Henrietta Pertuz Petites Fall 2010 - Drew Silk Blouse

Some of you may remember Henrietta Pertuz Petites from this post and this post. The NYC-based petite fashion designer is out with her Fall/Winter collection with extended sizes (00P to 14P in certain items). Starting at $195+, her items are truly "investment" pieces, boasting classic silhouettes and luxurious imported fabrics.

 I was thrilled to receive the Drew blouse for review:
Silk Blouse: Henrietta Pertuz "Drew" in 0P (buy here)
Jeans: Gap legging jeans in kids sz 12
Booties: Calvin Klein "Hadrian" sz 6
Blazer: (pictured below) Theory 00
Necklace: J.Crew

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Drew Blouse description: "A classic, chic silhouette with vertical details to elongate your frame.  Gorgeous silk crepe de chine fabric looks equally great with wool or denim." Comes in three colors.

Measurements of a 0P: 12" across the shoulders, 16" across the chest, 17.5" across the bottom hem, 10" sleeve length, and 20" total length.

Material: 100% silk (lined). Made in the USA

I think this blouse is the most versatile piece in her collection. The above-the-elbow sleeve length is unexpectedly chic - I don't have anything in my wardrobe with sleeves at this length. The fit of this top is breezy, but the narrow shoulders and tailoring keeps it looking put together. I have been wearing it over skinny jeans as well as black pants for work.
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*Note - Gap kids leggings jeans pictured above were returned after I tried on their adult legging jeans. As mentioned previously, the adult ones are my new love. Post to come soon!*

Love, love nice details...delicately gathered princess shoulders, neat pleating down the center, shell -like back buttons, and fully-lined torso:

Tried wearing this blouse tucked into a skirt for work, but due to the flowy shape it is hard to tuck neatly. I added an elasticized waist belt to conceal the gathering. What do you guys think? Better untucked over pants?
I have my eye on Henrietta's new wool dresses (Kelly shift and Morning to Moonlight shift). They are so simple yet classic for work or cocktails. Word on the street is that a petite blogger favorite will be reviewing one of them soon, so keep your eyes peeled : )

Disclosure: Blouse pictured is courtesy of Henrietta Pertuz. Thank you, Henrietta!


  1. Very well matched! Understated and elegant. By the way, is that a Theory blazer?

  2. Prosephina - thank you : ) Good eye, good eye. That is a Theory blazer and the material is a little strange (gray wool with gray and navy blue checks) so it doesn't get much wear!

  3. love it with the blazer over it! Fabulous color as well.

  4. Love this post! I love how you paired the blouse with jeans and booties.. you just look so chic. =)

  5. Love the blouse on you! : ) And those GAP leggings look great (even though you returned them). If only I had a pocket full of money...:)

    What booties are you wearing in the pictures?

  6. I think the shirt is beautiful! I love the first photo especially. You look great. : ) It actually looks more casual with the blazer on, but maybe it's your stance. haha I like it!

    It'd be pretty neat the Kelly shift dress was reviewed by Kelly of AN. LOL

  7. Jess and Kali - thank you : )

    Grace - I'm wearing the Calvin Klein "Hadrian" booties which I adore! I saw them on a friend 2 yrs ago and she got them from Marshalls, then I finally found them on ebay last year. What are the chances?

    Jessy - thank you for your nice comment : ) And about the Kelly and Kelly dress...now that would be fun, eh?

  8. What a feminine and elegant blouse... I love your outfit with the blazer. If I were to nit-pick I'd say the sleeves do look a bit big (which is more emphasized in the tucked in photo). Too bad it's a bit out of my price range at retail :\

  9. The shirt looks really well-made and very classy. I especially liked how it looked paired with the blazer. I'm looking for a blazer myself as I like how it looks both casual and chic with the sleeves rolled up.

    Thanks for the awesome post!


  10. Really cute outfit that I have sort of been trying to recreate (though the image was one in my head...now I have photographic reference), I know the emphasis is on the blouse but I love that Theory jacket on you. How many of those do you have tucked away in your closet. :)

    I am looking forward to the dress review...I have money on Kelly of AN reviewing the Kelly dress as well.

  11. That is a beautiful color on you. It will go well with your speedy purse, too!

    I am looking forward to seeing the gap adult leggings on you!

  12. super cute blouse and outfit jean! you definitely look better than the model-- heehee. the color of the blouse is really nice & looks like it's very versatile. love the fit & lining on that blazer. you look fabulous as usual!

  13. That really is a gorgeous blouse on you :) But at almost $200, it's definitely out of my price range. I even hesitate to purchase $80+ silk tops from Ann Taylor! What would be the highest price you'd pay for this piece?

  14. ooh the blouse looks great with the blazer! so classy and elegant

  15. LOL...what's funny is I really do want to review the Kelly dress! Unfortunately it's not available in my size...I asked. =(

    I do have a package coming from Henrietta though! I can't wait to see my first HP item up close. =)

    I really like how the top is fully lined, and the button detail at the back of the neck. I feel like Henrietta is really doing it right, with quality fabrics and attention to detail.

  16. Very cute color & design for the blouse! Love that you can pair it with jeans for a more casual look. I think the blouse looks best paired with the blazer.. the detailing in the center still peeps out and the blazer gives the outfit a nice fitted look :)

  17. Such a pretty blouse! I love shades of grey for the fall. The subtle details are so delicate and it looks like it fits you really well. Love the princess sleeves. :)

    Looks much better untucked.

