for work? ANd how good of you to sacrifice personal clothing shopping to buy gifts for loved ones for x-mas...this is quite far ahead so you must have some ballin gifts planned out!

    Elle - What's Chanel's sizing like? Gosh I would've never thought to put something like that on my step at a time...gray flap, then maybe vintage tweed jacket : )


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