  18. I'm loving that blouse, especially with the leggings. I must admit, I'm jealous of your figure. I feel huge these days, and hope I slim down soon. I wish I could wear the outfits you effortlessly pull off!

  19. That blouse is gorgeous on you, especially when untucked. I especially like the vertical seaming detail and the fact that shoulders fit you perfectly and the hem hits at the exact right place at your hip. I agree that the sleeves look big on you but I don't think they detract from the look.

    I like everything about the outfit when untucked - the blazer and even the jeans.

  20. Great combo. The shirt is very nice, but bit pricey. I like the way you styled it with jean leggings, untucked. The length of the blouse is too short for tucking properly. I really like the sleeves too. A great piece.

  21. I love that blouse especially when you paired with a pair of skinnies. What a great investment piece. The color is also very conversative for work but yet fun for going out as well. Can't wait to see more HP reviews

  22. omg u really soo petite T_T jealous lol :)
    nice outfit like always :)

  23. cut top. i love the jacket as well!

    you're always so put together


  24. Much better untucked and I love it under that blazer!

  25. Untucked all the way! It's a very prim, feminine, proper piece that I can see taking us through our entire working lives. I love how you paired it with the jeans and blazer for a more casual look, but it still retains a careerish vibe. Looking forward to seeing more from Henrietta Pertuz...I should really check her out since she's here in NYC!

  26. I haven't heard of this brand before, looking forward to know more. Great investment piece indeed. And such verstaile! can be dressed up, dressed down. It looks feminine and very elegant on you. Oh and the grey color is one of my fave colors. Your skin is glowing and also like your blazer. I can't wait to see the gap legging jeans on you, mine especially the faded black are skin tight..lol I'm wondering if should size up or they would strech out... I have not being able to wear them yet. Here still to hot to wear jeans.

  27. looking very sexy with that blazer on ;)

  28. The blouse is high quality, but I like it better untucked =)


  29. Love the look with the skinny n Jacket but not tucked in with skirt.

  30. Tucked for a dressier look and untucked for a more casual look :)

    The luxuriousness of the top definitely shows through the pictures. You look great with it, but I have to say my favorite look has got to be the one paired with the blazer. So chic!

  31. I love this look on you (skinnies + blazer)!! You look so good. Man, I really need to get aTheory blazer.

  32. I love all the subtle details like the back buttons, pleating and sleeves! I think it looks best untucked.

  33. I wish AT, BR, and the other usual petite retailers would make more tops like these! Like you I'm not a fan of wearing button-downs but I personally can't pull off the sleeveless look and feel professional so I've been searching for a silk short-sleeved shirt like this. AT had one (Silk Crepe Shirt with Back Zipper) though unfortunately not for petites. I do agree with PetiteXXS, something about the sleeves does look a tad big, I'm thinking it's more so the arm holes. Other than that, I'm loving the outfit. Can't wait for the review on the adult legging jeans!

  34. Is that the same theory blazer from the previous post? The skirt is recent. It comes in two (I think) colors. The one I'm wearing is in size xs, however it runs big. I had to take it in about 1" on each side.

  35. I like you post very much! I don't want to be mean... but just curious: do you really pay $195 for the top, not a famous brand?

  36. I love reading your blog. I would like to award you with this Sunshine Award. :D please visit the link.

  37. I think my favorite is the blouse under the jacket, very chic!....Lovely color too.

  38. Love the colour and the way you wear it untucked with jeans. That must feel so luxurious. Would this be dry clean only?

  39. Thank you ladies for all of your comments! Definitely agree now that it looks better untucked.

    Kelly - I know she had a similar blouse last season, and I think it wasn't lined. Hence I was thrilled to see the improvement with the added lining...it takes the entire garment up several notches!

    Anon @ 12:26 and 2:49 - I would probably pay $100. I wish I had more $ to spend on unique pieces, but I so rarely spend over $100 on any one item. Just by looking at the photos online it may not catch my eye, but I've really been loving this blouse and got so many compliments at work.

    SugarNikita - instead of "huge" you must mean curvy : P We always want what we can't have. I would love some womanly figure to fit into brands like J.Crew.

    Annapurna - lol! It feels rewarding to have your approval ; )

    Em - You shoudl definitely stop by and maybe try on some items! It's hard to gauge how things fit just looking at online photos.

    Claud - I think you or someone else mentioned the faded black are tighter than the dark blue. The dark blue are pretty snug on me too. I think they st retch out a little. They probably won't look as good if you went one whole size up!

    R.L. - I know, right? I thought this sleeve length was so unique and flattering. The short sleeve tops I have tried on at AT or BR have a fluttery or poofy sleeve, which takes away from the simple elegance of a short sleeved silk blouse.

    Canadianpetite - I dry clean all my silk items, although I think silk can be hand washed cold. I just don't trust myself, but dry cleaning gets oh so expensive : (

  40. Love the gap leggings! Really beautiful elegant look!

  41. Hi, I've been reading your site for a while, it's a wonderful resource for petites out there. :)
    I was wondering if you could tell me the main difference between Gap Kids Legging Jeans and the adult Legging Jeans? I recently purchased the adult legging jeans in 00p but still find them a little loose - was wondering if the Gap Kids 12 or 12 slim would work better?
    (Am overseas so can't try them on at the store, unfortunately) Any comments or advice you could give would be much appreciated.


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